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I would like to say hi to the class of 1999, I hope to hear from any of my friends. I am currently married (4 years). I have a wonderful job in calabasas, ca. I'm looking forward to our reunion.
Rebecca Sylvia Walsh (Quintanilla) ( on Tuesday 09th of May 2006 04:46:46 PM
WOW!!! I can't believe how many years have passed since the "care free" days of high School. I'd very much like to catch up with some old friends from the 1973 and 1974 graduating classes. If anyone is interested, please send me an email to we can reconnect.
Jeff Schermer ( on Monday 08th of May 2006 03:45:28 PM
I'm in the San Gabriel Valley now, and working in El Segundo for the Fire Department. I've met a few Monroe grads on the job, and try to keep in contact with Jeff Stiles, who lives in "The Dalles" Oregon; he was my best man at my wedding in 1987!
Steve H. Tsumura ( on Sunday 16th of April 2006 11:36:16 PM
Just a short note to my classmates of S'66. Although I cherish the fond memories of Monroe and all of you, I won't make this upcoming class reunion, our 40th! I had looked forward to it, but my spouse found our last one to be quite boring for her, and I wouldn't think of attending without her. It's not that our class was a bunch of boring people, but that we no longer really have that much in common. I have fond memories of our high school years. Thanks !!!
Bill Fawcett ( on Thursday 09th of March 2006 06:08:31 PM
I'm hoping this post will find all of you who were friends with Bill "Gumby" Meloni. He was a good friend, a bro, a compadre, and he built very fast cars and bikes. He was one of a kind and it's hard to believe that this year marks the 22nd anniversary of his passing. I look at the memorial page and it really hits me hard to see so many people who I shared that little patch of ground with that are gone now. That was before the world had a nervous breakdown, right? You guys remember? The 70's! Bowling at Matador. Lunch at Orange Julius. Cutting class to go to the beach or dare Mike Butera get another tattoo! Local bands like Sweet Leaf and Naked Rush playing the parks and Battle of the Bands. All the great house parties where we all made it out in one piece. So...if you knew Gumby or me or just want to say hey, please do so!
Jeff Silverman....lost somewhere in the great Southwest
Jeff Silverman ( on Thursday 09th of March 2006 02:30:02 PM
I am responding to a posting from 2003 by Pat Siler, looking for people who were in the marching band with him: Maryann Hoobs, Art Melnick, Sheri Davis, Bill Null, Lisa Miller and myself. I tried to contact him at the e-mail address given in the posting but it is apparently not valid any more. If anyone has a current e-mail address for Pat, please let me know. Thanks.
Roberta Simons '70
Roberta Simons Quiroz ( on Monday 06th of March 2006 01:30:10 PM
Hey Class of 81 its ALAN ( tuba ) WOW a lot of catching up to do. 25 years where did they go? Hey band people whats up? anyone out there have any vids or pics of 79-81 marching band? or tapes etc of jazz band e mail me and let me know
also looking for Brenda Hurst (class of 82 ) anyone any info let me know I look forward to hearing from as many people as possible to catch up on time gone by Hope everyone is Good
David Alan Easley ( on Tuesday 28th of February 2006 10:49:36 PM
Class of 2001! I can not believe it has already been five years! I wanted to say hi to everyone again! yay! I am now living in East Lansing, Michigan attending Michigan State University and working on my masters in Student Affairs Administration. Hope everyone is doing well, I would like to hear from old friends! I can be found on myspace as well, lol that is where I've met several so my link is, see ya there! or you can always email me! :-D
Rosa Contreras ( on Friday 24th of February 2006 01:36:52 PM
hi my name is Dianne and i am looking for a long lost friend. her name is marlene kihara. the last time i spoke with her was about 15 years ago. she lived in california at that time...if anyone knows her or her whereabouts, please e-mail me. i would appreciate any info. the e-mail listed under her name on this site no longer exists....thank you!!!!!!!
Dianne Rehkop (Nededog) ( on Tuesday 14th of February 2006 12:09:53 AM
Hey everyone well i just entered to say HI!
Karen Alegria ( on Friday 10th of February 2006 12:31:53 PM
Hello Everybody, I live up in the Bay Area since 1976. Married for 30 years to Diana from Poly High. Have one daughter who is 25 years old. I'm semi retired.
Ted Rusinko ( on Monday 06th of February 2006 03:38:48 PM
Wow, what a great Site!!!!! Hope you all are doing good and by reading everyones messages it sounds like we all are! I would love to hear from my old friends from MHS.1978-1981 I have so many memories of Football games, Drama class, and luch out on the lawn... Take care, Patty Miller
Patricia Miller ( on Tuesday 31st of January 2006 09:14:37 AM