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(Class of 1980) John Jacobs
Doing good miss singing 2 all my fans

(Class of 1980) Miriam James
I was a statistic for teenage pregnancy, however I overcame all odds and my children (2) are happy healthy and not living at home. I taught them to fear GOD and to put him first and they cannot go wrong.

(Class of 1980) Gary Knight
well I guess I miss our 30th year reuion, but would love to talk to old classmates,life a dream still living it one day at a time

(Class of 1980) Leslie Felmar (Turowski)

(Class of 1980) Deborah Shelton Phillips
Hav'nt seen you since Junior High....Looking for Dawn Smith Shawn Murdock, Hali Freedman, Todd Griffin...etc...

(Class of 1980) Jacqueline Smith-Graham
Hey everyone, I am finally back in touch. See you all at the big 30th.

(Class of 1980) Vantress Richardson
Update Hello Alumni, I Hope All Is Well With You.Blessings To You All. I Can Not Believe We Are At 30 Years.I Know We All Have Had Some Ups And Downs But Yet We Are Bless. God Is Not Done With Us Yet.God Have Purpose For Us. Love You.

(Class of 1980) Dianna (Cook) Quille
Hello to all. We've been living back in the Valley since 1999, married 17+ with two boys - 16 and 7. My oldest goes to St. Genevieve HS for all you Chase Streeters out there. Soo weird being in that area. Peace!

(Class of 1980) Bonnie Lipschultz

(Class of 1980) Dwayne Hunt
How is everyone doing. I am doing great! Married with children (3). It would be nice to hear from those of you that remember me. Yes my wife of 20+ years is Antoinette. Pretty sure someone was curious!

(Class of 1980) Hugh Fisher
Was surprised to learn this site even exists. 30 years, I can't believe it 30 years in 2010. Seems like a short time ago. I hope all of you are well. I'm married for 20 years with 3 children from college age to middle school.

(Class of 1980) Chris Fall
Wow! 28 years have gone by and I am not any taller...still waiting on that growth spurt:) I have been married for 22 wonderful years to Jayne Harris Fall!!! We have 4 kids all doing well 19, 17 12 & 7...trying to stay young as possible. I was fortunate to play football back in the day and now I get to coach my 12 year old....he is a stud, nothing like his father. Jayne and I attended a fundraiser and the entertainment was Earth Wind & Fire....threw me back to the days. Hope everyone is well & God bless.

(Class of 1980) alan muraoka
Came across this site by accident and wanted to say hey. http://www.alanmuraoka.net

(Class of 1980) Tammy Rogers
I've been on the Yahoo Group site for Monroe but just came across this site. Hope everyone is well.

(Class of 1980) Lauri Simpson

(Class of 1980) Adrienne Spargo
It's been 28 years and the old memory is fading. Anyone out there interested in catching up?

(Class of 1980) Alfred-Louis Burgess
What's up with all you guys?

(Class of 1980) Randall Denton

(Class of 1980) Rick Bronston
Hi everyone! Guess I missed the 20 and 25 yr reunion. Maybe if there is a 30....

(Class of 1980) scott levy
miss the good times

(Class of 1980) Russell D. Shepphard
Hello everyone! I hope God been blessing everyone! I'm doing great! Just had my first grandchild this year. Life is great when we become fine like wine!!!

(Class of 1980) Theil Sylve
It's been a long time. I'm in sac town, saw cindy a while back, she's still my heart.

(Class of 1980) David S. Carr
Hi everyone, Life's been good the last 24+ years since we were throwing our graduation hats in the air. Cheri Jones and I have been married for 22 years, have three kids and we live in Lancaster. Hope your lives have been as blessed as mine. God bless you all.

(Class of 1980) Connie Connell
I just wanted to say hi to everyone, that is still in the Spring Houston area. Also I lost track of an old friend of mine that I went to the Prom with Charles Spillar or Charlie. Any one hear from him or knows his e-mail, address or Phone #. Please contact me. Last I had heard he got married and was tring to just say Hi to an old friend. Connie

(Class of 1980) Warren Rowe

(Class of 1980) Stephen J. Stewart
suddenly a quarter of a century doesn't seem all that long

(Class of 1980) Jeff Einbund
Wow, I can't believe it's been 25 years! Where has all the time gone. I think about high school days and all the fun we had and people we knew. Too bad everyone has grown up and apart. Hope everyone is doing well.

(Class of 1980) Lisa Crosthwaite Taylor
Hope everyone is doing well. Does anyone know when our next reunion is? Take care.

(Class of 1980) dede brossett
Has anyone seen Mike lucero or Earl Chadwick ?

(Class of 1980) Jessica 'Lawrence' Lesko
Almost 25 years...can't believe..seems like yesterday!

(Class of 1980) Lorie Auguste
Hello to everyone! I'm sure none of you remember me, but that's ok! I hope everyone is doing well, and is happy and healthy! Peace to you all!

(Class of 1980) Becky Austin (Treise)
Does anyone know how to get ahold of Teresa Fortuna? Doug Klein?

(Class of 1980) Jamie Morgan (Boothe)
Hi, class of '80 how is everyone?!

(Class of 1980) Karen Lima (Roberts)
Does anyone have any information about any up-coming class reunions. Where did Greg Stocker go?

(Class of 1980) Chary (Rosario) Vargas
Hello, I haven't talked with anybody in years. I am interested in tracking down a fellow gradute named Juanita Ward (Rodrigues). The last time we saw each other was back in February 1991. I would like to hear from her or anyone that remembers me, ha! ha! If you e-mail me make sure you put your name in the subject box so I don't delete you (Spam). Later!

(Class of 1980) Nancy Ford-Gallagher

(Class of 1980)Lori Stock

(Class of 1980) Lisa Bonekovic (Lisa Kay, Lisa Kotwica)
Kim, what happened to you? I got your e-mail but then you vanished. delarla@juno.com

(Class of 1980) J.C. McKinley
Instant Messenger: AOL "JohnCMcKinley", Yahoo "jcmckinley" Hello All! Send a note... I would love to hear from you.

(Class of 1980) Annette Booth (Fry)

(Class of 1980) Jean Morrison(previously Jean Mehlmauer)

(Class of 1980) Deborah Suzanne Kallas (Debi)
Life must go on, follow your dreams, be strong, and you will succeed. Most of all, NEVER let one take your soul, spirit, or your dreams away from you ever in life!

(Class of 1980) Dave Aultman
There's another link on here for me, but the email address is expired. I don't remember registering here before, so not sure how that get here. Hope all are doing well.

(Class of 1980) Laura A. Petty (Wise)

(Class of 1980) Amy LaGrotta Safdeye (La Grotta)
Wow, I would love to hear from classmates. I really haven't kept in touch. I see alot of you in town though. If anyone knows how to get a hold of Leslie Karp please let me know.

(Class of 1980) Susan White

(Class of 1980) Robin Silver (Cantor)

(Class of 1980) Christopher Andraeu Callender

(Class of 1980) Susan Lipman (Rizenman)

(Class of 1980) Sonia Bodick (Peyser)
Hi class of 1980! I can't believe I missed our 20-year reunion. Hope you're all doing well... please drop me a line if you feel like it! Esther (Kim) Roy and I are looking for Cheri Jones, Susan Rizenman and Olivia Tomatis. Remember the "Fab Five"? Where are you girls? Please drop a line when you can!

(Class of 1980) Lisa Wentzel
Hi it sure is great to have talked to a few of you already,I would love to hear from the rest of you.

(Class of 1980) Todd A. Griffin

(Class of 1980) Lisa M Nolan

(Class of 1980) Joe Benoto
Still trying to find myself after all these years. Please help. PS - I had nothing to do with the goose in Dean Yotter's office.

(Class of 1980) SUE M VENEGAS (KROHN)
does anyone out there know where linda simpson is. anyone who remembers me e-mail me at gbrmusic@frazmtn.com

(Class of 1980) Simon Davies

(Class of 1980) David Vanacore

(Class of 1980) Craig Pollack

(Class of 1980) Kelly Porras (Wagner)
Barbara Ullum, Dan Blessing where are you? Are you going to the reunion? ...any body out there??? E-mail me.

(Class of 1980) Ellen Glassett (Rubenfeld)

(Class of 1980) MORISSA PAWL


(Class of 1980) Karen Crisci

(Class of 1980) Roxanne Russell (Ketz)

(Class of 1980) Stephanie C. Higgins-Ybarra (Suki)
Our reunioun is going to be a blast, can't think of a better way to celabrate my 38th Birthday...see you all July 8th!

(Class of 1980) Joyce Denise Brown (Joyce Ross)
looking forward to seeing old friends i haven't seen in years!!!

(Class of 1980) Marc Goldberg
I am looking forward to seeing a lot of my Doctrine Staff mates from 20 years ago at the reunion in July.

(Class of 1980) Lori Blumenthal
The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. Life is full of choices. Make some. It is the big 20 year reunion, need I not say more!!!!!

(Class of 1980) Kelley Jean Curtis (Wright)

(Class of 1980) David A Foldesi (Foldavey)
WHat happen to all the Quackies and Quackettes, I once knew? did all of forget how to fly back after going north, south, east, or westerly ? I just hope a few of you choose to fly back for a reunion this Spring in 7/2000. I'm making my way from the Great Wilderness in Idaho. See Ya soon......

(Class of 1980) John E. Wimberly, Sr.
I had great time at the 10yr. Now let jam at the 20yr. Look forward to seeing you all. Remember "BROADBAND IS THE WAY".

(Class of 1980) Chris Dugmore

(Class of 1980) Tracy John Fossen
im back ...what happened to the chat room here ??? where did it go to ??

(Class of 1980) Maria Barrio (Fish)
Hey everyone! Hope these past years have been good to you all. Would love to hear from anyone of my classmates. Life goes on after high school but we don't forget the fun we shared with our friends, the innocent and maybe not so innocent times from our days in High School. It was all a learning experience for us, both accademically as well as personal growth and who we have become today. Warmest regards to all, Maria Barrio

(Class of 1980) Kari Ingalls

(Class of 1980) Susan Yamaoka

(Class of 1980) Thomas K. Everitt
Looking forward to seeing everybody at the 20 year reunion. See ya real soon.

(Class of 1980) Kimberly (Parker) DeVivo (Joey)

(Class of 1980) Stephanie Smith
hey all - after 25 years....its nice to know

(Class of 1980) tod walters

(Class of 1980) David Thrall
Someone has to know how to send emails around here. See you at the big 30th.

(Class of 1980) Jennifer Sola (Yesh)
Thinking about going to our reunion 7/00! Looking for my old friends...How is everybody?

(Class of 1980) Dean Kawasawa
Updated email address Apr 2009

(Class of 1980) Jose Gabriel Lopez

(Class of 1980) Patti Pricher

(Class of 1980) Brian Henry

(Class of 1980) Diane (Lee) Crosthwaite

(Class of 1980) Foldesi, David A

(Class of 1980) Craig Ilten
Just stumbled across this page...wow...time warp. In my mind I see everybody as they were in 1980...

(Class of 1980) Frank Schramm
Thinking about the 20 year reunion and would like to be informed. Would love to see some old school mates. Life is good.

(Class of 1980) Diane Roberts Weber
Hello, Class of 1980! Has planning for the 20th reunion begun yet? Hope to hear from somebody about it. I'm still working for the City of L.A.; nearly 20 years there, too!

(Class of 1981) Mike Van Dyk
Hope you all are doing well

(Class of 1981) Kathy Milkovich Villasenor

(Class of 1981) Terri Senkiw
It would be great to hear from old friends! terrivogel777@hotmail.com

(Class of 1981) Cassie Miles

(Class of 1981) Kathy Shaw (Martinez)

(Class of 1981) Susan Perry Proctor
It's been a long time since we graduated. Hope you are all well

(Class of 1981) Lisa Coelho
Been a long while for us all. I pray everyone is safe and living there best life. I look forward to our thirty year reunion. Can't wait to see you all. Best wishes to you all. Life seemed so much easier back in the 80's. Remember dancing, skating, big hair.

(Class of 1981) Eugene Dumais
Whats up everyone ,cool web site just want to say hello to everyone out there and hope life is treating everyone good. would love to see you all some day and have a huge party. we were the class that kicked ass, when life was a party. take care for now and hope to see you guys. later

(Class of 1981) Armond St. Juste
WADDUP Monroe....Hope everyone is well. Hit me up if you remember me, I'm on facebook or use this email address. Stay Blessed!!!!!

(Class of 1981) Edison Bennett
Hey boys and girls, your Nova-driving big fish is still flapping!! Hope to see you all at the next reuinion.

(Class of 1981) Terrence Vincent
Hello to everyone out there in Monroe land! It's amazing what you find if you look hard enough. I hope all of you are doing well and if you remember me, please feel free to contact me to see if I remember you. Im on facebook also with a pic. God Bless to all.

(Class of 1981) Lisa Szabo Lyons
If you remember me--let's connect! Looking for Margie Szabados 46,Penny Strange 47,Jeff Brown early 50's....if this rings a bell for anyone? I wish everyone the best!!! When is the next reunion?

(Class of 1981) Vance Guenther

(Class of 1981) Marrio Broughton
Hey class of 81 just thought I would check in. I hope all is well. God Bless..

(Class of 1981) Deborah Aragon

(Class of 1981) Candy Kessler

(Class of 1981) Gigi Duncombe
I seem to have missed some reunions. I would like to be added on the list for future events. Thanks

(Class of 1981) Kathleen Webb
I would love to hear from old friends from way back!!! Please feel free to e-mail me-also you can go to www.myspace.com/mygirlkew43 to learn more about me now!!! Hope to hear from you! Kat

(Class of 1981) Katherine Ann Martinez

(Class of 1981) tracy Hanamoto
This Knucklehead's still around?

(Class of 1981) Iren Hodge

(Class of 1981) David (ALAN) Easley
Wondering What everyone is up to. Its been a long time eh? Fill me in, Alan

(Class of 1981) Cathy (Morrison) Niss

(Class of 1981) Art Stalk
Write me anytime ( if you remember me of course ! )

(Class of 1981) Ralphael (Ray) Herbison
I Hope all of you are well. I have not been to any of our reunions so I have not seen any of you. But I would like to know how you all have been. Please feel free to hit me up at my web address. WstCostGuy909@hotmail.com God Bless You All. Ray....

(Class of 1981) Nedyne Shorts-Nettles
HI everyone, Missing you.I live in San Bernardino and would love to chat with old friends. So now you have my web address get busy and tell me whats up...Nedyne(Nadine) Shorts-Nettles

(Class of 1981) Janet Kieser (Balbert)

(Class of 1981) WILLIE L. MOSES (STILL WILL)
GIVE ME AN E-MAIL........PEACE.....................

(Class of 1981) christy k maggiora (Biggs)
Looking for any information on getting ahold of Donny James class of 78 or Mike Semays. wanted to let you know the passing of friend Gerg Belcher Class of 77.

(Class of 1981) Debbie Gallagher (Donnelly)

(Class of 1981) Robbie McGraw

(Class of 1981) David M Bryarly (Nerd)

(Class of 1981) Marcos Liu

(Class of 1981) Caryle Fineberg (Lasman)

(Class of 1981) Don Hinman

(Class of 1981) Frank Medina

(Class of 1981) Gina M. Siembieda (Gower)

(Class of 1981) Julie Weiss

(Class of 1981) mark stokes
looking for anyone

(Class of 1981) JAN WIEST (HALL)

(Class of 1981) Teri Skillman (Fine)

(Class of 1981) Wendei Spale (Melnick)
Hi everyone....can't believe it's 20 years...I hope I remember everyone at the reunion! We've come a longggggg way! Email me at bagela5@aol if you'd like to reminisc!

(Class of 1981) George Daniel Lozano

(Class of 1981) john patrick yesh
HELLO 81 jesus slapped me around and woke me up in 1982. i married deanna in 86, we have two children,JOHNNY 12.and our daughter TERI 9.see ya at the reunion

(Class of 1981) Tracy Gadawski (Levy)

(Class of 1981) Scott Morrison

(Class of 1981) Peter Banning
Have moved to Newton Kansas, would like to here from friends.

(Class of 1981) Christy k Biggs
1981. would like to find old friends, It been along time,Hope all is going well with everyone

(Class of 1981) Matt Murry

(Class of 1981) Jennifer Murry (Cross)

(Class of 1981) Janice Ellane Kerbie

(Class of 1981) Jill Marie Hahn (Valencia)
Hello Everybody!!! Love to hear from you all.

(Class of 1981) Ross W Gould
Hi. I'm still traveling around. Hoping to make it back to LA for reunion, and also meeting classmates from Gledhill ES

(Class of 1981) Vince Mario
Living in San Diego and would love to hear from old classmates.

(Class of 1981) Patricia Gerchas (Sharrer)

(Class of 1981) TONY URBAN

(Class of 1981) Ruth Moratz

(Class of 1981) Erika Benyei Becker


(Class of 1981) Tayna M Balthazar (Mullen)

(Class of 1981) Miguel A. Dager

(Class of 1981) Karen Lynn Walters

(Class of 1981) Joanna Heller (Loveridge)
How awesome it is to have an avenue for finding one another again. I was truly blessed by many of your friendships!

(Class of 1981) Dena Souriall (Dadisman)

(Class of 1981) Lisa Ann Hendricks (Gindraux)
Hi Everyone, hope to see you at the reunion!

(Class of 1981) Stuart Marc Nakutin
Hello fellow Vikings. I hope and pray you are all in good health. We are very blessed to have this technology.

(Class of 1981) Bob J Forgerson
It was great seeing all of my elem/jr. high/high school friends at the reunion. I had an awesome time and look forward to the next reunion. I think we should do this every 5 years and not let so much time go between visits. Feel free to contact me to keep in touch. Bob Forgerson

(Class of 1981) Tina Anderson (Zaverl)
Hello out there!

(Class of 1981) Debra Lynn McGraham

(Class of 1981) MICHAEL KORT
Looking forward to the next reunion, 20 years. Ouch!!

(Class of 1981) Jack Robert Ward

(Class of 1981) Lynn DiMente (Cavalier)

(Class of 1981) Ed Thomas Edmonds

(Class of 1981) Viki J. Hilferty (Andersen)

(Class of 1981) Sandy Seufert
Has it been almost twenty years already? Life for me is grand, epecially since I FINALLY decided to follow my life passion - music. High school was a wonderful time of my life and I met many of my best friends there!

(Class of 1981) Lisa Jane Kelley Cornelius
Greetings from Oregon!

(Class of 1981) Cathleen Derby-Patterson
Hope to see many of you at the 30 year reunion!

(Class of 1981) Vikki Templeman (Smith)

(Class of 1981) Denise Kahn
I went to Lassen Elementary & Sepulveda Jr High- the best years of my life-- would love to see everyone at the 20 year reunion!!!

(Class of 1981) Tammy Sergio

(Class of 1981) Joy Gilmore (Hodges)

(Class of 1981) Celia Ming-Gee Lew
I am a lost alumni,.i have not had any contact about any reunion...i think my 20 is coming up next year..

(Class of 1981) Carol Denise Statton (Wood)

(Class of 1981) Diane Brown (Thom)

(Class of 1981) Richard Frank Bardin (Richie)
Hey everyone!!!! Things going well for me and still enjoying the work in the aircraft business.

(Class of 1981) Roselle Wolfe (Card)

(Class of 1981) Felecia Satin
Living in Beautiful Southern Oregon, got a late start, my daughter is almost 5 years old......Does anyone remember me ? I was in Swas...any Swassers out there ? Had a few classes in regular school too. Shoot me an email.

(Class of 1981) Molly Shaw

(Class of 1981) Eliott Schultz
I don't know if anybody remembers me but I worked the student store, library and was with the soccor team. I hope all my classmates are doing well and propering.

(Class of 1981) Dean Clover
am looking for old class mates, are you out there MONROE?? Barbra Goodman??? Dawn Bryant??? and the rest of you. How about Lily Grimm?? Please email me at xphyl@quest-net.com if this is you or if you remember me and wnat to gabb about the old day

(Class of 1981) Cherie Dring
I think it was class of '81? Been way too long for me to be sure.

(Class of 1981) Joe Ward
Class of 1976 through 1983 We are Having a get together on Jan 21st call Joe Ward for details 213 742-7542 Clippers.com

(Class of 1981) Tami Kipp (Nelson)
I hope to hear from some of you.

(Class of 1981) Christy Mundt
Hello again all you Vikings!!! I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you and especially others from the class of 1981. Send me a e-mail at Mundt_1981@yahoo.com and lets see who we can remember or trade some information. C-ya, Christy

(Class of 1981) Mary York
Hi class of 1981! It has been a long time since we last saw each other! please drop me a line so we mat reminisce. Mary

(Class of 1982) Cassie Martin (Lowery)
Hello! Hoping all of you are well, would love to hear from any of you.Drop an email. Miss the ole days. I am doing well, loving life and living in VA.

(Class of 1982) Maria Corella
Like Marc Elgort, I was just curious! Hope all is well with everyone, I am in the South Bay, just doing my thing!

(Class of 1982) Janis Nettles Schneider

(Class of 1982) Robert Boardman
Hey Classmates...It's been a long tome...Too long to be strangers...Time to catch up and reminisce about old times???

(Class of 1982) Thresa Andrews Alex

(Class of 1982) Ellis Yarrell
Hello Vikings! Long time, too long. I would love to hear from old friends and acquaintances. Ellis.Yarrell@gmail.com

(Class of 1982) Rod Watson
Hope the years have been good 2 all of U. Living in Selma AL been here 4 years a looong way from LA But we're doing big things. In the process of opening a Children's Museum Check us out @ Selmacm.org we need lots of help donations, networking for fundraising etc.... we're a nonprofit org so everything is tax deductible

(Class of 1982) Duane Russell
Always looked forward to the football games, and weekend parties.. High School was a great time of my life..!

(Class of 1982) Wanda Diaz
Would love to catch up with some old friends. Write me an email or find me on Facebook.

(Class of 1982) Maribel Carmona
Please give me information on the next Reunion for James Monroe Alumni. I am very much interested in attending. Thank you. Maribel Carmona

(Class of 1982) Marc Peart
Wow...26 years just flew by. Wishing all of my classmates the very best in the new year 2009. Hoping to see you all at the 30 year reunion in 2012.

(Class of 1982) ROBB WAGNER
I'd just like to say hello to everyone out there and especially to the'82 baseball team.What's up "slick" and Van. Roth, when are we going to surf together?

(Class of 1982) Todd Rosin
I would like to say "What's up Daddy Wags"!!!! If anyone knows Robb Wagner and knows how to get a hold of him....pls email me his info, thanks.

(Class of 1982) Danicel Oquendo Whitaker
All lost friends, feel free to contact me dwhitaker@chasecom.net.

(Class of 1982) Michael Lujan
Best wishes to my old friends.. from the SF Bay Area.

(Class of 1982) Karen Hignite (Starler)
Great site, just discovered. Looking for old friends. Let\'s touch base, it has been a looonggggg time. Smooches!!

(Class of 1982) Kevan Edward Beech
Hello Everyone: It still feels like Yesterday when i was there in school. I still look in the newspaper on Saturday mornings to see if the Vikings won last night. Talk to you soon!

(Class of 1982) Alan Savitt
Would love to hear from you.

(Class of 1982) KELLEY SETTLES
HEY class of '82 I missed the reunions but hoepfully will be able to go to the next one.

(Class of 1982) Lisa Charlson (Wise)
Drop me a line or two, would love to hear from you.

(Class of 1982) Kenneth Fimple
Hey everyone! I'd sure like to hear from some people from JROTC. Janey Richards, Gina Hodge, Gina Garcia, Oscar Garcia, Cindy Helm, Kurt Wilhelm, Kuntz (got your message buddy), and anyone that remebers us!

(Class of 1982) Rick Cole
Hey Guys Living in Tacoma Washington. The great white north. Loving it and just found out about this site. Any who remember can write me. I have one 18 yr old daughter and am divorced, but happily dating.

(Class of 1982) Andre Porter
It is my prayer that everybody is doing well and enjoying life to the fullest. I'm very sure we can all testify how time quickly goes by. It seems as though it was yesterday, 18 years old, biggest challenge was to get out of bed for school. Now almost 40, wondering where did the time go??? But GOD has been there every step of the way.
Peace !
Rev. Andre L. Porter

(Class of 1982) denise davis (ramsey)
hope to talk to old friends and find old friends.

(Class of 1982) Kim Dodds
I missed the reunion but would love to hear from some of my old classmates. Stacy Smith and Sheri Salvage...how are you?

(Class of 1982) marc elgort
just curious.

(Class of 1982) robb wagner

(Class of 1982) Kenji Klein

(Class of 1982) Jennifer Coats (Philips)
We all have 7 months to get our bodies and lives into shape before the reunion. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing old friends.

(Class of 1982) Carla Slepak
any swim team members out there?

(Class of 1982) Nelly Rodriguez

(Class of 1982) Ed Nieto
Hello, my long lost friends from the days of really bad haircuts (mine certainly included!). I have been away from the SFV for about 14 years now, but still live in California (Sacramento for the last 6 years.) So very hard to believe it has been 20 years since we went to high school in The City Formerly Known As Sepulveda! North Hills??!! I don't remember any hills! Oh well, I would love to get email from any of you who remember me. Hope you are all doing well!

(Class of 1982) stacy ann simpson (payne)
I am looking for Emily Schmidt

(Class of 1982) chris j phillips
hope everyone had their dreams come true

(Class of 1982) Debbie Mireles (Cook)
Hello fellow vikings. I love this web site. Hi to all that remember me. I can hardly wait to see everyone soon. I live in the Santa Clarita Valley with my husband and 3 daughters. Take Care. It would be great to hear from you.

(Class of 1982) Todd Payne
Samantha....are you out there somewhere...(smile)

(Class of 1982) Sue Elliott-Sink
I'm back in Northridge and would love to hear from old friends. Email any time!

(Class of 1982) Rhona Cohensitt (Wolf)
Hey gang hope you are all great. Been looking for Phil Fudally. Anyone know where to contact him? Counting down to the 25th reunion?

(Class of 1982) JAYNA BAILEY (MURRY)

(Class of 1982) Michael Neimand

(Class of 1982) Samuel C Chen (Sam)
Hi. How's it going? Would like to hear from an old classmate, Tom. How is everyone else doing? Currently living and working in Washington state.

(Class of 1982) sheilah carranza

(Class of 1982) Cara Jensen (Hales)

(Class of 1982) Tim McReynolds (Mr. Stage Manager)

(Class of 1982) Jackie Brader
Hi class of 82! Whats everyone up to?

(Class of 1982) Craig Edward Atchison
hey all of you monroe alumni how are you all doing ? i am doing fine, have a family now of my own, if any of you remember me, feel free to email me. GO VIKINGS!!!!!!!

(Class of 1982) george sharrer

(Class of 1982) Frederick M Bables ("Fast Freddie")
I'm living in Napa, Ca. Hope to hear from all of my old friends. Hey Mike L. Chris C. Tina P. Kathy etc......Has anyone heard from Tony Epps ?

(Class of 1982) Aaron Davis

(Class of 1982) Rich Miller
Still alaive and kicking, moving to the mid-west soon

(Class of 1982) Luis Emilio Gomez

(Class of 1982) mark lefitz
Hope everybody is doing well from the class of '82. Lydia Bottegoni turned me on to this site. Now I'm hooked.

(Class of 1982) Lisa Marie Preston (Wallworth)

(Class of 1982) Darell E. Grimble
Hope everyone is doing well.

(Class of 1982) kim frost (mcginness)
would be great to hear from anyone from the class.

(Class of 1982) RICK OCON

(Class of 1982) Randy Podolsky

(Class of 1982) Stephanie Kalina (Feola)

(Class of 1982) Julie Kluth (Hamell)
Hello to all from 1982. I just love these sites. I have already reconnected with one old friend and am getting to know many others. I even got my husband in on the action. He thought I was folish, but now he enjoys taking to folks from Monroe Class of '66 w. Anyone know where Denise Marin or Barbara Gaut are? Drop me a line.

(Class of 1982) Lisa Crist (Moses)
Hi old friends!! My sister has finally convinced me to leap into the 21st century and get online. I'm in Phoenix now, a little warm but a wonderful life with a great husband and two rambunctious boys. I've already found an old roommate, would love to hear from some old friends. If anyone knows where Carlos Almeida is(class of 1980), I'd like the chance to say thanks for treating me like a lady before I was smart enough to appreciate it......

(Class of 1982) Steven Michael Crandall

(Class of 1982) Erik Himmelsbach

(Class of 1982) Carol Sanchez (Bass)

(Class of 1982) Danielle Crane

(Class of 1982) Steve Hinton
Hello Class of 1982! Would love to hear from any old classmates. Drop me an email. And Ruta Reivydas, your email is not on the list. So how can we contact you?

(Class of 1982) Kathy L Frost (Frosry)
Hello! To All. If you rember me I'd love to hear form ya

(Class of 1982) Cindy Rice (Ackley)
Looking for old friends, or new friends, drop me an email.

(Class of 1982) Leah Kittleson (Provenzano)
Hi Class of 1982. Who thought we'd ever be able to communicate like this? Wondering how all my old friends are doing. I'm curious where your life has taken you. My best to all!!!

(Class of 1982) Frank Ball
Almost 20 years now...? And I thought I would be really old when this time approached! Best wishes to all.

(Class of 1982) Tina Berens (Pitassi)
Isn't technology great?!! I already found one long lost friend, I'm shooting for two. Does anyone know where I can find Angie Glasscock - Class of '82? See ya at the 20th. Tina (Pitassi) Berens

(Class of 1982) John Kuntz
I'm not sure if anyone will remember me, but it would be nice to hear from some classmates that do. Also, I'm looking for Ken Fimple, he and I were in the ever popular JROTC and have known one another since 1975, if anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it :)

(Class of 1982 ) Colleen Marie Olsen (Ellis)
hello fellow futurians..I didnt have many friends at Monroe, most of my old friends went to the rival Van Nuys High although the few that I did have I still remember you! I'm looking for Steve Harris..we parted on bad terms and I think it's time to make ammends. Does anyone know where he is? Please contact me it would be nice to hear from you!

(Class of 1982) Glen B Cook

(Class of 1982) KYWANDA D. BUTLER (LEWIS)

(Class of 1982) Ruta Reivydas
Would like to hear from or about anyone from 1982. Any old SWASSER'S out there? Get in touch!

(Class of 1983) Denise Vaudyne Mullenhour
Hello to all of you. Its been awhile. We've all done our own thing and went our own ways...I'm in alaska right now...find me on facebook if you want to. Those were the days....

(Class of 1983) Pamela carolina
Hi, I'm looking for yami and holly.they were my close friends in school.

(Class of 1983) Lani Pasion
What a great place to find everyone. I'm still here in Cali. I live in Granada Hills. I've been with my husband, Eddie, for almost 27 years now. We have 3 children. Britt 21, Virg 19 and Chris 14. Drop a line, say hey!

(Class of 1983) Dolores Urbina (Padilla)
Hello to all Vikings past and present

(Class of 1983) Kenneth Sudds
Whats up James Monroe High Mighty - Mighty Vikings !!! To all My PARTY BOYS! TO all the PARTY GIRLS! A VERY BIG HELLO AND I MISS YOU ALL AND THE DAYS AT MONROE. I'm doing well, still living in L.A., Ca. area. Hit me up when you get a chance. 310-293-5955 ausaramenra@yahoo.com

(Class of 1983) John (Smith) Buetergerds
5/14/09 - Just stumbled upon this Monroe Alumni site and it's like traveling back in time. I was looking for Marty Scorza and I just found his email address. I changed my name when I got married 12 years ago (got sick of the John Smith jokes). My wife and I have been living in Sarasota, FL since Nov. 2006. I'm still in touch with a few of you and would enjoy reconnecting with more of you. Link up with me at facebook.com and we'll plan for 2013!

(Class of 1983) Sabrina Houben
Any news on a 25th reunion? We haven't had one since our 10th. Thanks, Sabrina

(Class of 1983) ANNETTE SANCHEZ
Hello, its nice to see so many familiar names, it really takes me back. good memories, hope all is well.

(Class of 1983) Reneshia A Clark

(Class of 1983) Edwin Patterson

(Class of 1983) Janette (Gobble) Montalvo
Hi All! I'm living in Newbury Park (far enough from the Valley and close enough to remember why I moved!), married, two girls (16 & 12). I'm not sure how often this site is updated since some of the posts seem pretty old. Hope everyone is doing well. Feel free to say hi! :)

(Class of 1983) Martinez Scorza

(Class of 1983) Steve Wapnick
Living in Fort Collins CO. I have been married nearly 15 years and we have two boys (ages 13 and 9). Love to hear from you.

(Class of 1983) Michael Nave
Hope all is well with everyone.

(Class of 1983) Derek Marquis
I can't believe it has been 22 years.

(Class of 1983) Brian Shelton
Hi guys, it's been a very very long time since I've seen or spoken with any of you (actually since Graduation for most of you)..I've been from one end of the world to the other since then..Recently back to the States from Japan , where I lived for about 5 years. So far I've settled here in Hawaii..Let me know when the next Reunion is and I'll try and get back to see you all..Peace Brian

(Class of 1983) A.J. Kirby
Hi to all from the Class of 1983. I just relized this was here. See you at the 30 year reunion or 25 or whatever. I work for the LAPD with a few other Monroe Alums. It was good seeing a lot of you at the 20 year reunion. I can be reached at (213) 485-4101.

(Class of 1983) Shauna Holt Kalua'u

(Class of 1983) Wayne Daley

(Class of 1983) Patsy Clevenger (Gannon)

(Class of 1983) James Baker
Will see you at the 20th! Living in Salt Lake City with my Wife and two children. Enjoying life with the white picket fence, dalmation, and a breathtaking view of the Wasatch Mountain Range.

(Class of 1983) Brian Hart
Hello to all. I'm living in a very pretty area of Northern New Jersey (about 35 miles west of NYC), have been married to Vicki for 12 years, and have an 8 year-old daughter Sarah, a 5 year-old son Joseph, and one on the way. Have been working in a number of divisions of M&M/Mars for the last 10 years in Finance. Would love to know if a 20 year reunion is in store, might be able to fly out for it.

(Class of 1983) Jeff Baker
I'm living in Northridge and manage Bastian & Perrott Mortuary. Yes my life is alot like 6 feet under! My partner is Rod Davis ..originaly from Bountiful, Utah. He is a music attorney at Sony Pictures. My Twin brother Jim is married with 2 children-Shelby 11 & Austin 9. They live in salt Lake City. Jim is a bank manager for Zions in downtown SLC. We hope to see some of you at the 20 year class reunion.

(Class of 1983) Kelly Stoner (Cunningham)
Hey, it's been a long time. I missed the 10 year reunion, (2nd baby & new house!) Haven't heard about a 20 year reunion yet. I would love to hear from anyone that might still remember me. Cindy, Mary, Laura & Robin.....Been married 15 years & 3 kids, life's been good.

(Class of 1983) Katy Kurtzman

(Class of 1983) Monica Martinez Clover

(Class of 1983) Laura Silvas-Hameister

(Class of 1983) traci diane allen (allen)

(Class of 1983) Rick E Caceres

(Class of 1983) Jacki Zulema Hernandez

(Class of 1983) Angelo J. Middione
I hope to hear from some of you soon, it's been a great 19 years and I hope all of you have had the same... I live in Murrieta Ca, Engaged and working as a FF/Paramedic who would have thought...

(Class of 1983) Kelli Espinoza (Gurney)

(Class of 1983) Robb A. Mesecher
It's amazing how time flies. Drop me a e-mail to hello.

(Class of 1983) Alan Hewitt
Married 1989 spouse name Josette, CPA
have 2 children Ages 11 and 9.
Reside in Palmdale own and Operate
two tax and financial planning offices.

(Class of 1983) DAN GOLDSTEIN
hi everyone, looking at all the names in the registry makes remember all the great and not so great times i had in high school. i still live in the valley. i'm a roofing contractor by day and massage therapist by eveing. send me a line would love to catch up with all you. PEACE!

(Class of 1983) Vera Willis (Caplin)

(Class of 1983) Natasha Noblitt Kummerfeldt
I realized a more current update was needed. Many of us from Monroe & Holmes Jr High have reconnected on Facebook if you want to search our names. Some funny pictures of days gone by! My husband & I are in Santa Barbara County wine country and couldn't be happier. Would love to hear from even more old friends! God Bless! Natasha

(Class of 1983) Steve Nakutin
Hello to all of my fellow classmates. I have been married to my high school sweetheart, Janis, for over 12 years now. We have 3 kids and live in the Santa Clarita Valley. I am the advertising manager for the newspaper here and Janis is a homemaker. Please write to say hi.

(Class of 1983) Debbie Wahe (Pitassi)
Hey, I'm here in NJ with my husband and 2 children. I have a third on the way. I miss the west coast weather. I am a true blue valley girl till I die. Here for 2 more years while my hubby becomes a pastor. Look forward to seeing ya all at the 20th reunion.

(Class of 1983) Justin Price

(Class of 1983) Tony Rodriguez
Whens the 25th reunion??? Im looking for some of the Footballers from 1983...(Big Daddy Wags) Larry Wagner, Bert Strogats, Rodney Porter, Steve Nakutin, Ect...... I saw most of you at the 10 yr. reunion! Se ya soon! TR

(Class of 1983) Paul Robert Dugas

(Class of 1983) Kenneth Scott Finnie
Well now great to see after all that school work, some of us know how to write. I never doubted I would make it this far, and it's great to see and read about all the old memories. I work for the United States now. Hey anyone know where Mike Mankiller is? What a name!

(Class of 1983) Brett Duncant
Just returned from living in Brazil, good to see people are still alive and well!

(Class of 1983) AnnaMarie Montano-Busack
I wanna hear from all you SWASers out there. Kim Mastos, Jacki Hernandez, Fran, Brandi, Lisa Lombardi, Gus and Johnny Rodriguez where are you guys? I am living in Sonoma County, a few miles north of San Francisco. My husband and I have two babes, a girl who is 6 and a 2 yr old boy who is a living tornado. I would love to hear from ya.

(Class of 1983) Michael Weiss
Would like to hear what memories we might have shared. The good,bad and the ugly.

(Class of 1993) Wayne Hustis

(Class of 1983) Joy Catarino (Auttano)

(Class of 1983) Judi Cantor-Johnson
It's hard to believe that we graduated so long ago. Would love to hear from old classmates and reminisce.

(Class of 1983) SHELLEY DEVITO (SIMON)
WOW this is great. Iwould love to hear from you I am happily married, have 2 kids Jesse, he is 7, and CASSIDY she is 3 we live in west hills please contact me.

(Class of 1983) Sharon B Brandt (Duckman)

(Class of 1983) Victoria McGuckin (Lara)
I hope everyone's is doing well with their life! Kris Fogle, where are you? Lost touch after a few years...get a hold of me, kay? I'm in New york, been married for 8 yrs. and have a 6yr. old boy

(Class of 1983) GARTH SANDERS
This is great. I can't believe all the memories that rushed through my head when I saw some names of people I haven't heard from in a while. Some of you I even remember from elementary school. My wife Cindy and I are now going on our 4th year of marriage. We have 2 kids; our son Casey is 2 1/2 and our daughter Hayley is 9 months. I too look forward to hearing from old friends. Take care all


(Class of 1983) Susan Blumenthal

(Class of 1983) Wendy Wright (Kochheim)
WOW - hard to believe that we are creeping up on the 25 year mark. Would love to hear from any of my friends. I am living in Burbank and my oldest daughter & step daughter will be graduating from high school next year. Really brings back memories!

(Class of 1983) Kim Gwaltney

(Class of 1983) Steve Robinson
Hey everyone from the great class of '83. Christine Anderson and I are still married after 13 years (can you believe it). Matt will start high school in the fall and Brett will be 10 in March. Time sure goes by fast. Look forward to seeing everyone at our 20th. Big "A" lives!!!!

(Class of 1983) Howard Blumenthal
25 years later and it seems like yesterday.....my son brent just started high school and he made the freshman baseball team.....hope we dont have another bloopinthal....bonnie and I have now been together over 25 years and our daughters are 11 and in 6th grade....drop me an email

(Class of 1983) Scott Hobberchalk
Hello to my Class of 1983, Hope everyone is doing good. I'm still married, 21 years, kids are 20,18,14. Boy how time flies. My friends are still, Rick Caceres,Patsy Gannon, and Darrin Hayes. Does anyone know Tina Rigsby, class of 1984 ? I am trying to find here if anyone knows where she is. Please have her contact me. Thanks Scott

(Class of 1983) Denise Basmajian Kalfayan
Hello to class of 83' this is so neat, just stumbled across this site. I would love to hear from anyone still in the valley close to home. hope everyone is doing great, looking forward to the 20th reunion. e-mail me if you want to chat.

Wow!..Here I am again...I just had to say that I've been in contact with a few a few fellow Alumni and wouldn't have been possible without this site. You know who you guys are! I just look forward to the 20th which is going to be here so soon! Please all of you out there , check us out at E-groups..we have so much fun!! Coming up so soon

(Class of 1983) Patty Seeman Pobanz
Wow, who would have known back in 1983 that we'd be able to find our old friends through the internet!! Well I'd like to hear from all my old friends and hopefully see a lot of you at our 20th!!!

(Class of 1983) Rodney Wright
Life is great! I've been enjoying my career as a physical education teacher, have a beautiful 9 year old daughter and am still in the valley (although I did live in Ventura Co. for about 5 years) would love to get in touch with some of my old basketball or poker buddies! I hope everyone is well :) Memories- Tommy's, Shakeys Bunch-a-lunch on Fridays, Ridin' the pine with my pillow cushion at the Basketball games-OH NO!

(Class of 1983) Jean Viazanko
Now living in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. I miss everyone.

(Class of 1983) Irene Lymberopoulos-Greanias
I would love to hear from my classmates. Send me an email.

(Class of 1983) Karen Albert (Simmons)
You wont find me in the year book, but I did manage to graduate in 1983. I now reside in Minnesota with my hubby and 4 children. How I would love to come back and take a look at the school. Looking forward to chatting with others.

(Class of 1983) Mark Scatoloni
Well you won't find me in any yearbook, but I did attend. Just discovered this website (12/99), nice idea, will check often. Looking to find old friends. Love to hear from anyone that still remembers those "good old days".....Long gone.

(Class of 1983) Kristina Moses
Life is so good! I just found this page, and how fun is that? When I think of high school, I have really great memories; not the typical glory days of high school, but I think I went to school with some pretty decent people, and thank you for that. (some of you used to sneak gas money into my purse during Big A's class when I was living on my own - you know who you are.) Just moved to the foot of the Rocky Mountains, left CA (after Valley '84, San Diego '90, & O. County '94) when I was 29, then off to AZ for five years with sister, Lisa, she says "Hi-'82!" (she has a loving husband and 2 awesome sons - I'm the auntie!) OK, so here's me: I'm 34, I have a job I love (computer magic), good people in my life, more blessings than I can count, I'm living free and serving Christ as best I can. Cool things I remember, do you? - Tommy burgers, push starting my classic Pinto wagon after cheer practice, getting kicked out of Carl's Jr.(the experience of many Monroe students!), Wed. nite band/drill team practice, a lifetime lived in E-10, working at Plog (some of you have taken over the company, I hear). Danielle Crane, I will call you I promise; Debbie, I forgot to tell you and KC I moved, AGAIN; Nancy Roberts, thank you for teaching me how to drive (illegally, of course); thank you teachers, I learned more than 3R's. I probably won't come to the next reunion, 10 year was really kinda freaky (Actually, I'll probably go to Lisa's '82, not as freaky.) Anyway, stay cool , hug your little ones and KNOW that you are loved.

(Class of 1983) Carmen Bridges
Haven't been on this page in quite some time, possibly two years. Hope all is well with everyone. Looking forward to our 20th. Anyone making plans yet?

(Class of 1983) Louis Mednick
Ahhh, it's nice to see the school is still standing. :) Hey, how can we find if some faculty members are still teaching, or for that matter, still alive?

(Class of 1983) Tina Williams

(Class of 1983) Randal Thompson
Moved to Michigan in '83. I don't miss CA but I do miss the friends I left behind. How is everybody doing? I would enjoy hearing from any classmates about how there lives have turned out. I'm doing okay. I've been married 14 years, have 3 daughters and a baby on the way. Email me if you remember me or even if you don't.

(Class of 1983) Jennifer (Huss) Owen
Hi Monroe Class of '83-- I am an elementary school teacher here in So. California. I'd love to hear how my old classmates are doing!

(Class of 1983) Tracie (Metzger) McCune
Hi guys!! sure miss all the friends from SWAS!! where is everybody?? looking for Mike Anderson & Angelo Devito, anyone know there whereabouts, please e-mail me...would love to hear from them or anyone else from '83

(Class of 1984) Birgitt (Birdie) Pohli (Galbraith)
Looking for some of my old SWAS classmates from '82 & '83. There is going to be a reunion in May in North Hills. Check out the SWAS group on FB and join. Hope to see many of you there.

(Class of 1984) April-Sergio Davidson
Hello to everyone from the class of "1984" Hope the years have been good to all of you like they have been for me. Scott and Dennis Oconnell Where Are You? John Colon? Where Are You

(Class of 1984) Choon Sung Park
Always good to hear from old friends. same grade, year below or year ahead. It's all good

(Class of 1984) Judy Friedman (Rosen)

(Class of 1984) Angie Williams (Hampton)
Hi,Class of 84 just wanted to wish everyone a blessed and happy life. If any of my ole classmates remember me just give me a yell.

(Class of 1984) Lisa DeLangis
Hey, Don't know if anyone will remember me, but time sure does fly. I live in Central Oregon now. Divorced racing my two beautiful daughters Larissa And Natalie. I work in the catering business. I love it.

(Class of 1984) Jim Mathews
Anyone up for golfing in the SF bay area? Also wondering if anyone is in touch with Robert Inglese

(Class of 1984) Alice Kwan
Can't believe it has been 24 years since we graduated! The school still looks pretty good.

(Class of 1984) Peter Lee
Almost twenty five years -- where did the time go? Getting nostalgic about those younger days (must mean I'm getting old), and would like to reconnect with my close friends.

(Class of 1984) John (Eddie) Gintz
I don't know that anyone here remembers me much as I was such a loner, but if you do, say hi.

(Class of 1984) Eugene Fricioni Jr. ("Frish")
Wow..Where has the time gone?Hope everyone doing well and hopefully I will see you on the 25th reunion. Best regards.

(Class of 1984) Carol Pohler

(Class of 1984) Tim Aldrich
I just want to say hi to all that remember me. I dont really talk to any one from school but would like to. If any one does remember me email me at kgunsdata@yahoo.com. i no longer live in CA i live in buffalo NY.

(Class of 1984) Salaam Muhammad (aka) Bill Davis
What's up class of 1984 hit me back what's up "jim Woods" .

(Class of 1984) Torren Yost
Hello to greatest Viking class ever.I just wanted to give a shout out to all my friends and classmates.I moved to Atlanta back in '85.Any of my old friends feel free to contact me. Fellow Gen-xers, remind your kids that everything thats cool now(computers,video games,hip-hop,ect),WE STARTED.

(Class of 1984) Cyndi Malouf (Lee)
I'd love to hear how everyone is doing!(Deanna Campos where are you?) Love to hear from anyone that remembers me! Take care!

(Class of 1984) John Allison
Hello all you rude boys and party girls! A lot has happened since haunting T-Hall and the rest of MHS. I needed a change of scenery and now I live in a state of mind call Texas. (no I have not tipped over a cow nor live on a farm or own a truck) I am married (yes) to the most wonderful woman in the world(she has to be to put up with me)she is called Maria and we been together for 8 years. I have given my life to working for the community I work for a domestic violence shelter. I hope to hear from y'all really soon ...and as always keep a solid bond in your heart.

(Class of 1984) Steve Huberty
Twenty years! Missed the reunion - just seemed too strange. It was a long time ago, and I really haven't seen many of you - other than Gary and Peter. I wonder what happened to you - Susi, Joe Falso, Eric, Dan, Tony, Ron, John. I do think about high school sometimes, and I usually laugh. Still living in California with my wife, son Noah, and our first child, a Jack Russell Terrier named Calvin. Peace.

(Class of 1984) Albert Garcia
No message to my class. However I am looking for a friend of mine from my old neighborhood. His name is Phil. I think he graduated from Monroe in 1958 or 59. If you have any info , please contact me @ 210-825-1453. Thanks

(Class of 1984) Sharon Nash
20 years already, wow!!! It seems like yesterday....

(Class of 1984) Timmer Blakely
Wow, I looked through the list and only saw one name that I knew, my good buddy Eric Paine who really did dress like Angus Young. Was I really that much of a loser without friends or was my whole high school experience so painful that I blocked most of the memories and years of therapy still hasn't uncovered them? I guess I'll probaby never know. If anybody knows me, please contact me and clue me in on what happened to me from 1982 to 1984. Thanks

(Class of 1984) Stephanie Hall
hi everybody,I can believe its been 20 years,,,, and the class reunion is just a few short months away. I hope to see all of you there.looking for Kathryn williams(Marote)& Lori Lynn Lively I would love to hear from you and anyone else who remembers me

(Class of 1984) Kathy (Marote) Williams
Hello to any who remember me & might care! Does anyone else feel, as an adult, more like their 10-yr old self than their 16 year old self? I'd love to hear from old friends, especially to my dear ol' friend, "my cheek" -- where are you? Life's been great. Been married to Rick since 1990, went to grad school at Humboldt State (No. CA), and have been working as an ecologist for various National Parks over the years. Have a 2 year old boy, and a fetus-of-unknown-gender in the developing stages. Still singing, dancing, hiking, but do it now in southern Oregon. Hope to hear from you, old friends!

(Class of 1984) Tom Forletta

(Class of 1984) Phoebe Hickman (Sims)
Just recently I have ran into a few old classmates and it made me think of high school and the good ole days. Although I still feel young, just saying that makes me have to realize just how old I am. I fell out of touch and missed our 10 year reunion, but I hope to be at the next one. If anyone knows how I could get ahold of our old year book, please let me know. Take care and God Bless....

(Class of 1984) DERRICK BAKER

(Class of 1984) Karen Santoro (Moore)
Looking forward to a 20 year reunion. I still feel like a high school kid!

(Class of 1984) Dan Moriarty

(Class of 1984) Mark (Magid) Wilde

(Class of 1984) Marilyn Kelly (Kemper)
Hey! I am married to a great guy and have 3 wonderful kids. After graduating USC, I worked in sales, as a corporate trainer, marketing rep and interpreter. Now, I am an editor for a newspaper - just like in high school! Who knew?


(Class of 1984) ERIC PAINE
Hey all-been a few years since I came to school dressed like Angus Young... Remember Don Chronister? Man, he was the coolest! So much stuff, my pals in M-hall (Kelly, Kristen, Margaret, Jennifer) Tommy's, Mullholland Makeouts, parking in the "4-4" lot, Castle Golf on Sepulveda, Straw Hat on Balboa, the MUSIC!! When did I get so OLD??? Now I'm married, with 1 daughter/1 on the way in Washington State. Love to talk to any of you guys, drop me an e-mail! -Eric (who's not quite sure if "Maiden Rules" anymore...)

(Class of 1984) Andrew (Andy) Langsam
Almost 20 years! Are we really this old? I hope that there is a reunion. I couldnt make the last one (I was living in NYC). If you remeber me, or if you're as freaked out as I am reading all these names from the past, then drop me a line.

(Class of 1984) Larry Hauser
I don't live in Californis anymore, but I would like to attend our 20 year reunion. I missed our 10th I was overseas in the Military. I also still have contacts with 3 other alum from 1984. Almost 20 years later and im BACK in school!! Drop me a line if you remember me. I was in the Drama department with Mr. Flack if that gives you a hint.

(Class of 1984) larry clark

(Class of 1984) Lori (Sleight) Gennette
Hello everyone, I am looking For Chris Risley (Christopher Scott) I miss him tremendously and would like him to contact me. We lost contact a few years ago. If anyone knows where he is please tell him to contact my e-mail!!!!! Thanks!

(Class of 1984) Lisa DiVincenzo

(Class of 1984) Fred Thompson
Hello all... to any ROTC geeks out there...Kim Brittonis trying to get us ROTC geeks together for a reunion...please contact her at thunderwolf@hot.rr.com...and pass this on to anyone else

(Class of Class of 1984) David Curtis
Just an update.Ended up getting divorced a couple of years back and now i'm getting married again this time its for keeps.I've been working for LAUSD for the last 9 yrs and i'm a drilling reservist for the Navy.Drop me a line anytime for those of you who want to say hello.


(Class of 1984) Victor L. Cruz Jr.

(Class of 1984) Stuart Levitt

(Class of 1984) JODIE MENDIOLA

(Class of 1984) Charlie O'Hearn
One question: where did the time go? Well, those were the days, for sure, but these days are pretty good too. I hope and pray that you're all well and enjoying yourselves as much as I am. Drop me a line if you knew me. Cheers!

(Class of 1984) Shari Streb (Plotkin)
Hey everyone! Hope life finds you all well and happy! Would love to hear from old freinds! We missed a lot of you at the reunion! Let me know how you are all doing. Lots of love.

(Class of 1984) Jennifer Bronston-Brown
In search of Melinda Miller, Wendy Krogh, Meredith Lardner...anyone heard from them??

(Class of 1984) karen sharrer (dahl)

(Class of 1984) Dennis MacLEOD

(Class of 1984) Heather Lee Keith (Heather White)
If anyone out there remembers me e-mail me or give me a call. And to all that asked about us after the Torando thank you and we are all ok

(Class of 1984) Michael E Lin

(Class of 1984) Joey Randolph
Nov 2003 - Almost twenty years now - yikes. Looking forward to our reunion in 2004. I'm living in Ventura California with my 16 month old son - got a late start with the family thing.

(Class of 1984) Shlomi Golan
Hope someone out-there remembers me from the band. Miss the great time, and the fun we had.

(Class of 1984) Denene Marie Towne (Crawford)
Hi Everyone! Well it seems that I've lost touch with everyone except Darlene Fogg. And she's doing wonderful. Anyone know what happened to Tammy Brennan?

(Class of 1984) Renee Auguste (Nay)
Hey, All!!! How the HECK are ya!!! Do you realize that we have been OUT of school longer than we were IN IT!!! Scary ( Gulp )

(Class of 1984) TIM R ALDRICH

(Class of 1984) Pam Glen (Files)
Hello everyone. I thought I would update my info., as much has changed. Still living on the Central Coast. The kids are 10 (can you believe that??!!) and 6 1/2. Thankfully have stayed in touch with those select few alumni, but would love to hear from anyone else who wants to get in touch.

(Class of 1984) Robert O. Young

(Class of 1984) Erika Owens (Sedey)

(Class of 1984) Kim Thompson (Gaboury)

(Class of 1984) John Lehr

(Class of 1984) Robert Schultz

(Class of 1984) Peter Janis
Class of 1984 - now living in Sandy, UT working for a computer company - married to Dana in 1990 we have two great boys - Alexander (b1994) and Zachary (b1998) and we're very happy here!! Class of 1984 - let me know what you're up to.

(Class of 1984) Deborah L Curtis

(Class of 1984) Sean McGee
I'm still here in the valley, I really tried to move away, really I did :-) What am I doing since grad of 1984? Well working for the film and tv industry, composing music for films and tv. funny thing is I never took music class at monroe? I have no memory of what kind of trouble I got into but I do remember Mr. Katz class. (I think I have his name right?) He was the last teacher I had to convince in order to graduate LOL!

(Class of 1984) Joseph Kohn

(Class of 1985) Tracey Neff - Gossell

(Class of 1985) Felicion (Iverson) Moreno
This is Flee/Flea. Hey you guys and gals out there I miss my old class. Wish I could get in contact with some of the old friends. Feel free to email me, please.

(Class of 1985) Terry Karney
What's to say. I'm not dead. I'm still in California.

(Class of 1985) Gerry Garcia
Hello all,wanted to say hi to everyone.I guess when ya start getting old you start to reflect more on the past.anyways I am married 13 yrs and have two rugrats. My boy is 12 and my daughter is 9.I live in Lancaster Ca.And doing well.As I hope you all are.

(Class of 1985) Patrisha(Patricia) M. Shelton
Hope everyone is doing great and in good health

(Class of 1985) Jeffrey Bryan Mohr
Wow! So many familiar names on the message board! Unfortunately so many invalid email addresses too. Oh well. If anyone remembers me or Ronda Isaacson, send me a note! Miss you all! There were so many good times back in those days, and even more to come! :) Hope to hear from you soon! Oh, and most people would have just known me as "Bryan Mohr" as I never really went by Jeffrey except to authority figures. ;)

(Class of 1985) art morales
looking for dina lee garcia, angie torres her sister and sung shin, from jrotc,scott ketchum you still around?? iam a emt with the county of los angeles for 10 years

(Class of 1985 ) George William Gockel
Does anyone know when the 30th reunion will be in 2015?

(Class of 1985) JoAnna Sheppard Canevari
Hiya all you knuckleheads!! JUST KIDDING !!! LOOSEN UP , PEOPLE ! For Heaven's sake! It's been too many years to live through the memories of too many days gone by.Try to remember the good one's.(I SAID... TRY!) I hope that all of my classmate's behind and ahead of me are doing well and are happy in their lives. Union High School of 1985 may not still be standing , but the souls that emerged from those halls and walls will forever remain UHS RED DEVILS !!! HOORAH!!!

(Class of 1985) David Murry
Just wondering if anyone still remembers me???

(Class of 1985) Shevette La Bat (Braxton)
Hello my fellow vikings, I trust that life is treating everyone well. It's that time, reunion time that is. Let's celebrate!!

(Class of 1985) TERESA ELLOITT

(Class of 1985) Jennifer (Hassett) Rudisill

(Class of 1985) Julie Knoop (Kropf)
Hello everyone, I hope to see you at the 20 year reunion. I am married and I teach Biology at John Burroughs High School in Burbank.

(Class of 1985) Mark Hesling
Wow, what a trip down memory lane... but can't stay to long, back to the present: my 3 child is about to come into the world! Love to hear from anyone who remembers....

(Class of 1985) Donny Kim
Hello! Everyone! Its me Donny I miss ya all~!

(Class of 1985) Roberto Dager
Still thinking about TF, JB, & assorted others, & you know what I am thinking. See you all next year, rd

(Class of 1985) Kelly Ramage
I have been working as a Classical Numismatist and Egyptologist for nearly 15 years. Would love to hear from someone I once knew.

(Class of 1985) Ken Robinson
Hey what's up class of 85 if you ran track or played football at that time give me a holla!

(Class of 1985) Luisa DeSantis (Hernandez)

(Class of 1985) Kelly Halstead (Cole)
Hey everyone! I was sent a link to this site by my old high school sweetheard, Eric Paine. I still keep in touch with Margaret Solorzano and Jennifer McClure and, of course, my twin sister Kristen Cole. I don't remember a lot of the good old days, through the haze of high school and the many (too many! =)years since, but feel free to email me. I'm married 10 years, have a GREAT husband, and 2 step-kids (both grown and the youngest is about to have a baby, so I'll be a Grandma for the 2nd time!) I'm an Accountant and live in Valencia (Wow, Valencia has changed since high school!). Take care and STAY SWEET! (remember that?)

(Class of 1985) Kathy Duane (O'Neal)
I would love to get in contact with anyone! It seems like a lifetime since I heard from old friends. I was married 05-15-99 to Trent, & we live in Oregon. He had a 16 yr old daughter when we got married, so I am a stepmother & a grandmother as well to a 2 yr old. My family still lives in So. Cal. I work with children in an Elementary School as an Educational Assist., which I enjoy very much. During part of the year I help people put their weddings together. The most rewarding thing that Trent & I have done is to become Foster Parents. We have been very blessed & have made some lifetime friends as well as extended family members. I would love to hear from you, Kathy

(Class of 1985) Tacy Wilcox (Patterson)
Hi, Still looking to see if any old friends are out there. Would love to hear a hello from you.

(Class of 1985) Peter A. Escalante
hey everyone, a lot of you tried to get in contact with me over the past year or so (david cohen, helen naval). i lost your original emails, so pleeeeze email me again. still in LA (Hollywood) for the past two years and love it! i now work in HR for software company. take care.

(Class of 1985) Tania Janicek (McAmish)

(Class of 1985) Michael Albrecht
Still living in Long Beach with my partner of 10 years.

(Class of 1985) Lisa McJimson Norwood

(Class of 1985) Tacy J Patterson
Hi, just hoping to see some of my old friends and hear from them.

(Class of 1985) Peter A. Escalante
Hey Class of '85 - The Elite! What a silly name we chose back then. Remember our class song? Something by Chicago. I just moved back to LA after living in NYC for 8 years. Before that, I was in San Francisco/Berkeley for 8 years. Wow, I can't believe it's been 16 years already! I work in Human Resources for a cosmetics company, and live in West Hollywood (GWM). :) The only people i still keep in touch with is Brad Verity and Sarah Fife (sp?). What ever happened to David Cohen or Helen Naval or Tammy or Janice? Email me - Take Care!

(Class of 1985) April Ann Woodard (Leger)
I hope to see some of my high school friends on the guest list

(Class of 1985) Maria Anderson

(Class of 1985) Mauricio Osorio ("MO")
Hello to all the gang of 95! Where to start? After HS I drifted around a bit, found myself, went on to CSUN with a degree in education, while working as an elementary school assistant and physical ed teacher for about 10years. Decided to travel around the world, lived in Asia and Latin America for a number of years. In fact, I missed the 10year reunion because I was offered a consulting job in Tokyo and my flight was on the same day as the reunion! :-( Like everything else though it was for a reason. While in Japan, I met a great Peruvian woman, fell in love and married her. We currently live in Montrose, the valley is too darn hot, where we run a successful Design company specializing in multilingual graphic design and marketing (Spanish and Japanese). But I'm gabbing a bit. I just wanted to extend a hello. PS Hey, there's a whole bunch of folks listed in classmates.com too.

(Class of 1985) ronnie c henderson

(Class of 1985) Robert Beabout
What a great site. Hope to hear from fellow vikings from class of "85" Nice to see that so many classmates are doin well. I've a wife and kids and a great life in the midwest. I have such great memories of my times at Sepulveda jr high and Monroe(when i showed up) ;) I welcome letters from all who remember me. all the best to all vikings past and present. rob beabout robnhood@famvid.com

(Class of 1985) Susan Pearlman (Cregger)
15 Yaers??? AAAGGGHHH! I'm happily married mom of twins, still living in the Valley and working at a sperm bank, yes I said sperm bank...

(Class of 1985) Diane Schuurs (Starler)

(Class of 1985) Margaret G Barrett (Solorzano)
What a trip. Shevette Braxton...where are you? How is everybody? Drop me a line. :)

(Class of 1985) Scott Stephens

(Class of 1985) Steve Leiner
Great Site! Thanks for all the work you have done. Steve

(Class of 1985) Richard J Ramirez
Hey just surfing and looked this page up. Its been a long time since school and i still see some of my friends from there but if theres any more out there looking my group up just give me a buzz ok? Dont have my truck anymore but i still live in the area. Hope everybodys doing good since then . Heres to talking to some of you sometime ................

(Class of 1985) Diana "Sue" Snyder
Hey guys and gals.........I'm busy, busy, busy, still in school ( lol ), but I have taken some breaks over the years. I have a BS & MS in Math. God Bless Mr. Niedelman for my love of Math ! Currently working on a PhD in Applied Computational Analysis and Modeling. As of 2000, I am a very proud single mother of a wonderful 3yr. old son, Shelby Dakota. I would love to hear from any old friends (students or faculty), so drop me a line. :)

Class of 85. Hey anybody out there?? How is life treating you?? E mail me and lets talk/write. I do miss those days. Happily married and living in central ca. Let's get together.

(Class of 1985) Kevin Wood
So many years have past....I would like to hear from some of my friends from "back in the day". My new email address is attached.

(Class of 1985) Kathy Tedesco (Rhodes)

(Class of 1985) Douglas Gintz
UPDATED!!! October 19, 2004....Thought I should update this old listing. Just returned to California after 2 year visit to Japan. Married almost 8 years, with two beautiful girls (6 & 4 years-old). Company website www.artbuilders.com and personal (with photos!) www.gaijinusa.com

(Class of 1985) Dave Aronson
Hello everybody, I was the weird cheerleader guy. I now program computers for video games.

(Class of 1985) Stan H Wada
Oh god, it's been 15 years already! Scary. Kudos to everyone who's gotten this list together, great idea. To anyone who knew me give me a buzz and tell me what's up with your life now. Kinda wishin I could return to those carefree fun days...

(Class of 1985) Cindy (Koett) Marson

(Class of 1985) Edwin Iannone
Hope all is well class of 85. Where is everybody?

(Class of 1986) Adrian Edwards
Hey y'all!! I never thought I'd be living in Texas. Been here for over ten years and not missing LA as much. Drop me line anytime.

(Class of 1986) vincent caraveo
hey everyone hope you are all doing well in life since high school, man how life has changed im sure for all of us since then. I wish you all well and happiness in whatever you are doing these days, I tell ya what their are some days i wish i could go back life was so much simpler then lol

(Class of 1986) Bobby Howell
Hello to all and theres no time like the times we had!!!!!!! Drop a line and say hello. Were not getting any younger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Class of 1986) Mike garcis
What's up fellow fball. & bball teamates & classmates 6618608228

(Class of 1986) Steve Berger

(Class of 1986) Sara DeLeon
Just a note to change my email address to Saras93@hotmail.com Would love to get hear from my good friends.

(Class of 1986) Nickee Taylor
Hey everyone it has been a long time. I am doing well and would love to hear from my fellow classmates and fellow cheerleaders.

(Class of 1986) Jeff Hinkle

(Class of 1986) Charles Dreebin
hi, everybody... Anyone want to sponser me for this reunion??? I'll buy my own drinks. thanks chuck d. 619 306 0306...

(Class of 1986) Loren Halpern

(Class of 1986) Lucy Gast (Alvarez)
Hello to everyone from the class of '86! I am currently living in Ohio. Go Bucks! I would love to hear from anyone! Hope to see some of you at the reunion!

(Class of 1986) Erinn Eichinger
Hey there! Reaching out to Sheila Casey, Nicole Wallen and Kimi Enright (now you all have new last names!) Trying to find out who's coming to the renunion in November. I would also love to hear from anyone who's planning on coming it would be really intersting to see how everyone's changed and a lot of fun.

(Class of 1986) Melody (Phillips) Sutton
Hi everyone! I am currently living in San Jose. Wife, mother of 2 amazing kids, and fourth grade teacher. 20 years!!! Anyone planning to go to the reunion?

(Class of 1986) Caryn Bryngelson (Chandler)
Email me! Living in Portland, OR since Aug. 2004. A group of us girls from '86 are all meeting up & going to the reunion!

(Class of 1986) Chad E. Barstad
Hello fellow Vikings of a more...carefree and safe time of the wonderful 80's. Look at our school today! Man not even Mr. Waterman's anti "swamp creature" spray bottle can clean up that mess. I joined the U.S. Marines reserve, got activated, joined the U.S. Navy Air reserve, did a little college, got hired with the City of Los Angeles, retired from the reserves. Now I'm investing in the stock market so I can make some Mad Money. Single and still living in the beautiful San Fernando Valley. The Ghost Busters would approve.

(Class of 1986) Susan Takami (Dominick)
Hello Class of 1986! Its been along time, would like to get in touch with all you long lost friends.

(Class of 1986) Brian Thomson

(Class of 1986) David Richard
Hello to everyone from the class of '86! I'm a history teacher at Nobel Middle School, I'm single and live in Northridge. Love to hear from anyone: Daveorama777@yahoo.com

(Class of 1986) Robert Harding
What's up everyone? Would love to hear from anyone from the good old days. Does anybody know if there is a 20 year reunion? Drop a line.

(Class of 1986) Mimi Markarian (Assad)
Hello everyone, Still living in the valley, married 16 years with 3 kids. Would love to hear from any of the gang! Miss you all.

(Class of 1986) Barney Pell
I'm living in San Francisco, still single, running a startup company to build a new search engine. My blog is: www.barneypell.com. Best wishes and hopefully see you at our 20th reunion.

(Class of 1986) Lynda Hauss - Rowland
Hey Jeff you out there? Hope all is well.

(Class of 1986) Stephen Stern
Hello All! Married for 14 years. Two wondeful children. Teaching High School for 15 years. Lived in Ohio for 13 years. Go Buckeyes!!!!! Drop me a line. Do not think I will make it to the coast if we have a 20th.

(Class of 1986) Bruce Rosen
Hola Class of 1986-- how is everything? Is there a 20 year reunion? Drop me a note.

(Class of 1986) Nhan Van Le
Hope everyone is well.

(Class of 1986) Kenny Leung
Hi All! Hope all is well. I still live in LA. Email me and let me know what's going on. It's going to be 20 yrs since we have been out of HS. Yes, I still miss it.

(Class of 1986) Jason Carpenter
I'm still here and doing alright.

(Class of 1986) Mychael Waldman-Shandra

(Class of 1986) Patrice Ponder (Smith)
I would love to get in contact with anyone out there who remembers me. Can't wait for the 20 year reunion - I want to see what everyone looks like all grown up. email me at jbzgurl4life@yahoo.com or psmithpa@aol.com or patrice.smith@sce.com - - all of these will work.

(Class of 1986) Colette Caggiano
reunion for class of '86?

(Class of 1986) Jodi Morgenstern (Libson)
Would love to reconnect with some old friends...feel free to email me.

(Class of 1986) Gilbert Pascascio
Hi gang, I can't believe it's already been 17 years since I last seen some of you, the time has sure gone by fast.I'm in my 6th year of living in Arizona (and I used to think the Valley was hot!) with no plans to leave any time soon.I sure miss the good old carefree days we all had and will cherish them forever.I hope that all is well with you and if you remember me from my goofy days send me an email and let me know how you are doing (especially Brett Booth, Tim Molina, and Lisa or Lori Mastos).

(Class of 1986) Mary Ann Soriano(Alejandro)
What's up you all.

(Class of 1986) Jennifer Ehlen (Van Zandt)
Is there going to be a 20th reunion?? Email me! I've been married for over 15 years and have a wonderful husband and six beautiful children (3 by birth and 3 by foster/adoption). I'd love to hear from you. Brian, are you going to email me back?

(Class of 1986) Sally Daws

(Class of 1986) Samuel Wereb

(Class of 1986) Mariana Snyder (Peris)
1986!!! Would love to hear from some old classmates. I missed the 10 year reunion but did get a copy of the Video. It was great seeing some old friends. Trying to locate Jerry Davies class of 87 and Ryan Schroeder of 86. Would love to hear from you!! SSnyder498@aol Thanks!!!

(Class of 1986) Linda Susan Connelly (Bennett)

(Class of 1986) Steve Kunze

(Class of 1986) Lisa Barreras (Evans)
Yes Tina Carpenter and I are still best friends. E-mail me if you want to chat!

(Class of 1986) Kim Lytle (Kendall)

(Class of 1986) Sara M Searles (Deleon)
Would love to hear from my old friends!! do you remember me??? Those were the good old days!!!
Sepulveda Jr High and Monroe!!!

(Class of 1986) Christine "Chrissi" Rabiyan (Benyei)

(Class of 1986) Chris Replogle
Class of 86. Anyone out there who would go to Monty's durring lunch time? E-Mail me

(Class of 1986) PATRICE A SMITH (TRICEY)

(Class of 1986) Jessica Guttke Carlson

(Class of 1986) Steven R Patterson
Hey Everyone....Married for 15 years, father of 2 Beautiful Children. Nathaniel age 4 & Alyssa age 1. Still Working as a Respiratory Therapist & Living in Fontana.

(Class of 1986) Faith Desiree Stuart (Wendy Smith)
Hello. I'm interested in chatting with anyone who remembers me, especially the gang from JROTC.

(Class of 1986) Diana Haub (Christensen)
Hi everyone! Would love to hear from anybody and am looking for old classmates!

(Class of 1986) Eric Dale Knapp
Send me an e-mail, I haven't spoken to anyone from Monroe in years.

(Class of 1986) Kevin C. Carter
just looking for some of those people i lost touch with after high school. missed 10 year reunion hope to make next one.

(Class of 1986) Kevin Mead
Hey there all you Vikings. Just wanted to drop a quick note to say HI to any and all my friends I have lost track of!

(Class of 1986) Laura Zam
Hi all!!! I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me.

(Class of 1986) HAL GOLDSTEIN
I have lost contact with 99% of my classmates from Monroe. I really liked those good old days.

(Class of 1986) Stephanie (Horowitz) Gentry
Kind of lost touch after graduation. Moved to Germany in '94 and then to Las Vegas in '96. Working for gaming manufacturer (what else). Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

(Class of 1986) Fern Mednick

(Class of 1986) Marni Brandt
would love to hear from anyone who graduated in 86!!!!

(Class of 1987) Felipe Gutierrez
Hey! Never made to Graduation, moved out of the Country...am living in the Westside... Hope everyone is doing well! Felipe

(Class of 1987) traci colasurdo
i am looking for old friends i used to hang out with PAMELA RITCHIE WALL and joey mesirow and mike nelson and vahe boyadjian was a good friend of mine and i used too have a mad crush on a guy with long curley hair named lewis lol hope i hope i can reconnect with some old friends if anyone knows any of these people or a guy named rob dalzell please email me i used to have metal shop with rob (I called him ROBBIE NEVILLE) and we had a blast tnt6973@yahoo.com

(Class of 1987) pamela west (wall)

(Class of 1987) Diana Rubens Stadtman
Hello, I would love to hear from you. I am living in Israel with 4 kids and a great husband (-:

(Class of 1987) Stephanie Detra (Clark)
Wow I cant believe it has been 20 years! Have 2 great kids and I work as a ...... high school teacher! Write and say hi!!

(Class of 1987) Ana Flores
Hello everyone!! Hope to contact some of my good friends and maybe see you all again.

(Class of 1987) Sasha (Marsha) Escalante
Hello Class of 1987! Just found this site. I'm still living in So Cal, very happily married with 2 young daughters and a 3rd on the way (due July 2008). How did I miss the 20 year reunion??? Will there be a 25th?

(Class of 1987) Denise Chapnick

(Class of 1987) Otis Van Osten
I'm not old...yet

(Class of 1987) Cynthia Patterson-Cormier
Hey Vikings! WOW! and OMG! It's been 20 years ya'll! Can't wait to see everyone in July at the reunion. Still living in the Bay Area. I got married and we're expecting our daughter on June 17, 2007! Wish us luck!

(Class of 1987) Debra Kemrite
My God, has it been 20 years?????

(Class of 1987) Sherry Smith
Hello Class of 1987! I live in Washington now and have 2 kids. I hope all are doing well. I plan on coming to the 20 year reunion. I hope to see you all there. Sign up at http://www.jamesmonroealumni.com/ Email me...

(Class of 1987) Felecia Davis (Hamilton)
Hi fellow Vikings and Illustrians! I can\'t wait to see you all at the 20 year.(Wow that went fast)

(Class of 1987) Devin Beasley

(Class of 1987) Shante Kilgore
20 years is approaching, can't wait to see all of you guys again. Still living in Los Angeles with my two kids, yes two kids now..lol stay healthy and will see you soon. Much love!

(Class of 1987) LaShann Rossum Simms
Hey Everyone, How are you all doing I hope well, it's going to be 20 years!!!

(Class of 1987) Joshua Sterling
wassup 87!!....damn 20 years almost gone by. I still love Chevelles..just have nicer ones now. Drop me a line or use my email to find me on Myspace.

(Class of 1987) Marcus Pregent
Hey class of '87. Would love to hear from anyone, especially those who were in stage crew, play production or musical theater. Believe it or not, I am married with 2 beautiful girls living in Champaign, IL.

(Class of 1987) Carlos Gutierrez

(Class of 1987) Morshan Ward

(Class of 1987) Terri Foster (Kearin)
Hello Class of '87

(Class of 1987) Craig "Allan" Laurent
What's up Vikings to all my friends and teammates. I'm still around. In the immortal words of Rakim. "It's been a long time. I shouldn't of left you..." Would like to hear from my old friends. And if any of you have heard from Darlene Perkins let me know. RIP Charlie Wright c/o 87! Email me at clsmooth34@aol.com

(Class of 1987) Terrie (Pierzina) Hawthorne
It's been a long time. I heard that we would wish we were back in school once we got older but I didn't believe it until now. I miss all my friends. E-mail me.

(Class of 1987) Roosevelt Johnson
Just wanted to drop a line or two. I'm alive and well residing in sunny San Diego since 1988. Would love to hear from past acquaintances.

(Class of 1987) Raymond Hayward
What's up Vikings? I am still alive and kicking. I would love to hear from you. Emial me at steyready@yaoo.com

(Class of 1987) Todd Libson
Hi all, if anyone knows Patricia Briggs, have her e-mail me.

(Class of 1987) Jason Bennett
Anybody from the golf or tennis teams from 85-87 out there? I'm a singer-songwriter living in Colorado now. Chat K. are you out there? Contact me at my web page: bennettfolk.com
Jason Bennett
Varsity golf and tennis teams

(Class of 1987) Jeffrey D. Tung

(Class of 1987) Stacey (Horowitz) Frazier
Greetings from Sin City. Love to hear from anyone from the class of 1987.

(Class of 1987) James Keegan
Yep! I still play the drums, and I'm still short. I have a beautiful daughter (born Oct. 24th, 1992) but still single (Brittani, however, lives with me). Feel free to drop a line and say hello. Especially Scott Robinson. Rock on wit yo bad self!

(Class of 1987) elissa williamson scogland

(Class of 1987) Andrea Lowe
Hi! Still living in the valley and a proud mom of two. So much has happened in the last - 15 years (ouch)! Write me.

(Class of 1987) Bruce Dotson

(Class of 1987) Shelley (Bronston) Espinoza
Hello to my fellow Vikings...Love to hear from you.

(Class of 1987) josh mihalinec

(Class of 1987) MARK E KOMINS

(Class of 1987) Angie Eley

(Class of 1987) Cesar A. Baez
Hello Class of 1987. I hope everyone is doing well.... drop me a note! I've been living in Texas for quite some time. I hope to hear from everyone soon! GO VIKINGS!!!


(Class of 1987) Grady W. Tucker

(Class of 1987) Steven Rosen
Greetings fellow Vikings and Illustrians!

(Class of 1987) Robert E Troncozo

(Class of 1987) Kristen Zagarella (Drew)
Hello to all - would love to hear how my old friends are doing!

(Class of 1987) Paula Scatoloni
Nice idea on the site. Hope to connect with those folks who were living the "alternative life-style" AND who remember high-school. You'll find me (sober) and living in Hawaii these days.

(Class of 1987) jeff john scott
hey everyone, getting married 9/30/00 to the love of my life=). i have two wonderful kids and still in touch with my best friend joel (the ham) deregla.drop me a line if anyone remembers me.

(Class of 1987) Joel T. De Regla (Mouth)

(Class of 1987) Mary Robin Stephenson (Moffat)
Hey where is everyone, I have moved to Texas and boy do I miss all yall!

(Class of 1987) Eduardo Contreras
It would be great to hear from other Vikings.

(Class of 1987) STEVE SORIANO
1987....OH YEAH!!!!

(Class of 1987) Chris White

(Class of 1987) Debie T. Sawyer
Hi Class of 87!!!! I would love to here from my old friends!! Paula Scatoloni, Alicia Barker,Michelle&Lisa Algee wear are you???????

(Class of 1987) Travis V. Lee (T)
hey what's up? Lost touch with alot of old friends please drop me a line. Stay cool

(Class of 1987) Danielle Rosenfield-Davis (Dani)
If you knew me (and even if you didn't) I definitely want to hear from you!

(Class of 1987) Gregg Kohn

(Class of 1987) Sharon Kaplan
I'd love to hear from everyone. Anyone who was on "The Doctrine" still out there?

(Class of 1987) Scott Hittleman
any alumni can send me an email at scottsmachine@aol.com also rest in peace my good friend joel deregla we had the best of times and i will never forget you take care my friend...

(Class of 1987) Jessica Monterroso
I love this place. I'm so glad you put it together. I am looking for my best friend in the world. Please contact me if you read this. I know you're out there........Eric Mercer A.K.A T-Spoon A.K.A. Maniak. Hello to the entire Class of '87

(Class of 1987) Lisa Forbes

(Class of 1987) Cristos Goodrow

(Class of 1987) Tammi (Satin) Shaw
Hey There, never Graduated from Monroe left in "86" but LOVE to chat with anyone from 85-87

(Class of 1987) Danielle "Dani" Rosenfield

(Class of 1987) Laura McGinley

(Class of 1988) deshun edward newte
i wish i could of been there but i move to las vegas

(Class of 1988) Tarun Gaur
Living in Northern Ca, wine country, if you remember me, say Hi. Peace

(Class of 1988) Christy Sires (Chauvie)

(Class of 1988) Bobbie Jo Fuller
would love to hear from anyone I went to school with and catch up :)

(Class of 1988) Joseph Lee (joe)
Hey y'all, moved to Atlanta, GA and missed the reunion. (what a bummer) I hope everyone is doing well. I definitely won't miss the 30 year.

(Class of 1988) Kimberley Haliburton
Howdy all, For those of you who were unable to attend the reunion,we missed u...

(Class of 1988) Linda Santiago
Hello there...i can't believe i missed the 20 year reunion!!! I'm so bummed. If you remember me, please do send me an e-mail and let's catch up...first coffee is on me : ) lindasantiago88@yahoo.com

(Class of 1988) Michele Macias-Cojulun
Hey all! I look forward to seeing you in the Memory Book...I can not believe 20 years has passed! Blessings to you throughout the years ahead. Michele :)

Guys, I missed the 10th Yr Reunion, hope to see some of you there. I was so not in the "A" Group, LOL but now I am... and all the "A" groupers are gone, lovin' it! Please stay in touch if you remember me! Tony (http://www.myspace.com/latinswimmer).

(Class of 1988) Peter Nardi
Wow, 20 years. Where did the time go?

(Class of 1988) Doris Soto
Live in Chicago now. Can't wait until the reunion! See you all there :)

(Class of 1988) Mauricio Barajas

(Class of 1988) Corey Harvey
Hey folks,
Has it really been 20 years? Any news concerning a 20 year reunion?
Hope everyone is well. XOXO

(Class of 1988) Elsa Brenneise- Sather
Looking forward to our 20 ( ouch!) year reunion!

(Class of 1988) Jennifer Kovacs (Wiley)
Glad to see so many familiar names...Moved out to Idaho but attempting to make plans to return the reunion. Hope to see ya'!

(Class of 1988) Claudine Lafargue
Hey there! We're trying to get as much info on everyone from our class for our 20 year Reunion this year (2008). So make contact so we make this a success!!

(Class of 1988) Eric Broze
Hi Vikings. If you remember the name, feel free to contact me.


(Class of 1988) jennifer matthew

(Class of 1988) Keith W. Mitchell

(Class of 1988) Laurie Johnson
Hi everyone! It has been a long while...What's up with the class of 1988 "20 year" reunion? Is there someone that's organizing something for next year?

(Class of 1988) Martha Sanchez (Iniguez)
I am glad that my sister informed me about this web site and I can maybe attend my 20 year reunion. Please email me information, regarding the reunion. Thank you and hope to see lots of you there.

(Class of 1988) Rachael Hoites Muzzall
Hiya Everybody! I hope these past years have been good to you. Look forward to a reunion. See ya there!

(Class of 1988) DAVYA REDD-BEDFORD

(Class of 1988) Trina Betts
Where is the class of 1988?

(Class of 1988) Monica Osborn
Hey Vikings! Are we getting old or what?

(Class of 1988) Gerri Paxton
If you remember me drop me a line - I live in Colorado now!

(Class of 1988) Jason Sheffey

(Class of 1988) Barbra (Templer) Fisher
Hey! Would love to hear from former classmates.

(Class of 1988) Gonzalo A. Vasquez

(Class of 1988) Robert Bendick
Hi everybody! Remember me? Send a note to say "Hi"!

(Class of 1988) Robert Miller
Hey class, Anyone have an extra year book? If you remember me and want to catch up email me at team911@hotmail.com. If you have a myspace use myspace.com/ZX7Robert to check me out. well take care. see ya soon. Robert

(Class of 1988) Zeyda Castaneda (Canas)
Email me if you remember me!

(Class of 1988) Dena Marie Groff

(Class of 1988) apryl jackson thornes
Hey everybody just wanted to say I will always be a Viking.

(Class of 1988) David Smith
All you people out that knew me,Whats up? you guys and gals didn't think I was going to make it, well I'm still here living and enjoying these fine years of life

(Class of 1988) Gustavo Ochoa Carrillo
Hey friends hope you remember me, alex, jonh, egly, hector, jrotc program, 1sgt Murphy, and sgt magdaleno i love you get, a hug, from c/capt. ochoa gustavo today i live in mexico, in a place called Manzanillo, Colima

(Class of 1988) Paulo Wu
Anyone from JROTC? I miss so much my buddies from High School!

(Class of 1988) Albert David Penney

(Class of 1988) Roger Johnson
Hello everyone! Let's catch up...

(Class of 1988) Maggie McIntyre

(Class of 1988) Ponda Childs

(Class of 1988) Kristen Damm
Hey, great page, great idea, great memories. Take care all =)

(Class of 1988) Larry Lehmann

(Class of 1988) trina betts (haddicks)

(Class of 1988) Tina A Velarde (Dupont)
Would have been the class of 1988, but moved to northern CA in 1987. Would like to talk about old times with old friends. Is there anybody out there?

(Class of 1988) Mike Lennon
Life is good.

(Class of 1988) Porter Hall
currently living near Seattle, WA

(Class of 1988) Doll Brown
Where's everyone??? Let's Re-unite once again!!! Contact me for the "2001 Class of 88' Summer Fest" e-mail: ITSDOLLBROWN@AOL.COM

(Class of 1988) Maribel Delgado-Osborne (Mari)

(Class of 1988) Albert R. Gonzales

(Class of 1988) Marlene Kihara

(Class of 1988) Michael P. Duggan (Mykol)

(Class of 1988) Joell Young

(Class of 1988) Erika Marie Moody

(Class of 1988) Robert Backman
Hey all. I have a new email address. Drop me a line and say hi.

(Class of 1988) Peter St. Ores

(Class of 1988) Jenny Kwan Gee

(Class of 1988) Henderson, John Scott

(Class of 1988) Money-Senior, Helen P

(Class of 1988) Elizabeth Troncozo Barber

(Class of 1988) Dave Patton
WOW we are getting old

(Class of 1989) Brandee McGrath

(Class of 1989) curtis scott
hey to all my friends. the years i spent with all yaw causes me to have nostalgia. truily the best of my past.

(Class of 1989) Richard Bradbury
Hi everyone. I hope everyone is doing well. If anybody has any info about our 20 year please let me know.

(Class of 1989) Zulema Amador (Bailon)
Greetings fellow Vikings! I am well and happily married with two beautiful children. I would like to say "HELLO" to all of my class mates and wish everyone the best, specially my friend Minerva "Mimi" Aguilar; whom I've never forgotten and Lolita "Lashawn" Lewis too. May God Bless Everyone!!

(Class of 1989) Karen Montes (Palma)
Hey Vikings...it's me Karen. I have crossed paths with many of you in the last 9 years since our 10th and I am looking forward to seeing you at our 20th. I am hoping that you are all well and wish you all the best in life. Take good care.

(Class of 1989) Brandon Davis
Watts up everyone? Hope everyone is doing well. hit me if you need me. Big Dice foe dat azz

(Class of 1989) Derril White II
What's Up everybody. Hope everyone is ready for the reunion. I know I am. Can't wait to see everyone. For those who can't remember me by my real name, it's me, Turtle!! Hit me on my email. Peace out... VIKING PRIDE '89

(Class of 1989) Caraline Teska (Carrie Parker)
Looking forward to the 20 year reunion in 2009. Lost track of several people after the 10-year. Erika Hughes, you still out there? Hello to all from Texas!

(Class of 1989) Amber Carra
Hey Guys, I guess you all are ready for your 20 year reunion. I however have been going on 25 years old for the past 11 years so I guess I will attend my 20 year but it should really be my 10 year if you ask me. Does anyone still remember me?

(Class of 1989) Elvira Sotelo (maiden Iniguez)
It was really great to find this alumni site, because I can be connected to my fellow vikings.

(Class of 1989) Reginald Anderson
Hello everyone, i'm alive and doing well single! I reside in long beach, actually down the street from long beach poly! I would love to here from old classmates after all these years, lets do lunch? or dinner? Whatever is clever? Get at me!

(Class of 1989) LaShawn Richmond Swann
Hello Fellow Vikings!!! It is great to see so many of you who have posted. I pray that all is well with everyone. It is hard to believe that we are 3 years shy of 20 YEARS... yikes! So Dana, when do we hook up to get the celebration started again???

(Class of 1989) Deanna Madrid
Hey everyone, it's been a long time. For those who knew me you are more than welcome to contact me anytime I would love to hear from you and see how everyone is doing.

(Class of 1989) Herlette D. Braxton
Yes it is "I" the singing Diva alive and well. It is my prayer that each and everyone of my fellow vikings of the class of 89 are doing fine....God Bless

(Class of 1989) Tamara Goodrow
Good ol'Monroe

(Class of 1989) Cynthia Smith
Hey Vikings! Just wanted to give a shot out to all the old classmates. Hope everyone is doing well.

(Class of 1989) Sharalyn Daley (Rodriguez)

(Class of 1989) kenneth brown
what up

(Class of 1989) Brent Robertson
Dedicated to the dayz of way back: Just wanted to give a little "Vike Pride" shout out to the Mighty, Mighty Roe City --- '89 style! GOD Bless, and holla at me... 1ne...

(Class of 1989) Rob Johnson
What's up everybody. Hope all is well.

(Class of 1989) Abby Winger
Hope everyone is doing good. I open my yearbook every once in a while and it brings back many memories. Would love to hear from some people that I lost contact with.. Drop me an email anytime!

(Class of 1989) gabriela gomez
Hello!! does anyone remember me?

(Class of 1989) Walter J. Clarke

(Class of 1989) Lene Ringholm
Hello everybody. Remember me, the exchange student from Denmark? I had a great year at Monroe thanks to you! Please get in touch, I have NOT forgotten you!

(Class of 1989) Edwin Sulaeman
Avril Martin, Brad Parker & All My Friends please contact me and keep in touch..see uuu

(Class of 1989) Christopher Silvey
We have to be the least organized class from the 80's/90's. I hope you are all having a great life.

(Class of 1989) Barry Gutierrez
I guess we'll have to wait till 2009...Toss back a couple and see what we've all done with our lives. Bear-

(Class of 1989) Larissa Askew
Hello, Mighty Vikings of 89..How are ya? Where are you Monica Williams would love to hear from you and any other Vikings.Ciao.

(Class of 1989) William Dunn
Go Vikings!

(Class of 1989) Julie Castillo (Maiden: McCloskey)

(Class of 1989) Shawn Adamek

(Class of 1989) Chanda Jobe (Johnson)
I haven't talked to anyone since '89. I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Hope everyone is well.

(Class of 1989) Chad Lehmann

(Class of 1989) Daniel Badman
I was an exchange student from Sweden, graduating with the class of '89.

(Class of 1989) Alex Minor

(Class of 1989) Teresa Shawn Aragon (McDaniel)

(Class of 1989) Marie Poindexter
hope everyone is well, feel free to drop me a line.

(Class of 1989) Ammons Ewing Smith
I haven't heard from anyone from school with the exception of Harlette Braxton. Life is good for me I have no complaints other than not knowing how the class of 89 is doing. Contact the big guy.

(Class of 1989) Sean Michael Allen (The Twinz)

(Class of 1989) Julianne E. Hittleman (Stern)
Looking for old friends from Monroe class of '89. Have lost touch with many of you, Hey Janel you out there??? would love to hear from you drop me a line.

(Class of 1989) Richard A. Ramirez

(Class of 1989) Lisa Tarr
Lookin for old friends. Drop me a line. =)

(Class of 1989) Dana Forte (aka Campos)
Hello Class of 1989 Alumni. Please visit the official Monroe Class of 1989 website @ http://home.pacbell.net/dforte/vikings.htm

For comments or questions, please contact Thomas Chung (Class of 1991)