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## 1960 ##

(Class of S'1960) Mary Jo (Culp) Needham
Would like to locate Carole Parmley if anyone can help. Tnx

(Class of W'1960) Hans (John) Stiller
Fond memories, wondering who is where. Live north of San Francisco (Marin County). Military, Packaging Marketing, captain on Golden Gate Bridge District ferries, San Francisco Bay. Play cello. Hope to make it to a re-union.

(Class of 1960) Amador Rosas
Hi to all

(Class of 1960) JoAnne Cook
To inform you that 1960 Monroe graduate, Gary E. Havlu, passed away on Sep. 12, 2010 in Woodburn, OR. Pleae notify the Reunion Committee. If there are questions you or other class representative may email me. I am a W'60 graduate of North Hollywood High.

(Class of S'1960) Chuck Dusenbury
With a class of over 600, it is a bit hard to imagine how a 50th reunion gets organized or who or how we will recognize one another, but I'm game.

(Class of W'1960) Dick Sherman
Aloha all!

(Class of 1960) Barabara Huber (Twist)
Please send me information on up-coming events and reunions, thank you.

(Class of 1960) Carole Ann McFarland (Parmley)
It would be interesting to get together after 50 years!

(Class of 1960) Deanna Mantell Robillard

(Class of S'1960) Normandie (Dee) Lane Johnson
It has been along time!!!! Looking for Barbara Egan, anyone??

(Class of S'1960) Andrea L. Polk (Jerome)
I still live in Northridge, formerly Sepulveda. Married Dale Polk (Birmingham HS) have two children. Am a retired administrator at CSUN formerly SFVSC, and retired HS teacher. My brother, Doug, (S'61) lives in South Australia, brother Tom (S67?) killed in 1969 on a motorcycle. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Rumiko Ijima? She went on to UCLA and wanted to be a teacher?

(Class of 1960) Gary Bachle
Are there any details yet on 50th Class Re-union?

(Class of S'1960) Margaret (Gifford) Cook
Can't believe I'm really this old...only in the mirror. Have lived in Burlington, Washington since 1978 and am ready to move back to So. Cal.

(Class of 1960) Eileen Simon (Richman)
Hi, Would love to hear from anyone in my class of 1960. Let's share some great memories. Will there be a 50th reunion?

(Class of 1960) Billy Dean (Elam)
Spring 2009 -- wow, almost 50 years! Granada Hills elementary school just celebrated their 80th anniversary. Most of the Valions and Dirigons were charter members of Monroe, so perhaps we can combine our 50th with, well, guess it would be 52 years for Monroe high. I'm looking forward to a reunion of Valions and Dirigons, but let's not wait until then. E-mail is so easy... thanks!

(Class of 1960) Lynda Robbins Cohen
Looking forward to our 50th class reunion.

(Class of 1960) Pat Stuart (Coker)
Hey all. Is there going to be a reunion? Does anybody know how to obtain a copy of our yearbook? Please advise. Have lived in Reno, Nevada, for 35 years. Married, 4 kids, 11 grandkids. Have been trying to locate Sharon Brocker (Ready) for alot of years now. Anyone know where she is?? Keep in touch....

(Class of W'1960) Tonnie (Hopkins) Gay
Hi all, almost 50yrs, 1/2 a Century, 2 children, Wayne and Wendy, two Grandsons, Michael 21, Christopher 16. It's hard to Imagine what each other might be like after 50yrs. I know that I'm not even remotly like I was back then. Probably look the same, just with wrinkles, but personality WOA! total change, some say "a little crazy" or "out there"! All I know is that I am 66, Retired, Still Married to Jerry after 46 yrs. and having a ball. We lived in Tahoe for 26 yrs. Jerry Retired as Chief of the "North Tahoe Fire Protection Dist." I worked in the Retail Clothing duering that time. Moved to Sacramento area in 1988 stayed about 14 yrs. Then moved to small town (Rogue River)in Oregon. Well I'm running off at the mouth again. E-mail me and I'll return the favor!

(Class of S'1960) Beverly Klaiber Stone
I Live in Calabasas, California. I have been married 35 years, 3 children, ages 29,22,20. I own my own insurance agency in California and Colorado. I welcome emails. Would love to here from my 1960 classmates.

(Class of W'1960) Rodney Collier
Hello all. Doe's anybody know if there is going to be a 50 year reunion in 2010? I've been married for 38 years, have 4 daughters and retired last November.

(Class of 1960) JOHN MEYERS
Surprised to find this website. There's a lot of people that I would like to know about. One in particular is Lorraine Lipshultz. We were high school sweethearts but kind of drifted apart in 1963-64. Does anybody know about her today? Went I went to Monroes I drove an orange '53 Mercury-lowered. Ran with a lot of guys who were into cars. Since most of you give a little synopsis about themselves, I thought I'd mention a little about my life. Went on to be a disc jockey (changed my name to Jasen Majors-more theatrical for radio DJs)and ended up on the rock station here in L.A.; KGBS-FM. Got into the music business and started my own company selling "oldies". In the 80's started to produce tv commercials and finally produced many television shows. We had one series on TV for 8 years; "Exciting World of Speed & Beauty". Maybe you might have seen it. Been happily married for 34 years. Look forward to hearing from somebody.

(Class of 1960) Donna Ludwig Fox
I must be getting old, I have been looking at my year book wondering what has happened to everyone. Please let me know if their is a reunion in the future. I have been in the Mortgage business for over 35 years. I have two wonderful daughters and one grandson. I would love to find out where Terry Maxine and Diane Davis might be.

(Class of S'1960) David Davidson
Hello all, Anyone remember me? I haven't lived in California since the early 70's. I am now living in Chevy Chase, Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C. I would enjoy hearing from others...

(Class of 1960) tonnie hopkins gay
glad to see a few from winter graduation are checking in. i have been married 44 yrs. 2 kids, one of each. also have 2 grandsons, 19 and 14. lived at lake tahoe for 27 yrs. retired to sacto. area late 80's. in 2003 moved to southern oregon near medford. really love it here. heard that some of you are also in this area would like to hear from any of you out there. i picked up a couple of e mail addresses so mabe you will hear from me.

(Class of 1960) Herb W. Maydwell
I married my high school sweet heart Judy Modica we are still married we have two children and six Grand Childdren. We live in Livermore Ca. Lets talk!

(Class of S'1960) James (Jim) F. Ohler
Hello to all, Would like to hear from the gang if there is anybody left! Did undergradute and graduate work at USC in engineering and was one of the owners of a large aerospace company. Now reside in Rancho La Costa in San Diego's North County.

(Class of 1960) Shirley A Gerner (Passwater)
I have lived in Kansas City since 1968. Would love to hear from any of the old gang. Have been looking for Linda McFall and Melinda Holquin for many years. If anyone knows how to reach them, let me know. Would also like to know if there is a reunion planned anytime soon.

(Class of 1960) Dawn Bauer Brogan
Looking for Carolyn Tieso and Peggy Shanley

(Class of W'1960) John Foote
Class of Winter 60 - Hello from the red-haired geek! I've been living near rainy Portland, Oregon for the last 25 years. If there is a reunion, please contact me. I visit relatives in southern California on a regular basis, if someone would like to meet again. Thanks

(Class of 1960) Dorothy Deringer
Send me an email to see how I am doing

(Class of 1960) Barry Withers
Live is Louisville, KY. Still have friends in LA. Will there be a reunion?

(Class of S'1960) Bennie Ferrell
If you look for me in the year book...I'm listed wrong. I am the blonde listed as Gregory Ferrell.

(Class of 1960) Gary Srery
Anybody out there got a line {E-Mail Address) for Danny Stearns. He was one class behind me and I've been trying to locate him. Any information re: Daniel T. Stearns would be very welcome. Latest info. I have is in the 80's he was living in or near Auburn or Monroe, Washington [Stste]. Need help to locate him. THANKS.

(Class of S'1960) Steve Schwartz

(Class of S'1960) Ronald (Ron) Fischer
50TH YEAR REUNION. year 2010. Class of summer and winter 1960....Al Harris is working on our 50th class reunion. Information is needed. Please contact me nettieron@frontiernet.net at this time. This is for the Valions and Dirigons. I will send information when you contact me. Call your friends if they were in the summer or winter class of 1960 and have them e-mail me.

(Class of 1960) Nancy Halusic (Bell)
Would love to hear from old friends.

(Class of S'1960) Carol (Yates) Haring
Hi Everyone -- Would sure like to have a reunion. Also, I'm trying to find a classmate that I've lost contact with. Her name is Joan Ricketts. That's her maiden name. I don't know if she married. Anybody know where she is?

(Class of 1960) Rich Vein (Richard)
Hello to all. Glad to still be here. Living in Woodridge, IL. Married 34 years, 3 children, 3 grandchildren. Retired from U.S. Navy after 24 years. Currently working for Illinois Dept of Revenue. Final acting done at Pasadena Playhouse 1968.

(Class of 1960) JUDY ABSHER (CHIRRICK)

(Class of 1960) Lyda Andrews (Lyda Zaring)
Would love to hear from old friends

(Class of 1960) Bill Featham
Hi! Alive and well.Anyone out there?

(Class of 1960) Dorette Beaudry (Long)
Hello to you all, if you remember me. It has only been 42 years so I forgive you if you don't... A special hello to Connie Bilobran (Linden) if you are out there.

(Class of 1960) Mike Reagan

(Class of 1960) Stan Onaitis
Are there reunion plans in the making?......if so, I would like to help.

(Class of 1960) William B. Pohlman
Looking for 1961 grads Earl A. Wilson III and James Favor

(Class of 1960) John Nicholas Tatu, Jr. (Nick)

(Class of 1960) Janyce B. Kakely (Janyce Haslerud)
We were the first summer class to graduate....how well I remember it...612 strong, and we were the largest graduating class in the L.A. Sch. Dist. Would be great to hear from any of my classmates....maybe we'll do lunch!!!

(Class of 1960) Jill Erickson-Mann (Erickson)
Hi all you grandmas and grandpas out there. Would love to see you all again

(Class of 1960) Vicky Lee Madaule (Samow)
Hello to all the '60's group from beautiful downtown Montpellier, France

(Class of 1960) Robert Dennis Bryan (shorty)

(Class of 1960) Carol Kurz Snow (Carol Ann Kurz)
I am looking to contact former friends. I attend Politechnic High School, then James Monroe is my senior year.

(Class of 1960) David B Eckert
I hope to hear from friends from the past. I'm looking forward to a reunion in 2001.

(Class of 1960) Connie Linden (Bilobran)
Looking for Dorette Beaudry Long

(Class of 1960) Les Gustin (Gus)
What will the next 40 years bring?

(Class of 1960) Virginia Louise Arries (Bumcrot)

(Class of 1960) Deborah Ann Valentine (Kaplan)
Mother of three, Lora 35, Lisa 35 (twins) and David 32. Grandmother of three, Devon, Stephen and Zachary. Graduated from Cal State Northridge in 1974. Received an M.A. in psychology in 1990. Work with people who have developmental disabilities. I would like to hear from you.
work as a counselor at Fircrest School for the Developmentally Disabled. Was married, have three children and three grandchildren. Received an M.A. in psychology from Seattle University

(Class of 1960) Terrance Neal Stone (Terry)

(Class of 1960) Don Shadrick

(Class of 1960) Douglas Robb Madsen
Are we really that old ?

(Class of 1960) Roberta Ann Tedrow (Bobbie)
Had a great time in journalism class. Was a nurse most ot my life till I moved to Texas, now I am in banking. Going to Dallas Baptist University to finish my Balchlor's in Bus. Mgnt. Would like to hear from anyone who was around at that time.

(Class of 1960) Fred John Rathstone (Butch)

(Class of 1960) Jack M Pine
Went to San Fernando h.s. until 1959 and graduated from Monroe winter 1960. Would like to attend 2000 reunion if there is one. I live in Tennessee. Hi ya'all. Hope to here from someone from around that time. Jack
Tried to get in touch about last reunion but never heard back from anyone

(Class of 1960) Herb Bruce Coleman
Anybody know where Vicky Steele is?? If so, have her contact me at e-mail address. Lost touch way back when. Do not know her married surname? Thx.

(Class of W'1960) Everett W Curry
Please note this newer email address for me. The one I posted years ago is defunct!
One week to the 50th Reunion in Ventura. I'm looking forward to seeing whoever makes it!

(Class of W'1960) Allan N. Harris
Update: Retired after 22 years as a mortgage broker, 13 years as a country store owner and 13 years in aerospace engineering. Married for 39 years, 6 kids, 12 grandkids. Hobbies include classic Corvettes and fine wines...

(Class of 1960) Mark Leeds

(Class of 1960) Fred Staedel
Also looking for 40 reunion info. Lost contact with class over the years.

(Class of 1960) Bill Radakovitz
Live in Auburn, CA. Retired from owning record stores and real estate ventures. Married to Nancie Freeman, 2 sons, 42 and 38, 6 grankids. Was realy looking forward to 40th reunion, but that fell apart. Hope someone puts a 45th together.

(Class of 1960) Paul McManus

(Class of 1960) Michael Loveridge

(Class of 1960) Merilyn Eilleen Zallan Ulrich
I am interested in knowing if a 40 year reunion is planned.

(Class of 1960) Jerry Bratcher

## 1961 ##

(Class of S'1961) Richard W. Black
Came in as Junior sin 1959; volunteered in the library.  Crew cut, glasses and dopey. Now little hair and my wife of 37 years still thinks I'm dopey.  Retired in Las Cruces New Mexico

(Class of 1961) James S. Brown
I am living and working in Northern Virginia. Partner in company engaged in international agribusiness projects. Married for 39 years to Thuong Thi Brown, who is a clinical social worker. Three daughters. Oldest has an MBA but is now caring full time for our first grandchild, LJ. Second just finished her third year of medical school. Third just graduated from veterinary school. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 50th Reunion!

(Class of S'1961) JEAN HORBACK Adams
I received a msg this afternoon. Person's voice was so quiet that when I tried to make it louder., Oops! In hitting a button on my phone, it erased the remainder of the message. So, I don't know who it was, nor when the 50th Year reunion will be. Checking this site, it appears it'll be in Sept. will someone please contact me again? (949) 830-0670 I'd appreciate it.

(Class of 1961) Rita M. Larimore
Hi there, anyone remember me?? Love to hear from you and also hope there is a reunion. Live in Portland OR and am a Realtor. Looking for old friends from way back in the day!!!!

(Class of Winter 1961) Joan Louise Spikre
glad that there is a way to connect with friends! A lot has happened over the years. How about you? Joanie

(Class of 1961) Pam Brooks (Owen)
My twin brother Dennis passed away in 2001. He lived in Mississippi. I am married and have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. I work full time at a hospital. I too was at Monroe when it was brand new. Those were the good old days. I live in Long Beach.

(Class of 1961) Lynda Woolery (Ofstad)
Looking forward to reunion in 2011. I hear all the women are fat (like me) and all the guys are bald! Who cares??? Does anyone know where Annette Parker is?

(Class of Winter 1961) Sharlene Harvey Teichmann

(Class of Summer 1961) JANE READEUR
I would love to hear from friends in the June 1961 class. It's been a long time! I spent most of my life living in the South Bay and teaching at Mira Costa High School in Manhattan Beach. Currently, I am living with my husband in Malibu.

(Class of Spring 1961) Pamela Elroy Worden
Update 2010.11.02
With sadness, I found out recently that Mary Lou Chapman Monroe w1962 passed away November 2009. Her married name was Kueker and according to the notice in the Washington Post, she held a very high position as a civilian at the Pentagon. In addition, she had an expertise in antique lace.

I am planning a reunion of 1960, 1961 and 1962 classes on Sept 24, 2011 at the Sheraton Universal in Universal City, CA. I am using a company that does this called reunion@reunioncommittee.com. Hope you will spread the word

i am married with 2 boys. graduated from USN with a BA and taught kindergarden and then became a real estate broker in irvine. love to hear from past friends.

(Class of 1961) Richard Lesen
My memories of Monroe High School are painful at best. None of you were caring, or nice to me, and many of you were downright mean. This includes the faculty such as Mr.Talcoff the gym teacher who lovingly called me a loser for being unathletic, to the typing teacher Ms. Leff who was just the meanest person you ever met. Let us not forget Madame Dreyfus, the French teacher, who plagued me. Most of you I instantly forgot This message is to let you know that what does not kill you makes you stronger. I survived, and even prospered despite the treatment at your hands. I was an editor of a newspaper for many years. I worked for Disney/ABC, and ended up being a special Ed. teacher, and I pray I never treat anyone like you treated me.Good riddance to bad rubbish!

(Class of 1961) Nancy von Haase (Stone)
Is there going to be a 50 year reunion?

(Class of W'1961) Sue Zorbas (Hovey)
I'd love to know if our class is having a 50th reunion next year - does anybody know?

(Class of 1961) jesus flores garcia (Jay)
hi out there, was on the track team with coach goldstein graduated went into army, came back in one piece from vietnam graduated from kent state univ. in ohio became a law enforcement officer and just recently retired.

(Class of 1961) Barbara Doelcher
Have retired and now live in Rio Vista, CA. Have a new house and life here. Let me know if there is ever going to be another reunion or just contact me.

(Class of 1961) Linda "Heinz" Goetzinger
Hi All.... Looking forward to seeing you all at the next reunion

(Class of 1961) joe shaw
Hi all; Am retired from the justice system, (believe it or not). Would like to hear from any one from 1960-61. Hope your all doing well.

(Class of 1961) Gini Parfitt Costanza
I'm looking for Judy Manko. Does anyone have any information?

(Class of 1961) James Maxwell
More can be added to what is said on this list.
I married Miriam Gardner also of S"61. She died in 1988. I have two children and live in Washington DC working for the Federal Education Department. I also dance a lot, teach classes and direct a dance team.
Jim Maxwell, PhD
Department of Education

(Class of 1961) Jesse McCormick

(Class of S'1961) John Toungaian
Hi to everyone!

(Class of S'1961) DAVID L. ARNOLD SR
Hi to all

(Class of 1961) Pam Goesman Seitz

(Class of 1961) Richard A. Feola (Dick)
Where have the years gone? Married Kathryn (Kathy) Orlando (Class Of 1963). Retired after 35 years with Lockheed and now live in Orange County, California.


(Class of 1961) Jay Thomas Mayer
JayTMayer@aol.com would like to here from good old friends about a reunion. I married Susan Butler, class of '63.

(Class of 1961) Richard Wolf

(Class of 1961) Frank D Dvorak
Was part of the great first 3-yr graduating class which started in 1958 and part of the school's origination, from the naming of the Vikings, to the school song to what I pray are still the mascot's of the school, "Viking Vic" and "Viking Val".. Their animated pix's where above each of the basetball goals in the gym... Ah!!! What memories!!!

(Class of 1961) Jim Patterson (Burghardt)

(Class of 1961) Janis T. Nelson (Hunt)

(Class of 1961) Kitty Toomoth
If anyone remembers me beside Rod...lol...email me...would love to know what my "Old" classmates are doing...Have a super rest of the year...

(Class of 1961) Shannon Lee Ray (Gray)
Is there going to be a 40th class reunion?

We are looking for any information concerning Jim Bretzing from the class of '60. We are both looking forard to the next reunion.

Class of 1961. I am so happy to find out some information on our class and upcoming reunions. Also to locate fellow classmates to be intouch with.

(Class of 1961) Larry K King
Looking for info on class reunion.
Please let me know by e-mail about reunion and how I can get a copy of our annual for 1961

(Class of 1961) Ron Smith

(Class of 1961) Thomas Michael Read (Mike)

(Class of 1961) Sharon Yvonne Rendall (Sweetman)

(Class of 1961) James Patrick Maxwell

(Class of 1961) Cheryl Colletta (Sheri Kanada)
Would love to hear of any new about the class of '61.

(Class of 1961) Norman Gerald Lemire (Butch)
I would appreciate any info re: a 40th reunion. Also looking for Mike Rose from the class of 1962.

(Class of 1961) Gerald Francer "Doc"
Just found this page. Does anyone have info on whether the 1961 classes are planning a 40th reunion?

(Class of 1961) Rodney Hillerts
Good to hear from all of you again,if anyone remembers me, please e-mail me.

(Class of 1961) Robert Adelman

(Class of 1961) Jerry Lee
Married 39 yrs 2 kids and 3 G'kids. Retired and living on a golf course in Gig Harbor WA. Anyone know the where'bouts of Dick Foster? Aug 10,2004

(Class of W'1961) Tom Pinhey
Hope you are having a wonderful time! My wife (Donna Lewis) and I are living in Morro Bay. We have 5 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.

(Class of S'1961) Joyce Wilson Krist

(Class of 1961) Sandra Gernand Madia
Where are my classmates AND is there a 40th reunion planned?
Can I help?

(Class of 1961) Doug Jerome
I've been living in a small community of 300 in South Australia for last 22 years with a checkered past. Anyone contacting me would be appreciated.

## 1962 ##

(Class of S'1962) Sandee Vallance (Dorr-Connolly)
Hi all I am happily retired after a 32 year banking career and living in a very small town in Central California in the foothills. Excited that we will have a reunion this year as its been a while. Hope to see many of you there!! I will be the one with the beehive hairdo...just kidding!!!

(Class of 1962) Gari Gratiot (Miller)
I'm trying to locate Kathy Butterworth, class of 1962. If anyone knows how to contact her please let me know, I would appreciate it very much.

(Class of 1962 Summer) Stuart Miller
I am looking for a friend that graduated from Monroe High school. I was trans from Monroe to Granada Hills High school in 1960.
I am looking for a "Marlee Walden" graduated in summer of 1962. If anyone knows of her whereabouts could you please give her the following information. Thank you for any help you can offer.

(Class of 1962) Theodore Dent
I had one year (1961-1962) to get a lifetime of memories. Thanks to all who gave so much to me.

(Class of W'1962) Nancy Bayer Perman
Our family moved to Panorama City in 1949. I attended Chase Street Elementary school, Robert Fulton Jr High and Monroe. Some of my very good friends were Vicki Finger, Sharon Foote, Sharon Price, Sharon Buss and Linda Merkel. Vicki is a dear friend.

(Class of 1962) Curtiss Shaffer
Is there going to be a 50th class reunion for the class of January 1962

(Class of 1962) Guy Phillips
Hello to all. Still kicking around in Southern California. Married in 1962 (Judy Hastings from San Fernando High S64), father in 1969, finally, grandpa in 2006. What else is there to say?

(Class of 1962) Kent Setty
Retired from LAPD in 1994 and moved to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Enjoying to good life playing golf and fly fishing. Have been married over 44 years to Rio, whom I met at the Pentagon when I was there in the US Army from 1965-67. We have two children, Chris and IT Product Manager in Spokane, WA and soon to be Dr. Deanne Setty, a 6th grade teacher in Littleton, Colorado. We have six grand children, one of whom was recently married. There are two Monroe alums up here, Len Benes from 1961 and Dave Daniel also from 61 I believe.

(Class of 1962) Susan Lewis Marsh
I am so happy to have found this site! Are we really retired and "moderatlely aged" as my grandson says? I still feel 17 in my mind, but the body sure negates it. I worked for the Los Angeles Unified School Distict as a Special Education teacher for 35 years. I credit my friends with giving me the background to be successful in this area. Hi to all!!

(Class of 1962) Kris Bowman
Retired network & communications director, live in Monterey, CA with husband Steve Brown. Two children, no grandkids.

(Class of S'1962) Linda M Bell
Hunting for Bonnie Tow, Sally Tow, Gary Johnson, Paula McElory

(Class of 1962) Deidre "Hunter" Steinauer
Hello all your Vikings from 1962! I'm interesting in contacting Jacqueline "Jackie" Forrest. Anyone know where she is? I'm retired from the Paper Industry Admininstration in Washington State. My husband is also retired from the Paper Industry.

(Class of 1962) Cathy Mitchell

(Class of 1962) Jim Perkins(James)
Now living in Auburn, CA. Nevada Sierra foothills. Found classmates here too....8-)

(Class of 1962) "Kim" Gladys Kohl Kraus

(Class of 1962) Michael Paul Weiss (Mickey)

(Class of 1962 S) John Yates Kester

(Class of 1962) Ronald Frank Clemmer (Ron)

Calling all "Hermits", "Bench Boys", and "Lawn Ladies".

Lookin' to find Dave Lotts, Jerry Cannon, other Hermits and friends. You won't believe what I'm doing these days!

(Class of 1962) Jim Wayne Perkins (Jimmy)
Smokie Robinson, and crusin Great to find old friends!!!

(Class of 1962) BRUCE JENSEN

(Class of 1962) Diana Carolyn Clark (Bandy)
It's been years since I have seen my yearbook, so I can't look at anyones pictures. I graduated in 1962, married in 1964, mother in 1966, grandmother in 1988. Oh, my gosh! AM I REALLY THAT OLD!!! Love to hear from anyone thru e-mail. Diana (Bandy) Clark

(Class of 1962) Mike Mason
My annuals disappeared over 35 years ago while I was employed by the government overseas, so I can't even try to remember people by looking at old pictures. I'm really out of touch!

(Class of 1962) Terri La France


(Class of 1962) Dan Raymond Atkinson
It's fun to think of the good old days.

(Class of 1962) Marsha Dawn Bozarth
I attended the class reunion 1992...will there be more??

(Class of 1962) Bill Tortell

(Class of 1962) Donald A. Huebner

(Class of 1962) Sharon Beryl Anderson (Thomas)
Would like to hear from anyone in my class.

(Class of 1962) Ian C. Macfarlane

(Class of 1962) Lynn E. Schinelli
I would like to find out if anyone knows the whereabouts of Susan Novak who gradulated in Winter of 1962

(Class of 1962) Gary E. Wright
Would like any information relating to my class, i.e. reunions,etc. Thank You, Gary E. Wright

## 1963 ##

(Class of W'1963) Toni Leslie Kaufman Wolf
If I can make it down to L.A., or wherever the reunion is being held as well as when, from Portland, OR, I look forward to seeing people I've been out of touch with since 1963! It would be a trip and a half and then some!!

(Class of W'1963) Dana Lynn Rosen Greatman

(Class of S'1963) Darryl Downey
All is well and I even work in the SFV. Jordan Klempner has a restaurant in the SFV as well. I spoke to Tim Thomas recently and he knows several classmates whereabouts. It would be nice to hear from some of you.

(Class of 1963) Cindy Huffman
Has anyone ever heard from Susan Miller. I lost contact in about 1974. Please send any info you may have on her.

(Class of 1963) Dale Shank
I'm 65, not dead, not in prison, so I'd say I'm doing fairly well. I'd love to hear from Louise "Maxie" Maximoff, Karen Ward, Paullette Huss. I saw Sandy Sutton's entry here and don't know how to access it. Duh!! I'm living in Palm Springs.

(Class of 1963) Larry Barickman(*)
* Editor's Note: His email address is no longer valid
Larry died in July 2008 from an Abdominal Aneurism. He went to Monroe High from the day it opened. He played tuba in the marching band and was the bass player with the Accidentals and in 1963 played the lead guitar in the song Let's go with the Routers. He moved to San Diego in 1975 and worked on F-4 jets for 8 years. He married his third wife Paula Gerritsma in June of 1978. He then moved to Hannibal, MO where he had his own body and paint shop, and in 1981 moved to Orlando, Florida. He was active with the PAMPA model airplane group and was its vice president for 10 years. Larry never had any children but was a father to Paula's four children and a grandfather to 13 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. He also owned around 16 different Corvettes and had a 2005 DSOM when he passed. If you knew Larry, then you know that he loved to talk and cruise on Friday nights. He did get back in touch with the Accidental drummer Bob Chvatal, who now lives in Las Vegas and also stayed in touch with his fellow tuba player and best friend Bruce Sahroian

(Class of 1963) Jim Winchell
Hi living in Redding Calif. Selling Real Estate, and Loving the great outdoors. Have 6 kids, 5 girls 1 boy and 4 grand girls. Spend a lot of time traveling in the back country of the U.S., Canada and Central America.............

(Class of W'1963) Joy Chapman

(Class of 1963) Lynn Kerstein Rembert
We're putting together a 50th class reunion in 2013 for the class of 1963. Those of you interested in attending or helping to plan this event, please contact me at this site. Thanks.

(Class of W'1963) Jim Mehalick
Hi ya all! I practiced law in San Diego for 30+ years...now I am retired and live in Paso Robles, CA Shoot me an e-mail. Cheers, Jim

(Class of S'1963) John Fuller
I am alive, well and enjoy being a southern geezer here in Charlotte, NC with my wife, son, daughter and grandkids. Still doing my work thing as Corporate Director of Sales for a REIT. It does however get a little in the way of my passion for fly fishing. My sister Suzie Fuller-Bradford (S'65) is now living in Grover Beach with her husband and loving it. She just became a Granny this year.

(Class of S'1963) Pam Keller Tapper
Hi Fellow Delphians, It's nice to hear we have a website. Let's keep in touch. Pam Tapper

(Class of 1963) Pamela Dunleavy Kemp (Franco)
Since the 40th reunion has passed will we have a 45th reunion. Love to here form anyone. I'm here in Seattle, been here for 30yrs. I do come to L.A. twice a year to visit family.

(Class of 1963) Gail Laing (Wyland)
Would love to hear from some of my friends from high school.

(Class of 1963) eduardo lodi
argentine exchage student remember you. Please contact me.

(Class of S'1963) Becky Bussell McDermott
I missed any information on a 40th class reunion but would like to hear from any of my classmates.

(Class of W'1963) Annette Donnellan
I was rather surprised to see that good old JMH had a web page. I remember a lot of folks from our very tiny class of Winter '63 but didn't see anyone posting that I remember. Of course, as I grow older (NOTE: OLDER, not OLD) my mememory is just as good as ever, just filled with more recent "stuff". Anyway, would love to find out what has happened with a lot of you.

(Class of S'1963) becky bussell McDermott
Are we having a 40th reunion???? For those of us still around it would be nice. I've been married 37 years have 3 daughters and nine grandchildren. We recently moved back to Las Vegas, Nevada after many years in Tennessee. Would like to hear from any of my classmates.

(Class of 1963) John DeGomez
Does anyone have any information about a reunion this year? . . . or are we all waiting for someone to take the bull by the horns and organize it . . . I have law practice here in Pasadena so all you can count on me for is finding a really hokey band . . . It's hard to believe it's been 40 years this month! Perhaps there's someone in the '61 to '64 class that has more ambition (and time) to put something together . . .

(Class of 1963) Chellee West
Would like reunion information!

(Class of 1963) Bill LaMeres
Moved to California from Montana between my junior and senior years of high school, so only went to James Monroe for my senior year (1963). Moved back to Montana shortly thereafter, and am still there. Lived at 16045 Knapp Street and worked at the corner liquor store.

(Class of S'1963) Lynne Thomas Doupont
Would love to hear from any of the old gang. Does anyone know how to contact Mary Eck or Donna Jensen? Or how about Mr. Friedman? I'm still in touch with Lindy Kramer...amazing after 40 years and with her in Truckee and me in Washington DC area. Any news about a 40th reunion?

(Class of 1963) Patricia (Davis) Cooper

(Class of 1963) Cathy (Lilliquist) Potter
Married Jim Potter 3/69. Retired School Nurse. Living in San Diego.

(Class of S'1963) Karen Reid (Rubedor)

(Class of 1963) Kathryn Feola (Kathy Orlando)
Married Richard (Dick) Feola (Class of 1961) in 1966. Retired School Teacher. We now live in Orange County, California.

(Class of 1963) Mark Cooley
I'm posting a new message because my e-mail address has changed since my last posting. I'm now retired in the Ventura area, and would still love to hear from any of the old gang.

(Class of 1963 S) Jo-Ann L. Geronimi (Wiant)
I teach 5th Grade in Las Vegas, Nv. Looking for any classmates in the area. Has anyone seen Carol Smith or Velene Campbell?

(Class of 1963) Rina Wolf (Braunheim)

(Class of 1963) Tom Liebner
Any 40 year reunion plans in the works? Still want to hear from Candi Gordon.

(Class of 1963) Kandy Zierenberg (Clarke)

(Class of 1963) Kathy Ruccione (Derse)

(Class of 1963) Diane Catran Roth (Catran)
Does anyone know where Karen Rubedor is?

(Class of 1963) Michael Lee Adelson
After 28 different career changes, now doing public speaking and trainings for corporations. Also a sub teacher. Have one grand son and miss some of the old faces. like to be kept posted of any upcoming reunions or info.

(Class of 1963) Cherie Schreier (Dupuis)

(Class of 1963) Michael Lee Adelson

(Class of 1963) Darane Lee Richardson (Scalise)

(Class of 1963) Susan (Butler) Mayer
Known in school as Susan Butler I have been married to Jay Mayer (class of 1961) since 1974. I am currently a published author as S. P. Hendrick. Check my Amazon.com page http://www.amazon.com/S.-P.-Hendrick/e/B003MOC1P8/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0

(Class of 1963) Sandy Sutton (Candy Buttons)
Kathy Butterworth, where are you?

(Class of 1963) Joan Carol Wilcox (Petitt)

(Class of 1963) Andrea Lee Woodson (Seado)
I graduated in the winter class of 93 ... There were only about 90 of us..... I was the secretly married one in school .....

(Class of 1963) Karen Lynn Seeley (Baxter)
Would like to hear from from fellow classmates of 1963....

(Class of 1963) Karen D McKowan (Dollman)
Great to find a place that can connect with old friends and classmates! It's been a very long time

(Class of 1963) Donna Jean Binnard (McMillan)
To all my friends, thanks you for the memories.

(Class of 1963) Jerry Rehm
For all the thousands of S-63 alumni looking for me, my e-mail address has changed to "srehm@maine.rr.com". Won't SOMEBODY say hi?

(Class of 1963) Billie Fuller (Clodfelter)

(Class of 1963) Barbara Ann Kamian (Hammond)

(Class of 1963) Jim Miner

(Class of 1963) Carol A. Green (Phillips)

(Class of 1963) Nancy Freudiger

(Class of 1963) Bettty Karr
Looking forward to the next class reunion!

## 1964 ##

(Class of 1964) Judy (Wilson) Fowler
Living in Oregon over 30 years, now near Salem.

(Class of 1964) Michael Heath
Just checking in. Looks like Monroe has changed a lot in the years.

(Class of W'1964) Christine Womeldorf
I would love to hear from you all!!!!

(Class of 1964) Teje Lindstrom Ellis
No reunions? Let me know. Thanks.

(Class of W'1964) Linda Rosen Schulte (Schwartz)
Are there any Myrmidons in So Carolina? I recently moved there from LA. Mickey Weiss - where is your brother Steve?

(Class of W'1964) Jim Coli
Hi All-am interested in hearing from all old friends. Now residing in beautiful Las Vegas

(Class of S'1964) Cruz Maria Almaguer
Did anyone know me? and if you did, do you remember me? I wasn't too much of a social girl in those days. I was borned in Cuba. I only had one close friend, her name was (or) is: Nancy Vogel...I sang in the choir, took French. I remember the French class was held at a "bongolow" (spelling) - at the back of the main school building...I have lived in California, Texas, Florida and have been living in the city of Billings, state of Montana since 1972...Have 2 children (son and daughter)My son, Daniel (27 yrs. old)is in the US military and has been to Bosnia and recently came home from Iraq...My daughter Maria (24 yrs old)lives in Casper, Wyoming with husband and 1 baby boy and a 3 yr. old daughter...I have been a single mother for 22 yrs. I wish I could attend at least 1 school reunion, I'm kind of "short" in finances, so I probably won't be able to attend any of them..I REALLY WISH I COULD ! ! ! Well, if anyone "knew" me or of me please write..I would love to hear from anyone...Thanks...........Cruz

(Class of 1964) Leonard Isenberg
Could someone send me information about the June 18th 40th reunion at the Sheraton and what I need to do to register? Thanks.

(Class of 1964) Susanne L. Capraro
Looking forward to seeing everyone on June 18th 2005 at the Sheraton Universal for our 40th High School Reunion. Please e-mail me if you have any information on Linda West or Fancy Davis. Looking for them for one of our classmates.

(Class of W'1964) Marv Miller
What a long, strange trip it's been! Are there reunions any more?

(Class of 1964) Patrick Ameche
It's been a long time, but I remember it well. Great times and great friends. I am still in touch with many of my classmates, but would love to find out what ever happened to Dee Romano, Tim Elliott & Ron French. I lived in New York City, most of my life and now have a small farm in Kentucky.

(Class of 1964) Jimmy Wayne Foster
It's 40 years, are we going to get together???


(Class of W'1964) Gene Cornelison
Would love to hear from old classmates.

(Class of 1964) Barbara Kennamer Rightman
I still live in Sepulveda (now North Hills). Boy how it has changed! Hope all of you are in good health, enjoying summer, your families, retirement, etc.

(Class of W'1964) Barry Miller
The site is great! I've been in the Bay Area for 35 years and just retired from the U.S. Justice Dept. Also teaching at Golden Gate U.S.F. and will continue until I can't stagger into class anymore!

(Class of 1964) maureen sheahan(lawrence/dewig)

(Class of S'1964) Dennis Pierce
Hello Everyone' It's been a long time and alot of miles. Showman Car Club rules. bitchin {remember that term?} Hope your all well, Dennis

(Class of 1964) Tim Schaaf
I have lost contact with everyone over the years. where is Kathy Mc Crae, Greg bucher,and everyone else

(Class of W'1964) Kauro Ueda
I just found out this homepage. I was looking for Jo-Ann Scott. I think her name became later Sharp. I was an exchange student at the Family Scott and Jo-Ann was my host sister. She visitied me in Japan in the end of 70s, but since then I have no contact.

I am married to a Swede, have one boy and one girl and I speak Swedish better than English. Stockholm is a beautiful city and I love Sweden.

If any of you know anything about Jo-Ann let me know about it. The year 1963-64 was a great year for me, it changed my life totally and I moved to Sweden.



(Class of 1964) Steven Hoskins

(Class of 1964) Charles H Bigo

(Class of 1964) SHERRIE GALE (TYPER)

(Class of 1964) Albert Owens
Looking for anyone from Atascadero (1964)

(Class of 1964) Tom J Jarrett (Punch)

(Class of 1964) Maury Gomberg
I'm still in the area. Glad to hear from any friends from Monroe or Chase St. School.

(Class of 1964) Craig D Norman
Would love to hear from any of the class of 64 or any old friends. Lost contact with everyone. Live in Northern Calif for the past 23 years

(Class of 1964) Geraldine (Jeri) Francis Foreman (Clemmer)
Hi Valparisian's S'64. Looking for Susie Magyar, Cathy Clark, Linda Loman. Anyone heard from Barbara Bretzing. Remember the Japanese exchange student Kauro Ueda? the Football games and Bob's Big Boy were the best. Now living happily in San Jose with my husband of thirty one years. Hoping to hear from those who remember me.

(Class of 1964) Kate Sweet (Kathy Paradise)

(Class of W'1964) Robyn Daune Mantonya (Smith)
This is wonderful! A friend who went to Monroe gave me the information to find you. I would like to know if there is any of my classmates that you know of still here. With it being the smallest class to ever Grad. at monroe 246 if I remember right and of course the war happened which took a lot of my classmates.email if we are going to have a reuion last time I went to one it had to be with the s'64 class. Thanks Robyn

(Class of 1964) Linda Sue (Smith) Shiraishi
I would love to connect with classmates. I grad in June 64 (Valparesion) but was suppose to grad Winter 65. I am in Hawaii now (island of Molokai - pop. 7500) - have been in Hawaii since '66 - I am on facebook. Linda (smith in high school)

(Class of 1964) Rebecca Sue Herndon (Becky)
Would love to hear from classmates.

(Class of 1964) James Krause
there were two "james krause" in the 1964 class. "rocky" is the other james krause who was the more well known one. i was a late comer to the class arriving at monroe in 1962.

(Class of 1964) Linda Bennett
Looking forward to seeing everyone June 18th 2005 at our class Reunion.

(Class of 1964) KATHY MC RAE

(Class of 1964) Francis William Price (Bill)

(Class of 1964) Gwendolyn Sue Niblock (Waugh)

(Class of 1964) Carol Lynn Nowlin (Wenzlik)

(Class of 1964) Rick Arnburg

(Class of 1964) Joe Michael O'Weger
Good news to find this web page, connected with Ralph Sorgatz, Who else is out there?

(Class of 1964) Roy C. Myers

(Class of 1964) John Hatfield

(Class of 1964) Pamela Quigley (Lindsay)

(Class of 1964) Julia A Bloom (Herrmann)
Livng in Southern Oregon

(Class of 1964) Marilyn Turnbeau
Myrmidon Class

(Class of 1964) John A. Dixon
I attended Sepulveda Jr High and Monroe. I attended Northridege Miliary Acadamy in 10th grade. Hung out with George and Roy Reyfield, Tween Manley, Rick Retin, Kenny Reed, and a bunch I can't think of right now :)

(Class of 1964) Robin Albaugh (Leeds)

(Class of 1964) Ken Beam
Would love to exchange emails with any of my Ol' Valparisian Classmates.

(Class of 1964) Janice (Kanada) Villano

(Class of 1964) David Degner
Does anyone know what happened to Kenny Adkins? Last time I saw him was in Fung Tao, 1968. Richard Dow, David Whitson, Dan King, Tim Cox, Gary Sheppard, Rick Rockel, Joe Petranak where are you?

(Class of 1964) Ralph Sorgatz (Scooter)
I would like to find others from my class. Phone numbers and email if they have them. Granudated Summer 1964. Names: Ralph Clemens, Mike Heath, Keith Clark, Steve Cepin, I am not sure I spelled names correctly. When is the next reunion?
Want to talk to some of the old crowd. Contact me ralph@team.com

(Class of 1964) Viriginia Canaday

(Class of 1964) Bob Petersen

## 1965 ##

(Class of 1965) David Coddington
Graduated with the summer class of '65, James Monroe High. Haven't been able to post anything at the site. Is the 50th still going to be in Oct.? I'm Dave Coddington. Also looking for Candice Holmes, Sharman Holmes and Joe Martin. Can't find them anywhere. Tried emails to a few on site but all came back a no go. Thanx, Dave.

(Class of 1965) Robert Raybourn
Retired from the Army and living in Clarksville, TN; working in Nashville.

(Class of 1965) Trudy Schenewerk (Patoine)
Living in the Eugene, Oregon area now. Previously in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I left Cali in 1971. Two children, one grandson and one granddaughter due in June. My husband passed away in October 2006. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Peggy Bellas?...we were good friends even after high school. Lots touch.

(Class of S'1965) Bruce Bullock
Living in Boston now.

(Class of W'1965) patrick (pat) strong
Hey, where in the heck did this site come from... I see lots of old friends here. I'm at patrickstrong1@aol.com and live in LA. Life is verrry good and here's hoping the same goes for you! I miss you all and wish we could do it all again, together!!!

(Class of 1965) Maurice Kugler
I'm living in Chico (northern California), retired from the postal service, newly re-married, enjoying beautiful days, and life in general.

(Class of W'1965) Ernie Anderson
Moved to San Diego to finish college at San Diego State after a couple of years at Cal State Northridge. Shared an apartment in Mission Beach with Biff Newman and Skip Crowley (from Taft). Retired from the City of San Diego about five years ago and now spend most of my time at photography. Most recently published in Sports Illustrated in June, 2009 (Stephen Strasburg article). It's fun to reminisce now and again about my time and friends while at Monroe.

(Class of 1965) Laverne Klein
Hello everyone. I hope the years have been kind to you. I would like to hear from my fellow Vikings. I am living in Las Vegas so I can be near my parents. My 4 grandchildren and 2 sons and 2 sisters live in So. California. Blessings on y'all.

(Class of 1965) stephanie misrach
Looking for 1960-1962 Sepulveda Junior High Yearbooks. Also looking for 1963-1965 James Monroe High Yearbooks. Thanks. email Stephanie @ maine04619@yahoo.com

(Class of 1965) Dan Roberts

(Class of S'1965) Ginny Wilson
Hope to hear from anyone. I guaduated in the summer of 1965 I am looking to buy a yearbook from our class as mine got destroyed. Thank you

(Class of 1965) Nick Mills

(Class of W'1965) Linda Schardin (Shellabarger)
So long ago, so many wonderful memmories. Write to me if you would like to share some of yours with an old friend.

(Class of S'1965) Richard "Rick" Franco
"Cheers" Vikings of S'65

(Class of W'1965) Patty (DOYLE) Basso
Hello to everyone, would love to hear from you. Hope to see you at the reunion in June.

(Class of 1965) Randy Shaw

(Class of S'1965) Steve Hansen
40 Years! Who would have thought it. Retired after 30 years with Sacramento County Sheriffs Dept. and enjoying life in Alabama. 3 Grand Kids (1 in High School). May God bless and keep all of you.

(Class of S'1965) Vicki Whitaker
It's been a long and winding road. I've been in the Four Corners area of the country for 15 years. I teach English and world history at an alternative high school. I love my job. Before that, I taught skiing in Colorado and worked on a cattle ranch. Before that, it was grad school in Greeley. Before that, market research for a land developer outside Chicago. Before that, market research in L.A. Before that, protesting the idiocy of war while picking up a B.A. at SFVSC (now CSUN). Before that, it was James Monroe High School. Today, the roll-out photo taken of our 900+strong class sits atop my desk at school.

Thanks for stepping up to the plate for all us former Vikings.

Vicki Whitaker

(Class of W'1965) Chris Roderick
Reviewing the Alumi web page I'm struck by the number of people who essentially say "I don't think you remember me, but..." What a time high school was. Of feeling "out" even if you were "in" --- of searching for something, even though it was unclear what.... My memories are of rushing from class to class; doing whatever I could to be in Journalism every semester; taking the first class in Japanese to be offered; and most of all, Mr. Gene Friedman...the teacher who made the greatest difference in my life...and continues to do so. Mr. Friedman, wherever you are...I'm sorry I griped about those "pressure essays" on Fridays. You were right. I have used those skills every day since then. My business is based on those skills. My professional life is based on those skills. As long as there are people out there who cannot or will not write, I'm lookin' at job security! Thank you!

(Class of 1965) james priddy
The day for Bill Perkins has been changed to July 20th(see other message)

(Class of 1965) William (Bill) Wisehart

(Class of 1965) Robert Ailman

(Class of 1965) Lenita Lane (Bernard)
Have been living and working in Seattle, Washington for the past 30 some years - would love to hear from classmates. Has anyone had any contact with Barbara Gabor, Peggy Bellas, Val Gorney?

(Class of 1965) JAMES PRIDDY

(Class of 1965) Bert Bresticker
Alright. HS was a complete blur, but it's starting to come back to me. I had relocated to San Diego for many years, and have returned to LA. I'd like someone to fill me in as to whether or not I had fun in High School!

(Class of S'1965) Renee Goens
Hi everyone! I am now living in Palm Desert,CA and loving it. I have really enjoyed seeing where everyone has ended up.

(Class of S'1965) Marilyn (Simpson) Perez
Those were the best years of my life. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me, and even if you don't.

(Class of 1965) Steve Knight
I am living in Springfield, Missouri now, married 28 years and 7 kids later. Would like to hear from any of my old friends!

(Class of S'1965) Rick Levin

(Class of S'1965) Beverly JEAN CLAYTON Venable
Hi!-Stay in touch. What about the next reunion?? I spent a week last summer with Mr & Mrs Mike Hull(Susan Tuggle) S'65, parked in their driveway south of Sacramento. They were great hosts and boy did we reminisce. Harold and I just celebrated 36yr anniversary, have 3 kids and 3 new grandchildren. We are all in Ojai, CA

(Class of 1965) James Johnson
It was great finding this web page and seeing all of the name and places from the past. I was only in the class of 65? for six weeks. I was moved up from the class of 66? which we all know now, the class of 65?, is the best. I?m still 39 and holding, traveling a lot designing new electronic system, in the US, Canada, and Europe. Now living South of Portland, OR. I marryed Sally Sima, Class of 65?, now passed, and we have a daughter living now in Reno, NV. Hope to hear from anyone who remembers me.

(Class of 1965) Skip Osborn
Hello to all!

(Class of S'1965) Gary M. Rose
Just wondering if anyone from the Class of Spring 1965 is still around and where have we all scattered to.

(Class of W'1965) Mike OMalley

(Class of S'1965) Barbara (Kholos) Bunker
Just found this site. I hope to contact a few people shortly. I'd love to hear from my classmates, too. I've been in Colorado since 1971. I'm married to a great guy, and have two kids and four grandkids. I love this grandma stuff!!

(Class of W'1965) Dwight E. Doss

(Class of 1965) Terry Lindsay

(Class of 1965) Ronald Wayne Newman

(Class of 1965) William Tetrault (Bill)

(Class of 1965) Marty Friedman

(Class of 1965) Annette Havey (Olsen)
This is really fun!! I'm 53 years old and love it!! Life is sweet... but has it really been 36 years since we walked the halls at Monroe? Wow!! Memories are flooding my mind. Would love to hear from one and all... Oh by the way... I'm flying out for the all school reunion on the 17th and 18th. I sure hope I see a lot of you there!!!

(Class of 1965) Larry Loveridge ("Larry the Duck")
Larry "The Duck" Loveridge W '65. How wonderful. I don't know if any of you will remember me or not. I previously attended Noble Elementary, Fulton Junior (F-9 w/ Mr. Robert Hunter?) and of course Monroe (a close friend of the "bench boys" Mr. Bob Malcolm?).

While at Monroe I competed in Track and Field (Coaches Nick Giovanatzo - Jack Boyd w/ Wes Rough, Craig Newman, Steve Adams, Paul Sustin, Don Ford, etc.). In addition, I was a member of the Cross Country team which I still hold the East Valley 1.8 mile course record at Pierce College (Coach Bernie Sherman w/ Manny Moreno, Biff Newman, Danny Teague, Terry Kellman, etc.). Yes, I was a Viking Letterman and proud of it. Three year Varsity. My hall monitor assignment was "G" hall the Art Hall (Mrs. Zada Folz RIP?), Ceramics (Mr. Baker?), and Photo (Mr. Dalh RIP?). I loved English with Mr. Eisenstat!! and History with Mr. Medeiros.... Mr. Friedman? Remember Sports Night? Remember Biffs on the corner of Chase and Van Nuys? Anyone remember the Kona Kai girls who cruised Van Nuys Boulevard Wednesday nights? Or... How about the "Marshmallow Run" from the water tank? Or.... The fiberglass "Panorama Diary" cow on the Admin. building. Or.... The trash can on top of the flag pole? Or.... Mr. Malcolm's Fiat parked sideways in the Metal Shop Hall? Hmmmmm.... Who would do a dumb thing like that. Mr. Murphy?

And of course I cannot end without saying, "June Ellen's, Oscar's, and Bob's Big Boy." Oh! And Mike's Pizza!!

Larry the "Class Clown" Winter 1965

(Class of 1965) Susan Reel (Maiden Name: Sue Dally)
While looking for ideas for a 60's party.. I became curious and found this! Great fun. I've lived in Fl since 1968.. OK, high school friends, where are you, and who are you now?

(Class of 1965) Rodney Luna
Did anyone ever find out how to tell the Dishman twins apart. I did!

(Class of 1965) James William Purvis
Sure has been a long time. Really brings back old memories reading this list of old classmates. Amazing how many names ring a bell. The school has changed a little bit in the past 31 years, but I guess that is what is called progress. Hope to hear from some old classmates.

(Class of 1965) Garry Pearrow

(Class of 1965) Rick Killman
I would like to hear from some of the people I went to school with. Did anybody hear from CandyTalbot?

(Class of 1965) charles f ferrero (chuck)

(Class of 1965) Penny Paegel (Jones)
I would love to hear from anyone from the class of '65!!!!

(Class of 1965) Linda Diane Brainerd

(Class of 1965) DARLENE CHILES (UTLEY)

(Class of 1965) Linda Jurist Etter

(Class of 1965) Thomas Tignino

(Class of 1965) Judy Elleen Gibson (Ohler)
Would love to hear from anyone in the Graduating Class of 1965. What a great time we had. Hope to hear from you soon.

(Class of S. 1965) anita vandiver (stull)
changed my email, I am still looking for wanda sparks and I would like to say hello to all my classmates. I have two wonderful boys that are my whole life and I live in Idaho for the last 27 years.

(Class of 1965) Diane Lotspeich (Hutton)
I would love to hear from 64-65 Band members!

(Class of 1965) Gary Mendelsohn

(Class of 1965) Carol Patricia Elliott (Hart)

(Class of 1965) LaRetta Faye Wager (Wauhob)

(Class of 1965) Eric Oborski


(Class of 1965) Linda McCormick-Cox
Would like to hear from other 1965er's or other years. Does anybody know whatever happened to Chris Hacker, Class of 66?

(Class of 1965) Marcia Chatin (Borrell)

(Class of 1965) Diana McBay (Coulon)

(Class of 1965) Nancy L. Myers (Kruse)

(Class of 1965) Cathy L. Rideout (Bailey)

(Class of 1965) James Edward Ramstead (Jamie)
married to Sherry Farris (class of 68) love to here from old friends

(Class of 1965) Sandra V. Sigrimis (Kilburn)
My e-mail has changed. My husband, Spiros, and I have been married 42 years. We have five children and four grandsons and two granddaughters. We have lived in KY for 41 years and love it here.

(Class of 1965) Ralph Jones

(Class of 1965) Harry Kaplan

(Class of 1965) Jill Lippitt

(Class of 1965) Richard L. Weiner (Rick)

(Class of W'1965) Steve Bonner
Update 3-25-10
Retired. Living in Las Vegas. Winter Class Email me. You can find me on Classmates.Com Vikings Rule.

Enjoyed a Wild 3 years at Monroe. specially Chuck Bennets senior english class with Mike O'Malley and all the other crazy people. Was a regular at Bob's Big Boy Van Nuys, NHRA and street drag racing about 10 years. Have also completed 30 years in motion picture industry doing trnsportation. Not married yet. Still live in the Valley. plan on retiring to Las Vegas, restoring Muscle cars. Go W'65.

(Class of 1965) Debbe Devoe Kennedy

(Class of 1965) Maurice Benjamin Kugler

(Class of 1965) Steve Green

(Class of 1965) Craig Petersen
Married 18 yrs and have a handsome smart 6 yr old son. Worked in movie biz last 28 yrs. New email address.

(Class of 1965) Christine Schinelli
Hey all, have my correct email up now! If you know me, email me. And, if anyone has heard about Tony Hahn and his whereabouts, please call me at 619/306-6618.

(Class of 1965) Marlene Anderson (Gilbert)
I like the idea of a reunion that takes place out of the Valley -- how about a 3 day cruise?

(Class of 1965) Fred De Fazio

(Class of 1965) Terry Read Tucker

(Class of 1965) Dusti Machler
Would really like to contact some people I knew way back then. Sandy Fegan, Francy Davis, Linda West, Bonnie Blackwell, dona Windbiel, Margo Bell, Sue Honaker, Wes Rough, Suzi LaCroix, Deanna Seal. Some of the kids that came from Porter Jr. High. Left CA in 1969 would love to catch up on old times.

(Class of 1965) Tom L. Raby
How about a change of scenery?? Let's have our reunion in some place fun like Las Vegas or Tahoe?


(Class of 1965) Paul Bryson

(Class of 1965) Neil A. Harris

(Class of 1965) Sally K. Green

(Class of 1965) Larry Estes

(Class of 1965) Dee Ritter (Diana Newman)
Hoping to attend a 45-year reunion in 2010. Excited to see so many familiar names here! Just joined Facebook and looked for some of my classmates - only found a half dozen of you! I currently live in Albany Oregon. Just retired (via one of their 3 layoffs within a year!) from Hewlett-Packard Company in Corvallis. Have some time at the moment and would love to catch up! In HS I used the name Dee-Dee Newman. I was married in 1969 and became Dee Granger until I remarried in 2004. Sure is confusing to keep up with some women's surnames, isn't it!

(Class of 1965) Diane Barkelew Wallace

(Class of 1965) Howard Barnes

(Class of 1965) David Marinoff

(Class of 1965) Alain Rogier

## 1966 ##

(Class of 1966) richard grace
i have not participated in anything but i was wondering what others have done> do you know a student named sid blitz?

(Class of 1966) Linda Kozakar Hammonds
Just for reference, I am posting this on April 17, 2010.

(Class of 1966) Alan Harris
I had a great 3 years at Monroe, and still think about that time of my life. So many people that helped each other grow up. It's great to see some of those names here. Thanks for the memories.

(Class of S'1966) Bob Evans
It's 2010 now--and what a trip to see so many old friends here whom I remember so fondly. Noticed some tributes to Gene Friedman, who also had a major influence on me. Sadly, we lost him in '06. We have more Viet vets here than I expected; to you, welcome home! I served as an infantry platoon leader, 101st Airborne Div., '69-'70. After 16 yrs in VA, 7 in OR, I'm back in CA, in Lancaster. My best wishes to all. Love & Peace, Bob

(Class of 1966) Karen Jacobson Mandel
Joel and I celebrated our 40th Anniversay this year. Just can't believe how old we all are. But, it's all good. Sure would be nice to recconect with some of you guys.

(Class of 1966) Kathy Miller (Likes)
I have been married to my husband for 39 years and have 5 children and two handsome grandsons. God has blessed me so much. I have many wonderful memories of my high school years.

(Class of 1966) Steve Gorelick
Hey, been a long time, let's hear from any of you. I'm living in Northridge, married 38 years with two boys, one grandson and one step grandson.

(Class of W'1966) Earl Boyer
Hello all! I'm retired and living in fresh air and the wide open spaces of South Eastern Arizona.

(Class of S'1966) Bruce A. Wittmeier
email update. Hope everyone is doing well.

(Class of 1966) Bill Sopkin

(Class of S'1966) Gwen WYNKOOP McDonald
Hi to all. Living in Chatsworth, CA. Have one daughter and am about to be a grandmother. Look forward to hearing from old friends from Monroe, Sepulveda, Chase Street School, Panorama City, Jobies Bethel 80, Mrs. Ward's Girl Scout Troop ?? (too far back).

(Class of W'1966) Sandee Fegan
Shared some of the best moments of my life with the GREAT people of Monroe High!! Thanks for the special memories. Living Hawaii now. Love and Aloha! Sandee Fegan (Class President..hehehe!)

(Class of 1966) Ronald Melin

(Class of 1966) Patricia Sciarrillo (Campbell)
It has been a lot of fun looking through all the messaages and remembering quite a few of you from class of 66. I hope any of you that go to the reunion let everyone know about this site and classmates.com. I located a friend on classmates.com from the 5th grade. Best wishes to all of you

(Class of 1966) Wendy Palmquist
A college professor in New Hampshire, with winter snow and summer humidity, and a bear eating my birdfeeders; not exactly like back in the Valley! Too far away for reunions for now; maybe for the 50th? But we are all too forever young to even think about that one!

(Class of 1966) Bruce Brolsma
40th reunion is coming up fast, and time has really flown. I have lived in Massachusetts since 1974, been married 31 years, and we have a wonderful daughter, shortly to be 13. I was very active in the Monroe music program (orchestra, band, marching band) and loved the year we marched in the Rose Parade. Active in speech and debate. Was honored to be picked to be the speaker at graduation (W66). Went on to get my Ph.D. in music theory, and still am an active composer (performed a cantata at our local church in Dec. 2005). Primary employment has been the computer field since 1982; am presently a user interface engineer and solution architect.

It was truly wonderful to be able to browse through the yearbook pictures at this site, bringing back so many nice memories.

Warm wishes to everyone.

(Class of 1966) Linda Ann Moore Gies

(Class of 1966) Maureen May Barker
Look forward to hearing from everyone and the upcoming 40th reunion.

(Class of 1966) Brian Rea
Judy (Grosslight) and I have been married for 35 years. Now live in Scottsdale, AZ. Hope to make the next reunion.

(Class of 1966) Joyce Herder (Lomenick)
Hi everybody! Wow its great seeing some old names here. Have been living in Simi Valley, CA for last 25 years, am an artist, married for 36 years and still like T-Peeing houses! Loved the days at Monroe when high school was fun and kids were still kids. Oh wait a minute.........I'm still a kid and lovin' it.

(Class of 1966) Dean Cochran

(Class of 1966) Glen Martin

(Class of 1966) Diana Kislan (now Toohey)
Have a new email address. Would love to hear from y'all. Living in Georgetown, TX for the last 27 years. Moved down here from Alaska in 1980. Still think of the days of cruising Van Nuys Blvd. Would love to hear from Vyvyan Keller, Jaeliene Thompson, and everyone else.

(Class of 1966) Bruce Saugez
So many names missing from the class of '66. Could be we're just learning our way around the net. Time to catch up. Call your classmates and get them online. I'd like to see someone I actually knew at the next reunion. Two years to go and counting.

(Class of 1966) Jay Renard
Been in San Diego for 30 years. Work for Northrup Grumman as software engineer. Present project is F-35 JSF aircraft. Have three male offspring (2 adult and a high schooler). Have been studying the martial arts foe over 25 years.

The Class 1965-66 Combine 40th Reunion Pictures are available at: http://macgenie.com/alumni/Class_65-66_40th/
I have the full resolution images (about 700 mbyte). I'll be glad to send one or two images to whoever requests them. I've set up an email account: monroe_40th@cox.net

(Class of 1966) Vicki Lynn Morris
To the class of 1966 and anyone else that might of known Vicki: I am Vicki Morris's son (Jeff Stratton)and I would like to ask all of you if you can provide any information, memories etc. of my Mother. She passed away recently on December 24, 2003. She was 56 years old. My mother was very quiet about her life growing up during her school years. I would love to hear any and all information or memories you may have of her. I would love to hear about her and fill in some voids in her life that she did mention to me. I was actually born June 2, 1966 and my Mom and Dad (Paul Stratton)divorced when I was two years old and Mom and I moved to Wayne, Nebraska where I lived until I was 31 years old. I then moved out to Northridge, California in 1998 and since relocated to the Bay Area in 2001. Thank you, in advance, for your memories!

(Class of 1966) Tim Harrington
Just discovered this website and saw the names of people I remember from 1966!!! Those were great years!!! I currently live in Navarre, Florida. Hope all is well and I get a chance to see you at our 40th reunion. Take Care!!!!

(Class of 1966) Nancy Snyder
To the beloved class of 1966...and to all the Music people! I have fond memories of all the people and events.I am now living in Portland, Oregon. I remain single.I attended Pierce College'71 veterinary tech. and Simpson Bible College'84 And have been on several short term mission trips with Christian organizations to Southeast Asia(Thailand,Hong Kong, Philippines, Macau, China,Papua New Guinea); And remain a Christian missionary here in Portland. I attend Portland Foursquare Church. Although I have been disabled for a few years...I continue to volunteer at church.I would love to hear from you...I would also ask your forgiveness if I have hurt any one of you during our stay at Monroe.Does anyone know how Irving Alloisious Zoink is? May God continue to bless you and keep you in His abundant love by the power of His Holy Spirit who enables you to do all things through Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.

(Class of 1966) Barbara (Bobbie) Utley (Chiles)
Where has the time gone? I missed the last reunion-mom passed away and the mail was not forwarded. We're probably all getting pretty "blond" by now. I'm living in Santa Rosa, CA, raising sheep, sometimes chickens (the foxes keep their population under control). I was working in the medical profession auditing and collecting Managed Care accounts for several hospitals, currently am seeking work closer to home. Anybody living up this way, drop me a line would love to hear from people. Farm life is kind of lonely. Anyone know what happened to or where I can find the following people: Heather Macfarlane(class of 65), Norma Jean Green(class of 66), Arleine Campbell(class of 66), Sandy Gabriel(class of 66), George Seymour(class of 67), Sharon Mercolino(class of 67) and Art Bohlen(class of 66). I hope the past 38 years has been kin to all of you. Look forward to the next reunion. Go well and prosper. (Bill Fawcett, I remember you well. Take care)

(Class of 1966) David L Nickell (Dave)

(Class of 1966) Robert Wheeler
Hi everyone! I'm married and have 3 kids, all in college now, living in Palmdale, CA. I work at Antelope Valley Hospital in the Radiology Department, as a PACS Administrator translation:"computer geek". Would like to hear from you!

(Class of 1966) Hal Weiner
Living in Austin, Texas since 1972. Married with 2 kids.

(Class of 1966) Sam Hansen
Looking forward to connecting with my classmates from the 60's. Those were great days. Surfing, Malibu, Bob's Big Boy, cruising Van Nuys Blvd, Hollywood Blvd., Oscar's, Mike's Pizza, and friday night football games. Hope to hear from you soon.

(Class of S'1966) William L. Fawcett (Bill)
Hello to all in the class of 1966. It's hard to believe that our 40th reunion is just one year away, we can't be that old already? I'm just getting used to the fact that we're no longer the leaders of the 21st century, but actually in it. Monroe has many good memories for me. A great many friends were made at that school, unfortunately, time and distance has kept many of us far apart. I decided to update my email address and drop a new line to the alumni. My step-sister, Sharon Solomon, class of 1960, informed my mother of her husbands passing this past Sept, Alzheimer's. Has anyone kept up with the whereabouts of some of our teachers? I'd like to get in touch with Miss Lobenstein. She was my English teacher in the 10th and 12th grade. She and Mr Breidenthal had an affair, after Dr Settle's debacle, and unfortunately, Mr B was asked to resign. He was a kick in the head. Also, I'd like to hear about Laura Reynolds, I heard she became LAPD. When our class alumni folks decide to get our 40th reunion in the works, please let me know when and where, thanks.

(Class of 1966) Bonnie Lloyd (Bonnie Williams Maystead)

(Class of S'1966) Patricia Louise Glasgow

(Class of 1966) Jeffry Schneider
I've been in Katy, Texas since 1981 (just outside of Houston). My two sons are grown,one lives nearby with his wife and our three wonderful grandchildren, the other is an aspiring actor in LA. I'm the CEO of a Manufacturing Company. Katy is a wonderful small town, where neighbors are friends, crime is low and everyone knows your name. We have community BBQ's, School Pep rallies, and Saturday night Socials. It's like watching a 1950's sitcom, but with computers and cell phones! Y'all send me a note! You can find me on facebook too.

(Class of 1966) Joyce Carol Anderson

(Class of 1966) bill sopkin

(Class of 1966) Steve A Cameron
Aw, the golden years. Shakabuku!

(Class of 1966) Dale Hughes
Hard to remember that far back, but do feel a tinge of sentimentality flipping thru the site. I'll have to try & find the old yearbook.

(Class of S'1966) Judith Margaret Narozny
I'm living in beautiful Northern CA and loving it. I have wonderful memories of the best. We really did have the best at Monroe. I remember Mrs. Bernstein, my French teacher, Mr. Maron for English at Monroe and for Journalism at Sepulveda Jr. Mrs. Arnold, Mrs. Knox and Mr. Friedman were all great!!! They can't be replaced.

(Class of 1966) Ron Nestler

(Class of 1966) steve horton
Many fond memories of life at Monroe HS (especially cruisin' on Van Nuys) I'm a music teacher on the coast of the Olympic Peninsula in WA I'd like to hear from anyone in the mighty Savants class of W/66!

(Class of W'1966) Tom Schenk
Hi to All, Just updating my email address. Hope everyone is well and doing great. Hard to believe the years have flown by, but it just keeps on a goin'. Drop me a line and lets catch up on old times. See Ya!

(Class of 1966) Mike Hocking
Peace! What a great time and place to grow up-- "I wish they all could be California (Valley) girls"

(Class of 1966) Nancy L Jones (DiPrima)
It's nice to think about all the fun times we had in High School. Would like to hear from other Alumni's. I have been in contact with MaryAnne Carmichael-Reed and Carole Berguist-Horch and Sharon Cole-Knolblock.

(Class of 1966) Cynthia Dawn Sherman (McPhate, Taylor)
I have some very good memories of my time at Monroe. I sure would like to find out if there are any 1966 Yearbooks available. It would be great to hear from some of my fellow classmates.

(Class of 1966) Mary-Anne Reed (Carmichael)
Hi everybody. Think about you guys from time to time, remembering all the great football games and dances, and sports nights, and fun loitering around the cafeteria. Remembering all the great guys in their red lettermen jackets standing in front of cafeteria. Remembering all the fun times together. I am happily married (20 years) to a great guy. We have lots of fun together too. I am a free lance writer and in the last few years have become also a graphic designer. I have discovered I love art! I have started up my own company, Amazing Graphic Design, which is doing well. I thoroughly enjoy the work! My husband and I enjoy living in Ventura, traveling, and getting together with friends and family. We are starting up some dot com businesses as well. Not ready to retire and are in fact gearing up for 20 more years of work and enjoyment. Would love to hear from anyone I know (or even some I don't). Take care. Blessings to all.

(Class of 1966) William L. Fawcett (Bill)
A great page. Reading the names & comments brought back memories. Our 30something reunion in '97 was great. I wasn't in the "in crowd", but I did know a lot of the members of our class, due to jv football, "Hi-Tones/Double Quartet"; being on the print staff. My step-sister, Sharon Solomon, was in the class of 1960. She's now a Smith, lives in Grass Valley, CA, grows grapes and makes wine. Married a doctor too. For the class of 1962, my sister Barbara, passed away in 1998. She only went to Monroe one semester and then transfered to Granada, where she graduated. I knew kids in the '64; '65 and '66 classes, but mostly '65 and '66. Does anyone really know if Glenn Gilbert was kia in 'Nam? Betty Wiffen and Andy Pope picked me up one night, when I was hitching home on pass, and they had heard that. Glenn and I went to school from the 3rd grade on. He, Roger Vreeland, Charlie Nesbitt and who knows all went to Sepulveda Elementary, before it became Langdon Ave. Our teachers were Mrs Neal and then Mrs Archibald. Does anyone have an email address for Miss Lobenstein? Jan and I became good friends during my tenure there. I heard that Mr. Weber, the print shop teacher passed away. He was quite a guy. Cut my Camels in half w/a guillotine cutter. I would like to find Mike McGinty. He ran hurdles. He and I went to Northridge JHS together. I read where someone was looking for people who also went to Porter JHS, I went there 7th and 8th grade. Does anyone remember when the Chancellors ran their rail down VN Blvd? Sometime in '62. They don't let the kids cruise anymore, too much trouble. Now that my book is done, let's hear from some of you, thanks.

(Class of 1966) BRUCE A. WITTMEIER
Crusin' the blvd...that was the life...

(Class of 1966) WAYNE NEWMAN
Moved to Utah in 1983 and loving it. Been a mold maker since early 70's then started my own business making molds for the investment casting industry in '95.
Married with 6 kids, all grown.

(Class of 1966) Andrew L Peluso
For those who remember Bill Perkins, class of 1965, attached is the web page
honoring his memory. http://www.usmcfew.com/0311/moh.html

(Class of 1966) Samuel R. Golden (Sam)
It's really great to try and hook up with old classmates and friends from way back!
Wow, James Monroe High --- Rules! Class of 1966. Sam Golden.

(Class of 1966) Michael Battaglia

(Class of 1966) Michael Lee Russell
I look forward to meeting up with my classmates from those wonderful 60's.

(Class of 1966) Tim Morrow
I've been living in Redding, California for the past 21 years and love it.

(Class of S1966) Janis Martin Frankel

(Class of 1966) Norine Mead (Smith)
What a great idea this is!

(Class of 1966) Bruce Dean

(Class of 1966) Jeff Charles Grace

(Class of 1966) Janet L Cooper (Nee Dendinger)
I am currently living in Redding California and am interested if any 1966 grads are living close to here.

(Class of 1966) Deanna Gardner (Culver)
Hi to all my friends from Monroe. Drop me an email any time. Would love to hear from y'all.

(Class of 1966) John Beers (Jack)
Just discovered the website. Be great to hear from any of you. Am living in the chicago area

(Class of 1966) Mary Mohr (Mannheimer)

(Class of 1966) James M Park

## 1967 ##

(Class of W'1967) David Workman
Can you believe I still have that purple sweater hanging in my closet?

(Class of 1967) Mark DiCenso
Getting older and just curious who might remember me. I played football for the Vikings from 1965 to 1967. Went to Valley Junior and then US Army.

HELLO EVERYONE, My name is Vasken, remembering all the beautiful girls of Monroe High School Class of w1967, I will admit now that I was Very Shy then, I missed the chance to hug and kiss all of you. Seeing pictures of some of you on facebook brings WONDERFUL MEMORIES INDEED. Currently residing in San Francisco with my Wife Tamar, having two grown children, daughter Narine 26,got married in May 2010, with a an Armenian British man, both are living in London, UK. My son Viken 25, third year medical student in University of Chicago School of Medicine. I want to say hello to everyone that I remember, also to those that I have forgotten but will try to remember. MY BEST WISHES TO ALL OF YOU. VASKEN

(Class of 1967) VIC WILBANKS

(Class of 1967) Christine McPheeters

(Class of 1967) Robin Madsen
GEOFFREY M. GROSS ('68) - IF YOU WANT PEOPLE TO CONTACT YOU, YOU NEED TO POST A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS. Now that I got that off my chest, hello and love to all. Sounds like everyone's doing fine. I am as well.

(Class of 1967) Ellen Haviland

(Class of W'1967) Bruce Raskin
Hi everyone! It's been a long, long time since we walked the hallowed halls of James Monroe High School. For those of you who remember me, I have been married for 37 years to Aviva, the "girl" I met in my senior year at CSUN. We have two grown sons and recently became grandparents for the first time. In February 2009 (this year), I retired from a 38+ year career at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, most recently as DWP's Benefits Manager. We live in Chatsworth, CA (not far from Monroe)and would love to hear from anyone who knew me way back in our high school days. Take care.

(Class of 1967) Elaine Melnyk (Hansell)
Where did the years go? Missed the 40th, but looking forward to the next. I've survived Breast Cancer twice in the last 8 years and have been busy in the work force and as a grandmother of 7 (6 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild). Heard something about another reunion in 2009? Count me in.

(Class of 1967) Jonathan Christian Petty
Greetings to my old classmates! I'd love to hear from you. After 26 years at the University of California, Berkeley I now live in Big Run, PA, where I am continuing to write books and articles on music and other subjects, continue to direct choirs and play the organ, and continue to compose. Sorry I couldn't make it to the reunion last year but we were in the middle of moving. What more can I say? Go Vikings!

(Class of 1967) Sue Bradbury Westfall

(Class of W'1967) Carol (Lovick) Sybrowsky
Currently living on a little slice of heaven in the hills above Temecula. We are surrounded on 3 sides by the Cleveland National Forest and an enormous Nature Preserve of rolling hills dotted with oak trees. We fanticize that we live in the hills of Provence in spite of the fact that there is an Albertson's and a Starbucks 10 minutes away. Never became a doctor but have spent the last 35+ years in Medical and Biotech marketing. Yes, I still play the piano. Love to garden. I grow the most fabulously scented roses and lavendar. We have 5 children - a banker, a beautician/full time mother, a High School administrator, an archeologist/ultra-marathoner and a college student at UCSD.

Just attended the 40th Reunion for the Winter and Summer 1967 classes on September 8th. Those of us who were there had a great time re-connecting. Now that we are getting "up there", time is precious. Plans are afoot for another reunion in 2009. PLEASE PLAN TO COME! Consider not just what you will get out of attending, but what YOU can give to the others who attend. Sometimes a "Hi, I remember you" and a smile is enough to brighten someone's day and to start a fascinating conversation. We have all taken interesting and in many cases, surprising, paths in life. Let's share what we have learned and where we have been. Please contact Jan Mayer (see his posting on this site).

(Class of S' 1967) Janice Moore (Griffith)

(Class of S'1967) Armando Fernandez
See you at our 40th...

(Class of 1967) Wendi Wirtshafter (Momen)
Some of your might remember me as Wendi Worth. Would love to be in touch with anyone from the 1967 class or from the class of Feb 68. I moved to England in 1969 and married in 1971 - we have two adult children and two grandchildren. Have published 12 books and worked in publishing since 1984. Still active in the Baha'i community and have been a magistrate (low level judge) since 1982. Since I have been abroad most of my life, have been out of touch but would love to reconnect. Particularly looking for Lois Vilbrandt. For more about me can google me or look at www.northill.demon.co.uk

(Class of W'1967) Kathleen Marie Ferris
Hiyall...you'll remember me as Kathy Ferris, now living in Merced,CA as Kate Jackson...it's a long story! Attended the 10 year with my then husband Pat Child of our class, and the 20th as Kate Trelatsky...it does get complicated, when I was living in Santa Barbara. Saw some of you and had a great time reminiscing. Been Jackson now 11 years and raised too great kids; Clint Child and Adam Trelatsky. If you'd like to see what I'm up to now...www.k8paints.com, and send me a note! Let's reunion!

(Class of S'1967) Wendy Coldwell (Wilson)
looking forward to hearing from my fellow alumni

(Class of 1967) James (Jay) Corbett
Hi all it has been a long time, hope you are well

(Class of 1967) Susan Stodola-Massey-Curatolo
My family & I moved back to Denver, Colorado a few years ago from Philadelphia, Pa.(18 yrs there)so it's closer & only a couple of hours flight away from L.A. I've been back there numerous times, but only occasionally run into someone who recognizes me (unbelievable to me)from school. I've lost touch w/so many people who laughed & cried back then w/me. I was in the girs' club called "Debutantes" & had 3 full years of Japanese. So, if any of you out there, wondered once or twise where Sue Stodola went....I'm here in the beautiful rockies & would love to hear from any & all who knew me, or I knew. I'd love to hear that a 45 yr reunion is in the works.....if so I'M IN THIS TIME. Don & I have Judd-36. Al & I have Caroline-16 & 4 grandchildren. Life is exciting & rich w/many blessings. Please CONTACT SUE STODOLA: suecuratolo@comcast.net

(Class of W'1967) Nancy Bietsch (Smith)
Hi all you people from W67 I cannot believe that next year it will be 40 years for us. My husband Art and I hope that we will have another reunion to go to. We have been married over 24 years with 5 children and 18 grandkids, that's a lot. With my 2 and his 3 we made a family. We retired five years ago to Smith Valley NV up by Tahoe but have decided to relocate to Kingman AZ. I am still very good friends with Michelle Voorhees (Wolf) who lives in Lake Havasu so when we move we will get to see each other more often. I wish the best to all of you and hope to see you next year.

(Class of 1967) Carolyn Marie Ericson
Please let me know if there is going to be a 40 yr reunion. How can that be right? I keep doing the math but it doesn't seem possible. I am divorced, living in Denver, have 2 sons in their 20's and am an RN working as a consultant on clinical software development. I was in with the Drama class and Play Production crowd. Are any of you out there? Remember Mel Flack?

(Class of S'1967) Tara Dawe (McBride)

(Class of S'1967) Ken Prescott
As predicted by all of the teachers and administrators, I never amounted to anything! Divorced 2X, 30 year career with DWP, living in Palmdale. Would love to hear from classmates. Especially seeking Randy Thorpe, Gary Pesendian and Janet Bowman-Sargent. Wishing good health, happiness and pleasant memories to all! "Kenny".

(Class of W'1967) Judy Field
Hello W '67 classmates! I have been living in Orange County since the mid seventies. After being a systems analyst for many years, I am now starting a career in real estate - pretty exciting! I would love to hear from any of you who remember the skinny red-head who was shy around boys.

(Class of 1967) Mark McKnew
I would like to hear from all "grapes", as well as the classes immediately before and after. I am living in South Carolina, and have lost touch with all of you.

(Class of 1967) Diane Borre (Ortmann)
It's funny that I didn't want to attend reunions for years after high school, but now that I've found this great site, I'd love to see and hear from y'all. I'm in So. Calif. and have had a long career in advertising & marketing. Hope everyone is doing well & feeling great!

(Class of 1967) Rebecca Nolan
Been living in Santa Cruz for the past 20+ years, co-own a natural food business and have a weekly summer rental just off the beach. Two great kids and lots of family nearby. Hope you're all enjoying life.

(Class of 1967) Gail Rosenberg Mann
Hi Everyone! I would love to hear from any of you from the Viking days. I have been living in Ridgefield, CT with my husband Glenn since 1976 so I have lost all contact with high friends. I am currently a Reading Consultant in New Canaan. I have two grown daughters,Becky(23) and Stephanie(20). I hope to hear from anyone who remembers me. Gail

(Class of 1967) Noreen Klein
Wow! This is great. I'll send this site to all the Monroe alum I know. I would love to hear from any and all. I'm living in Woodland Hills. Recently married (but still using my maiden name). I'm the Accounting Manager (who knew?!) for the nation's largest home builder. Our next reunion seems pretty far away...maybe we could plan a picnic or something, if there's enought interest. Wishing good health to all of you.

(Class of 1967) Vincent Dyer
Purple, still can't get over the purple.

(Class of W'1967) Patricia Foote Way (Tricia)
Hi to all from Iowa. (That's corn, not potatoes.) Been here since '85 with hub #2 Don. Have 2 sons 31 & 28 & work for them managing their construction business. Don's daughter is a teacher in SFV. Have 2 grandkids & 3 grandcats, wrinkles, grey hair, etc, etc. Is there still a reunion committee? Missed the 20th, was there a 30th? Send a note, anyone.

(Class of 1967) Jim Yeager
Hi,Ho,from Idaho
To the Summer class of 67! The Mighty Ceresians!!
Good health to us all, and may the party never stop.I hope to see some of you at the Class Reunion in 2007 if they are still planning on one. And if NOT! Maybe we can catch up on line. I've been married for 27 years to a Taft grad. Have a 16year old son and have been living in Idaho for 8 years now.Hope to hear from some of you in the future.I wish you all the very best in your lives. Jim

(Class of 1967) Michael Snider
Life is good living in the Wine Country, having fun with a career in Pharmaceutical research. Email me if you remember that my name is not really 'Ray'.

(Class of 1967) Linda Holdaway
Would love to hear from anyone I went to school with? I am living back in Los Angeles. Linda

(Class of 1967) Jim Sleeper
Hi classmates. Anybody out there from the Bennett Bomber B football team or the swim team?

(Class of 1967) David Patrick Pabian
Looking around this site brings back so many memories of teachers and friends - wish I could find them all!

(Class of 1967) Cary G Espinosa
I am an retried Special Agent of the Department of Tresurey, United States Customs Service I retired in December 2000.I live in Rvierside, CA., I am doing part time bodyguard work and background Investigation for the government. I wonder how everybody is dong of old class of 67.

(Class of W'1967) Tom Spencer

(Class of S'1967) John T Waugh

(Class of W'1967) joseph derrington
living in nashville

(Class of 1967) John Hille
57 Chev club, cruzen the Blvd, heading to the beach, Oh ya good days to remember. Married 3x, 6 kids, 6 grandkids, liven in Texas working as network admin and continuing with my art check out www.jhille.com love to hear from you. Don't think Monroe wants us to have a reunion;remember cutting down the trees on the senior lawn, trash can on top of the flag pole, underground news paper, need I say more ? we were a wild bunch. PS I still have my long hair and beard to match, only now there's lots of gray mixed in.

(Class of 1967) Faye Bonner Beckland

(Class of 1967) Jan D. Mayer
Life is good here in Utah. Looking forward to another winter of deep powder. I love powder skiing and snow-boarding more and more each year, but really miss California waves and California girls! My silk painting business keeps me too busy, so I'm hoping to transition back to my origianl career in education. Would love to chat with any of my old pals. I wish you all well and hope you will be in touch. Be sure to log onto www.classmates.com if you havent't already. Cheers, Jan

(Class of 1967) Conni Lynn Greenbaum (Webster)
Now residing in Modesto (don't move here!). Have been married 34 years to a Granada grad! Looking forward to retirement (WOW!). Have 3 children, 2 sons-in-law, and 4 grandchildren.

(Class of S'1967) Chris J Darling

(Class of 1967) Charles G Grantham (Jerry)
Just heard about James Monroe on the news concerning legal help, GOOD GOIN' MONROE!

(Class of 1967) Mark Bienenfeld
Just joined the world wide web and began re-tracing my history. One wife-4 kids and 24 years in the hardwood flooring business in the beautiful Napa Valley. Visit S.F. Valley at least once a year to see family. Wonderful web site

(Class of 1967) Dean Clark Turbeville
Been with the Department 22 Years, the 8 as Chief of the Department.

(Class of 1967) Nancy Ferguson (Dahlstrom)
Hi Everyone! Write me if you know me.

(Class of 1967) Patricia Bennet-Olhava (Bennet)
Why has it been so hard to find out if or when our year had reunions? Any suggestions?

(Class of 1967) Patricia Robbins (Trish)
Came across an alumni file at Classmates.com and received an invitation to the e-group's Monroe newslist as well as a link to this page. This is great! I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me <g>

(Class of 1967) Chris Roberts

(Class of 1967) Carl Janowitz

(Class of 1967) James N. Ratledge
Just looking for people I went to school with.Drop me a note if so inclined

(Class of 1967) Donna Corinne Paxson (Domes)
I've been married for 27 years. I have 4 children and 2 stepchildren. Haven't seen anyone since graduation. I retired from the military and i'm enjoying life

(Class of 1967) Ann Dolin (Pottle)
Class 67 Are there any reunions plans in the works?

(Class of 1967) Susan Conner (Steele)

(Class of 1967) Terri Tokarski (Bennison)
Update of information including e-address. Live in England now, have done for 17 years now. Been married to Jim, a Yorkshireman for over 27 years. Both retired and enjoying the English country side. Drop me a line when you can.

(Class of 1967) Mary Esther D'Entremont (Kilburn)
Married 28 years to Art D'Entremont from Gardena. We have two children, David age 24 and Esther age 20. I moved to Eastern Kentucky in 1970 and to Texas in 1977.

(Class of 1967) Stephanie Steyn (Boal)
Hi out there, I've been living in Virginia for over 20 years, and have lost touch with everyone!!
Would love to hear from old friends--expecially Debbie Burgess(Smith), Mary Huse, Kevin Asman...

(Class of 1967) Sherri L Hicks (Sprague)
Those were the days...cruising the Blvd, Bob's Big Boy, JuneEllen's, McDonalds....How fun!!!

(Class of S'1967) Michael Magick
Married to high school sweetheart Denise Cowan (winter70) we live in Glendale AZ Have 4 grown boys. I work in the Insurance field. We are grandparents of 6!!! Like to hear from you.

(Class of 1967) Kate Jackson (Ferris)
Looking to connect with Kaye Contino (Martin) in Sonoma, CA last I knew, AND Christine Bean, who's now in Alaska.

(Class of 1967) Bonnie Manning (Marks)

(Class of 1967) Janice Elaine Petersen

(Class of 1967) Paul Thomas

(Class of 1967) Walter Fuller
Hello to everyone. Wish you all happiness over the years. Drop an E if you get a chance and say hi.

(Class of 1967) Mark Hubbard

(Class of 1967) Susan R. Railson (Bradley)
How is everyone? When are we having a reunion? Where's Linda Grey, Karen Rouillard & Pam Fritz?

## 1968 ##

(Class of 1968) Christine Ann Cacek Cawelti
does anybody know tom larkin?

(Class of W'1968) Kristi (Smith) DeCinces
Hello Vikings! I'm looking for Diane Parsell....????

(Class of 1968) Gregory E. Thwaytes
What is, and why am I Valdgenian?

(Class of 1968) K.C. Murphy
Hope all is well. Time has rocketed by. Joyfully married to Mona Ditlow (also class of 68',40+ years!) Am in serious search for old friend Rebecca Denney does anyone know her whereabouts?? Please email if you have any leads. Thanks

(Class of S'1968) Dan Maguire

(Class of 1968) Matthew Berger
Valdigians Rock! Wow, never said that before. Life is good in Santa Barbara: happily married, three amazing and successful sons, great law practice in Carpinteria, lots of music and sun. I love my life. Looking forward to seeing some of you soon.

(Class of 1968) Bill Adkins
Life has proven to be as much if not more fun than I ever imagined. Lived nearly every dream I ever had, with the exception of being filthy rich. Three kids, three grandkids and enjoying every minute. Love to hear from anyone who might remember our early years.

(Class of W'1968) George L Haskell
Ride hard or stay home

(Class of 1968) Susan Stout
Hi all, it's been a whirlwind life. Good to know some of us are still out there. It will be a kick to come to the reunion, see ya there. Suz

(Class of 1968) C. Terry Deitz
Would like to hear from old friends. Just recently made contact with my best High School friend Jeff Langsom. Would like to get a hold of a yearbook. Go Vikings!

(Class of S'1968) howard sandler
i'm still here in the valley. looking forward to seeing everybody at the 40th reunion.

(Class of 1968) Charles W. Marshall
Valdigians RULE! I'm living now in S.W. Arizona. My photo and name aren't in the 68 yearbook. Got drafted and went to Saigon in '70-71 but I kept my head down. Been in computers all my life, I recently retired from a public school. Remember the poetry pamphlet called "Confetti"? I still have the '66, '67 and '68 issues. My sister (class of 71) may have later ones too. The Viking Press (print shop) at Monroe produced these. Any ideas on digitizing/posting them?

(Class of 1968) Amos Munoz
Will there be a 40th reunion next year?

(Class of 1968) Adrian "Joe" Glenn
Hi, I would look forward to contact from anyone in my class. It would be interesting to hear how life has worked out for other class members.

(Class of 1968) Susan Lea Fowler (Calloway)
Hi everybody, Wow, 39 years have gone buy in the blink of an eye. I remember our teenage years as though they were yesterday. I've been married for 35 years, have an adult son and an adult daughter and one Granddaughter; born Christmas Eve, 2006.

(Class of 1968) Susan (Blumenthal) Hanley
I have been married for 28 years and have 2 great daughters, Sara 25 and Beth 20. Sara is an animation artist and Beth is a Senior at CSUN majoring in costume design. I have been an art instructor at Cleveland High School for the last 10 years. I must have really liked high school because I love my work. I teach stop motion animation ande ceramics.

(Class of 1968) Diane Hallam
Have kept out of touch since graduation. Married a Los Angeles Police Detective and have 2 daughters, one at UC Berkeley. Have since divorced and now living in Palm Springs. Wondering what happened to Carla Raby, Sharlene Williams, Lynn Swanson.

(Class of 1968) Stacy (Cooke) and Matthew Bundt
Hey all you Vikings out there...Matthew and Stacy got married in 1999, just 35 years after we first met---we were very shy! We both have grown children...6 in all, who have given us 6 grandchildren. Matthew has 4 grandsons (ages 10 to 2 1/2 yrs. old) and Stacy has twin granddaughters that were born June 2005. We live in Vacouver, Washington and look forward to getting together. P.S. We are in the phone book!

(Class of 1968) William "Marc" Zahn
Living in the Adirondacks in (way) upstate New York. California dreaming sometimes and remembering times. Sorry haven't been to (or heard of) any of the reunions as life goes on. Me: I'm married for 33 years, 2 boys, one grandson. Hey, anyone remember coming to school and finding all those tables stacked in the quad? Bet you were involved. Marc (Uncle Beal - to those in Mr Farley's drama that remember me there)

(Class of 1968) Jack Janzen
Hey Class, life is good! Would love to hear from you.

(Class of 1968) Joy Chandler

(Class of 1968) Solomon Weiner
I started out as a musician, then became a Registered Nurse. Now I am just a country lawyer from North Carolina.

(Class of S'1968) Becky (Newbre) Hawkins
4/22/10 Living in the San Francisco Bay area for 37 years,married, and 1 son (25). Retired from the health care field. Went to Noble Ave Elem.,Fulton Jr. High also. Enjoy keeping in touch with friends from all those years ago. We're not getting older, we're getting better !!!

(Class of W'1968) Chuck Smith
We're living in Templeton, CA. Would love to hear from Dan Weiss and Larry Ross.

(Class of S'1968) Daniel A. Young
Hey this is great....Classmates wants me to pay to see fellow classmates! I was with the Summer 1968 Class since just before the end of Football Season and stayed for all the fun! Since then Life has been one experience after another. I drive a Coach for a living and am involved with Community and the Seccession drive. I don't care what everyone thinks I'm sure that We will not drag us down as badly as L.A. has and that's history!

(Class of 1968) GEOFFREY M GROSS

(Class of 1968 W) Tim G. Flagstad

(Class of 1968) Eric Davis
I live in Rockville, MD (a suburb of Washington, DC), married, and we have 2 boys, 6 and 8 (as of 2001). Life is not dull

(Class of 1968) Hal Arnold (Harold)
Hello to all. I didn't recognize a single name on the listed folks graduating from '68, and I unfortunately missed all the reunions.

(Class of 1968) Rod A. Noble
would love to hear from anyone from my class of Feb. 1968!

(Class of 1968) James Sherman
Drop me an e-mail. Great to hear from any Monroe classmates.

(Class of 1968) CHAS WILLIAMS

(Class of 1968) Suzette Anderson (Moody)
Looking for old friends, especially Marie Moore. If anyone knows where she is, please email me. Thanks!

(Class of 1968) Charl Lynn Jones (Charlie)
Looking for old friends

(Class of 1968) Patricia Reynolds (Patti)

(Class of S'1968) Dennis R. Packer
Go Vikes!

(Class of 1968) Christine Mary Robert (Albano)
Hi This is a great site. I've been married to a Jack Nicholson look alike for 26 yrs have 2 grown kids and 2 shelties. I'm looking for some friends, Diane Chamlee, Carol Hamilton and espically Greg Johnson. Anyone out there know where they are? You can reach me at Nachomom@aol.com Thanks!

(Class of 1968) Ellen Newberry (Kaplan)

(Class of 1968) Craig M. Sherman

(Class of S'1968) Robert Wannberg
FYI! Thanks Michele, this is fantastic!

(Class of 1968) Marleen Miller (Skaggs)
Would love to hear from any of my classmates.


(Class of 1968) Carol Hamilton (Davison)
This site is great! Please-if you remember me...drop me an email! I live on a horse ranch in Southern Idaho and life is very good. I still listen to "oldies" often. The 60's were really something, weren't they? Have 2 grown kids...have been divorced quite awhile. I chat on yahoo msgr. ID: RedMane_at_stargazer@yahoo.com or cdavison@cableone.net

(Class of 1968) James Sullivan
I would like to get in contact with anyone who attended from 1965-1968.

(Class of 1968) Denise Laramore (Dague)

## 1969 ##

(Class of W'1969) Linda Merrill
Happy New Year! I am from the Monroe class of Winter 1969. Bernie Porter & I both went to Pomona College. Wendy Palmquist, 1966, was an RA at Pomona when Bernie and I were freshmen.

(Class of S'1969) Shellie Snyder
Would love to find Gail Lucowitz! Where in the hell are you?

(Class of 1969) Pamela Lynn Miller
Inside: 17 and sunny. Outside: 59 with a chance of rain. Married for the second time to a valley guy who knows the jokes and would change the plugs on my Corvette if I asked him to...but I don't. House in the 'burbs; two grown, smart, funny and well mannered kids with great comedic timing; day job as a journalist with UPI; fill in the blanks as an actor. We were/are the "problem children" but damn we gave a shit and cared enough to change the world. Now look at it. Miss my brother Kerry Glen Miller S'64. Wondering whatever happened to Wynn Rozner or Gary Hedrick? Also, if you know how John Senescu died, I'd appreciate it if you let me know.

(Class of 1969 ) Stuart Meisner

(Class of 1969) Thomas Paul Ferrero
Moved to Oregon 1972. Raised my kids there. Had a lot of great times. Back in CA now - in the Sierran foothills Mother Lode area. Hi to all!

(Class of 1969) chuck groel
Herb Lerner was the best biology teacher and a real gentleman

(Class of 1969) Michael Montano
Graduated in January 1969. For those that may remember me I played guitar in a high shool band called "The Misphits" After high school I kicked around odd jobs for a couple of years trying to decide what to do with myself careerwise So one day I discovered what I thought would be an awesome career went to Valley Junior College for 2 1/2 years and got my AA degree in Fire Science in 1975 and was hired as a Kern County Firefighter and just retired in March 2006 after 30 years of service. I have been Married twice had two children who are now grown and blessed me with five grandchildren.


(Class of 1969) Richard (Rick) Forber
Interested to hear from classmates. Anyone near San Diego (Carlsbad)?

(Class of 1969) Jane Feldman
Hi to All! Graduated in 1969 because I took extra credits. I should have graduated in winter of 1970 I don't really remember having friends at that time of my life. If I did Hi and I would love to here from you. I live in Las Vegas,Nevada

(Class of 1969) Judy Heiser Weintraub
Looking to hear from my friends from the class of 1969. If you are out there and remember me, please get in touch would love to hear from you.

(Class of 1969) Jeanne (Price) Dunlap
Hello to all of my Viking friends. I've retired from Delta Air Lines and now have taken a 2 year job working on a project for Lufthansa Airlines in Frankfurt, Germany. Moved here with my husband Steve and we are having a blast. Traveling every chance we get. I hope to hear from you. Hi Kris and Margie. No kids but have 2 step children and I'm a grandmother of a beautiful 10 month baby boy, Steven Dunlap.

(Class of 1969) Don Williams
Just wondering if anyone out there remembers me. I also have a sister who graduated in 1970 named Lynda Williams. Shoot me off an eamil, would love to here from you all.

(Class of W'1969) Sandy (Black) Silveira
Living in Atascadero Ca. now (2008) Happily married and lovin life on the central coast. Would love to hear from old friends.

(Class of 1969) Patricia Santillan (Moore)

(Class of w'1969) SHERRIE (TAYLOR) NICHOLS
Hi to everyone in Class of 1969.I graduated W1969 due to extra summer school credits,so I know people from both classes.Anyone know about a 40th reunion in 2009? Let me know please!Lets reconnect NOW so we have someone to talk to when it happens! Anyone know the whereabouts of Mike Nichalis S1967 he was on the football team (I went steady with him)? How about Linda (Vath) Bevans S1968 (tallest girl in school)!I think I became the tallest!I've had some contact with Sheri (Draper), Marsha (Sublette), Gary Staak and Bob Hansen (the chalk carver-remember him?). Check out my profile on CLASSMATES.COM for more details & photos. Hope to hear from someone soon,e-mail me!LETS HAVE A 3YR (67-69) REUNION-WE WERE ALL THERE@THE SAME TIME!!!

(Class of 1969) Patty Santillan (Moore)

(Class of 1969) Mark Warren Vidito
Good wishes to all. I'm still in touch with a few old friends. I moved to Texas in July 2006 with my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter. I'm still making music and hoping that I can continue to flourish without corporate affiliation. I did that for too long. I'd enjoy hearing from anyone who cares enough to say hello. Thanks to those who have both made the effort to put this site together and maintained it.

(Class of 1969) Dawn Christine Doll
I'm wondering if anybody knows any "SEPULVEDA PARK" people, 67-68-69? Would love to talk about our lowride 64 Chevy's, tinted windows, metal-flake paint, diamond tuck-in-roll interior, " GLASS-PAC'S", shaved door handles, wheel-well-lights, AHhh, those were the "DAZE" my friends ! ! ! Look'in for SCOTT JERDE,..!!!, Mike Bisk, Ron Locke, John Caruso, Gary Daly,Cathy Gastelum, Danny Hanault, Chip Moore, SCOTT JERDE "Scott Jerde, Cathy Gastelum... It's kina-cool to be able to (in-a-way), connect to all of you here on this big cyber-space thing, and that we have have one thing in common, Francisco Sepulveda Junior high, and James Monroe high school!!! "S.F.V" RULES!!

(Class of W'1969) George H. Hultman, II
Hello all, would love to hear from you. I married Paula Marie Preston from our class in 1974, still married and have 2 adult children.

(Class of 1969) Andy Koch
Hey, I am still out here and looking to hear from Ray Blackburn or Brent Norris, or anyone else out there who remembers me. Thanks! Andy

(Class of 1969) Michael Frank Waldron

(Class of 1969) Dale Knight (Bowman)


(Class of W'1969) Mary Ann Higgins (Harness)
Married to Bob Harness from the class of S67. We have three grown boys and now have three granddaughters. Living in the Antelope Valley. Would love to hear from you!

(Class of 1969) Ruth Wassell

(Class of S'1969) Cathy Laughton Cheney
Hello Monroe! Anyone remember choir or Modern Dance Production? I'd love to hear from anyone who might still remember me.

(Class of 1969) Nancy Sarkhosh (Shellabarger)
Would love to hear from old friends! I still live in the S.F. Valley... Sherman Oaks.

(Class of 1969) Marianne (Gamble) Miglin
Hope everyone is in good health, have good friends, and hope everyone has had laughter in their lifes.

(Class of 1969) Alice Villanueva Morris
Hi there! I am married, living in Newbury Park, CA., and have 22 year old twin girls. I went to the 20th reunion in 1989 and had a great time seeing old friends. Anyone know where I can find Marlene Dahl or Judy Mann? I am still in touch with Steve Overstreet, Cherie (Cheryl Englert) Ferris and Mike Ferris.

(Class of 1969) Brian Kolb
If any of you guys from the 1969 LA City Gymnastic Championship Team are out there, please contact me. Anyone heard from coach Sasvary?

(Class of 1969) Kristin Feffer (Kris Simard)

(Class of 1969) Debbie Risner (Patty)


(Class of S'1969) Gil Warren
Time marches on - changed my email addy, divorced after 33 years of marriage, lost 2 of my 4 sons - Jesse was 27 and died in a car accident the day after Thanksgiving 2004 (donated his corneas for 2 other people to see, donated his skin for burn patients - he benefited 21 other people) and lost my son Tyler (one month short of his 21st birthday) 4 1/2 years after he received a heart transplant. Deeply affected I have worked as a Lead Ambassador for the Northern California Transplant Donor Network - promoting organ, tissue, bone marrow and blood donation. Live in San Francisco Bay Area with my best friend/girlfriend Marsha and would love to hear from anyone from Monroe.


(Class of 1969) Jeff M Bernhardt

(Class of 1969) Sandy Lowe (Black)
Yea, winter of 1969 class, one of the last winter classes. Still living in the area, I have one daughter, almost 20 years old. Old friends, get in touch!

(Class of 1969) Larry Seaton
2009 - currently living and working in the Napa Valley. (well, somebody has to sample all of these wines so it may as well be me).

(Class of 1969) RON PALMER

(Class of 1969) Rex C Apperson (Rocky)

(Class of 1969) Edward Truelove

(Class of 1969) RHONDA RENEE (GRANTHAM nickname...RUSTY)
Looking for old classmates from 1969 as well as Chris and Linda Weber who also graduated in the '60s.

(Class of 1969) Randy Stander

(Class of 1969) Toni S. Sherman (Toni Kirk)

(Class of 1969) KEN YORKE (THE RAT)
Where did everyone go? What happened to the Picnic People?

(Class of 1969) David Edward Agar

(Class of 1969) Randall Trepp (Randy)
Hope all my fellow classmates have done well and are happy with their lives! It has been an exciting life for me; be safe and well all, and hail from an old friend!

(Class of 1969) Virginia Susan Carrillo (Smith)

(Class of 1969) Don Vesper

(Class of 1969) DAVID W COBB (MUSHROOM)

(Class of 1969) JOHN POOR

(Class of 1969) Ellen Marie O'Weger (Stockfleth)
would love to connect, with Kathy Laughton, George Beck, or Cindy Hecht(sp) or other 1969 class alumnis, I have contact with Leslie Michaels (Cothran), Debbie Bledsoe(Tedford) my husband has connected through this avenue with old buddies from class of 1964 after 35 years, Wow the internet and e-mail is amazing.

(Class of 1969) John Pat Plesa

(Class of 1969) Shirley Jean Savage (Kilburn)
Have not been in touch with any classmates from Monroe since I graduated. Would love to locate Laurie Souther (maiden name). I married Terry (Ulysses) Savage from Cleveland Hi and we moved to Kentucky. Terry and I own and operate our small business. We live in a town of 6500 people, but the county has a population of over 70,000!! Some may recognize the city of Lexington, KY; this is the closest large city to us. We are very happy and have had a good and fulfilling life. Have one son, Seth; age 21. He is attending college in Saginaw, MI. Celebrated our 30th anniversary on October 18th, 1999. Does anyone know about some of our teachers at Monroe? Who remembers the school nurse; Ms Hazel Taylor? Would love to hear from any class of '69......... Glad the site is here.........Thanks for all the hard work "macgenie"!!

(Class of 1969) Donnie Wyndham
Still Trippin'.....with a change of address and Gravity is still working.

(Class of 1969) Loren Davis

(Class of 1969) Larry Peebles

(Class of 1969) Bernie Porter

For comments or questions, please contact Thomas Chung (Class of 1991)