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(Class of 1970) Ignacio Gonzalez
Hi all. I left Monroe our senior year but fondly remember my time there and of course many of you. We now live in Las Vegas. I've had my Architectural firm for about thirty years. Time flies when your not paying attention.

(Class of 1970) Dave McMahon

(Class of 1970) Laura Holzborn Hodges
Living in Mount Vernon, WA and have enjoyed finding old friends on this site. You can email me at chrismemories@comcast.net

(Class of 1970) Wayne Causey
I quit school in 1970 and went in the Navy and stayed for 20 years. Looking for people that may remember me. At the time I was in school, I drove a 1956 pink and white Buick. If you remember me I would love to find anyone that I can stir up old times together. I now live in Orange County California.

(Class of 1970) Debbie McGuire (Zaslawsky)
Greetings All! So sorry that I missed the reunion this Spring. I just got the memorial yearbook and it is great to see the attendees. I'd enjoy hearing from any interested classmates.

(Class of 1970) terri robertson
Living in Las Vegas!!! 18 years now. Melanie barnett if you like, email me!! anyone else too!!

(Class of 1970) Frances Wolsey Kiradjian
Love reconnecting with old friends! Still have your yearbooks? I do. Life is great including memories from Monroe and Holmes Jr. High!

(Class of 1970) Debbie Miller
So heart warming to reconnect with people at the Reunion, 40 years!!! A big thank you and much love to Kerri Kroll for helping to make this event the best! I wish all of you much happiness in life, good health and remember to live it or it will pass you by.

(Class of 1970) Tina Caldwell (Kops)
I can hardly wait to see lots of familiar faces at our reunion! I'll be hangin' with Franci Gross (Nelson)-- as per usual! -- and we'll be pre-partying at the hotel. Come look us up! I'm on the hunt for a) Richard Quaranta, and b) ALL of my class photos from Parthenia Elementary. I took them to the 25th Reunion, loaned them out and they are gone!!! PLEASE bring them Saturday if you have them -- they are quite priceless(not to mention hilarious)!! See you there :)

(Class of 1970) Paul Garrick

(Class of S'1970) Larry Bushart
If i remember right we had the 2nd largest graduating class in the u.s.that year only granada hills high had a larger class.

(Class of 1970) Mark Yochim
I married Brenda Larsen who was also in our class. We have now been married for 39-years, we have 6 adult children and grand baby number fourteen is on the way. I am an Expert Witness for Construction Litigation and Brenda has worked with me for almost our entire marriage.

(Class of 1970) monce rivera

(Class of 1970) Gertrude (Trudy) Lechner Ghiselin
I live near San Diego now with my husband Bill, son Nathan and a dog named Dollie. I enjoy cooking, gardening, doing dinners for my friends and taking care of my family.

(Class of S'1970) Ann Zimmerman
Trying to contact Doug Burton (w) 1970 and David Beauer (w) 1970. Both went to Chase Street then to Sepulveda Jr. High then Monroe. They both lived in Panorama City, CA

(Class of 1970) Leslie North
I remember so little - interesting to look through the different links here and the old yearbook pages.... Went to the 20th reunion.... don't remember it really well. I spent most of high school well below the radar, I think. I spent 20 years in the Air Force - retired right after the 20th reunion. Been in Nebraska for 20 years now- currently teaching 8th grade in a little town north of Omaha and thinking about what I want to do next. I live in Omaha - doubt I will manage the 40th reunion but would certainly find it interesting to hear from old classmates.

(Class of 1970) Melanie Barnett
Hi, would love to hear from people who remember me or my sister Pam, class of 67. I had a short-lived marriage with fellow Viking Paul Bienvenue. Married to my present hubby for 35 years and we have two grown sons. No grandkids yet, but have 4 chihuahuas. We settled in Ventura County many years ago. Good memories of riding my horses across the valley, crusing Van Nuys and summer camp at Sycamore Ranch.

(Class of 1970) Arnold Brian Miller
Still alive and kick'in!

(Class of 1970) Tari Walsh
Greetings everyone!!! All your blogs have my memories smile as I recall so many! I used to hang out with many diff people, but mostly I hung around "S" hall. I dated Pat Mannion and most of the "clique" I was friends with were, Sue Dalke, Debbie Wellman, .... John Grubbs, Louie Grubbs, my brother, Dean Walsh, Tina Roba, Carol (last name?), Pickles (Jim Smith), The Delshalons, (remember girls???) Rushing for the club, playing Chinese Firedrill on Van Nuys Bl, Bobs Big Boy, Sepulveda Park...... Mr. Kelly, English Lit Teacher.... (he really was a great teacher)......... Those GREAT grilled soft cheese sands from the machine, and those to die for cinnamon buns rolls! Currently, I work as a national certified Sign Lang. Interpreter for the Deaf Community... Still attend Beatles Tribute Band Shows, (as well as Paul McCartney concerts)... Staying young at heart........ Have 4 grown children, and a granddgt. Hope to hear from anyone from our class of 1970 ps, always had a crush on David Titworth and Ed Puente, and Stan Reiger........ Tari Walsh/Kelley

(Class of 1970) David Young

(Class of S'1970) Antonio Gardoni
I was looking threw the year book I was great too see people faces again I've working at Lockheed Martin for 39 year Has anybody hear from Erik Sorgatz antonio.gardoni@sbcglobal.net

(Class of 1970) Pete Meyers,Jr.
look forward to seeing everybody at the 40th reunion

(Class of W'1970) Marla Manaselian (Adams)
Hello Winter 1970 Classmates, Not sure if you remember me, but I used to hang out with all the low riders....the girls with the big teased hairdo's and tons of make-up. If Karen Van Meter, Mike Sesma, Kerry Tarnoff, Pam Gates, Joyce Cinquemani, Janet Kramer and Steve Gleim, just to name a few, are out there, I hope to see you at the reunion. Hope to hear from you, Marla

(Class of 1970) Roni Kaplan Holloway
Drop me an e-mail I would love to hear from you. I am looking for my best friend from high school Sandy Carlson.

(Class of 1970) Nancy Pollock
Hello to everyone! I recently moved to Fremont, California from San Diego to be closer to my boys and extended family after my husband of 33 years passed away. I hope all of you are doing well and if you remember me, please let me know. I would love to catch up on whent is new in your life. Take care, Nancy Pollock (Langenberger)

(Class of 1970) Bonnie Callowhill (Schaefer)
Too much time has gone by. I would love to hear from anyone out there that remembers. I am living in Portland Oregon with my 2nd Husband of 20 years. I have a 29 year old Son working for Intel.

(Class of 1970) Bruce Greely
I left School to Join the navy and served a some 23 plus years, I am a proud fighting man and would do it again. Would like to hear from other class mates

(Class of 1970) Malcolm Campbell
Sure miss the good times

(Class of 1970) greg spencer
any swim team members out there, looking for Gary McAdams, not on the team but one of my friends, how about kathy porter she does not remember me

(Class of 1970) Arlene Sue Lively (now Drury)
Graduated in Jan of '07. Sure was a long time ago. Have a grown daughter 31 and am on my third marriage. I was pretty much a wallflower back then. But, I remember Bob's Big Boy, going to Malibu or Carpenteria most every weekend, cruising Van Nuys Blvd, and going to the football games just to have a place to hang out. Am now in Missouri - does anyone remember me? I went to night classes at Pierce Jr College right after graduation. Let me know if you are out there - especially Guy or Brian Bunker? I hung with Merry Ann Layman and Cindy Michaud

(Class of 1970) Beth Kaplan (Gersten)

(Class of 1970) John Yaworski
Hi, all! Anyone still around from John Cunningham's Electronics class? Special thanks to Tommy C. for the website. Anyone know the whereabouts of Sheri Millias? I think she graduated in 71 or 72. My son, Joshua Yaworski also graduated from Monroe in about 2000.

(Class of 1970) Barbara Firestone Myers

(Class of 1970) Gloria Mers Brodle

(Class of 1970) Kerry Rose & Steve Neimand
We met at the 30 year reunion -- never knew each other at Monroe -- and have been together (and married) ever since. We were married by Monroe Alum Bob Meyer '70 and had in attendance Monroe Grads Gail Jacobs (Schwartz '70), Judy Levitow '70, Joanne Gough (Harold '72) and Barbara Serian (Schwelof '72) Bill Rose '72 -- would love to hear from anyone who remembers any of us!!!

(Class of 1970) Tom Clayton

(Class of 1970) Astrid Hansell Beck

(Class of W'1970) David Bovaird
It's been a while. I guess I missed all of the reunions, with my kids (second group) in high school now maybe I'm beginning to feel nostalgic, whatever. I'll try to pay more attention. I guess you guys are going on a cruise in October, have fun. It was interesting seeing a lot of familiar faces and names in the scanned in year book. Feel free to contact me for whatever reason. Good Luck and best wishes. 9/27/05

(Class of 1970) Robert E. Henderson
Now living in Calgary, Alberta, because of work; V.P. for a large safety equipment manufacturer. Still married to Chris Pistone (Granada, 1970), no kids, one cat. Hoping to find a reunion, and attend it, one of these days.

(Class of S'1970) Stan Cochran

(Class of 1970) Susan Killian (Rehm)
Where has the time gone? Does anybody know anything about Suzie Sweeney? I'ld love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

(Class of S'1970) KEITH A. BROWN
I live in Grass Valley, Ca. (27 yrs.) It's beautiful here. I've been married for 25 yrs. We have three children, my oldest (son) will graduate from THE MASTER'S COLLEGE in Santa Clarita in May, 2005. My Daughter will go to the Art Insitute of Ca. @ Orange in July. My youngest (son) is a sophmore in high school. I'm a registered architect and I'm self-employed. I enjoy it -I get to work at home. I am also a professional artist. If you knew me in high school or Our Lady of Peace elementary school, drop me a note.

(Class of 1970) John Meyers
Jan 2005: Married in 1978. Divorced 1990. 4 boys, 1.5 grandchildren. Live in Parker, Colorado. Sr. Construction Scheduler for McMurdo Station, Antarctica and have deployed to the ice every year since 1998. Traveled to Vietnam in Y2K where I met my wife Van. Being cut from the baseball team by coach Holt, I didn't get my fill and play over 40 baseball.

(Class of 1970) Melanie Shourek (Cear)
I thought I would put this in again. I am living in beautiful Highlands Ranch, CO. I have worked for Dish Network for 31/2 years. I don't like it. I hope to stay home and do my sewing and art work. I am married to a wonderful guy from Santee, CA. I have 2 girls. My oldest passed away at 21 and is missed so much. My youngest who is 26 lives with her husband in MN. I would love to hear from anyone from our class

(Class of W 1970) Leslie L. Schrier (Daley)
I have been living in Iowa for many years but still come back to the valley to visit family. I am a professor at the University of Iowa. Interestingly, enough I have a colleague who is also a Monroe grad and she will be registering very shortly. Would be glad to hear from any of the gang that made the library our second home. By the way is that really Mr. Friedman, of APE fame on that commerical?

(Class of W'1970) Pam Braveman (Taylor)
I live in Lake Tahoe with my husband, Chris Taylor who graduated from Van Nuys High. We met in the Theatre department at CSUN. We have two daughters. Chris and I still do lots of theatre and music here in our town. I am a special education teacher at South Tahoe High School. Love to hear from old ,or young at heart, classmates.

(Class of 1970) Lynnea (Sterling) Helgedalen
Would love to connect with the "Picnic People" (you know who you are), and the "Free Thinkers" from gym... Was sorry to see so many classmates in the Memorial Pages. Have had a great life so far; planning on many more years of fun, family and friends, now that we are semi-retired!!!

(Class of 1970) Pam Quick Gorman
Signing in again, looking for the old gang !! Terry Hall, I saw your name in classmates and don't want to pay any money to it to find you, if you see this email me ok. I live in Grass Valley CA. Hope to hear from someone that remembers me.

(Class of W'1970) Dr. Dan Eller

Hello to the Winter Class of 1970, my nickname was Eddie Haskell. I was a member of Associated Vans, drove a green colored 1964 Ford Econoline Van, and surfed (still surfing today). Mr. Foster, the Boys Vice Principal did not like me or my van. He said that I would never amount to much. Well Mr. Foster, I am a doctor. When leaving Monroe High to marry my high school girlfriend Dawn Ulbright, we had a son who is now a lawyer living in Oregon, and married with 2 kids. My marriage to Dawn didn't last and I went back to college full-time. I graduated from CSUN with a B.S. and M.P.H. degree, and earned a Doctorate in Educational Leadership at UCSB. I am currently living in Cambria, CA, Director of Communications at Hearst Castle, and a professor in the Journalism Department at Cal Poly SLO. I re-married 29 years ago to the love of my life Linda Hazlett. She is a Winter 1970 graduate of Cleveland High School and a Dental Hygienist. Our daughter is a student at Cuesta College, and our son is a student at CSU, Monterey Bay. I would love to hear from members of my class. Please email me at deller@calpoly.edu

(Class of 1970) lou ann mcdonald (martin)

(Class of 1970) Kerri Kroll
We're having another reuion cruise - its our 37th Reunion - building up to our BIG 40th Reunion gathering in 2010! The 37th Reunion cruise is happening May 2007 - Los Angeles to Vancouver, BC. Come and join in the fun. For more details you can contact me via email @ kerrik@microsoft.com. Hope to see all of you there!!!

(Class of 1970) Jill Maron (Now Allen)
Would love to find Laura Wilson, Karla Kinghorn, Debbie Simmons, Lilly Chavis/

(Class of 1970) Rosanne Zimmleman

(Class of W'1970) David Bayer

(Class of 1970) Maria Sica

(Class of 1970) Steve Rosenberg

(Class of 1970) Kathy Ohanesian ( Stahl )
graduated winter class of 1970. Looking for old classmates. Lynda Williams, Kathy McGhee, Yvonne Shaker, Janice Ratledge. Anyone with info please email me at kthyo@webtv.net. Thanks!!! Kathy Ohanesian( Stahl )

(Class of 1970) Mary Moyers

(Class of 1970) Brian Cox
2010.09.20 - Hi to all. I now live near Coos Bay, Oregon. Email if you want to renew our acquaintance.
I've been living in Holly Springs, GA, a small suburb of Atlanta, for the past 11 years. I am tech support and network administrator for a telecom equipment reseller in Kennesaw, GA. I was married for 19 years until 2000. I have a 23-year-old son who recently graduated from SF State. I'd love to hear from everyone out there who remembers me. Although as the saying goes, "If you can remember the 60's you weren't there!" Namaste.

(Class of 1970) steve draeger

(Class of W'1970) Mike Johnson
Just found out that all of this info was on the web. Not bad.

(Class of 1970) Joe Miani
I was one of the DJ's who served up the lunchtime tunes over KVIK campus radio. Following high school and college I spent 12 years in the broadcasting business in Idaho and Oregon. I've been back in California since 1987 and am a Human Resources Specialist for Boeing working in Training and Development. I'm married and have two sons and a daughter. If anyone remembers me please drop a line.
Anyone heard from Brett Fenner?

(Class of 1970) Jim Smith
Hi all! 1970 Monroe grad. My sis is Kristi DeCinces, married to Doug DeCinces of Viking, Oriole and Angel baseball fame. I'm now living in Layton Utah and have been working for ZERO manufacturing for 22 years (aluminum luggage and other case stuff). Would love to here from some of my old pals, Sean Richey, Mike Paine, John Shroder, Denny Rough, Art Kilisser, Billy Jones etc

(Class of 1970) Albert Fields

(Class of 1970) Susan Dorsey
Keep me posted as to all information about class reunions or events. Thanks

(Class of 1970) paul alan massey
i used to play my guitar on the lawn at lunch

(Class of 1970 Summer) Kevin Roderick
Journalist for 25 years, mostly at the L.A. Times. My book on Valley history is out now: The San Fernando Valley: America's Suburb. Should evoke lots of memories for my fellow Monroe alums everywhere. It's on Amazon.com and at many book stores; there's also a website with photos and Valley nuggets at www.AmericasSuburb.com...on a separate note, i think it's kinda cool that kids today still write "Have a bitchen' summer!" in their yearbooks...

(Class of 1970) Wendy Hilton
What are the chances that in a class as large as ours was, someone I actually knew will see this?

(Class of 1970) Tom Chenoweth

(Class of 1970) Melanie Ruth Hayes (Cear)
I would love to hear from any one from the class of '70. I am especially looking for Leslie Osterman. MHayes8336@aol.com

(Class of 1970) Melanie Hayes (Cear)
I would love to hear from old friends. I live in Lakewood Colorado. I am single and have a 23 year old daughter graduating college in April. How time flies!

(Class of 1970) judy mcquain (lepore)
does anyone remember me? Let me know.

(Class of 1970) Ted Michael Rusinko

(Class of 1970) Pete Bellas

(Class of 1970) Karen Louise Edwards (Poland)
I just found the website. It'll be fun to hear from anyone who remembers me. I'm sorry I missed the 30 year reunion.

(Class of 1970) Debra Anne Quinn (Tucker)
I have two wonderful daughters, one is 22, and the other is 20, and was married for 22 years, and during that time traveled all over while in the military. Have since retired from the military and am now living permanently in Pennsylvania. Don't think anyone will remember me, but time makes you wonder what happened to your old school, and the people you knew there, so thought I might put my name with other alumnus to say hello.

(Class of 1970) Bill Null

(Class of 1970) Theresa Giese (Kilburn)
I moved to Pikeville KY (in the eastern tip) 1971, married Heiko Giese from Germany 1973, have two wonderful children, Rebekah 23, who is married and living in Louisville, and Joshua 22, single and working as a volunteer at the world headquarters for Jehovah's Witnesses Brooklyn NY. We run a construction (primarily roofing) business and are also full-time volunteer Bible teachers. 1970 seems so long ago. I still keep in touch with only a few. Any know of the whereabouts of Mary Nakata?

(Class of 1970) Sandy Ann Ravindranathan (Sones)
Hi, to my fellow classmates keep in touch.

(Class of 1970) Bill Colditz
Worked at Ralph market (Panorama City till 1972, Army 72-77, 1977 Orange Coast College (Cardiovascular Tech/Cath Lab) till 1980. Met my wife working (she is an X-ray technologist) at Fountain Valley Hospital, Orange County. Married 2 kids Boy-26 graphic designer for LA weekly magazine, Daughter last year (I hope @ Cal Poly San Louis Obispo, Ca. (Nutrition Major). I have been Managing Cardiac Cath Labs for about 28 years and LOVE it. Live in Meadow Vista, Ca (just above Auburn near Sacramento). I am rebuilding a 1970 Jeepster Commando at this time and love to Fish for Bass. *Feel free to e-mail me at bcolditz@usamedia.tv . I do not remember much from those days. I drove an Orange Renault Carville, and also a White Dodge Van. Played basket ball and Surfed when I could cut class. Major was graphic arts. Friends I hung with, Bill Killiam, Frank Kerti, Jack Geyser, and some the names all sound familiar. Frank Kerti got married 08-08-2008 and Bill Killiam, Frank Kerti, Jack Geyser and myself all made it. Pictues available.

(Class of 1970) Candice Bradley
Hey there! I'm a retired anthropology professor living in Saint Louis on my way eventually to Jacksonville, FL. I have three wonderful children, John (25), Mark (23) and Camille (17). No grandkids yet. Recently divorced after 25 years of marriage. Currently enjoying life with my border collie.

(Class of 1970) Susan Pace (Noble)

(Class of 1970) Cher Bucknam (Miller)

(Class of 1970) Michael Sesma

(Class of 1970) Debbie Miriam Blakely (Ferman)

(Class of W'1970) Denise (Cowan) Magick
Where are all the W70 people? Do you remember me? I was going out then with Mike Magick (summer 67) and we have been married 40 years!!!!!!! We have 4 grown boys- 39.38, 31, and 31. Six grandkids! We live in AZ (phoenix area) anyone out this way? Send me an e-mail asumom13@cox.net

(Class of 1970) Luanne E Rough (Leisker)
Come one...come all to egroups.com/group/james_monroe We have many alumni chatting and planning an all for one reunion this summer!

(Class of 1970) Norma St. Michel (Hertz)

(Class of 1970) Marla A. Wise (Pastko)
How quickly time passes...30 years Looking forward to the reunion

(Class of 1970) John Cooper
I look back and wonder where the time went; do others feel that way? I'm looking forward to the reunion this summer!

(Class of 1970) Bob Williams
I haven't made it to any reunions and will miss the thirtith. I will be in the valley the second weekend in june though.

(Class of 1970) Vicki Jean Kislan-Friese (Kislan)

(Class of 1970) Debbie Simons
I'm back in the area after leaving 24 years ago. Wow! It's been 30 years since high school. Are there any Winter '70 grads out there?

(Class of 1970) David Ward
Never made it to any of the reunions. Too far out there, better luck this time. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me, and even if you didnt.

(Class of 1970) Sharon Jarkoff (Fishman)
Would love to hear from anyone who remembers myself or my brothers Marvin and Jay.

(Class of 1970) Jim Newbre (Newbs)
Living near Dallas, TX and loving it. Would love to hear from any old friends.

(Class of 1970) David Dennis Titworth
I hope that the new year brings joy, happiness and good health to all. I've been on ClassMates.com for awhile now and am glad to see others involved and looking forward to our 30-year reunion. In case you don't remember me I was one of 3 Black kids to graduate in '70. If anyone knows the where abouts of Mario Gonzales, Dana Williams, Pat Miller, John Cunnigham or Harley Lipton..Please contact me. Have a safe and happy holiday and hope to see you at the reunion.

(Class of 1970) Steve Dillin
Hey all...Monroe Rocks...The Valley Rocks. Would especially like to hear from Sue Blasic John Yaworski, Art and the lunch crowd, Alicia Dawe.....was in my mystical seeking days at high school and not all that social (go figure). Went to the army as a medic, went to PreMed and did nursing for a while...Bagged that and become an electrician (I'm from the gadget family)and then on to be an electrical contractor. Been living north of San Francisco since the mid 70s, love it up here. Would like to hear from any one who remembers me.

(Class of 1970) John Hughes
Winter 1970 grad. Ran cross country and track. Misplaced my memories of high school. Eager to hear from anyone who can help fill in the gaps.

(Class of 1970) Philip Horn
Spent most of my time hiding in the Drama Department

(Class of 1970) MICHAEL SPIVAK

(Class of 1970) Bill Bench
Greetings...Anyone in the class of winter 70 around?

(Class of 1970) Russ Robins
Does anyone know if there is a 30 year reunion?

(Class of 1970) Ron McCanna
Looking for classmates! Get in touch.

(Class of 1970) Bobby Clarke

(Class of 1970) Rob Olshansky

(Class of 1970) Mark Nash (Higgins)
I grew up in the valley,went to Balboa Elementary,then Northridge Jr. Hi,then Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Hi.,before attending Monroe.I left school in the 12th grade and went to jr. college.Anyone out there remember me??

(Class of 1970) Yancy Young
Don't you just love waking up in the morning ... looking in the mirror ... and seeing your parents when we were in high school.

(Class of 1970) Dennis Brounstein
Anyone know where Richard Litt or Dave Glanvill are?

(Class of 1970) Sharol L. Fletcher

(Class of Winter 1970) Rod Bunn
Hello all from Winter '70 ! I'd like to hear from anyone, especially if you went to grammar school @ Chase St. and graduated Winter 1970 from Monroe !

(Class of 1970) Jaigne (Jane) Olshan
Wondering of Class of '70 is having a 30-year reunion.

(Class of 1971) Randy Bartlett
Hi all, I'm still living in Southern California. I've kept in touch with a couple from our class, Ron Nadel and Dave Zenk. Send me an email if you want to say hi.

(Class of 1971) Shelley David
Hi everyone-wow 40 years. I have a great life, and living life to the fullest in the Sacramento area.

(Class of 1971) Gail Laster (Krieger)
Debbi Laird, Greg Baugh, Gene Carl, consider yourselves remembered!

(Class of 1971) David S Roth
Hope life has been good to everyone so far! Enjoy and be well.

(Class of 1971) Bruce Hawkins
Saw message from Mike Smith, class of 72, looking for me, tried to e-mail but bad address, anyone know him and current address, would love to contact him.

(Class of 1971) Chris Serago-Jensen

(Class of 1971) Steven Lamm
I live in San Diego. Be happy to speak with any of my classmates.

(Class of 1971) Phylis (Bornstein) Wheeler

(Class of 1971) Gary Mould
Hi! It's good to see some familiar names. I'm married, with seven children and ten grand children. I am an InfoSys professional in SoCal. Still songwriting and playing guitar after all these years. Two sons and a son in law are in the US Army. Anyone know where I obtain 1969 through 1971 Monroe yearbooks?

(Class of 1971) Cindy "Lorraine" Nila
Hi to all. I didn't move far. Been living in Santa Clarita for the past 22 years. I have 3 children and 11 grandkids with number 12 due any minute. Email me!!

(Class of 1971) Karen Keesling
Alive and well. Looking forward to our 40th reuion in 2011.

(Class of 1971) Jady Copeland
Hi Guys, Jady Copeland here in Lakeland, Florida. After spending 26 years in Minnesota, Becky and I moved to central Florida four years ago to be near family. Our three children and three grandchildren all live in Tampa, as well as Becky's folks (the Hunters; Becky is the older sister of Brent and Crystal, for those who might remember them). Would love to hear from any of my old Monroe friends. Jady

(Class of 1971) Darlene Kennon Jett
If anyone is interested in getting together for a 40th reunion, please get in touch with me and I will be glad to help organize it.

(Class of 1971) Scott Heidbrink
Hard to believe it's been 37 years since graduation! My Mom (she's 91) still lives about 4 blocks from the school -- so when I'm in town, I drive by Monroe... it doesn't look that different, but it doesn't look the same. I was one of those hell-raisers, always riding my motorcycle on campus (and getting kicked off). My kids don't believe me... but high school was a lot of fun back in the day.

(Class of 1971) Lea Godsey
If there is anyone out there who attended JMHS between 1969-1971 and remembers the Picnic People, please send a hello. Where is everybody now. I know there are some we will see on the other side....but where are the rest of you?

(Class of 1971) Jennifer Louise Greene
Hi to all the 1969 thru 1971 allumni. I went to the 20th and 30th year reunions. The 20th year was very fun, I saw a lot of people I knew. The 30th I didn't see very many. Hardly anyone remembers me, I guess I wasn't too involved in the groups and stuff. I married Jeff Crane (Class of '69) and we had two children Justin now 33 and Jahna now 30, I have three grandkids. I'm still young for my age but gettin' up there! Aren't we all!!!!! Jeff and I divorced years later and I never remarried. Jeff recently passed away last year very suddenly, it's been rough, I'm tellin' ya, he was an immeasurable sweetheart. God Bless him. He was my true love. We miss him so much. Anyway, moving along, if anyone remembers me send me an email! Or even if you don't remember me send me one! I have great memories of Monroe, especially at lunch time when they would play "I Love You More Than Yesterday" on the speakers. Wasn't that cool? Whenever I hear that corny song I always think of Monroe. I'm looking for Tom Greene. Drama class kid. (no relation) Anyone hear of him? Bye for now.

(Class of 1971) Mark McClain
Great Monroe Alumni site. Brings back lots of memories. Miss all the late nights roaming the SF Valley, hanging out at Bob's Big Boy, and the Matador Bowl, and Cruising Van Nuys Blvd. After graduation I joined the Army and traveled the world for 5 years, yes, including Vietnam. Married, divorced, now living single, still kicking and relaxing on the east coast in Connecticut. Tom Compton, Debbie Williams, Kathy Wolfe (my high school sweetheart) are you all still out there? Miss you! God Bless all!

(Class of 1971) Mike Beier
Hey guys!!!! Just checking up and seeing what's happening. I'd like to hear from some old friends: Richard Bentrup, Clif Mitchell, Dave Shiflett, "the bearded wonder" Jeff Enbody, anyone from Mr. Burton's agriculture class and anyone else who remembers me. I have raised 3 grown children. My oldest, Jennifer, is 27 and working as a full time Dental Assistant. She has a daughter, Alyxandra. My second, Brian, is 26 and works for a hospital supply company and my youngest, Stephanie, is 25, married and expecting her first child with her husband. I am "The Dude!!!". If any of you have seen The Big Lebowski, you know who I'm talking about. I have been living the single life for 10 years and enjoying it!!! I reside in Santa Clarita, CA and work full time as a truck driver (er...ahem...a "transportation engineer") for a local building supply company. I enjoy being a Grandpa...I love my Granddaughter and we are close. My kids and I all live relatively close and we all see each other often. I have listed my daughters email. She has agreed to let me know if I get any reply's, emails or responses. You can give me a call anytime as well. I'd LOVE to hear from any of you!!! Hope you all are doing well. I know I am! 5/21/06 661-309-7940

(Class of 1971) Debbi Laird (Riordan)
Hi Everyone, It was such a big class. I've missed all the reunions, but would love to hear from anyone that might remember me! I live in san Diego and have been married for over 25 years. I graduated fron CSUN in business management and worked as a commercial loan officer in a bank until I had my son in 1983.

(Class of 1971) Larry Bilow
I have such fantastic memories of the days we went 'Streaking' through the campus, Gymnastics Championships, fun in the sun, and the earthquakes that shoke things up a bit! I live in beautiful Santa Barbara and I love to dance. If by chance you're coming up this way, give me a call and we'll do lunch or something! 805 455-0134

(Class of 1971) Debra J. Ambroff

(Class of 1971) Kandie Haub Evans
Hi All

(Class of 1971) Jyl Solis/Riley
I'm now older than dirt. I am married, have 2 children, 2 grandchildren, 2 foster children and live in N. CA. Life is great with Jesus in my life.

(Class of 1971) Donald Cohen

(Class of 1971) Jan Drake (Meisner)
Hi everyone! I still live in the valley(Calabasas). Have 2 grown sons and 3 grown stepkids. I am a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and Pilates instructor. I am also a west coast rep for a wonderful cattle drive trip in southwest Montana, and help with horseback lessons for disabled and autistic children in a wonderful facility in Thousand Oaks. I would love to hear from whoever wants to say "Hi". There were so many of us in the class and I was not the most involved person, so so many I do not know. I send good wishes to you all!

(Class of 1971) Sherry Palmer
Sure glad that I went to Monroe. It has been a trip getting in touch with a lot of old and (new) classmates from the 70's. I am probably having more fun now visiting with people than before. Will write more later.

(Class of 1971) Candy Antrican
Every time we have a new earthquake I remember the great aftershock we had during a performance of Finian's Rainbow in '71. Play Production/Stage Crew: Hi!

(Class of 1971) Lee Stern

(Class of 1971) Barbara Balzac Thompson

(Class of 1971) Michael Nathan
I've been married for 10 years to Sue and we have twin 8 1/2 year-old sons. I have 3 other children also ranging from 18 to 28. The greatest blessing in my life occured on April 5, 1987 when I met my Messiah Jesus. He has shown me what it really means to be a Jew. My future is secure and eventhough I have many trials and tribulations, knowing Him has changed everything.

(Class of 1971) Allen Williams
Married for 25 years, 4 children and selling insurance for almost 3 decades.

(Class of 1971) Pat Siler
Love to hear from and band/orchestra players who remember me. I only spent 10th grade at Monroe(68-69) but have the fondest of memories of that time. See my entry in the guest book to jog the memory.

(Class of 1971) Joyce Heist (Clow)

Hello, I do not know if anybody remembers me, but if you do, I would love to hear from you. Hope that all is well with everybody out there. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year (2003)!

(Class of 1971) Stephen Jenkins

"The Circle Game" Started a family a little later than most. "Cartwheels turn to car wheels" My son is just now old enough to drive and following close to his father's heart bought a 1969 Chevelle for his first car. No Imports in this family! Driving around in it with him the other night really brought back some great High School memories of cruisn' in my blue '66. Remember Jack Demay's white Roadrunner, Dave Kessler's red Studebaker or Tom Zambito's orange Firebird? Football, parties, muscle cars, cruisn' Van Nuys, friends and lovers. The best of times. The best of memories. I hope my son can look back on his High School years with as many smiles and laughs as I can mine, but with fewer speeding tickets, if any. "You can't return, you can only look behind from where you came and..." you know the rest. Class of '71 rules :) I can taste and smell those Cupids hotdogs and Tommy burgers all the way from Colorado. My daughter wants a T-Bird. $$$$$ 10/25/02

(Class of 1971) Bonnie De Frisco (Lineal)
Wishing you all the very best....I have been in the dental field for almost 32 years....I am a grandmother of a beautiful baby girl....would love to talk to you....write me!

(Class of 1971) Richard Sayer (Rich)

(Class of 1971) Molly MacDonald (Walsh)
Sorry to have missed the last two reunions.I'm a teacher,married,have four great kids and live in Granada Hills.I would love to hear from my old friends!

(Class of 1971) Eric A Bomar
I'm living in Las Vegas and loving it. Email me if you know me otherwise... kiss off, High school was a long time ago!! See you at Van Nuys Blvd, bring your pink slip!!

(Class of 1971) Jerry Fallenberg

(Class of 1971) Sheri Davis-Siegel

(Class of 1971) Charlene Stevens (Char)
I shall never forget the times at Farrell's;not breaking attention while my family was picking me out while we stood waiting to march back to M hall after a game;the drum section echoing their cadences through the halls...I'd love to re-live just one half time show!

(Class of 1971) David Paul Osako


(Class of 1971) Joyce Marie Kelley-Vincioni (Joy)

(Class of 1971) Jeff Spector
it was the Band that got me through High School. Greetings, Fellow Vikes!

(Class of 1971) Ron Nadel
Hey Vikings! Where are all the band members? Where is "Wells Fargo"! Lemme hear from y'alls!

(Class of 1971) KARLA JO LYNCH (POLAND)

(Class of 1971) Michael D. Henry

(Class of 1971) Morry Gussin
I look forward to seeing some old friends Novemeber 3rd.


(Class of 1971) Lisa Sinizer

(Class of 1971) Robert Schwab (Rob)

(Class of 1971) Tom James Richards

(Class of 1971) Robin Peck

(Class of 1971) Felice Leib (Diamond)

(Class of 1971) Dan Rigney
It is amazing the people you find here...

(Class of 1971) Todd La Vine
UPDATE: Sorry I can't make the reunion, but have a great time and renew your friendships. Good memories from the days at Monroe; Steve Jenkins' and our river trip; partying with Jack Demay; Bob Holt "STEINER"; Deby Compton and her brother. It's all coming back now.

(Class of 1971) Jeanne Smith (Weinberg)

(Class of 1971) Douglas Austin Scott

(Class of 1971) Marc Friman
I miss my friends and just the fun times at Monroe. Hope everyone is doing well

(Class of 1971) John C. Swanson

(Class of 1971) Caroline (Wong) Dere
Hi, everyone! Best of everything to you!

(Class of 1971) David T. Espinosa
I often think of all my friends who I have not kept in contact with in the music dept. at Monroe.
These are some of the best memories I have.

(Class of 1971) Ave Bernard

(Class of 1971) Nick Trierweiler

(Class of 1971) Caryn Chernin (Banks)

(Class of 1971) Kathy Rosenblatt (Brooks)

(Class of 1971) Sharon Devol
I have very fond memories of my days at Monroe. I practically lived in M Hall! Any other band/choir members out there?

(Class of 1971) Anderson, Richard S.

(Class of 1971) Janet Berman

(Class of 1971) Gene Carl
Those were great years hanging out at the M-building with the room between the classrooms, track and field (still have the letter sweater which still fits), jumping the fence to get into the greenhouse in the weekends, hearing from Mrs. Katarich (Spanish) about the teachers who didn't smoke (!), or checking into the raproom with Mr. Donovan. Well, we at least had Drivers' Ed free of charge. Mrs. Segal (sitting us in a circle in class), Mrs. Karlin, and Mr. Friedman were my favorites.

(Class of 1971) Eli (Jay) Eisenberg
For more Class of '71 Alumni fun, please sign up at http://www.egroups.com/group/james_monroe_71/ and http://www.highschoolalumni.com/servlet/hsa.HSA?action=students1&school=1454
These are FREE web sites that gives you FREE access to our classmate

(Class of 1971) Hali Warneck (Davidson)

(Class of 1972) William Dean Bradbury

Hope all of you are well. Forever Monroe, Forever Vikings

(Class of 1972) Greg Moreland
Still live in the San Fernando Valley, Married to Claudia Raybourn from the Class of 71. We both have great memories from Monroe and look forward to our next reunions.

(Class of 1972) Beth (Muskin) Segal
Just found this site (2010). Anyone out there I know? Saw a posting from Liz Bilyeu - we went to Gledhill together. Lived in Oregon 32 years now back in California -Of all things became a secondary education teacher. Would love to hear from anyone I knew.

(Class of 1972) Patti Risch (Hipps)
Hello Class of '72! I hope life has treated you well. I moved to Ormond Beach, Florida in 1986. I was in the health insurance business for 32 years and am now retired. I joined facebook over a year ago and have reconnected with many of our classmates and met new ones. We share pictures, stories, etc. It is really great! Take care and keep in touch...

(Class of 1972) Howard Rodner
Hi everyone. I still live locally. I'd love to hear from anyone.

(Class of 1972) Deborah Lynn (Sayer) Rodriguez
Hi everyone. It's been a while since I talked with many of you and I'd love to reconnect. I'm on Facebook if you care to look for me. Search for Debi Rodriguez; it's a common name but look for me in Nevada. Until we meet again!

(Class of 1972) Bruce Yochim
I am living in Santa Clarita. I am single, but have a 32 year old son and a 31 year old daughter. My son has a 4 year old duaghter and and my daughter is about to give birth to a son in June.

(Class of 1972) Janice Tidwell

(Class of 1972) Lori Stein
I just saw an In Memoriam saying that Miguel Capote died in 2007. He was such a nice guy--we used to go out in senior year and during our first year of college. Does anyone know what happened to him? Can't really remember anyone from those high school days! Drove by Monroe a few weeks ago. The neighborhood sure has changed.

(Class of 1972) Diane M. (Kramer) Gonzalez
Hi Class of '72! Good to see so many of you trying to stay in touch. Does anyone know what happened to Debbie Kleidosty? I'd really love to find her. I'm gonna be emailing some of you! Have a great year!!! Diane

(Class of 1972) Claudia Oulie (White)
I'm still here in Northridge. I've been married 27 years and have one daughter . Hello!

(Class of 1972) Robin Heller
Debbie Ernstmeyer, where are you? It will be great to go to the 40th.. 20th was so much fun...... I think we had the largest graduating class in the nation... forgot to mention, I was Robin Freedman.

(Class of 1972) Lisa Watters
Hello everyone...if you're not on Facebook..go on because FB collects everyone who says they graduated from Monroe, in the same year, and groups them. A bunch of us have re- connected and have posted pictures. It's been a great blast from the past.

(Class of 1972) Linda Matter Chenin
Hello Class of '72, I have barely seen any classmates since the 20 year reunion. I know the 40 year reunion is coming up, (if we have one) and I started networking on FaceBook recently and have come in contact with a lot of you from the class. Feel free to become FB friends and maybe we will all be in touch one way or another. I have lived in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1978. Hope to see you all on FB soon, 07-19-2009. Linda Matter Chenin

(Class of 1972) Joyce (Drha) Sapon
Can't believe this site is here, interesting to see how far everyone is spread out and all the interesting professions. Still in the SFV, business and family keeps us here, along with waiting for my girls to finish college. Would love to hear from anyone who may have known me. Hoping to make it to the 40th.

(Class of 1972) Alan Fine
Who new me? first job at McDonalds at parthenia and balboa. Hung out with WARREN GOMBERG ROCKY(SYLVIO) RONKASHEY TONY SENA ( REST HIS SOLE) MIKE VIGNARI DIANE SENA MARK LARSON and many others. We used to hang out at Bobs Big Boy at Roscoe and Vanuys and cruiesed Wednesday nights on Van Nuys Blvd. if you new me, drop me a line.

(Class of 1972) Mindy Shechtman Patterson

(Class of 1972) ed fisher
I would be glad to hear from anyone from those days, and chat. Wow... A real blast from the past. I do recognize a few names from the list. I am healthy and living a good life in San Diego. Worked in L.A. for a long time as a Court Reporter, and then got involved in Realtime Closed Captioning for the hearing impaired. I have caught up with a couple of folks from that class. Would be happy to chat with anyone from those days who remembers me. I was going through a lot of changes in High School, and lost contact with almost everyone from those days. I almost got married, but never did, and have stayed single with no kids all these years, but have managed to find things to keep active and involved in life.
Peace, Love, Harmony, Ed

(Class of 1972) Susie Phillips (Sue Roberts)
I was kinda shy and quiet - unless you knew me well!!

(Class of 1972) Kyle Letwinch (Talley)

(Class of 1972) Kathy Heaven Leivas

(Class of 1972) Neil Friedman

(Class of 1972) Dennis Bloom
Would like to know when we're having a reunion? Graduated from High School, went to John Jay College, graduated, went to Secret Service, then to P.A. Police retired and now C.E.O. of a School in the Pocono's Pa. and Pastor of a Non denominational Christian Church. Boy was that a lot of stuff...anyway...married with two children, one in college and one going there soon.... Would love to hear from old friends...Mark Walters, Illeana Ortiz, Little Judy...Big Mama...Mercedes Benitez...come on guys....let's get together....

(Class of 1972) Scott Rotheiser

(Class of 1972) NORM DUMAIS

(Class of 1972) Dixie Jean Poe
Hello everyone. Hope your having fun, I still do. I enjoy riding my bicycle (did three 100 mile rides last year), going to the gym, swiming, computer time, gardening, traveling, I have two dogs (Italian Greyhound & Poodle mix), I'm married, living in Oklahoma City, I'm a RN.

(Class of 1972) Mark Suzumoto
4/26/07 - I too just stumbled across this website through a "Google search" to locate one of our classmates. I hope that all is well with each of you. I will celebrate my 27th wedding anniversary this summer and have been blessed with three sons: John (21), Thomas (19), and Luke (16). Life is good!

(Class of 1972) Tracey Pirtle (Fogle)
I just found this website. Hi class of 72! Where have the years gone?? I'd love to hear from any of my friends!

(Class of 1972) David W. Shifflett
CWO-5 U.S. Army (Retired)
Excellent website for Monroe High. I left for basic training the Monday following our graduation. Stayed in for 21 plus years, retiring in 1993. Degree in Business from Saint Leo University. Currently working with the FAA-National Flight Simulator Evaluation and Qualification Program. Qualified as both rotary and fixed wing multi-engine pilot. Current in the Cessna Citation CE-560 XL. NSP Project pilot for the FAA-Certification of the Cessna CE-510 Mustang. Living in Atlanta, Georgia. Married and celebrating 27th anniversary.

(Class of 1972) Steve Goldstein
Just recently came across the site, saw a few familiar names. Maybe it's some midlife thing, although that would mean I'm going to live to be 104. Send a good word.

(Class of 1972) Bruce K. Rosenblum
Stumbled upon this site by accident and am glad I did. Had a chance to drive by Monroe a few weeks ago, brought back some wonderful memories. Still living in the San Fernando Valley and working in Burbank. I wish you all good health and happiness wherever you may be. Go Vikings!

(Class of 1972) Debra L. Korb

(Class of 1972) Seth Wolfson

(Class of 1972) Audrey Gardner
I remember so many of you, including (unfortunately) some names on the memorial page. I live in Los Angeles (Silverlake) and work in healthcare in Long Beach. Have one stepson and one (young) daughter (I was a late starter, what can I say??). I guess I missed the 30-year but made the 25-year. None of us looks the same!

(Class of 1972) Mick Brennan
If any of you remember me, drop me a line. Those High School years are still a bit 'fuzzy' so... ;)

(Class of 1972) Stephanie Paquin
i have been looking for dixie poe. love to hear from her.

(Class of 1972) margie mahaffey hanopulus
Fun to remember that far back, but do feel a tinge of sentimentality flipping thru the site. I'll have to try & find the old yearbook. Married 33 years to Bob Hanopulus--have remained in contact w/the Bundt's, Miller's, Peavey's, Peebles, Weisman, Gorman's, Farquson, Kapland's.... I'm looking for Lawerence Fitzgerald (class of S'69).

(Class of 1972) LIZ BILYEU
Where are all my buddies? Denise Stolle, Dawn Welcome, Sally Bush???

(Class of 1972) Joe De Angelo
Greetings to all! Like many, I found this site by chance. Thanks to all who developed it and maintain it. Right after graduation I moved to Las Vegas and started work in the broadcast industry while attending UNLV. Four years later I moved to Central Illinois and was a Product Marketing Manager for a large company that manufactured broadcast equipment. It was fun as I was able to travel throughout the US and several international tours as well. Later I became VP of Marketing of a regional chain of stores in the Midwest similar to Target. After they were purchased I joined a large company in St. Louis who manufactures lawn and garden as well as household products. I currently head up the graphics and package engineering efforts. My other passion in life is flying helicopters. Started that 15 years ago and now teach others how to fly when time permits.

A few years ago I ran into one of our old science teachers at Monroe during a visit home. I told him that Mr. John Felatico, Chemistry, was one of the teachers that really connected with me and others. He gave me Mr. Falitico\'s address and I wrote him a long letter expressing the small yet significant difference he made in my life. His wife called me and expressed the joy the letter brought John. Regretfully he was in poor health and could not tell me in person.

I miss the California weather. When people ask me where I grew up, I say with pride that I am a LA Valley Boy.

Regards to all from the Midwest.

(Class of 1972) Mitch Poris
I just found this great webpage by chance. Whew, what a flood of recollections, especially after looking at both the "In Memory Of" and our class pictures. Does anyone know how to contact Cindy Weinlood?

I just discovered this website (May 19, 2005). This is great.

(Class of 1972) Carline Cole
I am looking for a long lost friend, Teri Dooley. I am living in the White Mountains of Az. and teaching in Holbrook, Arizona. Would love to hear from you.

(Class of 1972) Jane Riley

(Class of 1972) Patty Pollack
Would love to hear from old classmates. I now live in the Pacific Northwest. Those who knew Pam Swanson, please contact me.

(Class of 1972) Kim Herle

(Class of 1972) Greg Kennedy
Dear Alumni, Life has been good and only getting better. I have fond memories of HS life and only regret not carrying through on friendships established during this period. This message is intended to update my email address as of 4/06. I would love to locate Dan Aguilar from the class of 1971. Be beautiful!
Ventura, CA

(Class of 1972)Lindsay Rogers
Hello to all who remember... It took 32 years to finally find this place and say hello. What a great place to stay in touch. Thank you Kim Smith (Walburn). This site has the MONROE VIKING mugs I've been looking for to complete my set. Well life has been good to me so far. With a bride of 22 years and two daughters, I'm blessed. Made the10, 20, 25 year reunions but missed the 30. Noticed the IN MEMORY OF page. Faces I remember so well are sorrowfully gone, way too young. Still gainfully employed in the Motion Picture Industry for the better part of 26 years in beautiful Hollwood Cali. Hope all is well with those who remember me. Would love to here from ya...

(Class of 1972) Kim Smith (Walburn)
Hi all!
Hope everyone is doing well. I am married(no children),live in Simi Valley and work for Northrop Grumman in Century City.
I still keep in touch with Sue Farquharson - she lives in Minnesota (she has the accent now and the whole bit), has two kids - 15 year old Lisa and 11 year old Brian.
I also am in close contact with Lindsay Rogers - he lives in North Hills, married with two daughters - 15 year old Shannon and 7 year old Alisa.
I saw Kathy Thatcher's name on the memorial site... does anyone out there remember her? As I recall we were still in high school when she died - drug overdose - such a tragic loss. I would like to visit her grave and pay my respects. Does anyone know where she is interred? I've searched through archived obituaries, etc. Nothing...
My best to all of you!

(Class of 1972) Andrea Gage Kennedy
Just happened upon this site and the memories came flooding back. Have been living in London, England for 23 years, married (to a real-life knight!)working in law firm and have two children. Sorry to have missed all our reunions. Maybe in 2012...

(Class of 1972) Fred Walburn
What fond memories I have with the class of 1972. I hope that you are well. Feel free to write. Take care, Freddy.

(Class of 1972) Lewis Winer
To all those classmates of mine, greetings. As you may have read, I am in regular touch with Richard Mandel and Miguel Capote. I hold them, and their achievments in high regard. I left California for good in 1986, lived in El Paso, Texas, for little over 13 years, and have been working and living around Winston-Salem, NC, since November 1999. I hope you and your families are all well and happy.

(Class of 1972) Al Capote (Miguel A. Capote)
Here is my new email address for those of you who want to get in touch. If you have a chance, visit my company's website and see what I am up to www.aguilatech.com .

(Class of 1972) Richard Mandel
I don't understand Capote -- he makes it sound like I've sprouted wings and fly transonic speeds (actually, that better describes Berkowitz/Berkeley). Of course, the remarkable bit is that I'm editor of two engineering magazines. And I live now in Ohio, outside Cleveland, been married 25 years, and have a 6-year-old adopted son. I, too, am in contact with Lewis...also Richard Isted...and, of course, the artist formerly known as Miguel C. Send me a postcard, drop me a line, stating point of view....

(Class of 1972) Carol Croucher (Atwood) (Speck)
I was married to Dick Atwood for 21 years & we moved to Minden, NV. I remarried 6 years ago. I live in Gardnerville, NV with my new husband. I would love to hear from any of you that remember me. I also can get you in touch with Dick. I have 3 children, 5 grandchildren with another one on the way.

(Class of 1972) Carla Walders
Does anyone remember me?

(Class of 1972) Kevin V. Lacy

(Class of 1972) Terry ann (Embree Lacy)

(Class of 1972) Chuck Manente
Great to know there is a site where we can contact long lost friends. If anyone remembers me and want to know what's up, let me know.

(Class of 1972) Michael Smith
The internet brings us together. This is good. Anyone remember the Rowdy Rooters during the football games? Fun time. Anyone know Bruce Hawkins (class of 71?) Please drop me a line if you do. Take care and enjoy life!

(Class of 1972) Joanne Thornhill

(Class of 1972) Stephen Martinez
I barely remember them years. As I read through the messages I realize that we were young once and now as our parents pass away we are at the other end of life.

(Class of 1972) Debra Moraida (Edelson)

(Class of 1972) KIM FRANKLIN (HERLE)

(Class of 1972) Brian Gwaltney

(Class of 1972) Greg Kent Goddard

(Class of 1972) Jerry Strange
Great times, great memories. Married 30 years to Rhonda, Lived in Nashville Tn, Houston Tx, Asheville NC, Las Vegas NV, and now Kingston Springs Tn.

(Class of 1972) David Harvey

(Class of 1972) Jesse Marshall Evans
Is anybody out there?

(Class of 1972) Leo Brussel

(Class of 1972) Mark H Hilton
After 30 years of silence, I am ready to find out what exactly happened to all of those people I either hung out with or avoided 30 years ago. Any takers?

(Class of 1972) Vince J Trotta
Class of 72 still rocks!

(Class of 1972) Suzanne Marie Sincock (Toensing)
This was wonderful finding this. Can anyone tell me when the 30 year reunion is? Has it been that long, would love to touch base with any classmates. Please let me know!!

(Class of 1972) cathy sue ellis (venable)
Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful faces and jogging some fond memories...Can't wait!!!

(Class of 1972) Debbie Nygaard (Macpherson)
Made the 20 year, missed the 25 year, but hope to make the 30 year. Up in the Seattle area with my husband of 15 years. Second marriage - widowed the first time.

(Class of 1972) Kathy M Braune (Mann)
Hi I moved from Los Angeles to Little Rock AR. 8 years ago. Would love to hear from anyone.

(Class of 1972) Da L. Korb

(Class of 1972) DALE HASKELL

(Class of 1972) Michael William Mann

(Class of 1972) Lisa Ann Heagy

(Class of 1972) Madeleine Marie Smith (Berg)
Hope somebody remembers me! I'm now a music publishing administrator and supervisor. I have a 17 year old son and am in the process of adopting a 1 year old boy from Bulgaria!

(Class of 1972) Anneliese Weston

(Class of 1972) Sherre Frost (Heinsohn)
I'm also in touch with Andrew Graham and Carol Clyde, also Class of 1972. We're going to go to the 30 year reunion - hope to see you there!

(Class of 1972) Lyn Lannon Patmor (Lannon)

(Class of 1972) Jeff Berkeley (Berkowitz)

If you are interested in a 40-year class reunion during the summer of 2012, kindly visit a simple facebook page I have constructed and "like" the page. Feel free to make whatever comments you wish as well. If I can get up to 100 interested folks, I'll send out a simple survey to see what it is you wish to do for said reunion. Here's the link:


If you do not wish to get into facebook, I understand. Please email me and let me know that you are into it or not; at least say hello. Also, since we're just starting out (August 2011), networking is the watchword of the day. Kindly spread the word to all your Monroe buds from that life so long ago. Thanks and take care,

(Class of 1972) gary boehm

(Class of 1972) Michael Thomas Soderman (Mike)
My husband Mike died of Glioblastoma Multiforme (primary brain cancer) on our twin boys' eighth birthday: March 5, 2001. He was a retired (May 1995) veteran, U.S.Navy-E-9,received his BS in MIS, worked for Xerox as a Color Network Analyst, then had seizures while we were on a family trip Thanksgiving weekend, Nov.1999. He underwent a craniotomy, radiation treatments, then another craniotomy and about 5 different chemo regimens. Nothing worked to get rid of the tumor that was in the left frontal lobe of his cerebrum.... He spent his last month in a hospice. I only wish there had been something someone could have done to help him survive this cancer. I was desperately searching for alternative treatments... But only less than 5% of people with a GBM survive it. I just thought some of you might want to know...G.Soderman, widowed spouse

(Class of 1972) Dianne Jaennette
Hey All Vikings...I don't know if anyone remembers me...It gets harder as the years go by! I live near Morro Bay, California. I love it here and am semi-retired.

(Class of 1972) Larry Kraus

(Class of 1972) Bonnie Bomar (Smith)
Hi everyone.

(Class of 1972) Eli Bomar
Al Lopez, you owm me 20.00 from the Ali Fight, pay up!!! Vince still has my ceramic beer can from jr. high. I want it back!! (Linda & Lis are still following me and Frank Spicer, will it ever end?) See you guys on Facebooks!!!

(Class of 1972) Al Lopez (Albert)
I apologize to the person that got hit with the apple that was standing in front of the stage. It was a hell of a throw. I am a sergeant with LAPD now. If anybody remembers me besides Eli and Vince, e-mail me.

(Class of 1972) Deborah Lynn McKee (Debbie Jimenez)
there were 2 Debbie Jimenez's, I believe we both even have the same middle name. I would like to know how to get a year book--is that possible?

(Class of 1972) sandy osher

(Class of 1972) Mike Spore
"Hello...is there anybody out there?"

(Class of 1972) Teri Chinchuck (Schrader - Grajeda)
I hope life has been good to of you out there! I would love to hear from any of my old classmates!
I lost touch with some of you while I was in Germany. Isn't it awesome that now we have the abilty to find one another again thanks to the internet!

(Class of 1972) Erin Leigh Lund (Crosthwaite)

(Class of 1972) John Morris

(Class of 1972) janet leigh giudici (brown)

(Class of 1972) Dan Means

(Class of 1972) Marilyn Scott (Borquez)

(Class of 1972) Nino King
Cheri Munkers, Larry Cedar, Tony Buelna, Laurie Kaufman, Elain Kuppers, Debbie Winger...Where are you?

(Class of 1972) Irwin Stalk
Hello everyone from the Class of '72. I would enjoy hearing from you (whether or not I knew you in high school.)

(Class of 1972) Arno Feuer
10-1-09 I am alive and living in Ohio for the past two years. Wish I knew it was gonna be this cold. Miss L.A. a bit. Married and have a lovely 15 yr old daughter. I wish all of you well. Life has treated me without complaint. Look back at some good old days and a senior prank night that went down in history. We were kinda wild and stupid hoisting that Big Boy up on the auditorium. :-)

(Class of 1972) Gary R. Maker
Need to stay in touch. It's been a long time. Recognize some names of folks I've known since grade school.
Hello all! I am living in Spring Hill, TN still working in the automotive industry. (Saturn Corp.) Hope to hear from some of you soon! Take Care!

(Class of 1972) Jay H Sanzo
Just trying to find people I remember or who remember me.

(Class of 1972) Jo Sittig (Caiola)
next reunion October 2017 Pink Hugs....Jo Caiola Sittig 702-787-6689 cell

(Class of 1972) John Snyder
I would really enjoy chatting with anyone that may have known me

(Class of 1972) James Huse

(Class of 1972) Tom Bartholet

(Class of 1972) Kathy Mcguire (Holzborn)
I would have graduated with the class of '72 but my dad moved us to Oregon after 10th grade. I also attended Sepulveda Jr High. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

(Class of 1972) Diane Weatherwax
I didn't graduate from Monroe, but transferred to West Valley Occupational Center to get my diploma. I made a carreer of the Army and settled in Portland OR. If anyone should remeber me drop me a line :)

(Class of 1972) Patti McCanna (Bailey)

(Class of 1972) Greg Edward Bough
Living in Seattle now and working in Sales Management. Married-no children. Doing well and hope everyone else is too. Write if you remember me. (Note: missed grad. picture taking so there is not a picture of me in 1972 yearbook. Sorry!

(Class of 1972) Karen Lee Bradford (Kurtz)

(Class of 1972) Benjamin Chandler Shaw III (Ben)
Add five years to the above picture link

(Class of 1972) Debra Jean Blackwell (Rubin)

(Class of 1972) Pam Bailey

(Class of 1972) Eileen Russell (Wainer)
Looking forward to the 2002 reunion. 30 years. WOW!

(Class of 1972) Kevin A Bradshaw (Byram)
Let's talk if you know me.

(Class of 1972) Mike Kiggins
would like to hear from anybody out there that hung out with the same people. Don't where anyone is.

(Class of 1972) Jeffrey Kayne
It would be great to hear from any of my classmates...write soon!

(Class of 1972) Jim DeFazio

(Class of 1972) LeeAnn DiPrima Powell
Just dropping a note to say Hi

(Class of 1972) Nancy Berri Schwerdt

(Class of 1972) Marganne Meyer
It's great that people are putting energy into gathering all of us through the Internet. How about a 'virtual' reunion in a Yahoo chat room? ;-) BTW, after graduating from CSUS in '77, I moved north. Now I'm in Sacramento.

(Class of 1972) Gerry Maitland
Looking for classmates from 1972. email maitlgb@aol.com

(Class of 1972) Dianne (Jaennette) Christenson
Would like any info on 30th Reunion in 2002!

(Class of 1972) GEORGE PORRETTA

(Class of 1972) Jeff Syrop
I had to move away in my senior year. If anybody remembers me, please write. I hope you enjoy my Web site! Would love to hear from Sue Zeifmann and Constance Walker

(Class of 1972) John Becker
Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me. Life for me is way different now, married with four kids and life is pretty good these days. :)

(Class of 1972) Mark Cooper
This is one of the greatest uses of the internet, bringing together people.

(Class of 1972) Michael W. Mann

(Class of 1973) Lori Cumber (Kerstein)
Hello to anyone that remembers me! Moved out to Denver, CO in 1991 and just love it here. Went to the 10 and 20 year reunion, but missed the 30. Keep me posted if we have a 40 year reunion. Love to hear from Brien Dunn, Marilyn Barnes, Susan Rosenberg, Joe Ruccione, Brent Morrison.

(Class of 1973) Denise Rivera
I am looking for anyone who remembers me and would love to find my girls Mercedes Rodriguez, Rachel Garcia, Linda Rosa, my guy friends, Bobby Matos, Jr. Matos, Eddie Colon, oh my god, too many to mention......Mayra Ramos, Santana, drop me an email...

(Class of 1973) Ken Isovitz
What a long, strange, trip it has been.

(Class of 1973) Brad Brock
I married my best friend in 1976. We have 3 grown sons and 3 grandkids. Life could not be better. In 2008 I left my carreer in motion pictures and became a pastor. I wish I would have appreciated the great years at Monroe a little sooner.

(Class of 1973) Janice Foy, Ph.D.
Greetings everyone! Please visit my site at http://www.bravo-la.com and send me your comments, updates on your life, pictures and please come to my concerts! I have been overseas to Croatia during and after my UCLA Ph.D. research. I also traveled to Romania, England and went to various places in Western Europe. I am a professional 'cellist and if anyone wants to play chamber music, or just jam with some of the jazz groups I am in (one in Koreatown!), just send me an email and I will give you all the details! I even got to perform with Herbie Hancock!! It would be great to create an ensemble with all Monroe Viking grads - let me know! I am still single and can't believe I have my 54th birthday coming up in August!!!! yipes!!! Actually, I am like a female Benjamin Button - I was born very mature and now I am really such a kid and enjoy most of all teaching talented youth of all backgrounds and abilities!! If you have kids and want lessons, strings/piano, let me know!!! cheers!!! Doc YOyo Foy, my unofficial stage name! (and yes, I am in Northridge!!)

(Class of 1973) Janie (Prange) Holdridge
did I know anyone in high school????

(Class of 1973) Mike Roberts
I just discovered this site. If there are any baseball alumni out there, drop me a line.

(Class of 1973) Pamela Boldetti
hey where is everyone? this is me now http://www.myspace.com/pjblondie

(Class of 1973) JOHN ALLEN
Hi to everyone! Isn't this site just great. Found it purely by accident. Anyway, for those who knew me after graduating, I went into the Air Force as a cop. While in Philippines I found myself in Saigon during the refugee evacuation. Was only there for three days. Next day after I left, Saigon fell, whew! After the service, I ended up in Las Vegas as a cop then into the detective bureau. Retirement came and got a gig as a detective at a major hotel/casino. I do psychic stuff (yes, I'm the real deal) on the side for free. If you of John Edward, I do what he does. Would just love to hear from anyone who knew me. Blessings to all!I'm at JOHNBRONC@AOL.COM

(Class of 1973) Pam Sanchez (Smith)
Sandy Spak, I too wonder what happen to all those people in particular Debbie Villarreal, we were best friends in grammar school and even though we still knew each other in high school through the "Darnells", I often wonder what happen to her. I remember running into you in Paso Robles. Hope you're doing fine.

(Class of 1973) Chuck Stockdale
Wondered what happened to you bums. Glad someone made this site. Guess we're almost at 35 years now. I remember Brad Rice. We played Little League together in the 60's. I remember Steve Resnick from swim team. I used to swim and hung out with Greg Feo and Bill Dedericht. Drop a line if you remember me.

(Class of 1973) Diane Luse
Nice to see some names that I remember here. I wish that I had been able to attend past reunions. Regretfully, I did not. I would love to attend our next one whenever that may be. My how time flies by so fast! I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me. Best wishes to you all.

(Class of 1973) Guy Dodie
Living in Pasadena with my best friend and wife Laura. Lucked out. Can find me in the mountains biking.

(Class of 1973) Brad Rice
Hi gang! Hows everybody? I'm wasting away up here in Corvallis, Or Home of the 06,07 Oregon State national baseball champs! Getting close to retirement! (30 years in teaching is long enough!) Still got my hair...........but cant remember anything! :-) Love to hear from ya! Bradlo

(Class of 1973) Rachael Catran
Hey Vickings! I was reading the sights. High school left great memories.If anyone remembers me feel free to contact me. Even though I never left the valley, friends moved and Ireally lost contact with alot of people.I missed my 20th and 30th reunion. I missed my 30th to go to a Lynard Skynard concert. See, some things dont cahange.

(Class of 1973) David Hyman
Greetings Y'all from Sepulveda aka North Hills, Ca. Aside from College, I'm one of the few who stayed within a mile of the family home. I have proudly served as a letter carrier a block away from where I grew up and can retire by 2010. I'm also on our local neighborhood council and help our Angeles chapter of the Sierra Club.

(Class of 1973) Debbie (Cox) Shannon

(Class of 1973) Guy Benjamin

(Class of 1973) Benny J Hom

(Class of 1973) Steve Gross
As time goes by, I now live in TEXAS, everyone calls me COWBOY as I have horses and the whole nine yards. A far cry from being a Yell-king at good old Monroe. Email me sometime.

(Class of 1973) Howard Dulberg
Hey out there. I've been living in Nashville TN for the last ten years. What's up with any of my old friends. Keep in touch.

(Class of 1973) Liz Farrell
Where have I been all this time?

(Class of 1973) Diane Hanopulus (Mark)
Would love to hear from my old friends! Most of us have turned 50 I'm living in Columbus Ohio. Married for 25 years and have a daughter and son.


(Class of 1973) Mark Killam
Hi All, I'm just wondering aloud what happened to everyone and how their lives have changed. I'm just sitting here listening to Cat Stevens and feeling a bit nostolgic.

(Class of 1973) Bob Augur

(Class of 1973) Michael Heins
Hello I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Class of 1973) Jeff Cazanov
Well, hello class of '73! I see this seems to be the place to go for all you cheapskates who can't afford to get together at classmates.com. That includes me. So here we all come, sneaking in the back door to avoid the cover charge. The good news is pretty soon we'll all be getting senior-citizen discounts.

(Class of 1973) Greg Groves
Greetings for Colorado Springs, Colorado. Hope you all are doing well and life is treating you well. We are all aging gracefully here and enjoying life, family, and the mountains. I wish you all the best always Greg Groves

(Class of 1973) Theresa Gahagan
Hello all! I'm living in Marin County, Northern California with my husband, Richard (architect) and our daughter, Carson (Redwood High School class of 2007) and working in San Francisco (Controller for a large commercial real estate company.) I'm thrilled to have found our alumni site and would love to hear from you...(The secret to life is enjoying the passage of time)

(Class of 1973) James Lee WHitbey (Jim)
Sorry I missed the reunion. But I am doing well in Nashville TN either e-mail will be fine to use. Please let me here from all of you. I went into a career in Graphic Design and have been in it eh whol time I have been here since 1977. I have been married to my wife Sheryl for 24 years and we have one son Jams A. Whitbey who is almost 22 and he has his own Cleaning and MAintence Service. My wife Sheryl is a Subsistute Teacher for the publc School System here.We have 3 cats and 3 dogs. I am very involed in the Masonic Lodge and the Shrine both are great organizations. Best wishes to all and let he here from some of you. Jim

(Class of 1973) Rose Imber (Salazar)

(Class of 1973) Clinton Lonnie Thompson

(Class of 1973) Randy Lazar

(Class of 1973) Rob Cohon

(Class of 1973) Steve Resnick
Hi Everyone here is my new E-mail address....

(Class of 1973) Sandy Spak (Foxford)
This reunion has got me thinking about alot of good friends I've lost touch with. To name just a few, e-mail me if you see this message: Patty Phelps, Lynne Shula, Karen Zimmerman, Debbie Villarreal, Megan Rogers. I'm living in San Luis Obispo (Central Coast) and would love to attend the reunion if my friends are going. I attended the 10th and none of them were there. Where are you?

(Class of 1973) Steve Geldman
Many old names are recognized on this site that bring back many past memories. Would be good to hear from you.

(Class of 1973) Steve Schott
Living in the mid-west since 1979.

(Class of 1973) George Sublette

(Class of 1973) Marcy Torrey
Our reunion is scheduled for August 9, 2003 at the Sheraton Universal. Please make sure that the reunion committee has your current address so that you can receive further information. You can send it to me, I'm on the committee. Hope to see you there!

(Class of 1973) Richard Porto
Theatre is where I hung out. Finnian's Rainbow, Of Thee I Sing, Mame. I am still doing theater and running a 25 acre organic farm in Kaua'i.

(Class of 1973) Sue Pedersen-Brooks

(Class of 1973) Cheryl Chaffee

(Class of 1973) Danette (Peterson) Downs

(Class of 1973) pam boldetti
Thanks to you guys my dear friend found me again!!! Yippie!! Steve smith still love ya! Most of you dont know me, Hell after all this time I dont remember a whole lot. LOL sex drugs and rocknroll can do that to you...grin If ya knew me drop me a email.

(Class of 1973) Cary Christopher
Glad to hear so many of us survived the 70's, 80's and 90's! I've been married for about 20 years. My wife Danielle and I have three kids (ages 18, 16 and 14), two boys and a girl. Special greetings to the old Play Production team! From San Diego, Cary C.

(Class of 1973) Steve Smith
Anybody remember Pam Boldetti? I left my heart in LA in the year '72, when my family moved to Nor Cal, else I would have graduated in '73.

(Class of 1973) Jim Geeting
I finally found it! Our site! Good job whomever is maintaining it. Too many people in LA led me to Wyoming where I have been a state trooper for too many years - in fact - I will be retiring in a couple more. Plan to open up a roadside fruit and comic strip stand, grow my hair and beard and maybe...just maybe...trim my fingernails from time to time :) I am a freelance writer and magazine editor and write a column called The Badge in several newspapers. Nice to know folks can read something moving and meaningful before they line the birdcage! Blessings to my Monroe alumni - and if your ever in Wyoming...watch your speed - I'd hate to run into you THAT way?!?!?!.

(Class of 1973) Susan Grace Day (Brown)
I am looking for information on the 30 year Monroe High School Reunion for the 1973 Class. Any information would be great.

(Class of 1973) Debbie Alpert (Freides)

(Class of 1973) Jeff Chieves
Where do we all go Jeff Chieves 73

(Class of 1973) Tina deWitt (Thomson)
I went to Our Lady of Peace through the 8th grade then Sepulveda JR High, then Monroe, I was not that involved in high school, but would love to hear from any one who remembers me.

(Class of 1973) Randy Garacci
After two years at CSUN, I transferred to Cal Poly and have been on the beautiful Central Coast of California ever since.

(Class of 1973) Lorraine Ann Warren (Cronin)
Greetings from the San Francisco Bay Area! My husband Russell and I have been living up here for, gosh, 19 years now...and it's about time to MOVE ON! After graduating from Monroe and college, I went into real estate (as a broker and appraiser), before retiring two years ago. As with our 10th and 20th reunions, I plan to attend our 30th. Best wishes to everybody!

(Class of 1973) Shannon McClary Smurthwaite ("bob-o-reba")
Hello to all classmates of 1973!
It has been too long. Happily married for nearly 25 years, 4 wonderful children, enjoying my freelance art/design and all the "mom" stuff. Living in Idaho. See you at the 30th reunion. ( Sr. Class V.P)

(Class of 1973) Jim Friedman

(Class of 1973) Eileen S. Vergino (Schaffer)

(Class of 1973) Laura Van Eyk
I barely remember being there... so who would remember me?

(Class of 1973) Karyn D Cunningham (Goin)
Its been so long I have never attended one reunion and would really like to finally in my life..

(Class of 1973) Gregory A Shaffir

(Class of 1973) Siggi Irwin (Feuer)
It's fun connecting with old friends who have made an impact on our lives in some way, and I've kept in touch with many. However, I would love to find Suzy Cohen, Kim Slevin, Bruce Thomas, Kirk Miller, Rick Selma, and others. If you know where they are, or if you have known me in the past and want to converse, feel free to contact me. Ultimately, we are all connected (in one way or another). I hope all of you have found happiness in your lives. And may you always be surrounded by ... love & light ...

(Class of 1973) Kari Ann Maeda (Poland)

(Class of 1973) Thad Eckland
Hi,I'm living happily on Arizona's west coast.

(Class of 1973) Jana Baker-Perkal
Hello! Would love to hear from anyone that remembers me. Cathy Griewe, learn how to spell spirit! Jana

(Class of 1973) Melisa Davis

(Class of 1973) Phyllis Corinne Levine (Maliniak)

(Class of 1973) Ed Tapia
Hi all! Well just found this and nice to see a few names i knew. would like to hear from you if you might remember me.

(Class of 1973) Genie Ladd
Living in Big Sky, Montana, I have the best of all. I design custom homes with by (builder) husband, have a little Destination Management Company (Destination Montana) and I ski all winter, ride my horses all summer. Life is quite good!

(Class of 1973) donna lynn bell (hoffman)

(Class of 1973) Neil Pedinoff
Living in Southern Orange County for the last 12 years.

Hi to all my classmates. I joined the Army in 1976 and stayed for 7 years. I was fortunate to travel around the country, Germany and then live in Okinawa for 3 years. I attended University of Maryland Far East Division, then returned to the Monterey Bay and have been here ever since (about 23 years). I became a Registered Nurse specializing in Surgical Nursing. I am back in school again attending CSU-Dominguez Hills. As a student who despised High School I have spent several years of my life pursuing my educational interests. I have 3 children, 27, 25 and 22 and 5 grandchildren. I welcome any emails.

(Class of 1973) Bill Ainsworth
Hey gang! Have been living behind the "Orange Curtain" in Laguna Hills since the late 70's. Any info on the 30 year reunion? Drop me an E.

(Class of 1973) Michael Foster

(Class of 1973) STEVE RESNICK

(Class of 1973) Ralph Riganti
Hey, time flys when your having fun, huh? Well its hard to believe, but the band that started out at Monroe High is STILL together. Sheesh, somebody tell these guys to get a life :) Check out how old we look now at: http://www.captaincardiac.com

(Class of 1973) Sue Brough (Metcalf)
This site is bringing back lots of memories. I moved out of state 10 years ago. Keep in touch with my friend Laurie, through the internet. I will be celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary with my best friend this year(2000). How time flys, right? I was a quiet one in school so you may not remember me. But if you do, I'd love to hear from you.


(Class of 1973) Larry Schlotfelt

(Class of 1973) Nancy Gail Cain (Pack)
This has been really fun to check up on the old school. Hope you all are enjoying life! Wow! We are close to (or there already!) 45!

(Class of 1973) Bruce A. Weinsoff

(Class of 1973) Christine Johansson (Wiitanen)
I only attended Monroe in 1970/1971 and then moved away, but have very fond memories of kids I grew up with. Would love to hear from anyone from 1973 graduating class!

(Class of 1973) Larry Robert Thornhill
just wanted to say hi and hope all your dreams have come true

(Class of 1973) Larry Heist
It's been a long time. Hope to hear form some old friends!

(Class of 1973) Laurie L Dame (Swind)
Would love to hear from anyone who might remember me. I missed the 20 year reunion as I had a baby a couple days before the reunion! I am still in contact (email) with my best friend in high school (Sue). I did not marry my high school sweet heart, although I know he is alive and happy.

(Class of 1973) Renee Battaglia (Boudreau)

(Class of 1973) Talitha Embry

(Class of 1973) Thom Krag
It has been a long time since graduation, a wonderful time! I would enjoy getting in touch with some of my friends. I haven't been to any of the reunions and want to reestablish old contacts. Enjoy!

(Class of 1973) Christopher John Kohut (Chris)
Would like to touch base with some old friends from 73-74 graduation years.....cjk

(Class of 1973) Jeffrey Alan Schermer
Looking to reconnect with some old friends from the Music Department. I can't believe it - almost 30 years!!!

(Class of 1973) Nicholas Mainwal Kane (Don)
Look forward hearing from you. Thank You, Nicholas Mainwal Kane. Where is Karen Speigel,and Martha ?

(Class of 1973) Tricia O'Connell

(Class of 1973) Rachelle Ann Harbo (Bernard)

(Class of 1973) Marty McLaughlin
Hi. Things have been interesting these past 32 years. Would like to renew contact with Terri O'Neill, Mary Hogan and Ken Emmert, if anyone knows there whereabouts.

(Class of 1973) Doreen Linn Delgado
This is great. If anyone knows where Jerry Coleman(1969) is please let me know.

(Class of 1973) Cathy Griewe (Stolz)
Remember me? Class of 73. Best friends with Julie Grant, Jana Baker, senior class cheerleader, drill team and majorette. Loved school and viking sprit!

(Class of 1973) Marvin Fishman
He everyone, feel free to email me at mfishman@socal.rr.com

(Class of 1973) Dean Stuart Kenny (Deano)
This is so cool! I hope this gets into the right hands. I have often wondered what's up with some of my old classmates. Please let me know about any upcoming events with my class. Thanks, and good luck to all in the future.

(Class of 1973) Debbie Wexler (Marks)
Back in '73 who would have thought there would be an internet. Would be glad to hear from anyone who remembers me from way back then.

(Class of 1973) Serge S Desomov
High School? I don't think I ever did that....

(Class of 1973) Maude huggins (mungle)
Great to see this available. Great to hear from any of you. Would love to hear of any reunion for our class.

(Class of 1973) Larry Kayne
Like to hear from classmates

(Class of 1973) Marilyn (Le'Gall) Bazzell

(Class of 1973) MaryAnn Benson
Haven't known of any reunions for 1973 - would love to get info on any future reunions. Nice to have this - brings back a lot of memories!!!!

(Class of 1973) Fallenberg, Craig

(Class of 1973) Tim Syrop

(Class of 1973) Linda Duran
Like to hear from anyone from the class of '73 i was only there for my 10th grade year and senior year (was shipped off to Kennedy high for its opening in my junior year) want to know what happened to barbara stinnet, mike goldbeck, diane ripley,nita brown and armando who's last name i dont remember:)

(Class of 1974) Karen Jean Uhlenkott / Weinreb
It's been such a long time, and I was looking for anyone who hung out with me? I was quite shy to say the least ;-) ...also "The Dardnells" I would love some information on the group? Maybe some pictures?!!

(Class of 1974) Jim Greene
Hello all, I guess I should have registered long ago, but never really found the time. My kids asked me about what I did in high school. I didn't want to tell then everything. things were different back then. I guess that's why I started thinking about some of you and the thing we did back then. "good times!" Hope to hear from you.

(Class of 1974) Laura Davis (Piccolo)
Anyone know where Linda Sterling is?

(Class of 1974) Reed Walsh

(Class of 1974) Crystal Morrow (Probert)`
I haven't made any reunions since the 10th.Life got in the way. Would love to hear from some old classmates. I have been married for thirty years. I have a son Neil who lives in West Virginia and a daughter Brittney who is now a senior At Oregon State.

(Class of 1974) Monica Lange (Spegg)
Thankfully, I've been married for 27 years and raised 3 delightful children (one grandchild so far). No kidding, life is good! After the tumultous ride in highschool, I met the Lord, then moved to the Northwest. Several Monroe alumnis settled in the Seattle area and love God. In fact, we go to the same church. Amazing, huh?

(Class of 1974) Deborah Recheck (Lang)
I lost my year books in the Sayre Wild Fires in California in November 2008. I love to down load the picture from the 1974 year book.

(Class of 1974 ) Joy Rubinstein Bressler
Hey, Just moved down to Atlanta Ga. Lived in Las Vegas, Nv. for 9 years, and just moved to the So. East, really different down here. A lot to get used to. Found this website luckily,

(Class of 1974) Dan Prinzing
Hi All!

(Class of 1974) LeRoy Anderson
Hey Rick....Was on the swim team.. Ifnanyone remembers me

(Class of 1974) Jamie (Grow) Dangerfield

(Class of 1974) Patti Norcisa
Just checking the "ol' memory box" to see if I recognize anyone's name or if they remember me! I would love to chat with those that do...I actually left in 1973, I got married then, but my graduating class would have still been 1974. Living & doing well in Northern CA now...

(Class of 1974) Mario Mastrandrea
Hey all! Retired from the military and living in Florida...Love to hear from any of the classmates..e-mail me at mars132@verizon.net to say Hi...Really miss the valley and the great times at Monroe. Happy Trails, Mario

(Class of 1974) Marla Kay Danielson
Hey everyone. I hope you are all doing well. Does anyone know whatever happened to Mark Hernandez?

(Class of 1974) Debbie (Price) Chipman
Now living in the Great Northwest - Washington State to be exact. It's been quite a ride!

(Class of 1974) Trent Tribe

(Class of 1974) Michael Stephen Schaffer
Go Vikings!

(Class of 1974) Frank Johnson

(Class of 1974) Glenn Hardman
Still Alive and Well!

(Class of 1974) Elise Yusem ( Healan)
I just found this web site. Nice to see old class names. Missed the 30 year but still remember several people. Hope someone remember me. I am married 30 years and have 2 children 28 and 26. Both married and soon to be a grandmother in January 2006. hope to hear from someone. This is fun.

(Class of 1974) Bruce Herder

(Class of 1974) Pamela Lane (Knight)
This site is amazing, would love to hear from anyone who remembers me, hope everyone is happy and healty, a special thanks to michelle for all her hard work on all the alumni sites, she is truly a wonderful selfless person to give so much of her time for all of us

(Class of 1974) Ken Mitsch

(Class of 1974) Tenly Kokrak (Trout)
Hi everyone, our reunion is getting closer. It will be great to see everyone. If anyone remembers me please say hello if you see me first. I was married for 16 years and have 2 beautiful children, 17 son and 16 daughter. I'm living in Burbank and never really moved to far away. I was at the 10 and 20 reunions and they were so fun! Looking forward to seeing all of you there.

(Class of 1974) joyce Maki (Belfatto)

(Class of 1974) Jon Levy
Hi to all Vikings from 1974. Looking forward to seeing you at the reunion. Believe it or not I am a high school principal for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in Orange County and enjoying life. I have 4 kids, 2 of my own and 2 I share with my girlfriend. Drop me a line....

(Class of 1974) Barbara (DuBrow) Wasbin
What a fun site! Hopefully, after our 30th reunion (that's unbelievable....30 years?) more classmates will know about this site. It would be fun to hear from any old friends.

(Class of 1974) Suzi Riley-Lane
Marla, Mark, Pete...contact me. syclesuzi@aol.com

(Class of 1974) Mike Fischer

(Class of 1974) David Zomer

(Class of 1974) Michael Klop
30 years? That's so wrong.

(Class of 1974) Steve Cox

(Class of 1974) Denise Taylor Patey
Hey everyone....what a neat idea

(Class of 1974) Thomas Jay Willis
Anyone out there remember me? Let's see; Joe Tiberi? Peter Roderrick? Cliff Rayman? I guess I ditched more than I attended, but there are a lot of great memories of those High School DAZE~ Would love to hear from anyone from those times!

(Class of 1974) John Runci
hope to see you all at the 30th... john lazy r...

(Class of 1974) Robert Dyck
It's great to see all the familiar names. Looking forward to the 30th.

(Class of 1974) Rick Connelly
This is a great site. I continue to search for Lisa Schrater and Dave Daniels. Anyone know?

(Class of 1974) Randy Kashka

(Class of 1974) Jeff Walker
If any of my old friends are out there I would love to hear from you. Hope everyone is doing well.

(Class of 1974) Valerie Leffler Reynolds

(Class of 1974) Jennifer Hendren Burgess
Great to see all these names listed...looking forward to the 30th reunion next year. Would love to hear from other alums!

(Class of 1974) Kathy Christensen

(Class of 1974) Karen (Christensen) Howard

(Class of 1974) Benita Mednick
Great site that I just happened on. I would love to hear from anyone that still has enough brain cells to remember who I am. Can you believe it's been almost 30 years?????

(Class of 1974) Jerry Horner
1974.....wow, 29 years ago is a long time, yet there are still things I remember as if it were yesterday. I'm alive and kicking here in Bellingham WA, married with an 18yo son and 10yo stepson...coaching Little League (big surprise there, right?), fishing, playing golf and enjoying life to the fullest. A shout out to all the guys on our City Championship Baseball Team, (tough monkees, we were)Harriett Tapia, Dean Gustafson, Neimand, Foster, Cindy Machado, Tommies Burgers, Orange Julius, Van Nuys Blvd. and many more memories that I can't fit into here... Hope all is well with everyone and that your lives are full of love and laughter. Fire off an e-mail to say hello and howareya!

(Class of 1974) Mara Alvarez (Russell)
Hi to all my fellow vikings. Hope this greeting finds you well and happy! Looking foward to our reunion....Peace!

(Class of 1974) Tim Gwaltney
Nineteen years and nothing to say........

(Class of 1974) cynthia abrams

(Class of 1974) Cindy Lehr (MACHADO)

(Class of 1974) Shari (Gordon) Mark
Planning committee is forming and will meet by month's end (March 2003). Interested in helping? Contact me ASAP at my email address.

(Class of 1974) Vic Cooper

(Class of 1974) Laura Bye (Haskell)

(Class of 1974) Richard Harrington

(Class of 1974) Rick Isaac
Nice to see some old names here! Anyone know where to find Judi Beranek class of 74? I would like to say "hi".

(Class of 1974) January J. King
Jeannette (Jan) Mills

(Class of 1974) Glenn Maker
wow,that was a long time ago,good friends,good memories,let's hear from you!

(Class of 1974) Susan O'Mara (Brown)
Am looking for old classmates, esp. Holly Hatfield, Lupe Pollares. Have not been to CA since 1985 but will be home for a week in Aug.

(Class of 1974) patricia gail wilburn (patti)
I just found this site and this is great. It's soooooo good to see the old names and faces. I'm looking for karen and carrie henry, sharon hill, anybody know anything.

(Class of 1974) Tina Suzan Frankfort (Tina Plutzer)


(Class of 1974) Linda Anne Larsen

(Class of 1974) DEVON BUNYAN

(Class of 1974) Tina Kenny
OH MY GOD!! This is too cool! I still live in San Fernando Valley and now have my own pet sitting business. I see some familiar names here. Love to hear from you!!

(Class of 1974) Harrison Sterne (Mike)
Whew!...the fog finally lifted - got through CSUN - twice! - Undergrad and and MBA (took till 1989) - hooked up with Disney Imagineering, built theme parks from Europe to Tokyo - wound up at Universal and relocated to Orlando in 1996 as part of the senior management team on Islands of Adventure and am now in a start-up called Inspired Life Development - married with two sons......please write!..it's real nice to see these names - amazing flashbacks!!

(Class of 1974) Cindy Boss (Benton)

(Class of 1974) Jerome Stocks

(Class of 1974) Richard Nance
Hello old friends! Thanks to Michelle Walton for the Monroe band and orchestra web site. There may be only 30 some odd classmates listed here, but tons on Classmates.com! Would like to hear from band and track/cross-country folks.

(Class of 1974) Viola H Dominguez

(Class of 1974) Tom Arnold
I was on the swim team in '73 and '74. Does anyone from the swim team still swim? I'm still swimming with the Santa Clara Masters swim club in Silicon Valley. It would be great to hear from one of my fellow swimmers. A lot has changed since 1974! I was working for Rational Software, which got bought out by IBM. I have a new yahoo email account. I hope to hear from you.


(Class of 1974) Bill Murphy
Hi, New e-mail address. Take Care!

(Class of 1974) Mark Gillespie

(Class of 1974) Candi Mueller (Hecox)
I moved from the Valley in 1976 to Placerville California (near Sacramento). In 1991 I moved to beautiful South Lake Tahoe, California. I've really lost touch with alot of friends and would love to hear from you.

(Class of 1974) Bruce Amberger

(Class of 1974) Linda Gail Duganne (Martinez)
Hi You All!!!! How have all these years been treating you? Things are great up here in Northern California. Are we having a 30 year reunion in 2004? I want to come...

(Class of 1974) Don Kuhnhoff

(Class of 1974) Seth Eisenberg
I wouldn't mind connecting with a few "old" folks from the old home...

(Class of 1974) Dave Peters

(Class of 1974) Kim Rossall

(Class of 1974) Torben Begines (AKA Toby)
The old e-mail listed is obsolete would gladly like to hear from anyone who remembers me or thinks they do lol...lol Maybe I will be contacted about the next reunion your starting to give me a complex lol..lol.. kidding have moved quit a bit finally settled in the great northwest Idaho.

(Class of 1974) Robert Rooks

(Class of 1974) Melanie Daehler (Cook)
Hey All! Any one out there remember me? Drop me a line! Really!

(Class of 1974) Scott Ross

(Class of 1974) gail m lamphere (bechinsky)
Hi! I don't remember very many people from high school! I live in Colorado with my husband and 3 daughters. I have 3 grandsons. I've been here since

(Class of 1974) Pamela Meyers

(Class of 1974) Vanessa Hanks
I now live in the San Diego area and would love to hear from anyone who I knew back in high school.

(Class of 1974) Susan Golder (Peyser)

(Class of 1974) Val Cochran

(Class of 1974) Jeri Ann Aragon (Simpson)

(Class of 1974) Kim Debra Reynolds
Wow! Old memories but no names I recognized ..with 1117 graduates in 1974, I am surprised there are only 36 names listed. Add mine, please I would LOVE to hear from some old friends.

(Class of 1974) Valentina Marie Herrington (Cochran)
Hi everyone! I am back in So Cal. I lost my hall pass when I was on my way to "E" hall :) My son played against the Vikings a few weeks ago, what a flash back. If you remember me get in touch! Have a good one!

(Class of 1974) Eric N Schweitzer

(Class of 1974) Vicki Maeder Swenson
I can't believe I didn't know about this site! I'm still living at the beach since 1977, doing a lot of fun adventures. I still sail, hike, camp, and have a good time as often as possible. Nellie Feuer and I are still best friends and see each other all the time. I can't believe our 30th Reunion was 2 years ago....eeekkk!

A former advertising executive has now become a working member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG).Currently working on a top rated television show.

(Class of 1974) Darlene Goldberg

(Class of 1974) Scott Richard Schiffman

(Class of 1974) LISA HAMILTON (MOORE)

(Class of 1974) Rick Davis
Aloha from Hawaii

(Class of 1974) Jane McNamara (Samuelson)
Anybody out there remember me? Contact me if you do. I don't live in the San Fernando Valley anymore and have lost contact with everyone. This is great! I just found out about this a couple of days ago. Peace!

(Class of 1974) Ellie O'Dell (Williams)
Hail Altrusians 1974 made it to 2000! Can't believe We're over 40 = Still cool after all these years? Ellie

(Class of 1974) Laurie Cooke (Ferman)
I love these sites! It is nice to know with a apathetic as we were in the '70's, that we now have grown up (enough) to cherish the people and memories of our youth! Would love to hear from old classmates

(Class of 1974) Bonnie Jo Allison (Goodman)

(Class of 1974) Sharon Bayliff (Bridges)
Hi, it was great looking on and finding some old friends from school. Live in Texas now and it quite different from out there! Just wondering what has happened to the rest of the class of '74? Get in touch with me and let's talk anyone.

(Class of 1974) Teri Lynn McCool (O'Leary)
I went to Monroe until early 1974 - before moving to Toluca Lake. I live near Dallas, Texas and would love to hear from old classmates.

(Class of 1974) Randy Woodward
I would love to hear from anyone out there that remebers me.

(Class of 1974) Maureen Lawrence (Feinberg)

(Class of 1974) Lisa Tapia (Lisa Nelson)
I grew up in the valley went to Lassen, Sepulveda and then 10th at Monroe....but moved to Orange in 73. Anyone remember me?

(Class of 1974) Alan J. Grone
Believe it or not, I left the balmy weather of So. California and ended up in the frozen tundra of Minnesota. Fine place to live and raise children even with the cold weather.

(Class of 1974) Kim Beier (Tippit)
Was married for 23 years, have 3 kids..19, 20 & 21! Life is good :)

(Class of 1974) Scott Worne

(Class of 1974) Kathy and Ron Larkin
This is great! Ron and I haven't made it to the last 2 reunions, but we sure hope to make it to the next one! It would be great to see some friendly and familar faces! The year 2000 will be our 25th wedding anniversary. Thank goodness for James Monroe High School for having us in the same place at the same time those many moons ago! :)

(Class of 1974) Tim Robertson
Hey there gang....

(Class of 1974) Tom Pierce
It sure has been along time since High School, but seeing this page brings back some good memories

(Class of 1974) Keith Donsky
Anybody live in the San Diego area.......Keith Donsky

(Class of 1974) ron roques
any reunion info?

(Class of 1974) Bill Tanner
Remember 8 track tapes? What a blast to remember life in the 70's...Wednesday nights on the boulevard...and...streakers. Any Class of 74 Track and Field alum out there?

(Class of 1974) Carl Bordash

(Class of 1974) Kimberly Good
I'd love to get in touch with other alum class of '74, like my old neighbor, Gary Holbrook and his friend Ed Thompson. Thanks!

(Class of 1974) John Beck

(Class of 1974) Paul Goss
It's been a long time since those days! I wondered if I'd even be alive for the millenium.... Now here it is, and I'm still a geek! Some things never change.... The 20th reunion was a real interesting affair - and now it's time for the 25th! Phew! "That 70's Show" is also a bit too familiar. Retro 'R' us I guess. Well, I hope to talk to all of you at some time! Especially all those girls I had a crush on ;-)... and all those old lost friends that even a geek like me remembers. CUL!!!

(Class of 1974) Larry Holzer

(Class of 1974) Lisa Larson
This is a great way to get in touch! Moved to Ohio just months after graduation. Was sorry I din't hear anything about a 25th reunion (missed our 20th). Getting ready to move west (Utah) and came across my old yearbooks - YIKES!

(Class of 1975) Edie Bymel
Hi out there to all my Monroe peeps!!! I have been married for 28 years and have three amazing kids--two out of college and one in his last year at USC. We have lived in the Conejo Valley for 19 years and love it out here! Would love to connect with any of you out there either through email or Facebook. Keep in touch everybody!

(Class of 1975) Susan (George) Hanley
I so loved living in CA back then. Moved away when I was 16 so could not graduate with my friends here, but I miss you all. Live in Corvallis, Oregon now. It would be nice to re-connect with my friends.

(Class of 1975) craig stromsoe

(Class of 1975) Dawn Nearman (Phillips)

(Class of 1975) Lauri Creach-Jennings

(Class of 1975) Sherri Robertson Wentworth
Sometimes it's nice to reconnect and that's exactly what I'm hoping to do. It would be great to see all of my class of 1975 at a reunion soon. Can we make it happen? If you'd like to reconnect my email is slw91377@yahoo.com xoxo, Sherri

(Class of 1975) Judy Lewsadder (Cooper)

(Class of 1975) Rick Murphy
I went to Sepulveda, then Monroe. The good old days!! When is the next reunion?

(Class of 1975) Steven Hemphill
Wow, is this great or what? Have found many classmates on Facebook and just stumbled on this site while trying to find someone who submitted a "Friend Request", and I don't have a clue who they are! Been an overseas engineer for greenhouse environmental controls, then owned a commercial cut rose greenhouse for several years, and the past 12 or so, an Engineer for AT&T, Southern Nevada. Two kids daughter and son graduated and graduating from UNR (Reno).

(Class of 1975) Jim Slevin
Look forward to seeing all in 2010. I hope there is a 35 year reunion. If not we will wait to 40, right. God is good all the time... Its humanity who seems to mess it up, so much. Rojer Slater, I heard you came to the Lord shortly after high school. I would really like to give you a big Christian HUG. I only hope you wont tackle me back. You truly were the best line backer to the allumni braugh... Marcey Torrie. Hello, Miss you...Say hi to the girls if they remember... Betty Ottenburg. I hope to hear from you. Gale Melhouse/??? new last name. I still think about you. Anyone who remembers Slevin, give me an email. In Christ, Jim Slevin

(Class of 1975) Cameron L. Stewart
After 34 years I guess it is time to re-connect. I suffered terribly from deep emotional depression during my senior year, the combined result of sleep deprivation, improper diet, stress and anxiety. I'm a full vegetarian now, having discovered slowly, over many years, that a combination of high potency vitamin supplements, cold pressed vegetable oil, citris fruit, and foods high in organic sulpher compounds - foods such as raw garlic and raw onion - will effect a complete cure. Dr Linus Pauling once coined the phrase "Orthomolecular Medicine" to describe health care without the use of pharmaceuticals. At age 52, I'm in good health and I take no medications whatsoever. Unfortunately, the time I went through my senior year was so emotionally and physically painful it was hard to look back for a very long time. I lost contact with many, many wonderful people that I once knew, to my profound regret. Candida Cleve, Harriet Dallas, Robin Duboff, Mike DeSmith, Mark Feldman, Matt Silberstein, Eric Haggestadt, Tony Magnone, Les Moore, Kay Upton, Jill and Julie Cooper, Tom Porter, and Rick Nakazawa are just some of the people that still stand out vividly in my mind. I gave up playing the 'cello about a year afterward, while in college, and then life just seemed to stop for me. Deep mental depression will do that. I do have fond memories of Eugene Friedman's AP English class and his monthly dinners. Also keenly remembered are Mr Schmidt's physics class and Miss Nakamura's 10th grade class in Biology. I can still hear Miss Nakmura's voice in my memory, as if it were yesterday. I remember my high school counselors telling me over and over, "Don't major in engineering, don't major in music: Get a broad liberal arts education". It only took me 38 years to discover they were right. It's the broad education experience that allows us to properly connect the dots in life and avoid narrow, fundamentalist perspectives. At age 52 I am still single. I guess I'm saving myself. I work as a Military Power Converter De! sign Eng ineer and I'll design just about anything from 10 watts to 10 kilowatts. I'm thinking about going back to college and getting a degree in applied physics. World civilization as we know it will not survive past the mid 21st century if we continue to rely on coal, oil, and natural gas to power our culture. Wind, solar and biofuels are getting popular, but they are unlikely to replace more than 20% of what we now burn in fossil fuel. The present mainline Tokamak research concept - based on magnetic confinement of a heated plasma - is a dead end. But Inertial Confinement Polywell fusion mimicks the same process used in the sun and holds great promise for the future. I'm hardly ready to retire and I need something to occupy my mind for the next 50 years. At age 52, life is just beginning for me. I've got at least two or three books I would like to write. Send me an E-mail at cameronlstewart@earthlink.net. I will be happy to converse.

(Class of 1975) Neil Erik Bernhoft

(Class of 1975) JESSE LIVITSKI

(Class of 1975) David Lord
Hello fellow Vikings, especially classes of 75 and 76, Shakespeare Club, AP classes, Knights and Ladies, CSF. Phhhbt to whoever put together the 75 yearbook and labeled my picture with the wrong name. That's me with the name David Lopez.

(Class of 1975) Dennis Sayer
WOW, 1975 now those were the good old days. Feel free to write. I am 51 now, married and have 2 boys in collage. I hired into the Van Nuys GM plant in 76 and just retired from GM after 31 years. Living in Columbia Tennessee.

(Class of 1975) Dianne Nicholls (Linder)

(Class of 1975) Rick Krupnick

(Class of 1975) Lesley Silverman Weinlood
Just wanted to say hi. I am here living in Colorado since 1995. Would love to hear from some old friends so please e-mail me sometime.

(Class of 1975) morris abrams
did we really live this long?

(Class of 1975) Scott Anderson
Hello to all. From Frema Roods drama class to the daily school paper, I had fun during a pretty rough time on the home front. Getting a 4.0 was a very satisfying accomplishment at Monroe. Life has offered far more than I imagined back then!

(Class of 1975) BILL CARRAS

(Class of 1975) Bruce Carlson
Send me an email to keep in touch

(Class of 1975) Richard Lovich
Hello All. I have been a Civil Liigation attorney since 1984. Would love to hear from you.

(Class of 1975) Dan Bonfiglio
Why is it after almost 30 years one starts longing for connections to the past (and their youth)? Living in Dos Vientos (Newbury Park) with 4 kids (2 + 2). Real Estate broker for last 18 years. If you need a broker in the Conejo Valley, Simi or Moorpark, please contact me.

(Class of 1975) Steven Proell

(Class of 1975) Sheri L. Winchester (Berman)
Hi from Southern Oregon! I moved out of Sepulveda my senior year in 1975 but since I was a varsity cheerleader...they mailed me the yearbook....I sure miss seeing everyone from Monroe and the valley. I figured since it has been 30 years since we graduated...it was time to see if I could find some old friends and possibly attend our class reunion. Feel free to email me CutieSheri9657@aol.com Thanks, Sheri Berman (Winchester)

(Class of 1975) Suzette Langsam
would love to hear from those of you who remember me...But dont look at the yearbook photo YUCK

(Class of 1975) Michael L. Bolde

(Class of 1975) Debbie Wilson (Young)

(Class of 1975) David Kress
Does anyone know where Laura Limon is today? I would love to reach out to her. Thanks, David

(Class of 1975) Jim Campbell
I would like to get in touch. Cant wait next year 30th.

(Class of 1975) Gary Lanzisero

(Class of 1975) Jack Gray

(Class of 1975) LAUREN FERNICOLA

(Class of 1975) Lana veness
This is actually her daughter Sheila but she says she misses all her high school friends.

(Class of 1975) Deresa Puett (Gade)
Hello Vikings. Our 30th is coming up. Woo hoo!!!

(Class of 1975) Margaret Truex McDonald

(Class of 1975) Michael Matte
Think of all the people often, I was shy and withdrawn then and I probly missed out on allot of great friendships, but the ones I made are my memories I'll always cherish, thank you

(Class of 1975) Janet Mobley

(Class of 1975) Kathy Rinehardt Aiken
How fun to see your names my old classmates! Lots of names I don't see, where are you Kitty Ford, Kathy Logan, Cathy Arnold, Lisa Hirsch, Jack, Willie & Michael?

(Class of 1975) Ira Holtzman

(Class of 1975) Dean Mayer

(Class of 1975) Janine Marlowe Chaffee
Hey-missing my good friend Susan Goldstein-passed away this year!

(Class of 1975) Joanne Felding
Val Cochran! I saw your message and was startled to say the least. To see all of those names again..... Also - Seth Eisenberg....hello! Vocal Ensemble was a great experience for me. I'm living in Oregon with my 2 teenagers - unfortunately divorced. I'm studying elementary education and look forward to teaching 1st grade in a couple years. I'm still playing guitar and singing.

(Class of 1975) Bill Roberts

(Class of 1975) Eric B. Thomas

(Class of 1975) Susan Ann Callender
I have been out of state for quite a few yearsa and have been able to come back and reconnect with lots of friends and classmates. Glad to be home again!

(Class of 1975) John D. Evans (JD...)
Does anyone remember Andy Eagan, eating an apple in 7 or 8 seconds?..He had a bitchen 57 Corvette too. (or close to that year) Remember that?...I do ! I remember lots......Band, Stage Band especially, and the orchestra for the musicals. Steve and Mike DeSmith, (and Steve's dark blue 63 XKE) and Bowling for PE credit for like two years. A charmed life we had...

(Class of 1975) Robin H Swanson (Hilton)
Would love to hear from old friends.

(Class of 1975) Bruce Lineal
Electrical Contractor since 1987

(Class of 1975) Lisa B. MacLean (TOBACK)
It is nice to see some of the fellow Vikings keeping in touch. I would love to hear from you. Drop me a line!

(Class of 1975) Ellen G Mead (Stern)

(Class of 1975) Dennis Glen Roche
It's been forever or just seems like it Anyone remember me, drop me a line

(Class of 1975) Susan Amberger

(Class of 1975) Steven Sanders
So many years ago. Would love to hear from old friends. Send me an e-mail

(Class of 1975) Debbie vanBenthuysen (Welling)

(Class of 1975) Kevin Eckhart
figured it was time to update the message. HEY - where is everybody. If you remember me drop me a note kevine@santabarbaravw.com.

(Class of 1975) Don Carlin
After all these years, my friends, Scott Taylor, Alan Zibble and Kent Doyle & I still love to recall stories from "Big A's" English class. Possibly the best teacher of all time.

(Class of 1975) Mark Steven Richards
Monroe was one of the best times I ever had, still friends Robert, Gene, Alan, Sheldon - we lost Howie last year - really hurt! Would love to hear from old friends.

(Class of 1975) Gary Aragon
Here is my new email address as of 2/2008. I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I'm still here in the valley. I'm teaching math at Polytechnic High. I still play the guitar whenever I have the time. I really miss Joe Berg and Doug Masterson, my two favorite guys to play music with. (Why'd you have to do it guys?)

(Class of 1975) Mary (Mockenhaupt) LeBlanc

(Class of 1975) Kay Jewell Greeley (Upton)

(Class of 1975) neil erik bernhoft

(Class of 1975) Kathy (Dahlstrom) Schlesselman
Enjoyed seeing everyone at the 25 year reunion. Would love to hear from the old bowlers and AE math group: Mike & Steve DeSmith, Bill Kenck, or anyone who shared classes with me!

(Class of 1975) Judy Colbert (Pearlman)

(Class of 1975) Linda France Eckstut-Taneman

(Class of 1975) Candida Cleve-Bannister (Cleve)

(Class of 1975) Michael Sandwick

(Class of 1975) Kay C Loscar (Grant)

(Class of 1975) Daniel John Halstead (Dan)

(Class of 1975) Mark Banning
One Beach to another, now living in Daytona Beach Florida on the beach. Miss the Valley but love Florida. O what fun we had in High School, College was a blast as well Go Trojians. Son is now Attending Florida State. Premed.


(Class of 1975) Russ Kashka
Does anybody really remember those days?

(Class of 1975) Ottenberg, Bette

(Class of 1975) Michelle Staley Walton
Lots of fond memories of 20+ years past. It's been a blast getting reacquainted with you guys and making new friends too. Go Vikings! Attention band and orchestra alumni! Click here for a Monroe website dedicated to Mr. Davidson and the band and orchestra, circa 1972-1977.

(Class of 1975) Lisa McEntire Brackett
Looking for fellow graduates! (Why does Verdugo Hills homepage look better than ours?)

(Class of 1976) J.J. KIRBY
sports wearing shorts- teachers being preachers "groovy days"

(Class of 1976) David Holland
Hey Everyone! Hope all is fine back in good ol' California. In 1980 the Navy sent me to Florida and I'm still here! Drop me a line, K?

(Class of 1976) jodie byra cooke
looking for debi cook michelle russel peggy gates would love to here from you

(Class of 1976) Cindy (Martin) Belmonte
Married to 1975 classmate Phil Belmonte for 29 years. Two great kids and living in Simi Valley, CA.

(Class of 1976 ) Sue Ann Wallworth
Wishing you all a fantastic 2010!

(Class of 1976) Donald M. Fujimoto
Aloha Class of 76' I wish you all an adventurous life ahead and smooth sailing. Looking back down memory lane, we certainly did have a great class. Don Fujimoto

(Class of 1976) Peggy Gates
Hi everybody! I'm now living just outside Washington DC.

(Class of 1976) Robin Woolson Abrams
S.W.A.S. reunion is coming around again, see you there.

(Class of 1976) Jeannie Fambrough
This is very cool. I did not know this site existed. I see alot of people I knew but don't know if any of you will remember me. Would love to hear from you. I am saddened to see so many passing away: Edie, Janie, Jeff...

(Class of 1976) Brian Behrns
Hello all. I'm in a getting back in touch kinda mood.

(Class of 1976) Julie Wilcomb
Hello to everybody. Well we all turned 50 last year and I would like to reconnect with anyone from our class. I have missed all the reunions.

(Class of 1976) Karen Kaler (martin)
I forgot to say who i was in my first registration sorry guys it's Martin

(Class of 1976) Jackie Mungle Wray
I just found this page. It was so great to see some of the names I would say everyday. If any one knows how to get in touch with Patty St Amand, Patti Boldetti, and Paul Parsons, please let me know thanks. I live in South Carolina,4 sons 2 grand daughters. They are a blessing,and pay back hahaha. Would love to hear from anyone who wishes to write.

(Class of 1976) david jarbo
love to hear from all of you that made my life like hell back then !... love to hear from nanci litvin,donna pastel, nancii schulman,ellen greenberg(still remember your mom at the bakery)valerie & cindy berroud,mary rawn & linda dupree.or anyone else for that matter.

(Class of 1976) diane berk
Hey Guys, I am an Alumni from Monroe High School 1976. And I want to catch up with people who remember me I had friends in 74, 75, 76 classes. I hung out with Mark Hoffman and lots of theater people. Please contact me and see if we know each other

(Class of 1976) lori (dahlin) krueger
hello to anyone who remembers the fun we had on van nuys, at big daddy's, etc. does anyone know what happened to jane ewart? she's listed in the memorial. also, hi to vikki coletti, anne donato, nancy raimondi, janice crutcher, mary(betsy)gleich, sue reed, bruce cook (my gledhill crush) and anyone else who remembers me!

(Class of 1976) Ira Hyman
Like to hear from my class mate i haven seen in a long time email me Ira

(Class of 1976) Debbie Easley (Kramer)

(Class of 1976) Catherine Overturf (Cathy Dambach)

(Class of 1976) Michelle Miller (now Miller-Adams)
I might be the only Monroe alum to live in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Would love to be in touch with old friends...

(Class of 1976) Steve Gnerlich

(Class of 1976) Alan M Trubow
Hey how goes it. Still here in Southern sunny California and workin'.

(Class of 1976) ira hyman

(Class of 1976) Douglas Rudd

(Class of 1976) Judie Levine
It was great to see those of you that were at the 30 yr. reunion!

(Class of 1976) Susan McMaster (Howard)
Wow! This is so way cool! I happened upon this site quite by accident! I am probably not very well remembered because I was so quiet and shy 30 years ago. But, as is the case with a lot of baby-boomers out there, I have a very strong NOSTALGIC streak in me. I sure do miss those days. My years at Monroe were some of the best in my life. Does anyone remember click-clacks?!?!? I found them again in a catalog--what great memories from Junior High at Holmes!! I would so enjoy hearing from/about Wendy Wulf, Cecilia Clarkson, Glenna Guenther, other friends a year ahead of us-Mary Hawksley, Mary Egan. I am on my second marriage. I hsve two step-kids in this marriage. No kids of my own ever, cxcept my cat is my baby. I am the proud Aunt of two nephews and two nieces. I am still a Winnie-the-Pooh freak. I live in South Orange County, California, but may be relocating to Northern California soon. I have had a lot of challenges in my life, but God is good, alive and well! God Bless all you Vikings! Susan (Sue) McMaster (Howard) poohlover@earthlink.net

(Class of 1976) Yvonne Wegmann (Despie)
What a crazy flash back recognized some names hopefully more of us will find this link and join in. Doesn't look like a 30th reunion is planned maybe we can get something together for our 35th. I have lived in San Diego since 1980. Have 3 children 2 step children, and the rest of the neighborhoods kids I have raised. Life has been very good to me over the years!! Take care everyone!

(Class of 1976) Debbie Racey (Cook)
Hi! Would love to see old friends at a reunion! Will there be one soon?

(Class of 1976) Brian Bordash
anyone know whats going on with the 30 yr reunion next month?

(Class of 1976) Debbie Kuehn (Seymour)
Hoping each and everyone of you are doing well. Hoping to hear from you.

(Class of 1976) Jody (Levin) Adams
Just looking through this web site, so I thought I'd say hello to my old friends. I have been married for 25 years to a wonderful guy, we have 3 beautiful daughters. Would love to hear from you.

(Class of 1976) Patsy Nedd
I've missed ALL of the reunions! What happened to the 30th? I've been married for 11 years to a great guy (David Doski) We have a 9 year old daughter, Elizabeth and we live in Palos Verdes. Nancy Temes- are you out there?

(Class of 1976) Kolbein Lunde
Hi, I'm the blonde Norwegian guy who was an exchange student in Norway in the 11th grade. I'm married, have five kids and live in Norway. I have worked as a chaplain, a youth minister, an ICT consultant and now I work as a teacher at a junior high school here in Norway. I love to hear from old friends, so send an e-mail. Have a great day!

(Class of 1976) Ken Greenberg
Where has 30 years gone...Married for over 22 years with two kids in Saugus... I hope that a 30 year reunion is being planned. I enjoyed all of my friends from Lassen to Sepulveda Jr. to Monroe. The music, beach and all the friends left great memories. Go Vikings!

(Class of 1976) Janet Evans (Hawkins)
Hi guys! Does anyone have any info. on our 30th reunion? I've moved and I'm afraid they can't find me!!

(Class of 1976) Pat Leary (Garrett)
Yes, I actually went into politics. Currently advocating for California\'s 58 counties as a Lobbyist in Sacramento. Anyone else take the dark path into politics or government?

(Class of 1976) Vicki Robbins Fenske
Thought I'd give this a try, since it is such fun to reacquaint with old friends. Now we don't have to worry which 'circle' we belong to....isn't that nice? Would enjoy hearing how life is going.

(Class of 1976) Donn Demarest

(Class of 1976) Tim Brown

(Class of 1976) Debra Klein

(Class of 1976) Shaira Goldstein (aka Nathan)
Hi everyone! I also survived teenage angst and my own rebelliousness! I'm happily married (no kids -yet) and live in SF with my DH who's in the computer business. I MISS THE VALLEY!! For those who knew me, my mother moved to Las Vegas and bought a brand new house. Feel free to email me! Love to all, Shaira

(Class of 1976) Marc Barbani

(Class of 1976) Debra Thompson (Ataman)

(Class of 1976) Bonnie (Kennis) Fornander

(Class of 1976) Lou Clawges
Didn't know many people, just wanted to hear from anyone who might remember me.

(Class of 1976) Curtis A. Page
Interesting to say the least. 76 would have been the year to graduate for me, but I fell through the cracks and droped out early on. I do not reconize many names listed here. I went to Holmes jr. high and Gledhill elementry. Well now that I've posted here I guess I sit back and wait to be amused. Hope life is enjoyable to all.

(Class of 1976) Steve Mohler
I'd love to hear from any of my friends from Monroe

(Class of 1976) Suzanne Winston Mendoza (Suzie Winston)

(Class of 1976) Mark Zohns
I'd love to hear from those who remember me!

(Class of 1976) Mark S. Russell
Hello to you all! This is very cool.

(Class of 1976) Tom Latreille
Hello class of 1976. Where's everyone? I'm still living in San Diego. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Tom Latreille

(Class of 1976) Patty Loll Motley
I'd love to hear from Janis Cox & Sharon Eskanazi.

(Class of 1976) Sally Morphis (Cordova)
Class of 76..rah rah. Just kidding. Missed our last 2 reunions but hope to make the next one. I was married to our fellow classmate, George Glines for 15 years and we have a terrific 11 year old son. We are now divorced and both happily re-married to wonderful mates. I have been living in Sac for 14 yrs and work for the State of CA as an interior designer/project manager. Sending God's Blessings to you all.

(Class of 1976) William J. Hoss (Bill)
Would really like to hear from anyone that graduated in 1976. I've missed all of the class reunions held to date and regret missing any of them.

(Class of 1976) David Taneman
I have lost rack of everybody in the '76 class. Hope all are well.

(Class of 1976) Dan Schlick
Anybody out there from the swim team? Or anybody else for that matter... Anyone hear from Pam Starr?

(Class of 1976) Sandy Mills

(Class of 1976) Valerie Jean Simpkins (Clayton)
Enjoyed seeing everyone at the 25th reunion.

(Class of 1976) Lisa Serchia (Barber)

(Class of 1976) Chris Pascone
Looking forward to re-establish old friendships at the next reunion.

(Class of 1976) Max Aragon

(Class of 1976) Lynn Murphy (Stewart)

(Class of 1976) Allison Herbert (Harvey)
Hello class of 1976. Looking forward to Sept.8th!! (I'm very glad it's casual dress!!) Hope to see some of my old friends there

(Class of 1976) Rhonda Jeppsen (Mann)

(Class of 1976) Victoria Lynn Konopka (Vikki Coletti)
I was just wondering if anyone remembers me... Hope to hear from you soon.

(Class of 1976) Diane Jortner (Lee)
I'd love to hear from anyone, Been looking for old classmates-Doctrine, Knights-Ladies, etc. Are we actually having a 25 year reunion. For those who wonder, yep, I finally graduated from college--1993 Took a while. Have 7 kids, remarried and living in Indiana, teaching Jr. College and loving it.

(Class of 1976) douglas a haynes

(Class of 1976) Judith Lynn Palmire (Judy)
I would love to hear from anyone that graduated from Claremont High School Class 0f 1976. Mel Pompa, did you know what a crush I had on you in 11th grade? Ha Ha!

(Class of 1976) sharon kopito

(Class of 1976) Christine Marie Coe (Fallenberg)

(Class of 1976) Kathy Alvarez (Maker)

(Class of 1976) Dan Crawford

(Class of 1976) Randy Ryan


(Class of I976) Larry Dean Wagar

(Class of 1976) Steven David Hudis (David)
Wow, I cam across this totally by accident and I am sure glad I did, As a professional Songwriter and Music Publisher I am always searching the internet for sites relevant to my past and possible future and here it is. I hope to hear from some other Friends from the past.

(Class of 1976) Glenna Dersch (Guenther)
Hi former classmates!It's been almost 25 years since we've been out of high school...time is flying by. Scary isn't it? See you at the next reunion. This is a great website!

(Class of 1976) James L Packer

(Class of 1976) Karen Renae Curtis (Downs)

(Class of 1976) Steven Weiss
Hope this finds you all well. Looking forward to our 30th. Live in San Luis Obispo since 1985. Real Estate Broker. Does anyone know whatever happened to Lori Rosenberg. Would love to speak with her.

(Class of 1976) Ella Louise Stidhum (Kerby)

(Class of 1976) Mary E. Payne (Ulitt)
Wow, it's hard to believe we're almost 25 years older! Life's been an interesting journey for me and it gets better all the time. Would love to catch up with any 76ers who remember me from Play Production or AP classes or CSF! Or even from Sepulveda Jr. High, class of '73! Best to all---

(Class of 1976) Reid Patrick Stolz

(Class of 1976) cathy carpenter - hidalgo
I'm up here in n. calif. & sometimes wonder if anyone from monroe is still alive & kicking. Would love to hear from class of 1976

(Class of 1976) Cyndi Rubinstein (Schaechter)

(Class of 1976) Erin Fitzpatrick (Barker)
Have a new email address erinbarker@iinet.com Living in Oregon with family and love it here! Drop me a line if you like.

(Class of 1976) patty benson roques
any info on reunions would be nice. i like the web site

(Class of 1976) David W Mcmillan

(Class of 1976) Keith Jones

(Class of 1976) Paul A. Beck

(Class of 1977) Tim Cunha
Hi all. Hope all is well. Trying to find some friends from the past.

(Class of 1977) Karin Forsythe Katzeff
Would love to hear from my fellow classmates. I moved to the Bay Area in 1980 and now live in San Francisco. I go to LA every summer. Would love to have a mini reunion any summer.

(Class of 1977) Nitta Pedone Moore
I am sorry to announce the death of Nitta Pedone. 1959-2010

(Class of 1977) Jill Raines Case Stratton
Even though I only attended Monroe durring the summers it is nice to see people I went to school with. I am still looking for my best friend Susan Beard It is hard when women only put thier married names on profiles.Jill

(Class of 1977) ALLAN PLISS
Hey, anyone out there from the swim team? I would really like to hear from you.

(Class of 1977) Steve Basmajian

(Class of 1977) Denise Rock
Hello, old friends and classmates! Hope this finds you all well. Would love to hear from some of the old gang so drop me a line!

(Class of 1977) Mike Garcia
Hello Everyone, Sitting here in Torrance, Ca. and getting a little nostalgic. Just spoke with Jamie Elwell and realised that days of old are far away and also very reflective. Went through the alumni site and saw some old names and familiar faces that I'm sure have changed. To those who have posted greetings, I say hello. To those who I remenber well eg; Aberg, Lagrotta, Ruffino,Beck, Elwell, Pascone, Clifton, Wykoff and Gusmeroli Jeff(inside joke)it was great to see you are all well. If you're ever in Hermosa Beach and want to catch a wave would love to hear from you.

(Class of 1977) Lynn Howell-Gleim
4/2010 - Hello to all. I've recently connected on facebook with many of my classmates from 77 although I hung out with the motocross guys from the 1976 class. I'm now living in the Santa Clarita Valley. Starting my 25th year in sales for Barrington Staffing Service in the Burbank area of the San Fernando Valley. I have a "bonus" son and 2 beautiful granddaughters. Let's connect: lgleim@earthlink.net

(Class of 1977) Jamie Elwell
This is a great site. Nice to see all the familiar names. Hope all is well and would love to hear from you. We are living in Henderson NV and still trying to have as much fun as possible. If you get to vegas let me know

(Class of 1977) John Le Quesne
Hey Everyone, It has been a long time and unfortunately I missed the last reunion. I figured that I would just drop my name off here and anyone that remembers me, and wants to say hi, can just drop me a note. I have bumped into a few friends over the past few years, but would love to say hi to more. I am living in Simi Valley in southern California these days. Have an awesome 13yo daughter and life is good in my world. One of my favorite sayings is "the older I get, the more my father knew". I try to pass that on to my daughter now. Hope all is good with everyone. Best to all.

(Class of 1977) Jeff Gusmeroli
Memories of my time at Monroe will last forever because of all of you who shared that time with me, hope this finds you all well....Peace

(Class of 1977) Lisa Lanade Cyprian

(Class of 1977) Sue Crowe

(Class of 1977) Pam Wikoff Gary
Wow...it's been a long time!!! I have been married for over 26 years & have one 22 year old daughter. I have lived in Newport Beach, Salt Lake City, Utah & San Diego. I have lived the last 8 years in a small beach town on the coast of Central Ca. While living in Orange County during the 1980's I worked at The Los Angeles Times. I recently just left the Airline Industry after traveling the world for 12 years. I now work for a corporate team building company at a 4 star resort here in Santa Cruz County. Take care!!!!

(Class of 1977) Geani (Genae) Compagna
Glad I found this site. Hope I can talk with some of the old school friends. Anyone see, Sandi Sherman?

(Class of 1977) Kathy (Kathleen) Newhard
Wish more people went to the reunion! Live in camarillo, with my two beautiful boys. Zorda where are you?

(Class of 1977) Daniel Grone

(Class of 1977) Charlene Lebman Hardesty
Life is good. Would love to hear from old friends.

(Class of 1977) Eve Sutton
Hello, everyone. As of June, 2007, I am still living happily in Northern California, teaching part time at Stanford and part time for Palo Alto Unified, volunteering more than I should, and also working as a consultant (curriculum design, writing/editing, math education). Now I am debating whether to attend the reunion in July, 2007. Pro: I wonder how everyone is doing, especially from Dance Production, AFS, and AP classes, so it might be nice to attend a reunion; I haven't attended any so far. Con: Compressing my work schedule-- I don't want to come for only one day, so I would stay to see my family, but some writing projects & poetry clients have deadlines in July, right after I spend July 6-10 at a conference. Help me decide! Meanwhile: Does anyone remember the words to jump rope rhymes?

(Class of 1977) Ronald Allen

(Class of 1977) Tony Pascone
I e-mailed a few friends. living in Henderson, Nv. for the past 6yrs. with my great wife, Cheryl, of 16yrs. and 20yrs. together. Would love to hear from all friends from '75-'79

(Class of 1977) Kathy Klingenbeck (Shrode)
would love to hear from anyone

(Class of 1977) Cheryl (Lee) Zakarian

(Class of 1977) Mark Lussier
Hey everyone who remembers me zooming around school on My Kawasaki 500, those days still make me smile. I have been married to Lisa Motts from our same class of 1977 since 1979. I live in Northern California. I welcome anyone who want to write me at my email to please do so!!

(Class of 1977) Brad Beck
Hello from Colorado. It's great to see so many old names and relive the good ole days. I'm happily married with four kids, three grandkids and now I'm looking for the guy who stole all my hair. I work in Boulder and live in a old coal mining town called Erie. My Southern Bell wife, Kathy and I live in fun purple Victorian. It's where the south meets the west and in Colorado it's the best. If your ever in my neck of the world come on by. The beer is cold, the albums and record player are always ready to go and our front porch is a great place to watch the world go by. Best wishes to all. Brad

(Class of 1977) Frederick Ernest
It's been a wild ride so far! Any Play Production alumni around?

(Class of 1977) stacy anne goldenberg
Salutations to all my friends I once knew. Memories still float in my brain about the days in SWAS. Be well. Any one know where Kathy Camara, or Tom Rettig can be found? Ciao for now

(Class of 1977) Jill Kellogg (Weightman)
WOW what a surprise to find this page! I am in Northern Ca. and have three fun loving boys! Never a dull moment in my house! would love to here from my dear friends!

(Class of 1977) Darla Miller
Hi everyone! Would love to hear from you!

(Class of 1977) Steve Taneman
Hello Class of '77. Can it be? We are all grown adults 44 to 46 years old! The same age as my father when I graduated high school! I have been in print and broadcast media for 25 years. Currently I am a publisher for PennWell Co. Wife and three kids (Ages 2 to 12) moved to Nashua, NH a year ago. However we spend about three months of the year in LA. Would love to hear from any old friends!


(Class of 1977) Karen Burroughs (Kobryn)
Hi! It would be great to hear from old friends. Does anyone live in Oregon?

(Class of 1977) Marilyn Monahan

(Class of 1977) Denis Aberg

(Class of 1977) Suzanne Garrigan

(Class of 1977) steven mcclain
hello for anyone in the SWAS program from 1975-1977. haven't seen anyone in years. i'm married and have three wonderful children. i moved over to ireland in 2002. anyone remember the good old days. contact me

(Class of 1977) Micheal DiMaggio
If anyone see's my message looking for alumni 1977 oldies but goodies give a e-mail

(Class of 1977) Matt Petitt
Hey all. I'm back in Northern California after moving around a bit. Recently spent several years in Boston. Would love to hear from old classmates.

(Class of 1977) Margaret Campfield (Anderson)
I wanted to check if there is a reunion this year. It would be a great reason to visit California this summer!


(Class of 1977) Kat Burke (Cullum)

(Class of 1977) Jeff Hewitt
Living in Folsom California working with special needs children. Anyone now of a 25th reunion?

(Class of 1977) teresa marie thomas (hammett)

(Class of 1977) sheri doberman (ansel)

(Class of 1977) Cale Brehio

(Class of 1977) Ron Mintz
It was fun to see this website and to read about the goings-on of old classmates! I have been moving a lot, doing college at UCLA, going to NYC for grad school then San Francisco, now Boston. I am married and have a 7 year old daughter. I work in a small company that sells business valuation and credit analysis services to banks and finance companies and like it a lot! I hope all are well

(Class of 1977) Susan Zoul

(Class of 1977) Bob Ruffino

(Class of 1977) Joan Burnham

(Class of 1977) John Wescott
Would love to hear from class of 77! I was the brooding loner with the bad hair cut! There was quite a few of us!!

(Class of 1977) Bob La Grotta

(Class of 1977) Donna Miller
Monica Bellas, Jim and John Alviani, Kathy Cullum, Kathy Klingenbeck and anyone else I may have forgotten, hey! I'd love to hear from you.

(Class of 1977) Jody Sampley

(Class of 1977) Pam Stein (Foster)
Would love to hear from my buddies. Hey Mimi Burdick are you out there?

(Class of 1977) Fred Schippa
I would love to hear from old friends.

(Class of 1977) Pam Greenspan

(Class of 1977) Annette Davis (Jaszke)

(Class of 1977) Gerold Feuer
Living in Upstate New York where it's cooollddd...

(Class of 1977) Monica Lynn Bellas
Hi everyone, looks like I'm back in the valley again, even if only part-time. Anybody seen the Alvianis? Donna Miller? Kathy Cullum? Drop me a line.

(Class of 1977) Dan Clairmont (Danny)
I Miss all of yout 1977 Monroe grads. I want to hear from all of you who remember me and we can laugh! Yeah Baby!

(Class of 1977) Irene Llere (Miller)

(Class of 1977) debbie jean nevarez (tango)

(Class of 1977) Wayne Gustafson
Hello to all the old friends. I am living in Ventura now, did not see too many of my buds at the 20 yr reunion. Drop a hello if you find this.

(Class of 1977) Mike Schwartz

(Class of 1977) Sally Anne Starr
You can travel the world, but what you are usually looking for can be found at home. Anyone seen Richard Gabe?

(Class of 1977) Dawn Opjorden
Survived "Teen Angst" and living happily in San Dimas, home of Bill & Ted... Wishing everyone well... "Gotta love it when it works!" LOL!

(Class of 1977) Christopher Garacci

(Class of 1977) Dianne C Shiozaki (Watanabe)
Well,I never went to reunions, but wish I had....The only person I ever talk to from High School is Rohani Della. It has been fun reading all the names on this list! It brings back memories! I live in Long Beach now, won't go back to the Valley, but...Life's a Beach!

Hi former classmates, Looking for past friends, any kaltenbach's out there? I up here in wet Astoria, Oregon!!!!!!!!!!

(Class of 1977) DENIS ABERG

(Class of 1977) Kelly Jeanne Quiroz (Cross)

(Class of 1977) Lori Tedds (Rosenberg)

(Class of 1977) Deeanna DeQuine (Smith)
Hi Class of '77. Would love to hear from you. I am especially looking for Wendy Pearlman and Mitch Ganz, so if anyone knows them, please tell them to check out this site and look me up. Thanks

(Class of 1977) Ed Small

(Class of 1977) Carol Cloud (Bushart)

(Class of 1977) Barrie Llewelyn (Volk)

(Class of 1977) William Martin Zimmerman

(Class of 1977) William R. Shelly (Bill)

(Class of 1977) Sharon Francine Abrams (Benjamin)

(Class of 1977) Sonja Larson
Happy New Year! Let's all keep dreaming our perfect future, without forgeting of course, there is no such thing as perfect. Best wishes to all...one of my favorite sayings these days, "It's all good, it just isn't all fun." Goal for 2000........ Bring in a new truth......."It's all good AND it's all fun!" then bottle it and share it.

(Class of 1977) Elizabeth Louise Goldbeck (Perry)
This is great place to remember the good old days.

(Class of 1977) Julie Plaia (Kayne)

(Class of 1978) Michele Hernandez West

(Class of 1978) Stanlety Martin Alspektor
Tho I only spend my senior year there, I remember it fondly. Especially my ceramics class!

(Class of 1978) Cindee Littlejohn
Hello to everyone!!!

(Class of 1978) Mark Adams
Good Times!

(Class of 1978) Cindy Rothman
Hello everyone... I used to hang out with Sheila Kodish and several others... Sheila died several years ago, but she used to date Ron Latrelle. I went to continuation and dropped out in my senior year, which I regret now. I went back to school and recieved a business degree. I left the valley in 1991, too much craziness. I live in Missouri and have two boys. I married a cowboy and am living safe, healthy and happy. I also had a crush on a guy named Gilbert whom was also known as Frank.. Of course I can't leave out Mike Clifton... We went to Sepulveda Jr. High together... If anyon has a good thought please contact me... I was known as a party girl, which I was... I should of stayed in school and I would have graduated with my class of 78.... sorry for me.... I had a great time in my life and will never forget it... thanks to you all

(Class of 1978) mike clifton
Hello. I hope this message finds everyone in good health.
Go Vikings!

(Class of 1978) Linda Plechaty
Would love to hear from anyone that remembers us. (how could you forget LOL). Myself Ron, Mike, Ken & Brian Plechaty we are all still around.

(Class of 1978) Jeffrey Saadeh

(Class of 1978) Jerome Tellio
How is everybody? I'm still in Los Angeles. Hope you're doing well and still following your dreams!

(Class of 1978) Ray Elliott
Hey from the South
Quick Bio: After High School, went in the Navy (20 years). Stationed in San Jose, San Diego, Japan (3 years). Married 20 years, 1 daughter (15). After the Navy, stayed in San Diego, then moved to North Carolina in 2004. Would enjoy hearing from all y'all.

(Class of 1978) Terri (Collins) Shumpert
Looking for information regarding the 1978 class reunion (this year is 30!)
My mailing address is 10866 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232.
I can be contacted at 818-522-1246.
Hope all from our class are doing well!
Terri Shumpert

(Class of 1978) Dave Radcliffe
Who is making the first Tommies run?

(Class of 1978) TERRY BRENNAN

(Class of 1978) Adrienne Moss-Glennon
Hoowee!!! 30 years!

(Class of 1978) diana miller (turk)
Hi All- I live in Agoura Hills California. I have been married for 17 years and have a 15 year old daughter (Shayna) 13 year old son (Andy) and an 11 year old (Talia). I went to UCLA undergrad and Whittier for Law School and then started my own business 4 years ago called Peopleplatters (you can see it on line www.peopleplatters.com). My passion is traveling. I go to China twice a year (for business and manage to go to Europe almost every year for some type of a trip/vacation. Hope all is well with all of you and would love to hear from you!!!

(Class of 1978) Glen Paul Freedman

(Class of 1978) Nicki Passavanti

(Class of 1978) Bob Lambert
Hi all, I hope life and all its bumps is treating you well! Married 13yrs, two kids Michael, and Robby. Living in Westlake Village. Would love to hear from you.

(Class of 1978) Denise Pistone (Zurcher)
School days seem like they were just the other day, until I look at my kids who are now 30, 20, 14 and 12. In the yearbook why are most of us looking to the side? By the way does anyone have any extra copy of the yearbook they are willing to sell? How many fellow classmates are actually going to the reunion this year?

(Class of 1978) paul santeramo

(Class of 1978) Pam Nestler
Hi everyone. Living in Agoura Hills, CA. I am married and have a 17 year old girl and 11 year old boy!!! Life is great!!! I work in Accounting, but took 11 years off to stay with my kids!!!

(Class of 1978) Elayne (Shaftel, Gammage) Padilla
i was married to jospeh gammage class of 1978 for 22 years to-long and i have 2 doughter 19 almost 20 and she graduated in 2005 from monroe also and i have a 5 year old doughter she likes ballet and dance im curantely studying child development at MT SAC in walnut ca and im doing better now i hope to contact friends from monroe high


(Class of 1978) Martin Guerrero
Is it Happy Hour yet?

(Class of 1978) Sheila Davis
Hi, I would love to hear from anyone who knows me :-) I was in The Valley recently and drove by Sepulveda Jr. High, wow, how things have changed. I'm in Orange County now for 15 years. Hope everyone is doing well.

(Class of 1978) Jennifer Lawrence
wow, what a slacker i am for only now finding y'all. Hello, and ... hello!

(Class of 1978) Jerry Keller
Selling Real Estate in Los Angeles & Ventura County since 1985. REMAX

(Class of 1978) Don Slowey

(Class of 1978) D. Gail Bellenger
Hi, all. Probably nobody remembers me, I was an Australian geek and pretty much a loner, but now I'm a gregarious chatterbox. I live in Nevada and work as a biologist and an author. If anyone out there remembers me, drop me a line and say 'hi'. Peace and love to all, Gail

(Class of 1978) John Scudder
Hi folks! I was pretty much a loaner.. but for those who caught me at school instead of the beach, we probably got along ok. I'm interested in meeting fellow classmates, and would love to touch bases with Nikki, Terri, Mark, Mike, Gary and many others. My history after High School was: Navy (4 years), Post Office (4 years), Computers (till now), Registered Nurse in ER and ICU (approx 15 years), Christian Fellowship Ministry (approx 20 years: www.calvarynet.org), husband (15 years), Father... and all around "let's chat" type guy. However, I'm still pretty much a loner. Perhaps you can change that. Write me! Take care... John Scudder

(Class of 1978) chris jenkins

(Class of 1978) Mike Cliburn
Love to hear from anyone !!

(Class of 1978) Kelly Huffman Bott
I don't lilve in the area anymore, and have lost touch with almost everyone..I'd love to hear from some of the old gang.

(Class of 1978) Rodney H. Morrison (Rod)

(Class of 1978) Jeffrey C. Landry

(Class of 1978) Jon A Walter

(Class of 1978) K. Drake (Kerry) Neal
Wow! Those were the days! I still remember fondly my days at Monroe, friends and some teachers (especially Ms. Freema Rood!!) I still on occasion see classmates around (saw Colisha and Kim 10/20 in Tarzana). I'm looking forward to the next reunion! By the way, has anyone seen Xavier Boykin?

(Class of 1978) Kevin De Rose
Hello to everyone! Well, an update on me for anyone who wants one! I am married to my beautiful blonde 23 year old centerfold, and we have 2 children. My son Brennen was born 11/11/00, and Deven is 5 1/2 (Adopted). I would love to hear from anyone who is still around.

(Class of 1978) Toby Lynn Oberg (Nadler)

(Class of 1978) Allison Sedey

(Class of 1978) Mark A Farr (Farr)
Mark Here

(Class of 1978) Steve Kopito

(Class of 1978) Jerri Lynn Munn (Sullivan)
I would like information on upcoming reuions. I tried to get info on the 20 year, but could never get return phone calls. Perhaps this will work for my 30th!

(Class of 1978) Ruth Mellissa Castelazo (Missy Jennings)

(Class of 1978) Dean Puett

(Class of 1978) Patty Strong

(Class of 1978) Maureen Johnson (Ziefle)

(Class of 1978) Denise Louise Arancibia (DeGraeve)

(Class of 1978) JAMEY E TANNER
Hello Everyone! Long time, no see. E-mail me if you are still around the valley. I'll invite you to the station for a cup of coffee.

(Class of 1978) Kenneth L Jones (Ken)
Was away for the previous reunions, but plan to be there for the next one (looking forward to retirement :)

(Class of 1978) Constance Marie Walsh (Connie Costello, Castillo)

(Class of 1978) Kenny R. Feinberg
High school was fun. It's great to reminisce.

(Class of 1978) Warren Schultz
Hi Everyone, I would like to hear from anyone from the old group. Please feel free to drop me a note. Warren

(Class of 1978) Laurie Ann Ullman
Happy New Mellenium everyone! If we keep taking our vitamins and live to be 80 years old ,we will have lived each half of our lives in two milleniums. Just a thought :) P.S. I wanted to find Cathy Von Frankenburg to wish her a Happy Birthday yesterday. Does anyone know where she is??

(Class of 1978) Linda Donsky (Whitmer)
Looking for Sue Thompson from class of 1976 or 1977

(Class of 1978) Kerry D. Aylesworth
I just found this site and wanted to say "HI" to anyone out there from the class of 78. I have been in New Jersey for my job and just moved back to Va. in April with my wife Tina and our 3 children Kerry II (16) Adam (10) and Heather (7). Sorry I missed the past reunions, but I would love to hear from any old class mates to catch up on times old and new.

(Class of 1978) Aline Forbes

(Class of 1978) Richard Zimmerman

(Class of 1978) Scott Allen Ciufo
I actually moved during my senior year at Monroe and graduated in Orange County. I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me from back then. I lived on Vincennes St. and was friends with Ron LaTrelle. Ron, if your out there, get in touch. -S.C.

(Class of 1979) Barbara Hagen Wright
What's up?

(Class of 1979) Kirk Benitez

(Class of 1979) Denise Newbold-Aly
It is so nice to hear some of the familiar names from so many years ago! I wish you all health and happiness!!

(Class of 1979) Susan Kurtz
Hi everyone It's been so long. I really didn't graduate but I was suppost to in 1979 but I had a daughter in 1975 and got my GED. I just wanted to see if anyone remembered me.

(Class of 1979) Janice Cuthbertson
hello classmates! i have lived in ontario canada for the past 20 years, so i really am out of touch with my friends in the valley. i have a 23 year old son, and never been married. if you would like to write me, please do! take care.

(Class of 1979) Liesa Morrow-Bratcher(Lisa Morrow)

(Class of 1979) Darryl Savage
Greetings (from Minnesota) Vikings!

(Class of 1979) Fred Kotwica
YO, I WONDER IF ANY YOU KOOKSTERS STILL REMEMBER ME ? I SPLIT AFTER 11 th GRADE & MOVED TO N Y ITS BEEN 30 FRICKEN YEARS, WE MUST BE GETTIN OLD ! I'm considering going to the re union but , I'm afaid no one will remember me or like me. I was a trouble boy. Sepulveda Jr High <-----> Liggett St Elementry Lunch time softball Blacks VS Whites football I did not like school that much & I goofed off consistantly Gym was cool, Mrs HICKY was HOT as her KILN ! metal shop { is Mr Vacca still alive ? } He wanted to date my mother. Will there be a live band ? I'll bring my guitar, sing blues & tell dirty jokes < Go NY Mets RIP Glen Queen L A T E R (` 0~}===;;; mosesjohnson@verizon.net

(Class of 1979) Sharon Shapiro

(Class of 1979) Jeffrey Crissman

(Class of 1979) Dorsey James
I'm living in New Jersey working in New York. Derrick Williams has a son at Columbia University who I see from time to time. I spoke with Steve Cupingood today.

(Class of 1979) Sharon Thomas

(Class of 1979) Nikki Schuman Appelbaum

(Class of 1979) Barri Bishoff

(Class of 1979) Jeff Crissman

(Class of 1979) Alyson Moore
It's great to see so many familiar names and I love to read how everyone's doing. I don't think that we had a 25th reunion, did we? 30th is just around the cornor. I work in Post Production as a "Foley Artist" creating Sound Effects for Movies and Television and won an Emmy Award in 1997. Even though I dropped out of High School, I'm glad that I can come back to catch up.

(Class of 1979) John David
Greetings to all '79ers! Feel free to send an e-mail.

(Class of 1979) Laura P. Gordon
Hello all, would love to hear from old fiends. It's been way too long.

(Class of 1979) Josephine Monteza (Josie)
I would like to get in touch with old friends, since I have lost contact after getting married and moving to different states. It would be fun to see you all after all these years.

(Class of 1979) Kerry E Hackett

(Class of 1979) marc krasnow
New York, NY

(Class of 1979) Steve Shepard
I can't believe 30 yrs. have gone by. I hope everyone is well and successful. Living in the South Bay with awesome family. Look me up if you want to say Hey!!!

(Class of 1979) DENISE RICHTER
hello to all class of 79, I dropped out at the end of 11th, went to continuation for a while, untill things got bad at home, got a job and got my own place, I have always wanted to attenend a reunion, but because i didn't graduate I'am not sure i can! Is there a rule or something? if anyone knows the answer please let me know, i would love to hear from anyone who remembers me! and those that don't. I'am living in vegas now, have two sons 25 & 19,two grandkids 7 & 5 in colorado, Denise Richter

(Class of 1979) Allison (Meisner) Macaluso
I would love to hear from anyone regarding any reunion info or just to say hi! The 20-year was a blast. I guess I missed the 25-year. Hope everyone is well and happy.

(Class of 1979) Jef Richardson
GOD is Awesome! I'm so glad to have "stumbled" upon this wonderful site. I have so many fun memories of my school time at Monroe. I truly learned to love academics there. When I was in 10th grade, there was a gal who was the homecoming queen that year tah said something Super encouraging to me , and it had a wonderful , kind affect on my perspective on girls and romance. My 10th grade biology teacher Mr Kodimer, and Mr Thomas AP History teacher, Mr Balzarett the track coach, I remmember him calling me a stud, and in my teenage naiveness I asked "whats a stud?"..as I look back, it's funny to remmember him trying to answer that question very "judiciously". ha ha. My 10th grade math teacher was so awesome. My Geometry teacher was very awesome, and even though I dropped(accidentally), his calculator( and the whole class saw it), he did not give me a hard time or make a comment about it. I barely qualified through drivers training. At the end of the course, the instructor actually said to me 'do you promise to make sure you practice a LOT MOre before you try to drive"? ..so funny. I also, remmember being at a school assembly where prizes were being handed out. The next prize to be handed out was a little stuffed squirrel. My friends and I were saying we were going to laugh at whoever got the stuffed animal. The announcers on the stage called my name , and my friends who were standing there with me fell on the ground laughing". ..I still have that stuffed animal to this day. I was also in the student body for my grade. I ran track for 2 years there. And cross country for 10th grade. I think I really enjoyed every class I took there. I was a 4.0 student, never got a grade lower than an A, and I was a sports athelete. Wow. anyway I would be glad to hear from anyone. Yeshua is the Messiah. John 3:16 May GOD's most Awesome Blessings ,PEACE and JOY be extending to YOU and those dear to you, as You TRUST HIM. You are all important! :) I look forward to the next reunion..

(Class of 1979)Mark Pezel

(Class of 1979) Julie Gordon (Bennett)
Hey everyone! Time does fly - doesn't it! Would love to hear from any old friends - swim team and/or play production or any one that I used to know and hang out with! Those were the days!

(Class of 1979) cynthia malneck

(Class of 1979) Kurt Stillman
If I only knew then what I know now.

(Class of 1979) karen kornblum plat
Hello to everyone, hope all is well. Would like to hear people. Does anyone know about any reunion info?

(Class of 1979) Peter L. George
Just found this site, hope everyone is doing well. I haven't gone far; still live in the valley!

(Class of 1979) cindy malneck
just updated email checking in on friends

(Class of 1979) Lisa Freeman (Maliani)
Life has been interesting and wonderful since we graduated. I'd love to share stories with some old friends.

(Class of 1979) James (Jaime) Esparza
I hope that everyone is doing well.

(Class of 1979) Michael Eaton

(Class of 1979) SuAnne M Wojciechowicz (Hale)

(Class of 1979) Christiann Costello (Crickett)
Hope all is well life is good....Any one who wants to email from the class would love to hear from you.

(Class of 1979) Tom Patterson
There should be a 25th reunion coming up in 2004. Does anybody know who's coordinating it?

(Class of 1979) JOHN HUBER

(Class of 1979) BARRI BISHOFF

(Class of 1979) Mark Erickson
Hi Friends! Hope life has gone well for you all. Would love to hear from old classmates. Blessings to you and your families!

(Class of 1979)Lucius Jackson
Just happened to be looking through our Class of '79 yearbook. Yep, hidden away for all of these years, dust and all. Next thing I know, I'm searching for Monroe HS info on the net and found this webpage. Not being able to stop there, I began reading your emails and figured why not add my name to the group list. Hope some of you remember me, 'cause I sure remember many of you!

(Class of 1979) Nancy Giangeruso (Pascone)
Looking forward to seeing old friends!

(Class of 1979) Patricia (Tricia) Ruby (Miltenberger)

(Class of 1979) Jay Roberts

(Class of 1979) Kelly Kuykendall (Flynn)

(Class of 1979) Nora Hurley (Jackson)
Hi classes of 77-79. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me! you can e-mail me at nora_hurley@yahoo.com

(Class of 1979) Mary Barbara Westmoreland (zenk)

(Class of 1979) Paul Lord

(Class of 1979) Marta Lynn Metzger-Cohen (Lynn Metzger)
I would love to hear anyone from the class of 1979, I don't seem to see that many people on the message boards or anything, it would be nice to hear from old friends.

(Class of 1979) Gloria Ann Hughson (Recchia)

(Class of 1979) Debbie McDonald (Spurlin)

(Class of 1979) Sandy (Wallworth) Goddard
Would like to hear from fellow classmates I still keep in touch with Sandy(Chelnek)Smith.Feel free to email me.

(Class of 1979) Sheri Lester (Gordon)
It's hard to believe we've been out of high school for over 20 years - seems like yesterday to me. The 20 year reunion was fun (hanging with people I've know since kindergarten) - looking forward to the 25 year as well. Remember, we're not getting older, just much better! I look forward to your e-mails.

(Class of 1979) Steve J. Patterson

(Class of 1979) Kevin Mitchell Gaiman

(Class of 1979) Sharon Gilday (Upton)

(Class of 1979) Heather Duke
Couldn't make it to the reunion last year. Missed you all. I'm looking forward to 25, gotta start pluckin those grey hairs now...hmmmm. email me with the news!

(Class of 1979) Jennifer McKissick
Wow. It will be thirty years next year (2009)! Unbelievable. Hope all are well. Jennifer

Hope everyone is happy and successful.

(Class of 1979) SHEILA D WARREN

(Class of 1979) Michael Kierce

(Class of 1979) Elaine Siegel (Muir)

(Class of 1979) Joel Volk

(Class of 1979) James Sherwood
Active in ROTC/Manager Var/JV Basketball. Any ROTC Members from 1977/1978 please contact me. I have contact with others from the first ROTC Group.

(Class of 1979) Jeff Magouirk

(Class of 1979) Joel F Wysong

(Class of 1979) Carolynne (Newman) Cooksey

(Class of 1979) Carla Gladman

(Class of 1979) Mary Howard

(Class of 1979) Jeff Sands
hope everyone is doing great. email me at nhillsjeff@aol.com

(Class of 1979) Theresa Marie Toth
would love to here from band and/or drill team, short flags. catch up on old times and new times.

For comments or questions, please contact Thomas Chung (Class of 1991)