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(Class of 1990) Blanca Robledo (Solis)

(Class of 1990) Ernesto Quezada


(Class of 1990) Hugo Ibarra
Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I am now living in San Antonio, Tx and have been married for 12 years now. I have 2 beautiful girls ages 7 and 1. Would love to hear from old friends. Take care and God Bless.

(Class of 1990) SIGMUND BARNES

(Class of 1990) Crystal Donnelly
Hey all, we are coming up on 20yrs.... Can you believe it!! See ya on facebook.

(Class of 1990) Kim Pho

(Class of 1990) Robyn Alexander

(Class of 1990) Edward Cespedes
hope everyone is doing well. God bless you all

(Class of 1990) Lisa Pistone
Hey there! How is everyone???? The time has sure flown by...hope to hear from you!! P.S. It sucks getting old!

(Class of 1990) Stephanie Lutz

(Class of 1990) Tomeka Haywood
This is Tomeka I am now living in the Valley! I sell Avon also and will deliver. Can't wait to see all of you. Please email me. Tomeka

(Class of 1990) Mike Levy
Now coaching varsity football at Monroe!

(Class of 1990) Lisa Perry
Hi to all that know me. Email me. Hope to hear from you. bye

(Class of 1990) Tina Lawson (Esshaki)

(Class of 1990) Hanna Lee Ma
Barbara, would love to hear from you!

(Class of 1990) Zahra Kayoumi (Akram)

(Class of 1990) Mona Galindo
Miss all of my fellow class mates!!

(Class of 1990) Marlyn Kareena Smith
Hi,I hope everyone is do well. I miss you guys

(Class of 1990) Peter Jones
Whats up 1990? I hope, by now, all are where they want to be in life. With good health and bautiful families..... PEACE!!!

(Class of 1990) Charmaine Reynolds(Thompson)
Looking for Tara Grimes or Tanya Herron. If you know them, please contact me. Thanks

(Class of 1990) Robert Lewis
My how things have changed! I hope everyone is doing well! Please visit my family websight for some fun, family media.

(Class of 1990) Felicia Jackson (Hunt)
Hello, Hope you all are well. I'm married and I have a son and a dog named Pierre. Living wayyyy in Louisiana.

(Class of 1990) Jennifer Romero (Williams)

(Class of 1990) Dawn Wohlt
Single mom with three kids (ages 11, 5, and 3). Love to hear from old friends.

(Class of 1990) Juan Ruiz

(Class of 1990) Corey Bell

(Class of 1990) Lorena Hernandez

(Class of 1990) Jose Angel leyva (leyva)
Hi I would like some one from the 1990 class e-mail me and tell me what's up

(Class of 1990) Lindy Borkin (Boyse)

(Class of 1990) Beatriz Martinez (Betty)

(Class of 1990) Dan A Alden (Aldescu)
"It is no measure of health to be sane in an insane society" - K

(Class of 1990) Bert Broek (the Dutch dude)

(Class of 1990) Oscar Rios

(Class of 1990) Julie C Estrada (Smith)

(Class of 1990) ivis rolando reyes
married with 2 kids ages 8 and 6 yrs old

(Class of 1990) Scott White
Hi everyone! Theatre geek here, now an artist and stuff. Feel free to write, I can't wait to hear from old friends! ^_^

(Class of 1990) Julie Thompson (Bass)
Please notifed me RE: Reunion Status, I am married with 3 boys. They are 7,5,1 yrs old.

(Class of 1990) Scott R. Will

(Class of 1990) Norma Ramirez

(Class of 1990) Jennifer Ilene Jeffreys (Lapair)
Hi Everyone. Hope everyone is doing well wherever life has brought them.

(Class of 1990) Carrie Sharyn Therault (Weinstein)

(Class of 1990) Michelle Y Schuyler

(Class of 1990) Vlad Chernobrovin

(Class of 1990) Christina Mendoza-Mallek

(Class of 1990) Maureen Sauter (Vincelli)
Hope to hear from you all soon

(Class of 1990) Jennifer Williams

(Class of 1990) Jonathan Freedman

(Class of 1991) Sergio Resendiz

(Class of 1991) Jose Eric Chicas JR
Hope everything is well. GO VIKINGS!!!!!

(Class of 1991) Ivette Cruz

(Class of 1991) ak khommarath
hope everyone is doing well. thank goodness i'm blessed with a good wife,or is it the other way around. anyways, hope there's a 20yr reunion in the works. god bless this nation and class of 91, everyone take care.

(Class of 1991) Gabriela LACABE
Estoy en facebook/I'm in facebook

(Class of 1991) Ronnette Fisher (Monique)
Hey All some may know me as Ronnette some by Monique, still don't remember...I was friends with Jennifer Folden(RIP) and Caprice Harry, Aliene Ross would love to here from old class mates.

(Class of 1991) Dalila Munoz
Hi to all my classmates

(Class of 1991) Sergio A. Dardon
=) KIT! s_dardon@yahoo.com

(Class of 1991) Charles A Stidham
Big Shout Out to the Class of 91. Just wanted to say Hi to all my friends. hit me up @ IrishWolf216@yahoo.com Miss those days and hope to hear back from someone when it comes time for 20 year. Now working for Apple up in Oregon and living life. Bless You all from 91.

Hello all just updagting my info. I live in Florida in the Tampa bay area now. I did finally get a college degree. Hope everyone is doing well

(Class of 1991) Wendy Shore (Gaines)
Would love to hear from anyone!

(Class of 1991) tammy reynolds
it seems like yesterday i said goodbye to my friends. I have pretty much lost contact with all of my friends even Cindy Duggan and Jennifer Paullin. I work here at Monroe and have 4 kids. My oldest plays football for Reseda high(15)my daughter goes to Sepulveda(12)and my two youngest boys go to Plummer(7&8)I wish everyone who graduated "class of 1991" the best...........LOVE-YA

(Class of 1991) Andy Medina
When is the next reunion

(Class of 1991) Veronica Hixson (Figini)

(Class of 1991) Oscar Jara
What is up everyone! Go CLASS of 1991........... I moved to Arizona shortly after graduating I have a beautiful daughter and the perfect son... I would really like to establish communication with all of my classmates...

(Class of 1991) Lisa Nadir (Carter)
Hi everyone! I am in HOTlanta so I missed the last reunion considering I was in labor! I wont miss the next one. Hopefully I will see everyone soon.

(Class of 1991) Nancy Liu

(Class of 1991) Diya Cruz

(Class of 1991) MANUEL RAMIREZ
it's been great this last 14 yrs. living life to the fullest.lots of ups and downs, but always been able to pull through....enjoying my three boys,and my beautiful wife.... 14yrs. and counting....they say that after 20yrs. she will be a keeper... so hey almost there.....miss all my boys from the varsity baseball team....mr campbell,our coach....hope you are all doing great,and fun in your lives as well.....:)....:)....:)....!!!!!!!!!

(Class of 1991) jeff hetzler

(Class of 1991) Francisco Rios
Shout out to my classmates from '91. Paty Gonzalez, Rafael Saz, Francis Canas, Jose Hernandez, todos los chilangos y salvatruchas.

(Class of 1991) Traci Lombardo
DCAT lives on :) Would love to hear from some peeps :)


(Class of 1991) Stephen Chou (Aka: Steve Lee)
Hope that everybody is doing well. God Bless.

(Class of 1991) Beatriz Perez

(Class of 1991) Doris Guerrero
Hello Everyone, I hope you are all doing great where ever your paths have taken you. I have realized one of my life's dream, which was to become a mom. I have two gorgeous daughters and two hundsome boys. They are my pride and joy. I've been a stay at home mom for the last 4 years and I'm loving it! I've been living in Bakersfield, CA. for the last year. Miss you all.

(Class of 1991) Rafael Vallin
'SUP CLASS OF '91! I've been living in the Bay Area for the last 10 years so I'm really out of touch with every one in L.A. If you remember me, hit me up, I'd love hearing from you guys.

(Class of 1991) Mark Sasaki

(Class of 1991) Ada (Mejia) McFarland

(Class of 1991) Mike Cuevas

(Class of 1991) Dave Stallcup

(Class of 1991) Youssef Laham
Hi Everyone, Married and living in Houston Texas. Go Rockets.

(Class of 1991) Rebecca Amaya (Torres)

(Class of 1991) William Wood

(Class of 1991) shelee dykman

(Class of 1991) Christine Vazquez (Manuel)
married with little girl. now live in Orlando. Would love to hear from anyone.

(Class of 1991) Desiree Fraser

(Class of 1991) Nicole Beck
Just updating my email... I can't believe it's been almost 20 years!

(Class of 1991) Dennis Arevalo
just waiting to see all of my old friends at the ten year school reunion.

(Class of 1991) Marco L. Pinto (Pinto)
To all my friends from class of '91,
I am looking forward to seeing you all again, in our grand class reunion! I really hope that all my friends will be present and in good health!

(Class of 1991) John Ngai

(Class of 1991) Julio Steve Flores

(Class of 1991) Kameena LaVon Freeman

(Class of 1991) Steve S Kim

(Class of 1991) Mark Montelongo

(Class of 1991) Jennifer Peters
Hey ya'll - can't wait to see everyone at the 10 year reunion! Anyone seen or heard from Jennifer Freeman? Please tell her I said Hi and have been looking for her. Thanks!

(Class of 1991) Chris Harrell

(Class of 1991) Morris N. Binstein

(Class of 1991) Mario Gonzalez
Married with a daughter and another baby on the way

(Class of 1991) Danny Dominguez

(Class of 1991) Monyca Ball

(Class of 1991) MARY ANN MCCAUGHAN

(Class of 1991) OSCAR RAMIREZ

(Class of 1991) Diana Lynn Hein (Evens)
Hey everyone!!!!!!! Can't wait until our Reunion party...........DCAT Lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Class of 1991) KIM COLBERT (TRAYLOR)

(Class of 1991) Cassandra Dawn Nolte (Casey)
What's up? Hope all is well......DCAT lives!!!!!!

(Class of 1991) Lisa D. Freeman (Worsley)

(Class of 1991) Dinesh Gaur

(Class of 1991) Mark E. Maloof

(Class of 1991) Jennifer Lim Sotelo

(Class of 1991) Adriana Valenzuela

(Class of 1991) Natashia Holland (Melcher, Tashia)

(Class of 1991) Corey Tonoian

(Class of 1991) Casey Dunn

(Class of 1991) Nikki Knight
Hey Monroe! What's up! If anyone remembers me, please send me an email. I would love to hear what everyone is up to these days.

(Class of 1991) Monica Toppen

(Class of 1991) Corey Backman
Please send me any information regarding a 10 year reunion. I'm in North Carolina, so I'll need LOTS of notice so I can attend. THANKS!

(Class of 1991) ruben claudio

(Class of 1991) Herbert Benjamin Falconio (HERB)

(Class of 1991) Aliene I. Ross

(Class of 1991) Charles Metoyer (Chuck)

(Class of 1991) William Roger Wheeler (Bill)
Hi All, I haven't seen too many of Class of 91 here, Whats up? Did you all forget us or what?
I guess we are not up for that 10 year reunion at this rate...

(Class of 1991) Tanya Dodge (Goodrow)

(Class of 1991) Thomas Chung (Sung)

(Class of 1992) Jeannette Guerrero
Hope everyone is doing great and hopefully we can all attend our 25 year reunion! Can't wait to see ya'll.

(Class of 1992) Michael Vincent Gray
Hi all it`s 2012 now about 20 years since our graduation. I hope that you are all doing well and have fulfilled your dreams and are happy. It would be nice to connect with anyone that remembers me. I am usually back in the country around July. Please send me mail any time. Hope to hear from you soon. Michael

(Class of 1992) April M Richards
Hi all I miss you all i had a great time in High school even though i was really shy then and still am alittle bit lol

(Class of 1992) Marlo E Brown
What's up My Monroe Vikings it's been a long time.

(Class of 1992) Mike Taylor( Akay)
Whats up cuz...

(Class of 1992) LaShonda Marie "Jasmine" Porter
Time has gone by so fast I miss those days.Who I remember the most was my highschool sweetheart Hernan "Erny" Rivera Gutierrez,Friends Ranondo,Jelee and RIP Trusaun.Please contact me at jasminewilder@hotmail.com.Thanks

(Class of 1992) Noel Toledo
Just wanted to say Hi to class of 92...

(Class of 1992) Paul Vigil

(Class of 1992) Brien Kelley
What up fam? I've seen some of you guys on facebook. Look me up there!

(Class of 1992) Tony Saieva

(Class of 1992) Edgar Mena
Hello everyone,,,

(Class of 1992) yvonne adkins
whats up everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!

(Class of 1992) Jerold Moore
What up? Hope everyone is doing well.

(Class of 1992) Hernan "Erny" Rivera Gutierrez
It's been 17 years since we graduated. Monroe High gave me the foundation to build life upon. I made my family of friends in those days with you guys and we have been together ever since. We have lost some close friends and gained a few others, but the memories we hold of the days of old will never be gone from us. R.I.P. to my big Bro Trusaun and all the other friends from Monroe that we have lost, and to those still blazin through life, a toast to you.

(Class of 1992) Jessica Crow
Darn I missed the 10 year reunion! Yikes we're gettn old! ;)

(Class of 1992) ERNEST JIMENEZ
Whats up Class of 92

(Class of 1992) Yussof Mohamed (Anthony Vinh-Dai Hoang)
So much has happened since High School. Man, I wish I had E-Mail when we were in school. Drop me a message and we'll catch up on some old times...If your rich and famous, call me ASAP. ha ha. I can still play a little B-Ball. Any challenger's? Class of 92 will always Kick A**. Viking's for Life!! 05-2007.

(Class of 1992) Gloria Lee

(Class of 1992) Patrick McKinney
It's been a long since I've heard from anyone, let get reconnected.

(Class of 1992) Joseph Lustig

(Class of 1992) RAFAEL SALAZAR

(Class of 1992) Carla Stefania Franklin

(Class of 1992) Juan Carlos Diaz
hey guy were you all at? I'm on line.

(Class of 1992) Jennifer Arthur

(Class of 1992) jacqueline sandoval (jackie)
Can't wait to see everyone at the class reunion! Jimmy De Leon,Mairy Ela-Li, Maria Silveti, Rafael Salazar, Luis Rodriguez, Rodrigo Rodrigues and many other friends, where are you?
P.S. Maria, I married Marco:)!

(Class of 1992) Jeannette Guerrero (Rosa Guerrero)
Is there going to be a 10 year reunion for class of 1992? If anyone has information please e-mail me.

(Class of 1992) Alejandra Quezada (Alex)

(Class of 1992) Dionizio Antonio Fisher

(Class of 1992) Kelly James Hadsell

(Class of 1992) Lewis Pittman III
Hope to hear from old friends that should've never been left behind.

(Class of 1992) Eva Llamas
Hello everyone! We'll see you next year @ our 10. :o)

(Class of 1992) Irma Oros

(Class of 1992) Otis D'Aun Hopson

(Class of 1992) Michelle B Tiongco
Hey! I miss being HS. It was so easy back then. i miss all my friends i used to hang out. I never really found any great friends like i had in HS. I wish them all well. Maybe someday i will be back there in CA. it's been a long time really...7yrs

(Class of 1992) Shirley Nakajima-Batugo
Hey Class of '92!! How's everyone doing?!?!? Hope you're having a good life! E-mail me!

(Class of 1992) Alid O. Crisol
Hello everybody! Is anybody out there?

(Class of 1992) Eileen Lutz
Hi Amy - Saw your name and Stephanie's name and Danielle's name so I thought that I'd say what's up to The WGP!

(Class of 1992) Marshall R Starr

(Class of 1992) Amy Marie Elliott

(Class of 1992) Katherine Doi (Kat)

(Class of 1992) Richard K. Azouz
Hey everyone!!! Only 1 more year till our reunion. Hope to see you all there!!

(Class of 1992) Tamara Travis (Tami)
Hi Class of '92...I really miss you guys!

(Class of 1992) Jennifer Elaine Wrigley

(Class of 1992) Manjeet Singh Virdi (Tony)
Hey Class Of 92!

(Class of 1992) LUPE RUIZ

(Class of 1992) Danielle Phaneuf
Hi everyone!

(Class of 1992) Tanja Bartelt

(Class of 1992) Erin Marie Hitchcock (Thompson)
Hello class of 92' What is happening? Gee Can you wait until our 10 year? Yeah right!!!! See you there!!!!
Hey, Where is everyone? I cannot seem to find anyone. Email me if you are still alive. Maybe we can catch up on some old times. Talk to you soon.


(Class of 1992) Wendy Lynn Mitchell

(Class of 1992) Jennifer Nicole Albrecht

(Class of 1992) Persephone Marie Powell

(Class of 1992) Anna Lisa Perez
Updated 2010.08.06
Hi class of 1992! Keep in touch!

(Class of 1992) Amy Ennis

(Class of 1992) Stephanie Szabo
Amy...I saw your name up so I had to add mine! :)

(Class of 1993) Vivek Shaker (aka..Eric)
Hello nerds hit me up !

(Class of 1993) Joseph Mercado
I miss Doc Werdon, My old AutoShop Teacher. I learned the most from him. He was one Bad Ass Race car driver.

(Class of 1993) Sarah Thomas

(Class of 1993) Sergio De La Torre
Lots of good friends and great memories 1993

(Class of 1993) William Elliott

(Class of 1993) sylvester kemie
3Hello everyone class of 1993. I hope all is doing good. How is my varsity basketball team. Le Marco, Tweety bird, Kenyatta, Dante, Keyshaun, Eugene bates, Arthur, Andrew K, Anthony, Superman Jeff, Franz, Also the varsity volleyball squad. Franz, Anthony, Mike, Chris, John Shin, Isaac, Coach Graber and Tyni

(Class of 1993) Paul Castillo
Life in high school was great. I miss my old friends

(Class of 1993) Varit Phenpimol

(Class of 1993) Regina Zapata (Bogomol)
Hey out there! Is there anyone out there from the Law/Gov. Magnet? e-mail me!

(Class of 1993) Ricardo Ornelas
If anyone remembers me. send me an e-mail. misionexito@sbcglobal.net I miss some of you.

(Class of 1993) Kellie Ongie
Hello fellow alumist!I miss being a student at Monroe, believe it or not!I still keep in touch with some of the vikings and I must say everyone didn't age a bit. I just went back to school and plan to transfer to UCLA. I went to COC as a nursing major but i've developed a special interest for special education.My son has Cerebral Palsey, Seizure disorders and Autism, he is now 10 years old, he's battled with many illnesses his whole life and now he is a healthy youngster.What kept me going was the friends I have in my life. If you want to contact me send me an email, miss you,love you!

(Class of 1993) Andrew K. Sanderson, II
Hey y'all! Its been a minute since I have seen or heard from most of you. I have been away at college, med school, and residency. Now I am moving back to L.A. for fellowship. What's up to the 1993 Basketball squad- Jeff, Tweedy, Marco, Tony, Sly, Kee, Dante, Kenyatta. Also hello to all my A.P. friends, coach Graber (?State Senate), Eugene 'Master' Bates, BSU........these lovely ladies: Dao Truong, Jamila Daniel, Mercedes Murdock...and everybody else. Andrew "Kenny" Sanderson

(Class of 1993) Erica Rios

(Class of 1993) Alexander Somoza
Greetings fellow Vikings!!!

(Class of 1993) DOMINIC MARR (NIC)

(Class of 1993) Genevieve Espinosa (DeLeon)
It would be good to hear from anyone. Write me, tell me what you've been up to. Nicole, where are you??

(Class of 1993) Dee Johnson

(Class of 1993) Davon Johnson

(Class of 1993) Miguel Angel Ascencio
To all the Guys and Girl's that had fun with me. Write to me if you can still write. Life was better in high school.

(Class of 1993) Amanda Brown (Baker)

(Class of 1993) Michelle (Shelly) McCubbins

(Class of 1993) Pamela Flory
New e-mail!

(Class of 1993) Steve Pickelle

(Class of 1993) Pamela Day
Life was so much simpler back in high school! Miss some of my old friends!

(Class of 1993) Roberto Reyes (El Conde)

(Class of 1993) MAYZEE LOVERIA

(Class of 1993) Lyni Patrum
HEA,How's Everybody. Email me.

(Class of 1993) Mercedes Alvarez

(Class of 1993) Rachael Christine Mergerson (Fisher)
I am living in Colorado with my three sons, having lots of fun and still going to school. I miss you all so much.

(Class of 1993) Marco Garciaguirre
Looking forward to a reunion to share our life experiences!

(Class of 1993) Eric Simpson
Word up to all my homies! Write me, nerds!

(Class of 1993) Lenny Jackson

(Class of 1993) Jeremy George Forbes

(Class of 1993) Guadalupe Ortega (Lupe)
Anyone out there from the 93'Law Magnet class? I'd be happy to hear from you....

(Class of 1993) Robert Ballester

(Class of 1993) Don R. Dennis II (Don)

(Class of 1993) Victor Mateo Fernandez ("vic")
i am back at monroe

(Class of 1993) Amanda Mudd

(Class of 1993) Diana Jeanette Moreno

(Class of 1993) Richard Cabrera

(Class of 1993) Shelly Ann Lawrenxe
Hey all, here is my new email address. It would be great to hear from you crazy people =o) I will be getting married as of April 16, 2005. SCARY man SCARY but hey, its life right? Drop me a line if you like.

(Class of 1993) Dao Truong Kemp

(Class of 1993) Stacie Lynne Waananen

(Class of 1993) Eric Sim
Where are all of you guys? I'm very curious what you guys are doing now. Send me an email

(Class of 1993) Stephanie Christensen (Duarte)
Just checking in for old classmates !! I actually miss high school !!

(Class of 1993) Jessica Fuentes
I miss Monroe

(Class of 1994) Ana Tovar-Cidron
Hi class of 94'...I hope that everyone is doing well,much love to all the VIKINGS out there.Another Bean Bash would be great:)

(Class of 1994) Kristeen Fuller
Hey everyone! I can't believe its already been SO long since we took those proud steps across the graduation stage and into the real world. I've found a lot of people on FaceBook, but anyone not on there from class of 94, send me an email!

(Class of 1994) bany moises orozco
Hi, amigos I hope everybody is doing good!!!

(Class of 1994) Nancy Marin
How about a "NEW BEAN BASH" for the new generation? Hope the old gang is doing great!!!!

(Class of 1994) Lisa Zahler

(Class of 1994) Isaac Cuevas
So this is where everyone was hiding while I was growing up. Lotta love to the old "Bean Bash" crew.

(Class of 1994) James Aldrete
Hey guys, it's me James Aldrete, I hope ya'll remember me.....just wanted to say whats up...I play arena football with the Chicago Rush! I also live in Las Vegas! Please drop me an e-mail and say hi...thanx luv ya all!

(Class of 1994) Jazz Sehmbey
I miss high school. Would love to get in touch with all my old friends........email me!

(Class of 1994) Kenneth "Ken" Wilson
well its been a long time .............. i still miss hanging out with "DOC" in auto shop

(Class of 1994) Amanda de Mira

(Class of 1994) Krystal Belanger (Ryan)
Hope all is well with everyone. I look forward to hearing from some of you guys.

(Class of 1994) eugene guillermo
hello to the class of 1994.....its been 10 years,xant believeit!!!!!

(Class of 1994) GEORGE REYES
Whats up guys just checking in after all these years, and yes im still fat, but phat!!!! jaja

(Class of 1994) Jessica Nessen

(Class of 1994) Nicole Marshall

(Class of 1994) Ajay Lakhan

(Class of 1994) Jacqueline A. Stadnik

(Class of 1994) michael a johnson jr
This is a trip. I hope everyone is doing fine.Send me an email.

(Class of 1994) Jaime W. Duarte
What's Up Vikings...

(Class of 1994) dyshaka vaughn-washington
hey everybody and God bless

(Class of 1994) Jennifer Armstrong
Look at that- 10 years has flown by in the blink of an eye... What a ride!

(Class of 1994) Dyshaka Vaughn-Washington
I hope and pray that everyone who graduated along with me in 94 is doing good. May God bless you all and I hope to see you at the reunion. Does anyone happen to have information on when it might be?

(Class of 1994) Dawn Howard (Thompson)

(Class of 1994) Shawna Batson(Rini)

(Class of 1994) Amy Sherman

(Class of 1994) Bryan Weissman
Hi all! I hope everyone is doing well. I am looking for information about our ten year reunion if there is any news out there. Talk to you all soon.

(Class of 1994) Keeshawn Girffin
Was a NFL Free-Agent pick-up of the Carolina Panthers But after Injuring his knee in 2000 , He went back home to Lo Angeles and got started on a promising Hip-Hop career .....Also a single parent of a son (LiL-Keeshawn). Check him out at his website:www.e5music.net (check & click on Artist and click on "FIASCO")

(Class of 1994) LESLIE DAVIS (LEVINGS)
Hey all, I'm living in Riverside, married for five years, airforce man so I have traveled the world and am now expecting my first child!! I'm due in September so I will hopefully see you all at the reunion. Does anyone know when that is??

(Class of 1994) Jhoanna Jean Anuran

(Class of 1994) Gloria Berumen
I had great memmories from my high school years, they are some of the most memmorable in my life. To all my 1994 classmates Hope to see you soon!!!!!!

(Class of 1994) alex orozco
its "STERN" was up to all the lunch riders!

(Class of 1994) Jason Zubieta
Heya Gang!! Like to know how the ones I knew in HS are and what they have been up to. Also anyone have any reunion info? E-me Back if you'd like. :-)

(Class of 1994) Amy (Amper) Sagaysay
Aloha one & all! Howzit to the "inner circle", I miss the good times. I'd love to hear from old friends so drop me a line....or if you are ever in Hawai'i, look me up!

(Class of 1994) Elisbet Hernandez

(Class of 1994) Judith Elizabeth Ramirez
I am going to going to graduate from CSUN May 2002 with 2 Bachelos degrees in Liberal Studies and child development.

(Class of 1994) Marylu Y Lopez
I am currently looking for information on Alrene Lozano & Alana Torres (now Gomez).

(Class of 1994) Johana Ulisa Gomez

(Class of 1994) Jenny Henderson

(Class of 1994) Lauren Whittemore (Polk)

(Class of 1994) Amateo Salvador Seno
To all my peers, as you proceed through the journey of life, rember to look eagerly upon the possiblities of tomorrow as you fondly recall yesterday.
As for me:
The woods are lovely dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep.
And miles to go before I sleep.
And miles to go before I sleep.

(Class of 1994) Linda Truong

(Class of 1994) John Son

(Class of 1994) Arlene Lozano

(Class of 1994) Magdalena Llamas (Maggie)
Hi class of 94. Where is everybody at? If you remember me e mail me sometime.

(Class of 1994) Jessica Cruz (Jesse)
I would like to hear from all you that remember me, it's been a long time.

(Class of 1994) Stacey Michelle McNinch
Hi everybody.I miss high school.

(Class of 1994) Jenny Lynn Esparza (Jen)

(Class of 1994) Martha Aldana
Hello to all my fellow classmates. I have very fond memories of Monroe. A special hello goes to Jose "Puma", Charles, Kris(I MISS YOU, I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY), Norma, Kenny (I hope you are still as gay as ever :)that was the best part of knowing you), and Karla. I MISS YOU ALL!!! Hello to all of my teachers specially Mr. Elinson, Mr. Hence, and Mrs. Sutherland. You were all a great inspiration. Thank you.

(Class of 1994) Paulo Z. Vergara ("Chickboys")

(Class of 1994) Mamoru Okita (Mookie)

(Class of 1994) ANTHONY E. RICO (TONY)

(Class of 1994) Oliver Sanchez
WWWWAAAAAAZZZZZZZUUUUUUUUPPPPPP!!!!!! Hope to hear from someone soon...

(Class of 1994) Misty Vazquez

(Class of 1994) Beverly Yolanda Cadle
for anyone who remebers me....drop me a line sometime.

(Class of 1994) Mindi Christine Burns (Mindi Christine Wright)

(Class of 1994) Michael P. Burns
up late one night and looked up the Web page. Where are those 94's???

(Class of 1994) Michael P. Burns

(Class of 1994) JASON LAROSE
how is everybody? just trying to find old friends.

(Class of 1994) Michele Zamora

(Class of 1994) Virgilyn Joy Lubrin
Hey! Gotta admit I miss Monroe but mainly I miss the homies. Life's great... have a 2 year old son he's my pride and joy! Anyone wanna e-mail me go ahead. Much love to my DSS sistas Tarah & Lei and the homies from YCF. Love you guys.

(Class of 1994) Karla Walker (Merida)

(Class of 1994) Antonio Reyes

(Class of 1994) Craig Kelley
Look forward to seeing you all in August!

(Class of 1994) Bernie Santos

(Class of 1994) Elisbet Hernandez (Liz)
I miss high school and all my friends. I some times wish I could go back. I had lots of good times in Monroe. Thanks to all my friends for those good times. Rowena you still have my yearbook.What's up girl?

(Class of 1994) Eric Bruen
Livin the life in Ridgecrest, CA. Happily married now and expecting my first baby boy in the next few months. Working way too much and still owe Strunin a long overdue old friend chat.

(Class of 1994) Melissa Ennis

(Class of 1994) Frank Corella (Tommy)

(Class of 1995) Misty Moore

(Class of 1995) Cobie Michelle Nash

(Class of 1995) Michael Douglas Lemery
What's up everyone?! I got married in 2007 to my beautiful wife Chantal. I have 2 step children and a baby on the way. Oh yeah.... I moved to London, England. Much love to all my old friends and to all Monroe Alum!

(Class of 1995) Evan Lovett
Saw Paul and AlbertoPez up here, had to say what's up. Hope all is well, Vikings.

(Class of 1995) Ann St. Pierre
Fellow Vikings, congrats on all of your accomplishments & future goals; we have come far. I miss our good times, i reminis the drill team; the practices for football games; the football games; wrestling matches; softball games, homecomings & Prom. Well will never live those chapters of what ever experience we may have done but the feelings of those experiences will never leave us. To all that know me & all that don't, i wish you great blessings & many years to come. I miss MRS HAWK (Social Studies; from Oliver Wendall Holmes Jr. High; later moved to MONROE in '92); Mr. Martinez (Arts Department); Mr. "K" (Bio. Science); Mr. Jones (Wrestling); Mr. Graber (Softball Coach); Mrs. Swan (Drama). ain't no party like a class of '95 monroe party..whoop,whoop! A HUGE THANK YOU to all our men & woman that have served our country, you all are a diamond in the rough. Take Care & GOD BLESS YOU!

(Class of 1995) maria abundis

(Class of 1995) Sergio Lopez
So who actually went to the reunion? Well i know i didnt. Well anyways, take care yall.

(Class of 1995) Emmy Vargas
Greetings everyone! Haven't been in California much the last couple of years. Moved to Colorado in 1999, then moved to Michigan in 2003. There's much catching-up to do, but I guess it'll have to wait till 2015 since I missed our first reunion. Good luck to all.

(Class of 1995) Vanessa Josephine Elias
Hello All
Living in Seattle and having the best time! Single but with my boyfriend for many years now - no kids...yet! Still keep in touch with my best bud Christine Sawell - Hi Christinky! It's nice to hear some names I remember all too well...Genise, Cynthia, Dan Fink..Hi!

(Class of 1995) Jorge Soriano
Qui uvo class of "95", just wanting to say Wassup to you all. Special shout out to JC PARRA, lOS SORIANO'S, MICHELLE'S, ARISTEGUI'S

(Class of 1995) Sandra Corona
Hello My fellow Vikings!!! Aint no party like a MONROE party!! Whoopdidoo!!! 95 was the bomb, wasn't it? It wasnt so much the school/ classes but the time you spent with your friends and the things you did. Some stupid, but those are the ones you remember the most. My friends made my high school days memorable...for sure. Big hello to my fellow Vikings: Alfredo Aleman, Robert Arellano, Emmy Vargas, Thesa Flores, Tyrone Frost (E hall!!),Manny Ruiz, Mr. Quincy Brooks, Ed Montoya...who else? Everybody!! My two little sisters followed my footsteps and well, one graduated-Class of 2003 and the other is only in 9th grade. She plays JV football. GO VIKES!!! I hope their experience at Monroe is as fun and memorable as mine was. Good Luck and much love to all you Vikes...Long live Class of 95!!!!

(Class of 1995) Ann Sobolewska
Hey! Just realized I missed the reunion, but would love to catch up with you guys! Drop me a line!

(Class of 1995) Berek Marcus
Hey folks, drop me a line!

(Class of 1995) Jane Tanjuaquio
Everything seems so funny in retrospect...I'm glad things change and I hope things have changed for everyone as well.

(Class of 1995) Cristina Rodriguez (Tina Mendez)
Praise the LORD!! Yes it's true I am a Jesus freak, and I consider myself blessed to be one. I have been saved for 5 years now, I got married in 2001 to a wonderful man and in 2003 we had our precious daughter Emily then we were blessed again with our son Nicholas born in 2004. I am a full-time mom and I love it (the employees love me!) Who knew what God had in store for me!! Well I hope all is well with everyone and hope to see you all at our reunion. God Bless.

(Class of 1995) Juan Carlos Franco
yo...DJ flow....let me hear your body talk.....

(Class of 1995) Nelson Avalos
Class of 1995: I just want to say what's up to the Class of '95. I'm currently married, I have 3 kids & I am currently on active duty in the US Army, stationed in Colorado. I want to send a special shout out to the following people for making my years at Monroe memorable:
Coach Campbell, Coach Hasselbrink, Mrs. Sobrey. What's up to my brother Jose Avalos, Joe Herrera, Maythe Herrera, David Gaxiola, Freddy Aleman and anyone else I forgot. Support the Troops..HOOAH!

(Class of 1995) Roberto Arellano Jr
I hope to see you all this year. Is anyone even organizing a reunion? Well I hope someone is. If anyone is, and needs help, let me know, I'll do what I can to help. Just want to say hello to my good friends. Thanks for the good times. Sandra, Emmy, Chelsi, Delmi, and of course Xochilth. Hope to see you all. Peace out!

(Class of 1995) Jose A. Ramos
What's up MONROE?
Hope everyone is doing well. I finally started my own DJ Entertainment Business. So please keep me in mind for any future events! Checkout my website: www.djthrive.com Download my FREE CD!!
Jose aka Dj Thrive

(Class of 1995) Marquisha Flowers

(Class of 1995) Julie Belknap

(Class of 1995) Tamara Rudolph

(Class of 1995) Michael Ratican

(Class of 1995) Wil Salazar

(Class of 1995) Angela Smith

(Class of 1995) Reggie Quemuel

(Class of 1995) Fanny Garcia
Hello all, High school was not the best for me. In fact it was really lousy. But, I'm really happy now and having the time of my life. I started a theatre company with a group of friends. I'm acting and writing. My first play was recently performed for four weeks in East Los Angeles. So, if any of you remember me (which I doubt cuz I was a bit of a recluse) e-mail me! Take care.

(Class of 1995) Melania Zuniga Jackson

(Class of 1995) roberto arellano Jr
Whats up to everyone. Most of you probobly don't remember me, too bad. I've been busy. Served 4 years in the Navy and visited all the Orient. I've worked up and Down California, and finally settled down and have a 9 month old baby girl. I now work for NASA out here in Edwards Airforce base. I hope to see you guys if we have a class reunion. By the way I'm still a little cholito and own to lowriders!

(Class of 1995) Jimmy Hanger
What up y'all, it's been a minute since we graduated everytime i think about how much fun i had, it makes me want to go back to those days. Enough of the sentimental stuff, what's up to all those that remember me and to those that don't, it's all good, y'all are still part of the Biggest and Baddest Monroe high school class EVER! C/O '95 All day, Every day!

Shout-outs to the big, badass varsity football squad: Quincy (you only got to start over me cause i couldnt run the option, haha jus playin' stay up homie) Kenyatta, Aaron, Nick, Joey, Jesse, Kevin, Bobby, Lafon, Burrito, Ivan, I know i forgot some of the fellas, but y'all know you y'all are. To coach cuccia, thanks for the opportunity to be part of the best football squad of all time. Can't wait for the reunion!

-Jimmy L. Hanger
Class of 1995
In A Real Way!

(Class of 1995) Kendra Wilmot

(Class of 1995) Juliet E. Kim
I'm back in Southern California & I would love to hear from the people who were part of the great times in high school. Magnet kids, the Screwballs, CSF, JSA, mock trial people, etc. drop me a line! :)

(Class of 1995) Gabriel S. Garcia
Hey everyone out there who used to hang out in Mr. Hense's classroom, you know who you are. And all you Magnet people ... and all you people from JSA who used to go to Spring & Fall State because you could have all kinds of "fun" there and (mostly) get away with it -- you know who are you. Joe , Albert, Tracey Albright, Erick & Brian, hell, everyone! Drop me a line. ;)

(Class of 1995) Renee J Goodman
Hi guys! I only saw two of my old buddies registered, so the rest of you tighten up! I just got married on Aug.3, 2002, its great. I finally got my BA in psychology and i'm working with troubled adolescents through an intern and i still do hair (94 yearbook best hair)! I'm the overseer of special affairs for my husbands record company, by the way keep us in your prayers cause we're about to BLOW UP. GOD BLESS YA'LL!!!

(Class of 1995) Daniel Fink

(Class of 1995) Paul Kats
'Sup?? Changed alot since HS. Hit me up.

(Class of 1995) Carolin Eiliya

(Class of 1995) Diane Guilmette

(Class of 1995) DENA M MESIROW
Just wanted to say hello to all my VIKINGS. If you feel like dropping me a mail please do. CLASS OF (95') RULES forever! DENA

(Class of 1995) Thomas Ray Cruz (Tom Cruz)
Some Hated me or ignored me. Others thought i was harmless. But for those who knew me, i say greeetings and salutations. the quiet storm is comming back to cali soon!

(Class of 1995) Nestor Li Retana
Just in case you guys were wondering..I am gay! Been dating this amazing guy for the past 1.5 and we are planning in moving together soon. I attended graduate School and got a MA in psychologist and currently working as a Psychotherapist. I also attended law school in San diego. Anyway, feel free to contact me if you remember me.

(Class of 1995) Quincy D. Brooks (Qualo)

(Class of 1995) Joseph Tobias Nunez

(Class of 1995) Nelson Rivas
Hello Class of 1995! I'm in the U.S. Air Force now, serving proudly. I saw a few people whose name I recognize, 'hello' to you all.

(Class of 1995) Chris R Bramson

(Class of 1995) Tyrone S Frost (t-bone)

(Class of 1995) Ivan Ramirez
Hello Class of 95. I hope you all remember me. I am now in Utah as the director of International Markets for an Internet company. We have managed to be one of the surviving dot-coms and we are doing well. Just want to encourage all my friends from high school to continue education as it brings you great rewards. The money is great too.....

(Class of 1995) Matthew John Salcedo
what's up '95...living large on the east coast...take care everybody

(Class of 1995) Richard Gonzales

(Class of 1995) Cynthia Perez
Class of 1995, we had some good times. Wanted to say hi to the Varsity Cheer Squad and the Varsity Softball Team. I will always remember the good old days. Go Vikes!!!!!

(Class of 1995) Hipolito Mendez "Poli"

(Class of 1995) Genise Vargas

(Class of 1995) Kevin Michael Stewart
this is the new email. Holla atcha boy.

(Class of 1995) Veronica Lopez

(Class of 1995) Christine Santos

(Class of 1995) Jonathan Empleo Sumilang (Jon or "Sumi")
CLASS OF 1995!!!!

(Class of 1995) Alberto Lopez
Hello to all of you Law & Government Magnet kids. Hope you are living out your dreams. 34, peace out!!!!!!! Much love to Nate Dog, and the rest of the crew.

(Class of 1995) Lettisse Ronnette Bell

(Class of 1995) Jasmine S. Gonzalez (Yasmin S. Zuniga)

(Class of 1995) Erick Alilunas
Not many here yet.

(Class of 1995) Johannes Lee
When am I going to win the lottery yo?

(Class of 1996) Eileen Ceja
I am looking for our yearbook online... any suggestions? I am curious to see our pictures for ole' times sake!

(Class of 1996) Daniel Aguirre
what up folks. it's me Penguin aka tuna

(Class of 1996) Angel Arreguin
Hello Class of 1996....we sure had a lots of fun. Big Thank you to MRS Hawk for keeping me in line and helping me out when things got ruff. If you remember yours truly...hit me up on my email...

(Class of 1996) Carlos Alberto Garcia
How's everyone doing?

(Class of 1996) Marrean Robottom
Hope you are all doing well!!!!!!!

(Class of 1996) Ulysses "U.J." Neri
Hello!!! All from 1994 thru 1998. Life is good... I got married 07/28/07 in Eagle Rock to a wonderful person Charisse Tongol. We have a house in Monrovia and currently working in IT with www.WPSpublish.com ...

Some info:

Love to keep in touch...

Ulysses "U.J." Neri
Class of 1996
1996 Tennis TEAM Rocks!!! hahaha...

(Class of 1996) Rosie herrera
hi everyone!!! i would like to keep intouch to all my friends from monroe!!! it's been so long, i hope somebody can remember me:) does anybody knows where lorena cortez is? jannia zabala?linda tjoe?juan longoria????

(Class of 1996) cristina gonzales
Hi everyone I did not get tO GO TO GRADUATION due to fact I moved to tucson arizona. I hope i get to see everyone at the reunions! Jeorge Rincon if you remeber me I like to thank for evrything you did for me, i regrete not telling you that I was in love with you! If you read this please email me cristina@casdelosninos.org

(Class of 1996) Jason Yi
"Too young to hold on, too old to just break free and run..." were the words of Jeff Buckley, who died at age 30, just after releasing one of the greatest rock albums of all-time called "GRACE." I feel that I'm in the crossroad where the days of youth has passed me by and yet the future is still far ahead. It's been 10 since high school graduation...wow, these times really do fly.

(Class of 1996) LESLIE V. DE LEON

(Class of 1996) Aric Johnson
Hello Monroe Class of 1996, hopefully some of you remember me if not that's ok. I wanted to let you all know that I am trying to setup our 10 year class reunion for March of 2007. If you would like to participate in the reunion feel free to contact me using the information below or send me an e-mail.
YIM: tlares
AIM: sonoftorghn
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/aricle
Friendster: http://www.friendster.com/aricle

(Class of 1996) Rosell Jardinero
Hi! I'm looking for Amelina Soriano Lagos it's been 8yrs since i last saw her & i really want to meet her again. Please help me to find her.

(Class of 1996) Irma Zavala
Hello to everyone, currently live in El Paso, Tx. If anyone remembers don't hesitate to write!!

(Class of 1996) Jeanette "Meena" Kang
So how many of us from the Law & Government Magnet actually ended up as attorneys??? I did. :b I'm in downtown LA so give me a holla if you're around, or hit me up on www.myspace.com/meejeanie. peace out.

(Class of 1996) Michael Silvas
Hi everyone, its been 10 years since we graduated. Does anyone remember me. I'm sociology major at CSUN. See guys soon!

(Class of 1996) Deboragh Marie Wallace (Henry)
Hey everyone I miss everybody and hope to see you at the 10 year reunion. Also if you go to classmates.com you can also catch up with me and all the other alumni Holla at me :> Debo

(Class of 1996) Lilian M Juarez (Alvarenga)
Hi class of 1996! If my name sounds familiar email me @ lilianmj@att.net even though I didn't know that many people because I was to quiet back then. I use to be in the magnet program. I am looking for Jannia Zabala and Lily Espinoza if anybody knows about them let me know. I hope to see you all at our reunion. I believe it should be sometime this year. If you have any info about our reunion let me know.

(Class of 1996) Jenny Martinez

(Class of 1996) Sheri Theresa Wallace-Gonzalez
Hey waz up everybody. It has been almost 10 years now since we graduated. I hope everyone is doing well.

(Class of 1996) Adriana Burruel (Trejo)
If anyone knows anything about our reunion coming up, please let me know. Thanks, Adriana

(Class of 1996) Oscar Ismerio

(Class of 1996) Victor Santillan

(Class of 1996) Joseph Herrera
what's up boy!!! Piit superbowl champs 2005-2006

(Class of 1996) Jason M. St.Pierre
hey everyone!

(Class of 1996) Chante Griffin
Hello Everyone! I'm still in L.A., enjoying life. Email me at yougo_chante@yahoo.com

(Class of 1996) Katherine Northcut-Sutton
I feel like a different person these days! I miss soccer and hope to start coaching once I find a real teaching job. Elementary school rocks! I hope everyone is happy in the real world.

(Class of 1996) william hernandez
hey vikings iam proud to be a viking pls did anybody knows about omar de la cruz or omar tress pls let me

(Class of 1996) Yolanda Duran
Hello Class of "96"... Must say "Hi" to all my bad ass Varsity Softball Girls.. I MISS YOU ALL.. Lupe, Charlotte, Strawberry, Diane, Dena, Christine, and many more..hit me up... I'm more than sure half of us are Married, Divorced, Parents or Over Seas. In any case I send my blessings. Amanda, Leah, Gina, Monica, Vanessa, I love you all.. through the years we've stayed by each other through marriage, divorce, and motherhood and must say there are many more memories to be made. It doesn't stop just because we graduated....

(Class of 1996) Kristine Takvoryan
Hi you guys, if any of the Magnet class graduates of '96 read this EMAIL ME!!!

(Class of 1996) Arturo Haro

(Class of 1996) Dolores Vargas

(Class of 1996) Michael Fields
We all move on in life, and sometimes even fall back. We grow up in maturity and age, to discover that our Parents were never 100% right. That our HS Teachers were Text-Book-Drones, but the best & some were just plain hell. We have either great memories or really bad ones. I pass on my love and best wishes to each and everyone of you. With a college background, kids, wife, a family, a Great Career, and get-out-of-jail-free-card!?... I never would have thought that it would happen. Thank You Monroe :P

(Class of 1996) GILMA GOMEZ

(Class of 1996) JOSE M PERAZA JR

(Class of 1996) yvonne bang

(Class of 1996) Xer Vang
Class of '96 was da bomb! Where's everyone at these days? Well, hopefully everyone will shop up at the reunion! 96 all the way!

(Class of 1996) Maria Gomez
Just wanted to say HI to everyone I used to hang out with...

(Class of 1996) John Kim
man, we're getting old...

(Class of 1996) Amin Maghsoodi
If you liked me in high school then email me, If you didn't like me in high school email me anyway!!!

(Class of 1996) Anthony Ray Thomas, Jr.
You look a little father down and you will see my line cause Reginald Ellis stole it, but it's alrite. I just wanted to put a little something on the site made for the school that had more to do with shaping who I am today than any other place I have ever been. Until later y'all.....
Peace, Love & Volleyball!
*Theivery will not stop me from being me. ;3P

(Class of 1996) Angelica G (Saquilan) Palmer (Angie)

(Class of 1996) Mitra Karimi-Paydar
Anybody from the Class of 96 or any other year for that matter, drop me line and let me know how you are. It has been five years!!!!

(Class of 1996) JACK MURADYAN
Who ever graduated with me (and you know who you are) write to me.

(Class of 1996) ROGELIO PULIDO

(Class of 1996) DEE DEE ANNA MENA (JAQUEZ)

(Class of 1996) Barbara Elisa Rodriguez

(Class of 1996) Shawna Kimler
Hi Vikings! Anyone feel free to drop me a line and say hi.

(Class of 1996) Jerome Lee Maquindang

(Class of 1996) Denise Eastman
Hey everyone!!!!! I miss you all like crazy! Drop me a line and let's go party!!!!

(Class of 1996) Kiana Martin
For all those class of '96 people out there most of us should be graduating college this year or sometime in the near future and I want to wish all of you luck out in the real world especially those of you who were in the magnet. If my name rings a bell to anyone email me, I would love to hear from you.

(Class of 1996) Farias Abel

(Class of 1997) Jenny I Ramirez
Are there any High Reunions in the near future?

(Class of 1997) Cristina Aguilar
Hope life has treated everyone well......but remember we decide what we want our life to be...."If you want what others don't have, you have to do what others don't do"

(Class of 1997) Veronica Ceja
Hello to Everyone. I can't believe it's been 10 years since we all graduated. I was in LAMC from 1997-2003. I got my AA in Liberal Arts. I also went to University of Phoenix from 2003-2005, got my Bachelors Degree in Business Management. Anyone want to email me, go ahead and maybe we can meet up and talk about the good times. Patty Sandoval and Lizette Taruk, you two were good freinds, email me.

(Class of 1997) Anthony Altonaga
Doing Great, I am Married and I have a Baby Girl. I must have ditched almost all my classes. And Still managed to graduate. Thanks to the wonderful faculty of Monroe High.

PS. I am not Dead.... I know in 1998 the school announced that I was, But I have been alive and Living A great Life. Wish you all the best. AAA


(Class of 1997) alicia leon
Hey people whats up! Best regards to all! :)

(Class of 1997) Yamilet Martinez
Hello everyone! I hope that everyone is well. Hope to see many familiar faces at our upcoming reunion.

(Class of 1997) Julie Parocua
Hey Vikings! Are we old farts or what? :0) Hope everyone is doing well. Hope to see you soon.

(Class of 1997) jorge luna
Hello, anyone out there?

(Class of 1997) Lizette Taruc
What's up class of 1997!!! Amazing... how time just passes by. I wish everyone good health and success.

(Class of 1997) Rhodney Loveria

(Class of 1997) KC Marie Knox (Donald)

(Class of 1997) Mark McRae
June 8, 2006: What up all!!!!!!! Been in the Army now almost 9 years (well in 2 days it will be 9 years). Been around the world and back again. Letterally moving to Washington D.C. in a day. Was just wondering how everyone is doing, drop a line to m_c_rae2k79@yahoo.com, if ya wanna catch up. The army has done good to me (cause i bought my first house over a year ago). One last thing, to all my fellow fallen comrades, we will never forget!!!! Lates all.

(Class of 1997) Emilio Plascencia
what up!!! its yo boy. monroe basketball #1. almost 10 years damn it goes fast.

(Class of 1997) Veronika Saucedo (Coleman)
I am looking for 2 people in particular. Diana Mendoza is one of them and Art Pena. If you guys see this send me an email.

(Class of 1997) JOAN AGUSTIN LARA
Will see each other in 2007... coming soon, hope we are all still in good health and in shape of course. props to monroe football 1997 and cheerleaders.

(Class of 1997) Michael A St. Pierre
Most favorite class. Mr. Griffin's 2nd period Honors Physics class and everyone in it. I'm very happy to known and went to school with all you guys & gals. You all are very much missed especially Mr. Griffin and I still look back at those good times. It's been a while and what am I up to? I just graduated from Cal State Northridge with a B.S. Degree in CIVIL ENGINEERING. Still enjoying playing the drums and guitar and also Astronomy. Hope to see all you good people at our class reunion in good health. God Bless everyone of you. Michael (Dec.9, 2005)

(Class of 1997) Oscar Mejia
Hey....., what is up class of 1997. I am doing horrible and I am doing great all at the same time. I am in the military as a good ranking soldier. This stuff is easy.LOL. I am also an Engineer Major at CAl State Long Beach.. GO 49ers, but I am serving under Enduring Freedom so I am a reserve on Active duty for the past 3 years. I knew My football days would teach me something. Feel Free to drop me a line or three. I LOVE YOU ALL AND I NEVER HATED ANY OF YOU. ALTHOUGH WE ALL GAVE EACH OTHER A HARD TIME.

(Class of 1997) Constance Ray
What's up class of 1997!!!

(Class of 1997) Patricia Sandoval "Patty"
Hello class of 1997, I hope life is treating everyone goooooooooood! Well at least okay. Time passes by,but the memories of good times always refresh the minds. What life we had has teenagers, now we are old farts! I would love to hear from my old school friends! Techno anyone? Take care and bestof luck in your futures.

(Class of 1997) Oscar Nunez
SO PROUD TO BE A VIKING DA DA DADADA DA! drop a vine if u remember #20 aka THE rifleman LOL!

(Class of 1997) George Vasquez
Wow see a lot of familiar names on this page. What's going on to everyone who knew little old me in high school. And for those who didn't, well you missed out! Just wanted to drop a line and say hello to the Class of '97. Any way we could possibly go back? Didn't think so. Living in San Diego for the past 3 years, working for the San Diego Padres. Since I didn't make it as a player, what better secod choice than working in the front office, behind the scenes. It is a blast! Drop me a line all you crazies from back in the day. Take care and see you for the reunion.

(Class of 1997) Khaleedah Knight
What's up Everybody! Wow, the 10 year reunion is around the corner. I would love to hear from all of you in the class of 97 or 96. If you have a moment,please feel free to drop me a line or two. I currently reside in San Diego, and I am in the process of relocating to Georgia. I hope all is well with everyone. See you in 2 years :o) Take Care and God Bless.

(Class of 1997) Danielle Jacobson
Hey everybody...Just wanted to say hi to the class of 97'.

(Class of 1997) Robert A. Mendoza, Jr.
To everyone from the Class of '97 I say "What's Up!" It has been a long seven years but I'm glad to say that everything is good with myself. After graduating I was not sure if I was going to continue school, I saw myself in the military but that didn't work out (yet) so I decided to go to Valley College (two years waisted) and left to join the working force. I'm glad to say that I returned to school after a four year "vacation" and I am happy to say that I am graduating in March of '05 receiving my Associates Degree in Computer Drafting and Design. I know many of you are probably CEO's by now but you know I am happy that I'm doing something for myself yes It took me a while but hey! It's never to late, Right?. I'm thinking of returning to school after graduation to get my Bachelors of Science Degree in Criminal Justice (I know two different subjects that are not related but I like that subject) and maybe work for the goverment. Well I hope everyone is doing well in their lives. Much luck to everyone out there and God bless! Peace.
-Robert A. Mendoza,Jr. AKA Chubsters

(Class of 1997) mary donna ramirez

(Class of 1997) Trina Henry
Hey everyone, I didn't even realize we had this set up. But its good to see a lot of familier names up there.

(Class of 1997) Raul Trujillo (GATO)

(Class of 1997) Lorenzo Macon
somebody...anybody...holla at ya boy!!!

(Class of 1997) Nicole Perez
hi everyone. just dropping a note to keep in touch. take care.

(Class of 1997) Fabiola Silva

(Class of 1997) William Reyes Bui
What's up everyone!!!! How have I been? I moved to PORTLAND, MAINE!!! Didn't finish school but became an accountant and a network administrator. Go figure! Went to Santa Ana College, American Intercontinental University, and worked. Been through some heartbreaks, too many parties, and got my ass fired one time for downloading Windows 2000 Professional!!! (Forget the policies! I'm not a ward of the state and not subject the laws of the land) ;P But living it up still!!! Hit me up! -Will

(Class of 1997) ANCA NEDELESCU

(Class of 1997) rudolph wiltshire
What up ya'll. Wasn't the class of '97 the shisnit? Just like to let you guys know that I will be getting married soon to the person you all should know. Yes ladies and gentleman i'm talking about Maricela Sandoval.The love we had that started from high school never stopped so we're still together. Sorry all you girls from back in the day. Soon I will be officially off the market. Peace, see ya'll at the reunion or at the wedding.

(Class of 1997) Myriam Benmohamed
Hello my fellow Vikings I hope that all of you are doing well as for me,I graduated from U.S.C with a Business degree and I am currently working at Countrywide Home Loans in the Finance A/R Department. I would love to hear how everyone else is doing, so please feel free e-mail.

(Class of 1997) Scott Cave
Wow.............Its been a while since I have seen or heard some of these names. For some its been too long, others not long enough. JK Hope all is well for everyone. As for me-- I am engaged! Finished my BS and currently Im learning to crack a few spines and put some heads back on straight in Chiropractic College. I love it!!! Hopefully Ill still love it in 2 years when I start having to pay the loans back. Anyway, It was nice seeing all the names up on the board. Good luck to all and I would love to hear from anyone willing to drop me a line or 2. GO VIKINGS BASEBALL!!!!!!!!!!

(Class of 1997) Marcie Alas
What's up to all my friends of Class of 97! High School was so much fun and I miss those good old days. Hope to see you at the reunion!

(Class of 1997) Amy Messigian
Hey Monroe! Hope everyone is well - it seems like forever since I have seen most of you. As for me - finished UCLA; starting law school soon at Georgetown; busy like always/crazy like always. :-)

(Class of 1997) Mauricio Vladovinos
New email addy Use it hit me up would like to know what everyone is up to.

(Class of 1997) Trina Conn
Anyone who wants to say "hi" and let me know how you have been can go ahead and send me a note because my 4-year-old daughter and I would love to hear from you!

(Class of 1997) Dalia Estrada

(Class of 1997) Tanya Seno ("Vicky")

(Class of 1997) Ruth Hebert
I miss all of you and look forward to getting together with you guys soon! If you remember me drop me an email please. :)

(Class of 1997) Fatima Menendez

(Class of 1997) Carisa B Cordova
If you remember me just e-mail me.

(Class of 1997) Danielle Furman
We already have a reunion page? Has it been that long

(Class of 1997) Christopher D Duenas
still the same old me, only now it's at ucla not monroe, love it so much, i plan to stay for a fifth year, and then...your guess is just as good as min

(Class of 1997) Ainsley Robertson

(Class of 1997) Lindsay Marina Castro
Wow! High School seems like a million years ago! Now what have I been doing with my life? well the school thing, the work thing, the rockstar thing. I went to Woodstock'99(like there was any doubt!) That's basically it! Living life as it comes. Taking all opportunities as they knock, and attempting to make all things around me beautiful! Highschool was our Golden Days. But I plan to live the rest of life in Platinum!

hello again people. it's been awhile, i hope that everyone is doing well. hey Rolando if you see this send me a line sometime, i have been looking for you, i got something to tell you. Send me an email (mslizette979@aol.com)

(Class of 1997) PEDRO MENA

(Class of 1997) John Medina

(Class of 1997) Gabriela Vega (Gabby)
Hello everyone! The reunion countdown starts! Hope you're all doing well... I'm living in NY and loving it! Send me a message if you remember me!

(Class of 1997) Deva Kyle
Hello class of '97! It's been a long time. I'm living in Washington DC now if any of you are out there I'd love to hear from you!

(Class of 1997) Victor Perez
was up to the class of 1997 well iam doing all right iam a sgt in the marine corps after iam done iam going to the chp academy in i hope to see u up in the freeway 0341 for life R.I.P CPL HALL

(Class of 1997) Allison Bain
What's up with the reunion?

(Class of 1997) Mariana Gomez

(Class of 1989) Nick Gonzales
Didn't graduate. Instead went the GED route and then right to work. 3 kids one divorce and back in college. Working at UT hospital in TN. Health kinda sucks but life is good. Its 2011 and I am starting to watch my friends pass away its kinda sad.

(Class of 1998) Nicholas M Horowitz
Hey all in the Navy forever. call or email. nickonaship@yahoo.com. 360-551-6197

(Class of 1998) Sandra Romo

(Class of 1998) Joseph Foster
hey I hope everyone is doin good getting old!! I'm living it up in Costa Rica, life's great!!!

(Class of 1998) Valerie Melton (Lopez)

(Class of 1998) Aracely Robles
Hi everyone!!! Hope all of you are doing well. God bless you and take care!

(Class of 1998) ESMERALDA VIRGEN

(Class of 1998) Emily Torres (Castro)
No one probably remembers who I am but you probably remember who my husband is. I married Luis Castro, we've been together 10 years and have 2 wonderful girls. We are trying for our boy now. We live in AR now.

(Class of 1998) Yaoska Abaunza
Hope to see you all at the reunion on Nov.29th, 2008

(Class of 1998) Alfredo Ramirez
Hey CLASS of 1998 Hopefully everyone has fullfilled their high school dreams in the past 10 years.

(Class of 1998) Tatyana Shchiglik
REUNION - REUNION - REUNION....please contact me if you're interested in having a 10-year reunion in 2008... as of now (April) looks like we might not be having one.

(Class of 1998) Jason Neri
Hope all is well for the class of 1998. As for me I currently live in Seattle, WA (go Seahawks) and working in a investment company. Shoot me an email, I love to hear old friends from back in the day.

(Class of 1998) alonso suarez
what's up people can wait to see you again!!!

(Class of 1998) Sokun Chhem
Hello everyone, I can't wait for our class reunion. God bless you all and hope that everyone is doing exceptionally well!!!!!

(Class of 1998) Brian K. Avila
Hey fellow Monroaches. I hope everyone from the Class of 1998 has found 'success' and contentment in life. One day, I might return to Monroe. : )

(Class of 1998) Teresa Gomez

(Class of 1998) claudia larreynaga
How life is good!

(Class of 1998) April Mercado
Miss Monroe. Cant believe its been almots 10 years already!!!I still keep in touch with alot of my old friends...Cant wait to get in touch with some of you that got lost!

(Class of 1998) Tim Bryant

(Class of 1998) Danielle Donoho
I have stumbled across this page by accident. I highly doubt if anyone even remembers me. I find it strange to think of who I was in high school and who I am now, what was expected of me, what i expected of myself and where I am on my travels to some symbolic destination. I currently teach students with moderate to severe disabilities at a middle school in Sun Valley. I love it and I'm good at it, but I'm restless and my mind is hungry. I have an almost nine month old son who happens to be the most gorgeous baby ever. Random people ask me if they can touch him...it's kind of creepy. :) Among my goals of making people question everything and breaking down barriers of normal I am also currently undertaking (once again) the hopeful task of being majorly published. I have been obscurely published and some quotes of my work can be found here and there. Congrats to everyone who made it through law school after leaving the magnet. I always thought that the magnet produced two kinds of people...future lawyers and anarchists. I am not a lawyer.

(Class of 1998) Hugo G. Gomez
Hi Class of 1998. I have been working and I also have three beautiful kids. I can't wait to see everyone at the reunion.

(Class of 1998) Maria Barahona

(Class of 1998) Alvin A. Rivera
the best School Ever!!!!!

(Class of 1998) Kelly Kerrigan

(Class of 1998) Erika Covarrubias
Hope Everyone's doing well I live in Palmdale now, I am a Department Administrator in a flooring company.

(Class of 1998) Ann-Kathryn Tria

(Class of 1998) Mary Rose Lim
Hello class of 98 especially my A.P. people. I miss everybody!!! I hope everybody is doing well. I just bought my 1st home in Valencia. I'm a nurse at USC and going to my masters for nursing anesthesia. Go Vikings!!!

(Class of 1998) Rafael Beltran
Hey yo! Class of 98, best year of the decade!!! Go Monroe!!! I'm happy to say that I have been with this girl that I was stalking in Monroe for 7 years and counting, and I have to thank Ms. Houser's spanish Class.........*bow*.........98 Volleyball City champs BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

(Class of 1998) Stephanie Barnes
Hello everyone!! It is good to see that Monroe has a website. It is so crazy to run into people that you have not seen in so long. I hope everyone is doing great. As for me, I graduated from San Diego State and I am working as an underwriter at a commercial mortgage company. I will be receiving my brokers license very soon. I am at a very happy point in my life. Not married and no kids anytime soon. Hit me up. I would love to hear from you!!

(Class of 1998) Rosalyn Cordova
Well Just wanted to say hello to everyone. What can I say about life but that it has been very good to me. I could not ask for anything else since I have everything I could want. I think I have been successful in all my ventures and have accomplished more than most ever thought I could. If anyone reading this remembers me and would like to keep in touch send me an email at rozcordova@hotmail.com. Take care.

(Class of 1998) willie juarez
i hope that eveyone is doing well see you in 2008 at the reunion

(Class of 1998) Edver Gonzalez
Hello to everybody I hope everyone's doing good. I'm doing great I have a flooring company.

(Class of 1998) Alberto Hernandez

(Class of 1998) Marcela Mendoza
Wow! I am so glad to see that there is an actual Monroe web site. It's kinda cool to see where everyone and is and what they are doing. Anyway, hi to everyone. I am living in San Diego, working in a law firm. I hope to see you all in 3 years.

(Class of 1998) Jeremy Roberts

(Class of 1998) Thao Nguyen
Glad to see you all are doing so well!

(Class of 1998) Christy Parry
Hi everyone, it's me. haven't talked to many of you, but think of some of you often. Miss Daria, Congrats on graduating UCLA. Angie I member you!!! Quite a few people i remember, if you wsh to get into contact, email me. Obviously Boris and I DID NOT get married but we are very good friends still. I myself am looking into law school....

(Class of 1998) Damien Ritter

(Class of 1998) Gustavo Ochoa Carrillo
Hello Friends, hope everybody is doing just fine, actually i am in Mexico, working in a shipping co, ltd company in the area of charge and discharge containers, we export and import to all of the wolrd all kinds of merchandise, the place is located in Manzanillo, Colima, and the name of the terminal i work is call TIMSA, so to all of you want to give me a call pls do so, or write me to my mail. JROTC THIS IS FORMER C/CPT OCHOA THE BEST OF THE BEST LOVE YOU ALL, ALL CITY CHAMPS, SINCERLY OCHOA

(Class of 1998) Edgar A. Santana
Hello Class of 98. This is "Santana", Hope everybody is doing ok and enjoying life. I'm currently working as a manufacturing engineer in electronics (Thanks to Monroe where I developed 90% of my math skills). I would like to get in touch with some of my old friends. LLamenme o que quieren que les ponga un numero con 1 800 ... para que sea gratis?

(Class of 1998) Nora Longoria

(Class of 1998) Gabriel Perez

(Class of 1998) Farzad Fassazadeh
I can't believe that I came across this site. All has been well for me, I currently own a cell phone company in Sherman Oaks, California called Millennium Wireless and in 2003 opened a limousine company called SLS and expanding in a italian resturant called Sebastians in the near future(summer 2005). Just want to say hello to everyone and you can contact me at mwireless123@yahoo.com. Wishing everyone health and success.

(Class of 1998) NESTER SANDO VAL (P)

(Class of 1998) Monica Santillan
Hey Everyone, Hope your all doing well!! As for me, I definately can't complain. Still attending school and working. Can't wait to see you all again. Those of you who remmember me keep in touch, It's been almost six years.

(Class of 1998) Khoi Tran
Never thought Monroe'd have a website for alumni. Let's see, graduated from UC Berkeley and now attending Medical school to become a neurologist down in South Florida. Best of luck everyone.

(Class of 1998) Angie Peek
Hey everyone... I dont even think anyone will remember me... but if you do drop me a line and let me know how you're doing!!! I've been going to school to become a makeup artist and I'm almost done with school... so one day you will see my name in the credits of movies and in print work... anyways... if anyone remembers me email me and say hi!!! :)

(Class of 1998) Rosalva Gallardo (Quezada)
To the class of 98 I hope that you guys have made of are about to make your dreams come true. As for i've been married for 2 years and working on having kids. I miss everyone and hope you guys are doing well. I now live in BORING Kansas. I miss sunny Cali but hope to go back. All i have with me a beautiful memories of our school years at monroe. Hope to hear from you guys . Take care and I love you guys. :)

(Class of 1998) Rachel Shasha
I'm a sign language interpreter and aerobics instructor finishing up at UCLA and getting ready to attend grad school for my PhD in psychology. Good luck to everyone!

(Class of 1998) Joshua Schneiderman
Hi All. I haven't talked to many if you in over 5 years. Hope everyone is happy and successful. As for me, I'm law school at UCLA (who would have thought, coming from a law and government magnet???) It would be cool to get back in touch with old friends, so drop me an email when you get a chance.

(Class of 1998) Danny Rubin
Who knew that Monroe had a webpage? I'm now living in College Park, MD with my girlfiend Emelie. I'm in the graduate History program to get my Ph.D and should be done in about 6 years! I'd love to hear from you guys.

(Class of 1998) Florex C Camacho
What's up to all my frineds from Monroe. Hope everything is well for you.

(Class of 1998) LaTasha Thompson (Blount)
hey guys, im a married woman now living in texas.i miss you guys. HEY MAGNETS

(Class of 1998) FERNANDO SANCHEZ

(Class of 1998) Daria Benedict
High school seems like it was so far away...I hope everyone is living life to the fullest. I'm all done with UCLA and in the real world-yikes! Go BRUINS!!

(Class of 1998) Lucy Boyadjian
Wow, we actually have a web page. What's up class of '98?! I graduated from Occidental College in May 2002. I majored in Economics and minored in Espanol. I'm currently teaching computer classes to adults in Highland Park. I plan to attend Law school in 2003. Shoutouts to Ed, Cesar, David, and Lusine. Cesar was the first to get married from all of us. What a shocker!

(Class of 1998) Aubrey Winn
Hey class of 98 it's me again Aubrey Winn, Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm doing great as always. I'm not married and I don't have any children, but for the past 9 years i've been working with children and by 2005 I plan to retire, because I'll be getting into the intertainment industry real soon. not only do I work with the little ones. I'm also a song writter and I'm putting out a new shoe for nike, I also will be launching out my own clothing as well so look out for all this because very soon in mid 2006 or 2007 I'll be at the top. Peace out class of 98

(Class of 1998) eddie flores
hey everyone this is everyone's favorite person on wheels. i hope life is treating everyone good. as for me i am working at childrens hospital and as happy as i can be go ahead and drop me a line if you want.

(Class of 1998) Kimberly Harvanchik
Send me an E-mail!!!

(Class of 1998) Chele Nicole Walker
I really miss everyone, life is great for me. I married Vinny in January and I hope you guys are as happy as me.

(Class of 1998) Adam Pitcher
I can't believe there is a Monroe Alumni website. I am living in Barcelona, Spain right now and am going to graduate from UC Berkeley in December 2002. Hope everyone is well and that nobody has kids yet.

(Class of 1998) Janae Simmons
Hi everyone! I'm living in Valencia, CA right now and teaching sixth grade science and social science at a middle school in Burbank. I also coach youth cheerleading in Canyon Country and Northridge.

(Class of 1998) Will Alaimo (Willie)
What's up to all of you old Vikings. Remember we couldn't wait to get out of school, now I wish I could go back. Give me a holla' at littlebuddyboy2001@yahoo.com

(Class of 1998) Christina Kay Winikoff (Christina Isham)

(Class of 1998) jose luis sandoval (tocayoe)
go monroe football # 61

(Class of 1998) wanda figueroa

(Class of 1998) La Tasha Blount

(Class of 1998) Gabriela Correa (Gabby)

(Class of 1998) Reginald Ellis
Peace, Love and Volleyball. #12 City Champs

(Class of 1998) christopher b. aquino (keeno)
what's up to my friends and homiez

(Class of 1998) ALMA ESTRADA

(Class of 1998) sally lozano
I hope everone is well. As for me I'm just living life to it's fullest. I do miss the fun times at Monroe and cheerleading. GO VIKES!!!

(Class of 1998) Percival Agustin Basa (Ken)

(Class of 1998) Chereta Mays
I'm living life to the fullest!!!!

(Class of 1998) Jean Rodgers
I'm finishing up my third year at the Chaminade University of Honolulu. If all goes well, I'll be recieving a BS in Criminal Justice Administration and Criminology in December of 2002. And I would love to hear from any of my old classmates!

(Class of 1998) Raul Ortega
Working on International Business major at CSUN.

(Class of 1998) johnny b real (nasty)
I wish the best of luck to everybody,nobody said high school would be forever.Some times I wish I can turn back the hands of time but the only thing I got left is my memories. peace

(Class of 1998) Marco A Castro
Learning, Enjoying, Living life. Hi! to all my friends specialy everybody in Mr. Burkes class of "98"

(Class of 1998) Edmond Sung
Just want to say hi to everyone from class of '98. Hope everyone is doing well, as for myself, I'm at UCLA working for a Business Economics major and a political science minor. Where that will take me is anyone's guess, i guess we'll see at the reunion. Good luck to everyone!

(Class of 1998) Mario R. Escobar
I now have 4 clothing lines, and I just opened a residential care facility for the elderly....I also currently work at Olive View Hospital. I also do freelance graphic design for musicians and small businesses. I havnt really traveled but I did go to the philippines twice...(long story..ask me at the reunion..lol)...oh and I've been to Denver, Colorado..(not flashy but it's a 12hr drive from Cali..) Visit my company website: http://www.marinasvilla.com

(Class of 1998) Michelle Castaneda : Plan to Become an Insurance Regulator

(Class of 1998) Jason Davis

(Class of 1998) Jennifer Fuentes
Going to C.O.C., Plan to go to The Univ. of Costa Rica. I'll miss Monroe

(Class of 1998) Elsa Gomez : I'll miss Monroe and all of my friends.

(Class of 1998) Aaron Green
Live Long and Prosper

(Class of 1998) Alex Kipnis
Hey everyone. I am now in the Windy City, starting my third and final year at the University of Chicago Law School. Can't believe it's been over six years already. Email me at akipnis at uchicago dot edu (don't use the email link above, I don't want my address to be picked up by spammers). GO VIKINGS!!

(Class of 1998) Marcos Lazaro

(Class of 1998) Araiza Letty
College then become a Probation officer

(Class of 1998) asaf max
seems i lost touch with everyone from high school, don't know if the people i interacted with still remember me well if you want to get in touch with me my email is asafmax@yahoo.com.

(Class of 1998) Lashunda Holmes
will attend Mission College to become a probation officer

(Class of 1998) Joel Del Valle
Hi am Joel Del Valle. I will miss my friends at the asian tree. i think people remeber me as the asian guy wit the stolen car (vw) well lates keep in touch class mate

(Class of 1998) Daria Pawlikowski
I still look at the sports page every week to see how the Lady Vikes Hoops and track teams are doing!! Go Vikes!

(Class of 1998) Gazelle Javantash
Wow, can't believe Monroe has an alumni site! I hope everyone is happy and healthy and I hope to see you all at the reunion!

(Class of 1998) Nadia D. Ramirez
Bruin by day, Punk Rocker by night. I'm doing things my way, getting them done and DEFINITELY going somewhere in life. I wish y'all luck.

(Class of 1998) Nyreese Martin
Monroe's Law and Government Magnet Program is one of the best Magnet Programs in Los Angeles. I truly value the experiences I had there and the many different things I learned.

(Class of 1998) Jason Kang (Joong)

(Class of 1998) Edwin Linares
After spending a whole year at a 30,000+ college campus, it makes me miss the Monroe people even more. I Hope you all are doing fine and good luck on the rest of your lives.

(Class of 1998) Kristyn Falero

(Class of 1999) ROSANA PEREZ
**Hello to all my friends of class of 1999 it's been a while I just hope everyone is doing good.**

(Class of 1999) Heidi Winick
We Were the bomb the class of 99 rocks.

(Class of 1999) Jose Octavio Lizarraras-Diaz
CLASS 1999 - Just checking in. Wondering if there's a reunion coming up?

(Class of 1999) Ignacio Alvarez
What up everyone just stoping by to say whats up i went by the name of NACHO like every ignacio. peace

(Class of 1999) Andrea Silva
Are we having a 10 yr reunion , or what? =)

(Class of 1999) Elizabeth Han

(Class of 1999) Brenda Cuevas
Hope all of you are doing well!

(Class of 1999) Annette Jaquez
Hello everyone! Hope everyone is doing good. If you remember me and would like to catch up e-mail me at AnnetteJaquez@yahoo.com See everyone soon.

(Class of 1999) Rosaleah Macaraeg

(Class of 1999) Tory Brown
How are you doing guys? I miss you guys. When is the reunion this year?

(Class of 1999) Jesse Aguero

(Class of 1999) Julie Perederiy

(Class of 1999) charlie fragozo
Hope everyone is doing great!

(Class of 1999) Veronica Mills
Hey everyone, it is Veronica Mills (one of the "Most Athletic" team). I hope everyone is well and I am looking forward to that reunion.

(Class of 1999) Nelson Lovos
Hey people whats up......

(Class of 1999) Andres De La Cueva Jr.
what's good people. Anybody who knows me hit me up and in case you are wondering yes me and Trichelle got married and are still married now for over 8yrs. Hope to hear from ya'll.

(Class of 1999) Liz Nemeth

(Class of 1999) Jerome Anthony McAlister
Yes, the rumours of my death (or incarceration, or institution) were greatly exaggerated! It's so good to see everyone here and to know you're all doing so well.
I took up the cello after Monroe and am now actually rather good. I briefly worked in arts marketing/management (for the LA Phil, among others) and am now comtemplating law school. Though, the best argument against being a lawyer is working for them!!
You can find me on Facebook under "J. Anthony McAlister". Cheers!

(Class of 1999) NOEMI VARGAS

(Class of 1999) Kathleen Barron
Cave ab homine unius libri.

(Class of 1999) Anna Nelson
I can't believe how long its been and how many memories are coming to mind as I'm on this site. I miss you all.

(Class of 1999) June Chow

(Class of 1999) Leticia Cruz ( letty )
Hey! guys it has been a long time, but one more year and hopelly will see each other 2007. Class of 97 was the best.

(Class of 1999) Raheel Anwar
Hope everyone is finding success in everything you all do!

(Class of 1999) Joel Marco Bernal
Thanks for the Memories!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Class of 1999) Lizette Lozano
Whaaaaaats up!!!!!! class of "99" lots of memories......hope everyone is living a great life..........Take Care :)

(Class of 1999) Maria Hernandez
Hi everyone.

(Class of 1999) Margaret Stark
Hey class of '99 - hope everyone is doing good. See ya around! :o)

(Class of 1999) Fernando Meza
What up Monroe! It has been several years now and during my adolescent life I have only seen a handfull of friends. If you eighther remember me, or spoken to me during our years in high school make sure you get in touch with me. It will be great to get to know how life has changed you and know what became of you! Give me a call on my cell 818-231-0881. I have not changed much so if you look me up in the year book you will remember me now. I hung out with a couple of friends you may remember them , Eric (Who was MVP in Basketball during our year) Kenny "Stupid Face" (Who also was an MVP in wrestling), Freddy (he was pretty fat) and last but not least Gustavo "Taco". So if anyone remembers me hit me up.

(Class of 1999) Robert Castanon
Hey wats up class of 99, hope everyone is doing great. Anyone who knows me or remember me ,hit me up. well take care people.

(Class of 1999) Arica Bryant

(Class of 1999) Diego Bou
Forget about the what up's to Liz and Sylvia because I have a Girl in my life! Hope ya'll is good! Diego

(Class of 1999) Arthur Ksachikyan
Hi class of 99 I hope everyone is doing good hit me back.

(Class of 1999) Cynthia Arlette Guerra

(Class of 1999) Desiree Jaramillo
Hello to the class of 99'. Just wanted to say hello. Hey if you guys remember me E-mail me Desigofy@aol.com. Talk to you soon.

(Class of 1999) yeong kim
Yo waddup class of 99". Those 4 years at monroe taught me alot, even though those four years were long and sometimes boring, I wouldn't change a thing if I had to do it all over again. Im still in the navy as you'll might know, Im sorry I lost touch with everybody, but you know its hard trying to start your own lives. Im enjoying life very much right now. I would love to hear from everybody that remembers me. ttyl

(Class of 1999) Eric Serna
What up Peep's?? This is "Big-E".... one of the tallest mexican to roam the halls at Monroe... 6'6", ring a bell?? Varsity Basketball?? Anyways, hit me up!! Damn, I miss dunking on our rival schools!!!

(Class of 1999) Richard Carreon
I have been in the army and I have been busy traveling the world. Now that I have some time to relax I just want to tell everyone a hi, hello, how are you. Drop me line let me know hoe you all are doing. I miss Monore and miss the guys I went to school with

(Class of 1999) Giovanni A. Hernandez
to all my friends from c/o 99, i hope everyone is doing well and achieving thier goals. as far as myself, i recently graduated from Rio Hondo Police Academy and began working in a police department. i wish everyone the best of luck in their future endeavor. and i hope to see everyone in 2009. it will be lots of fun!

(Class of 1999) Maritza Arriola

(Class of 1999) Stephanie Cruz

(Class of 1999) Jennifer Winge

(Class of 1999) Eric Bush
Whats up this is the King Eric Bush e-mail me if you know me or I know you

(Class of 1999) Brandy Castaneda
Hello everyone! I am just updating my info. For those of you who care, I have been single for 1 1/2 years and I have a beautiful little girl who is almost 2 years old. I am finally enrolling in school and work full time in accounting. I hope everyone's life is going good and goals are being met. It would be great to hear from old friends and see how much the maturity level has changed. I know I have grown up a lot just by having my daughter. So many of you have touched my life even if we didn't end up friends in the end (Andrew). I will always love you guys for all the good and the bad experiences. Please tell me what is going on in your lives. privatecassie@yahoo.com

(Class of 1999) Karina Ayala

(Class of 1999) Angelica Chavez

(Class of 1999) Brandon Thirkettle

(Class of 1999) Steven Acevedo
What's up C/O '99!!! Just thought I'd give you all an update. I'm working on student teaching and master's concurrently. For the past 4 years now, I have become a SALSA DANCING FREAK! I have been creating and teaching a cardio salsa style class (XTREME SALSA) at Bally's for about 2 years. I am trying to get my partnering class underway, so that I can expand my connections. If anyone is interested in taking lessons, I will be teaching with the help of a fellow Monroe Alumni (Cynthia Vega c/o 97, I think). Her and I have created a partnership that began at Bally's, and now is about to be kicked in full gear. So again please make sure you do get in touch with me to find out when the sessions begin and where (Hopefully we'll begin mid April '04). For those of you that know my bro, David Acevedo, he's doing great in his 3rd qtr at UCLA (Delta Tau Delta). Drop him a line (AOL SN: streetracr021. Well take care every1, hope to hear from U soon! PEACE OUT!!!

(Class of 1999) Charlene Khuamphorn

(Class of 1999) Alisha Burgin
Been feeling a little nostalgic lately, so I am leaving this message, mainly to update my email address. Remember how much we all wanted to be adults? There are days when I'd love to return to H.S. But then again life is really good in the "real world". I'm just doing the working thing, getting ready to apply to law school, finished at Cal in 5 years (double major) with honors. If you knew me, look me up on myspace.com -- i love to catch up. Hope everyone is living their dreams.

(Class of 1999) Autumn Monique Williams
To the class of 1999, I hope you guys are living life to its fullest. And to all the inquiring minds who would like to know, Will and I are still together and looking forward to marriage in the near future. Congratulations to all the 2003 college grads, I'm slowly but surely getting there. I will always cherish the memories that were made at Monroe.

(Class of 1999) Damian Cavaleri

(Class of 1999) Corinne Castro
The Monroe days were so long ago, but still fresh in my memory. I am thankful for the fact that I met my most cherished friends during high school (you all know who you are), and our friendships have survived the passage of time. But for those who have lost touch, I am always eager to catch up. For those who are graduating college this spring like me, Congratualtions Class of 2003. I wish everyone the best of luck in all endeavors. I look forward to 2009.

(Class of 1999) Victor Reshetnikov
Hello you former boys and girls. Cant say that I missed any one of you a whole lot. What I miss is when we were all together. Hope you are all enjoing your years away from home or at new homes. To all who went to college, CLASS OF 2003 ROCKS, at least at UCSB. you kids at berkeley and LA, come to SB its warmer here and the ways are slaming. Hey Roger, its still 5! Burgin, still waiting for your call. Pimp daddy Danny P., always my bro. To the 99 soccer varsity, "I got old, so you can finaly take me on". To all who i have not mentioned; Scott,Synthia, Pam, Armando, Mandy, Howard, Karin, Brandy, and Anna, I know you guys will change, and thats good cause some of you needed to. But remember, we were all once friends. Peace out guys.

(Class of 1999) Gladys Marina Torres (Party Animal "99")
What's up to all the homies from class of 99. Hopefully everyone is doing well. Im just chilling and trying to finish college can't wait till 2009 reunion.

(Class of 1999) Gabriel Felix
what's up class of '99' am having fun riding in my 2k2 cadillac with dubz {22}.I miss monroe alot,i also miss my homies Tony,George,Badboy and them homies.So holla back.peace out class of 99.

(Class of 1999) vince vargas

(Class of 1999) Dawnabelle Violon Rodriguez - dawnabelles@hotmail.com

(Class of 1999) Roger Miyagishima
Hello to my former classmates from the class of 1999. It has been a really long time since i have talked to anyone from Monroe. I regret not keeping in touch with many of you. I just want everybody to know that i miss the times in high school when we were able to hangout or cheat off each other on tests. j/k I hope everybody is doing well. Feel free to email me.

(Class of 1999) Howard Jonokuchi
Hey whats up c/o 99 just wanted to say hi. It been a long time..I miss high school sometimes. But anyways give me a holla and keep in touch. Mr. Graber....when are we gonna go drinking man. alrightee then peace out.

(Class of 1999) Karin Khany
hey all I just wanted to update me email address...I can wait to see everyone at the reunion I cant freakin believe its only months away....email me @ chamooda19@sbcglobal.net

(Class of 1999) diego bou
whats up yo! I'm just chillin in the state of UTAH. Just thought i'd say what's up to all the hommies out thier. I'm married now. well got to go peace
whats up its me again just checking who's written on this. Well last I said I was married NOT ANY MORE!!!!!!!!
But i'm still in UTAH.Liz I got your message sorry i didn't call back.Just like to say a special whats up to Gibbons where ever you are and of course to you Sylvia.

(Class of 1999) Andrew F Ortega
What's up y'all. Just thought I'd hit y'all up. I see Monroe just don't stop. Currently producing hip hop music for the people, get at me if u need a track. What's up to the homies I havn't seen in a while.

(Class of 1999) Nick Quinonez ("Squid")
What's Up. Well, i have to say I haven't done very well at all at droppin on some of you guys and I haven't spoken to you in years...but now i miss you. yeah, sock me and crap...anyway...comtact me! I'd love to hear from you. I joined the reserves and ROTC aat the beginning of college, so it looks like I'm goin military pretty soon...I'm also in a band here at Georgetown Univ. (In Washington DC)
Anyway, drop me a line!

(Class of 1999) Michael Lesley (Mike, Coast Guard)

(Class of 1999) Amanda Gaily (Mandy)

(Class of 1999) David Sanchez (D)
Hello Munroaches...hehe...yeah its me D. still going to school at college now, yeah its fun working too...i get to yell at people hehe...no wife....grew 2 inches taller..freaky....see y'all around.. D


(Class of 1999) Amanda Gaily (Mandy)

(Class of 1999) sami m alawi
i just want to find a dear friend her name is angey messa not sure if i spelled it right. she is class of 2000. I was class of 1999.

(Class of 1999) Pamela Rosenthal

(Class of 1999) Tatevik Movsesyan (Tina)
Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. As for me, graduated from college and am working now for Los Angeles County Probation Office ( in Watts)-I'm a p.o. I'm always eager to catch up with old friends, so hit me up. See you in 2009. P.S. Myrna, Annie and Gladys, my crew from CSUN, call me-I miss you guys!

(Class of 1999) elizabeth ann nemeth (liz)
i just want to say to all the people that i got to know at monroe, i miss you all and hope all is well...email me at lnemeth20@hotmail.com, and yes i am still playing soccer in college, on the east coast...and loving every bit of it!

(Class of 1999) William Rey Exconde Maquindang
My four years at Monroe were definitely some of the most memorable years of my life. The kind of friends I made in High School could never compare to any I may have in the future. I'm looking forward to 2009, when the clas of 1999 gets to reunite and remisnisce about all the fun times. Last thing I want to say is that I miss everyone; that includes all my friends and also all those great teachers that helped me to construct a positive pathway towards my future successes. See you all in 2009. Oh, by the way, this website is so cool, I found it while putting my name in a search engine--glad it popped up

(Class of 1999) Richard Elton Niquen (Fresh Rich)
What up class of '99! I just want to say hi to all of my friends. It's been more than a year and it just went right by...hope everyone is doing well in whatever they are doing. Thanks to all the teachers and staff who collaborated on making the class of '99 the best class of all times! Yeah! For those who know me and for those who don't, you are welcome to e-mail me anytime. Don't forget to visit my website!
Peace out!!! Richard "99" Niquen

(Class of 1999) annette jaquez (netty)
hey whats up its me netty here just wanting to say hi to all you crazy people that i miss so much. hope to see everyone soon.

(Class of 1999) Nicole Gaffney (Nicky)
Hey y'all, why are we doing this now? We have barely been out for a year! We must have problems,those who know me, I miss you, those who don't, your loss!!kisses

(Class of 1999) Kimberlee Ann Falero

(Class of 1999) Juan P. Jimenez

(Class of 1999) Clyde Silla
Hey everyone. Here's the new e-mail.

(Class of 1999) Emma Ruth Buan Sangalang
monroe rocks!!!

(Class of 1999) Jason S. Hatfield (J-dogg)
Just givin shout outs to all my Roe doggs from class of 99!

(Class of 1999) ERICA RAIGOZA

(Class of 1999) LANIA GREEN
Hi everyone!! I just wanted to update my email.

(Class of 1999) CLEIDI GARCIA

(Class of 1999) Natalie Foster

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