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I taught at Monroe High School from 1995 - 2006 and have written a novel that takes place in the neighborhood. 
The book, Five Blocks Down, was a finalist in the 2018 Indie Awards in the category Young Adult (age 17 and up). 
I think it would be of interest to James Monroe graduates and would like to find out how to post it on the Alumni Web site. 
You can visit my website: for more information about the book.. 

Best regards, 
Miriam Sidanius


I found 1986 year book at belonged Chis White in a goodwill in Nevada. 
I would like to return it to him. He graduated with the class of 1987 
Thank Ann Berg #760 905 2541 


My name is Georgette Bivins and I am helping out the head coach of the Monroe Football team, Coach Don Senegal, 
contact football players & Cheerleaders from the class of 1971 to celebrate them at our 2011-2012 Homecoming 
Football game this coming Football Season (November 2011).
Georgette Bivins
Vikings Quarterback Club


I am the new teacher librarian here at Monroe HS.  The library is a wonderful resource 
for the students of Monroe HS.  I am currently running a Book Booster Campaign and 
am hoping that you can post a link on your web site.  The link will take you to 
the Monroe Book Booster Campaign for permabound books.  It is easy to donate by just clicking.
I would appreciated any help you can give us.  Thanks.  Annette

Ms. Annette Scherr
Teacher Librarian
Monroe High School
(818) 830-4291


Attention all Former football players!  The 2010 edition of the Viking football team is 
having a fundraiser, so dust off those old cleats, find your old Monroe Football jersey, 
and come out and play a flag football game, during the week of October 18th. (Time and day TBA).
The cost for this fun event will be $20 per person and go to help support the Monroe Football 
Program! Any questions please call me (818) 830-4307 or e-mail me. Also home opener is 
September 17, 2010 vs. South Gate, so wear your red and come support the VIKINGS! 

Thank You
Don Senegal
Head Football Coach


To the classes of 1959-1964

Ralph Lazo, a former teacher and counselor at Monroe HS was also the only non-Japanese internee 
of a Japanese internment camp in World War II. As a Mexican American, he interned himself in 
the Manzanar internment camp as a protest to the treatment of Japanese Americans at the time.

While at Monroe Mr. Lazo taught Spanish and Homeroom and he was a counselor.

Mr. Lazo passed on in 1991; his story still largely unknown outside of those internees he lived with. 
Several producers at Fox Sports learned of Mr. Lazo last year, and we have set out to tell this 
extraordinary story. Now we are trying to piece his life story together. It's been a slow labor of love, 
but gradually we have learned much about this kind but secretive man. Now, more than ever, we feel 
his is a story that need be told.

We are looking for people who may remember Mr. Lazo - students or other faculty during that time, 
who may be able to tell us of their memories of him during his tenure at Monroe. Any story or tidbit 
of information would be most helpful. Please contact Paul Durant at 310-444-8531 or at

Thank you 
Paul Durant
Producer "Going to Camp"


I am currently the Head Football Coach at Monroe and our beloved track coach Dean Balzarat is
finally stepping down and retiring in June of 2007.  I want to honor him at one of the home football
games this season.  I am looking for anyone who ran for Dean and would be intrested in attending the
event please e-mail me.  Please include in your e-mail year, sport, any great stories about Dean.  I
will keep everyone updated! The school# is (818) 892-4311 Ext 359

Thank You
Don Senegal
Head Football Coach

For comments or questions, please contact Thomas Chung (Class of 1991)