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Hello class of '65!! Hope you all have been as fotunate as I have been since we graduated. If Linda Costlow, Chris Lewis or Donna Ciabatti sees this please e-mail me. Hope 2001 is your best year ever....
CATHY LEE RIDEOUT (BAILEY) <> from CANYON COUNTRY,CA on Sunday, December 31, 2000 at 4:40:19 PM

wanting to get hold of old friends and classmates
mark anthony thatcher <> from hemet, ca. on Saturday, December 23, 2000 at 12:18:54 AM
just crusing
Pamela Rosenthal <> from lake elsinore in usa on Wednesday, December 20, 2000 at 2:36:31 AM
i love hello kitty it ish da best in da world besides blue bear and piccaco!!
anne N loves david S
crystal P loves jay B
sasha love ??? (cutie pie) <> from manila in philippines on Wednesday, December 13, 2000 at 5:07:48 PM
Has anyone seen Tammy Roth?
Annette Davis (Jaszke) <> from Santa Barbara in CA on Saturday, December 09, 2000 at 9:29:59 PM
Summer 67- was in every music production for three years-San Fernando Valley Youth Band for 10 years- went to college- dropped the trumpet like a hot potato- for (what else?)women! One wife later- 4 kids and 25 years in the hardwood flooring business in the beautiful Napa Valley- Found the site and contacted Steve Horton- not seen in 30 years. Fantastic.
Mark Bienenfeld <> from Napa, CA on Saturday, December 09, 2000 at 8:00:10 PM
miguel bernal licea (mickey) <> from jalisco in mexico on Thursday, December 07, 2000 at 6:34:14 PM
Looking for old friends who graduated in 81. Want to know who is going to reunion as well. Hi Lisa.
Jill G. Wood (Trevino) <> from San Antonio, Texas on Monday, November 27, 2000 at 9:17:05 PM
Class of 1934 Idaho Falls Idaho (High School) Has anybody heard in recnt months of the wheeabouts of John Tullet _ or is he deceased? If so let me know Thank you! I am living in Las Vegas since Dec 1993/ Now married to a wonderful lady who was a widow from Indianapolis Ind/! WE married on 9/23/95
Frank Ernest Caasper <> from Las Vegas Nevada on Sunday, November 26, 2000 at 1:11:08 PM
I love high school don't you? Your Friend, Marissa
Marissa Jo Vincent (cowgirl) <> from Ohio on Saturday, November 25, 2000 at 9:57:33 AM
Class of '74...looking for some old friends! Have lost touch with all those friends that I spent more time with outside of school than in school. Sneaking out past Mr. Usherman was a daily occurance. Looking for Dave Lowdermilk, Johnny O, Craig Ferman, Paul Lysic, John Freeman, Greg Barnes, Kurt Barron, Chris Benyo, Robbie Keller, Karen Kelly, Doug Masterson, John Barbour, Tom Cullin--just to name a few of the old "crowd."
Kim Reynolds <> from Portland, OR on Tuesday, November 21, 2000 at 12:05:36 AM
hey, guys!!! i haven't graduated from high school yet but i will in 2002.. i just wanted to say "HI" to all my friends... and go class of 2002... high school is tha bomb, isn't it??? DRILL TEAM!! #1..
Ana Karla Torres <> from north hills, CA on Saturday, November 11, 2000 at 7:36:10 PM
Class of 69ers; What a mind blower checking out the notes left from classmates of our era. Pure enjoyment. Nostalgia at is best. I remember Penny Perkins, what a babe! Keith Styles, one of my "Poor Boyz" bros. Those were truly "Happy days". Was wondering if anyone remembered the old swim team with coach Bernie. Was also wondering about my old friend Leonard Lattimore. Would sure like to say hi.
Rex(Rocky) C. Apperson <> from Davis,Ca. on Wednesday, October 25, 2000 at 5:14:41 AM
Spent most of the time in art classes. Can't remember anyone. Refresh my memory. (Class of 72)
Michael Damm <> from Brigham City, Utah on Friday, October 20, 2000 at 1:39:01 PM
Class of 1987. Would love to hear from folks who graduated 13 years ago and can remember the days when we were trying to gain our autonomy (or at least we thought we were). Paula Scatoloni
Paula Scatoloni <> from Honolulu, Hawaii on Thursday, October 19, 2000 at 12:04:12 PM
I hope all are well and doing just fine.....I like this site..far out...just kidding...AMEN
Paul Douglas Srery <> from Colorado Springs,Co. on Tuesday, October 17, 2000 at 6:09:06 PM
Hi class of 81 - Doing great, married three kids - I didn't know too many of you - but hope you all are doing great. Don't want to kick the Umu. (RIP Mr. A)
Miguel Dager <> on Tuesday, October 17, 2000 at 3:11:54 PM
This is a Great web site it it great to see old friends names. I have 3 kids 17,15, and 12 and 3 stepkids 14,7 and 5 . we live in OK and really enjoy it. Anyone who remembers me drop me a line.
Heather Lee Keith (White) <> from Del City, OK on Thursday, October 12, 2000 at 8:46:13 PM
hey guys if you like this site.... come join us at the new and improved egroups we have regular chats... we get silly, wild and crazy all classes join in on the fun.....come try it Teri
teri grant dorr <> from oregon on Sunday, October 08, 2000 at 11:09:13 AM
Hey, this is so great, I read the whole guest book and my thoughts went back to the days in 90-94, when life was Beautiful, No Responsabilities, no babies, no Bills IN One word NO PROBLEMS.Saludos para El Chaparro,Fernando Barajas, Leo, Rigo,Juan y todos los Gorrones. I love U all.
Ricardo Ornelas <> from North Hills, Ca on Tuesday, October 03, 2000 at 11:27:40 PM
Can't believe it's been more than 35 years! If there was a reunion, guess I missed it. Still a "valley girl" (before 'they' existed). Wonder where we all landed, too many names to list. Hope to hear about the 40th in 2005!!
Linda Brainerd <> from Burbank, CA on Saturday, September 30, 2000 at 10:13:38 AM
PAM BAILEY <> from SANTA CLARITA, CA on Sunday, September 24, 2000 at 9:14:23 PM
Class Of 1980, I transferred to Sagus High in 80, but when I remember my hgh school days, I think of Monroe. I hope everyone has had a great life since high school. Mine has been wonderful
Steve J Bestwick <> on Friday, September 22, 2000 at 10:35:22 PM
CLASS OF '69! Crusin' Van Nuys Blvd.,Bob's Big Boys with extra mayo and avocado, Devonshire Downs...yes I can still remember some things. Looking for fellow classmates especially girls from the soc club D'artangnans and the Unlimited Vans guys! Scrolling through the messages I saw a lot of alumni have move to Florida...can't get away from the beaches!
RHONDA RENEE (GRANTHAM) <> from SEMINOLE, FL on Saturday, September 16, 2000 at 4:56:57 PM
looking for my 1992 class
salvador garcia <> from California on Saturday, September 16, 2000 at 12:31:57 AM
SUE VENEGAS (KROHN) <> from PINE MTN. CLUB, CA on Friday, September 15, 2000 at 11:39:15 AM
To any of you people out there who care my e-mail address has changed. So kiddolets, and you know who you are( Theresa, Steve, Michael, Jenn,and anyone else I might have missed)drop me a mail I'd REALLY love to hear from you all!!!! My life sucks without the wit of all of you!!! hehehe Please contact me you bums, I do still love you all though!Waiting to hear from you , BYE!!!
Stacey Lynn Johnson-Wood <> from N. Las Vegas,Nevada on Thursday, September 14, 2000 at 11:34:36 AM
Class of 94......where are you guys? Amon varner, Tammy Collins, Nicole Sneff, Nykisha and Michelle if you guys are around drop me a line....or if there is anyone out there who remembers me send your hellos. Life is GREAT for me now but it was even better 5 years ago w/out any responsibilities. I hope everyone is doing well.......
Beverly Cadle <> on Tuesday, September 05, 2000 at 12:25:17 PM
Graduate of S60. I used to hang out with the late Wayne Sheilds, Nick Simone, Pete Comella. We had a funky quasi-car club called the Adaptors. Does anyone know if there is a 40th reunion being planned? I moved back to Boston after graduation. Rickie Lancelotti and I drove across country together. Steve
Steve Schwartz (Blackie) <> from Boston, MA on Tuesday, September 05, 2000 at 7:28:55 AM
So did anyone go to the reunion???? Have fun here in Florida, the Valley has changed so much last time I was there, son's in his 3rd year at FSU,I am still surfing, still having fun, more that ever, we did have some good time didn't we. Go class of 75!
Mark Banning <> from Daytona Beach FL. on Tuesday, September 05, 2000 at 3:20:22 AM
I can't believe how incredible it is to find this website to stay in touch with all of the fun people and good times shared once again! Would be great to hear from other that have lost touch over the years. Always looking forward to seeing good friends and fun at all of the upcoming reunions! Wouldn't miss them for anything! Please write me, I'd love to hear from you all! (1977 graduating class)
Irene Llere (Miller) <> from Castaic, Ca. on Sunday, September 03, 2000 at 5:15:09 PM
Hello! I didn't graduate at Monroe in 91, but I wanted to say hi to those of you that knew me from Sepulveda Jr. High. Please email me and let me know how you are doing- I would love to hear from you. Desiree Fraser
Desiree Fraser - on Saturday, September 02, 2000 at 3:44:45 PM
would like to hear from lost friends and fellow classmates of the class of "72" and friends of mine from the class of "73" WOW, Time, what a concept!!!
Teri Chinchuck (Schrader - Grajeda) <> from Northridge, CA on Monday, August 28, 2000 at 1:52:24 PM
What a great site! Just looking for anybody who might remember me. Looking for some lost friends (you know who you are).
Michael Aaron Weiss <> from Elk Grove, Ca. on Monday, August 21, 2000 at 9:18:31 PM
Man... If anyone from 94 remembers me give me a shout out. Would be a hoot the hear from the old crew.... Those were the best years of our lives, Nothing to worry about but our selves. No House payments, car payments, kids, or real jobs!! Those were the days!!!!!
Michael Burns <> on Saturday, August 19, 2000 at 12:57:57 AM
Class of 82' Looking for James Molan (fish), also, Todd Payne???
Lisa Marie Preston (Wallworth) <> from Simi Valley,Ca on Tuesday, August 15, 2000 at 7:30:07 PM
just want to say hi to everyone and I would love to hear from old friends from 1983, Hope you are all well.
shelley De Vito (SIMON) <> from west hills in CA on Tuesday, August 15, 2000 at 3:15:20 PM
Hi all. Looking for anyone who graduated with me espically, Diane Chamlee, Carol Hamilton and Greg Johnson. Also looking for Mike Smith, i know he had a younger brother named Gary. Please email me if you know where I can reach them Thanks!
Christine Mary Robert (Albano) <> from Longmeadow, Ma on Tuesday, August 15, 2000 at 4:49:09 AM
Class of '85 I graduated from Monroe as well as my brothers Frank and Dan Solorzano. If you want to get in touch with any of us just send me an E-Mail. I would also like to find Shevette Braxton. ('Cause him berry bootiful)
Margaret G Barrett (Solorzano) <> from Escondido, CA (north of San Diego) on Tuesday, August 15, 2000 at 12:13:35 AM
Just checking things out
Mike Schwartz <> from Santa Clarita, CA on Monday, August 14, 2000 at 11:27:09 AM
Hey where are all you guys, I sure do miss the stress free years of high school, and most of all I miss the teachers. I now as an adult in the real world have a great deal of appriciation to a teacher teaching in the California/the valley area. Texas is great No earth quakes.......Not to tease ya. Miss ya lots.....Robin Stephenson (moffat) I would like to take the opportunity to say we miss all of the ones that have been killed since high school, I know of several. Class of 1987! Heres to ya ..........
Mary Robin Stephenson (Moffat) <> from Arlington,Tx on Monday, August 07, 2000 at 12:36:20 PM
Hello everyone from the class of 1985. Hard to believe it's been 15 years. Hope everyone is well! Steve Leiner
Steve Leiner <> from North Hills, Ca. on Tuesday, August 01, 2000 at 10:28:43 PM
Hello Class of 1995!!!!Where are you guys? Well drop me a line at if you still remember me. I'm graduating from CSUN as an Accounting/Finance Major. Well I miss the good times at Monroe, but the world outside is treating me well. So Where are all the 1995er's.
Jonathan Sumilang (Jon) <> from Arleta on Sunday, July 30, 2000 at 11:51:26 AM
I am living in Texas now but my home is always California. I did not graduated but I recieve my high school GED in the army. My best frends in high school was David Scott and Jim Target.
Chuck Lee Haas <> from Houston, Texas in US on Saturday, July 29, 2000 at 7:11:21 AM
Hi everybody !!! If anybody remebers me I would love to here from you. I was the one who thought she was a punk-rocker for awhile. I really have changed though, honest !! Life is really great. Write me back and I will fill you in. I would love to talk about the good old days...
Deana Lynn Pinto (Rice) <> from Santa Clarita, Ca. 91351 on Friday, July 28, 2000 at 8:21:24 PM
(Class of 1979) Didn't do the reunions, but want to say HELLO!
Tracy B <> from cal on Wednesday, July 26, 2000 at 11:05:58 PM
LIZETTE TARUC (LIZZY,LIZ) <> from PANORAMA CITY, CALIFORNIA on Thursday, July 20, 2000 at 9:53:21 AM
I was at the 30 year (July 15th) looking for old friends, didn't see any! Drop me a e-mail John Rubin, Bill Unger, Mark Woodward, Greg Fall....
Rick Ankrom <> on Monday, July 17, 2000 11:23:02 AM
I graduated in 67. I was sports editor of the Doctrine, even though I was a fat geeky kid back then. I went on to become Sports Editor of the Palm Springs Desert Sun and Tahoe Daily Tribune before switching fields in the late 70s. I taught special ed for a year and then became a counselor working with "troubled" adolescents. I have worked in private schools and even braved the cold of Western Massachusetts to help start a boarding school there. I have since returned to Southern Cal. I confess I was totally in love with Nancy Olmstead ('68, and in lust with Marilyn Murden (67).. By the way, I am no longer fat but the geeky part is still up for debate :-)
Carl Janowitz <> on Friday, July 14, 2000 at 6:27:22 PM
LUIS ALFONSO LOPEZ (KORN) <> from PANORAMA CITY, CA on Friday, July 07, 2000 at 2:52:05 PM
I graduated in 1962, went to work that summer in '62, and never stopped until my retirement began in May of 1999, from Vons Markets. I was a retail clerk. Just prior to my retirement I pruchased a little cottage in Paradise Cove, a beautiful ocean cove in north Malibu. I was married 25 years, have two sons, and they each have one child. I am Grandma Ocean to Austin Thomas, he is 3, and Grandma Joy to Destiny Joy, and she is 6... Soft breezes, warm days, beautiful sun sets, fine wines,relatives and friends,life is good. Write when you
Joy C. Ohler <> from Malibu, Calif. on Thursday, July 06, 2000 at 6:49:08 AM
I was supposed to actually graduate from Monroe in '84 but got tranferred to Birmingham HS after contracting a severe case of "Senioritous-ditchadocious". I was voted "Class-Clown" along with Lori Flattery. This is a title I happen to be very proud of....really. So in essence, I really don't know if I can be considered alumni. I think so. I shared some advanced placement courses with some of you and got cut from some sports tryouts. Somebody out there must know me? I started my high school career there after attending Sepulveda JHS. I still live in the Southern California area and have been employed in a career in the public sector for over 10 years. Some would not believe the line of work I'm in. You'd probably be surprised. See you at the 15th or 20 year reunion. I attended the 10 year party in Woodland Hills and had a blast. Especially after seeing that I was included in a slide presentation.
Adolph Finley <> on Tuesday, July 04, 2000 at 2:35:45 PM
1967 -1968 ???? to long & to many other things. Living in Nevada since '83 still riding & partying, just not as much. Great site , found it by mistake Feel free to contact me at .
James Ratledge <> on Sunday, July 02, 2000 at 9:03:38 PM
(1997) It'been only three years and I already wish I could go back in time and hang out on the Senior Lawn. If anybody whats to drop a line I would me more than happy to write back. Looking foward to being in the Valley in Aug '01 when I finish my 4 yr. enlistment with the U.S.A.F. Unitl then best wishes to everybody.
John E. Medina <> from (Tyndall AFB) Panama City, Fl on Saturday, July 01, 2000 at 6:49:22 PM
Hello out there. Class of '92 where the heck are you? I have not seen many of you since graduation. I really don't want to wait until our 10 year. That seems a bit to long to wait. See you soon!!!!!
Erin Marie Hitchcock (Thompson) <> from Oxnard, CA. on Friday, June 30, 2000 at 6:58:18 PM
Hello class of 1981!
Tina Anderson (Zaverl) <> on Thursday, June 29, 2000 at 5:14:34 PM
Hey class of 81'. Just took a stroll down memory lane by reading this page. If you remember me please contact me at Looking forward to the reunion next year.
Bob Forgerson <> from Atlanta, GA on Thursday, June 29, 2000 at 12:39:14 PM
I trained the JROTC Drill team in 1976 which won the European Drill championships at Heidleberg. Would love to hear from any of the Instructors Sgt Joe brandt or Maj Fitzpatrick or any of the cadtes esp Col of cadets Carlos ? and Chris Bell. These are just names I remeber but would love to hear from anyone.
Terry Edward Jennians (Sgt Jennians RAOC British Army) <> from Fort Pierce Fl on Tuesday, June 27, 2000 at 8:47:22 PM
S'65 Hello everyone, would love hearing from you from the class of 1965 Summer.
Judy E. Gibson (Ohler) <> from California on Tuesday, June 27, 2000 at 2:47:54 PM
Looking For Francisco Espinoza Belived to have graduated From Monroe in or around 1990 , and went to Robert Fulton Junior High.
Heather Skewes <> from Phoenix , AZ on Tuesday, June 27, 2000 at 9:34:01 AM
class of 67" Looking for Darlene Pickens or Penny Perkins Jerry Buss Larry Ponder Or Frank Brown
sue elizabeth Lipnicki (Brydson) <> from panorama city calif on Thursday, June 22, 2000 at 4:34:53 PM
looking for people still living in the valley
joseph peter Lipnicki <> from panorama city calif on Thursday, June 22, 2000 at 4:25:14 PM
Class 1967 It was fun remembering Biffs, Bobs Big Boy, Oscars and Chase Street Park. What about Thriftys and green rivers, Hodys and mashed potatoes and driving in circles in the rain in Monkey Wards parking lot. Ann Pottle Dolin
Ann Dolin (Pottle) <> from SD CA on Wednesday, June 21, 2000 at 2:00:39 AM
(class of 65) this is great to fine this sight.had two boys now are 26 and 29. time sure flys. Went with steve olgesby and my best girlfriend was Wanda(sparks)farpelha,whom I'm trying to find.I'f anyone knows where she is at please e-mail me. And if anyone else from my class would like to chat. Hope to see you at a reunion.
Anita vandiver (stull) <> from idaho on Monday, June 19, 2000 at 12:38:08 PM
Class of S'68
Margaret Shoemaker <> on Sunday, June 18, 2000 at 4:29:49 PM
MICHAEL C LONGFELLOW <> from LAKE ELIZABETH,CA on Saturday, June 17, 2000 at 9:45:13 AM
Would really like to hear from some old friends like Mike Longfellow, Mike and Kim Kelley ,Bruce Hale, Lynn Le'Gall, Laura Hockert, Debbie Reid,
Larry Schlotfelt <> from Canyon Country Cal on Tuesday, June 13, 2000
Living in New Jersey and loving it.
Ellen Glassett (Rubenfeld) <> from Fair Lawn, New Jersey on Tuesday, June 13, 2000
Would like to hear from classmates and band members from 1964 and 1965. Does anyone know of whereabouts of David Rose or Charlie Mountain? I look forward to seeing everyone at the next reunion.
Diane Lotspeich (Hutton) <> from Ventura, CA on Monday, June 12, 2000
Class of 77. Not many of us checking in. Looking for old friends. Dane Sadd, any one know what happened to him???? Also have lost touch with Nitta Pedone. Look me up if you want. In pacific northwest w/ husband & 2 kids.
Patricia (Patty) Lynn Levoy (Beggs) <> from Astoria, Oregon on Sunday, June 11, 2000
Looking for Sharon Huntley-Class of 1972. If anyone knows where she is, please e-mail me, or give her My e-mail address. (Also, Jill Finder!) Thanks!
Pam Bailey <> from santa clarita, ca on Thursday, June 08, 2000
Hello to all, not too many people here from the class of '79, hope to see more, hope everyone is happy and successful.
Marta Lynn Metzger-Cohen (Metzger) <> from Mission Hills, Ca on Thursday, June 08, 2000
Where did everybody go? Dean "the Hen" Hensly, Lynnea Sterling, Dan Sublett, Peggy Sufert, Mike Ferris, Dianne Williams, Moira Sherridan, Ron Gaiser, Mark Prentice "the Fish", Craig Coomer the "crab", Linda Vidol, Steve Overstreet, Bob Scott, Greg McClelland, Lea Godsey, Mimi Frew and all the other Picnic People??? How about Aronie Sansonello? I still don't want to make a mess, just want to ride my AJS. Are you all still kicking it or did you surrender to the void, snoids?? The Rat, summer '69.
Ken Yorke (Rat) <> from Cheney Washington on Thursday, June 08, 2000
(1960) Well I'm happy to hear that the entire class of VALIONS didn't drop off the earth. I'm also pleased that a reunion may be coming. Would like to know more about it.
Terrance Neal Stone (Terry) <> from Sun City, Calif. on Tuesday, May 23, 2000
(1982) Hello class of '82. I was transfered (kicked) out of Monroe in 1981 to Grant in Van Nuys. I lived across the street from Monroe (on Tupper Street) for over fifteen years. I went to Fulton Jr. High for three years. I went to the 1981 prom with Michelle Kahn. Does anyone remember? I have keeped in touch with Brad Hoffman, Michelle Kahn, Mike Podolsky and Mike Lotspeech.I am looking for some old friends, John Alexander, Lori Fields (Married Mark), April ? (Blond/Blue Eyes)...
Randy Podolsky <> from Seattle, WA on Monday, May 22, 2000
Kimmy K, where are you?
Lisa Bonekovic (Lisa Kay or Kotwica) <> from Las Vegas, NV on Monday, May 22, 2000
DENIS ABERG <> from SUMNER, WA. on Thursday, May 18, 2000
Anyone heard about Gail Stivers Class of 62. Or Dan True Class of 60? Hope to see everyone at the 40th class reunion.
Larry K King <> from Tallahassee, Florida on Wednesday, May 17, 2000
Class of 1981. Hi! It has been awhile..How are all of you doing? Drop me a
Lynn DiMente (Cavalier) <> from Ca on Friday, May 12, 2000
I would like to know what all you fine Vikings made of your selfs or are you still partying. Living in Sacramento. If you remember me and are going to reunion let me know, I am trying to get there if possiable. 1970 Graduate
Bill Colditz <> from Meadow Vista, Ca 95722 on Sunday, May 14, 2000
Thanks for the site. I found it through a link to another sight I have been frequenting. I never thought I'd have so much fun getting back in touch with people from "oh so long ago"
Julie Kluth (Hamell) <> from Poway, CA on Tuesday, May 09, 2000
1963 Class E-Mail welcome
Karen Lynn Seeley (Baxter) <> from Simi Valley on Tuesday, May 09, 2000
Wow!! Scrolling through this list makes me realize how LONG I've actually been out of high school!!(18 years....aahhh!!) I'd love to hear from some of my old friends from Band, as only we know what it feels like to wear a band hat with horns. I'd still like to know who thought that was a good idea!! Thanks for this website and the chance to find old friends!!
Lisa Crist (Moses) <> from Phoenix, AZ on Monday, May 08, 2000
I am looking for old friends from class 1960. Does anyone out ther know the where abouts of Don Hand or Jeep Gereghty or Linda Jo Green ?
don shadrick <> on Sunday, May 07, 2000
Hello to all my friends from class of 82 I would love to hear from all of you, I'm really glad that i found this website. I can't believe it's been almost 20 years it does'nt seem possible.Time goes by so fast,We'll i hope everyone is doing really we'll. Hope to hear from you My E-Mail Address is
Carol Sanchez (Bass) <> on Saturday, May 06, 2000
Hey I think this page is great! I signed in looking for one of my best friends from the Class of 85', Jim Morrison, and another one of my best friends found me and contacted me and I am sure we won't loose touch again! Thanks
Cindy Marson ((Koett)) <> from Rosamond, CA on Friday, May 05, 2000
We're old enough to be nostalgic!
Dayle M Will (Perry) <> from Joshua Tree, CA on Thursday, May 04, 2000
Hi y'all from the south. This page sure has a lot of names I had forgotten about. I guess now is the time to start dieting for next years class reunion. Look forward to seeing everyone.
Larry K King <> from Tallahassee Fla on Sunday, April 30, 2000
Class of 1991. Making good things happen - I hope all of you are doing the same. Lets do our part to ensure those who fallow us won't look at our names with shame. To all of you, take care and best wishes...
Sergio A. Dardon <> from Burbank, Cal. on Monday, April 24, 2000
Still living in the valley, doesn't seem like it has been 36 years. The last reunion in Burbank was a combined one, with 2-3 classes participating Not as good attendance as one might have hoped. How about a 40th? Where are Dennis Davidson, Don Brown, Bob Srery, Bill and Bob Bishop, the Nichols boys, the Zumbrum brothers, etc? I will check back later, please feel free to E-Mail and chat any time.
Richard Thomas Haight (Dick) <> from Sylmar, CA on Thursday, April 20, 2000
Looking for friends from Monroe SWAS and Holmes Jr. School
Jennifer Winchester (Wander) <> on Thursday, April 20, 2000
Class of '61 - Lookin' for classmates. Mr. Freidman-journalism class = good. Mr. Malcolm-boy's VP = bad. Myself & most of the "bench boys" couldn't go to the prom because of a lunchtime "orgy"! Anybody remember that? Gahan Kelly never came back to school because this so-called violation happened at her house. How things've changed. Hope things are going well for Gahan & the "bench boys". Ron Smith - one time sports editor of the Monroe Doctrine. BTW, I still have all the original copies of the Doctrine.
ron jay smith <> from bradley,CA on Wednesday, April 19, 2000
Class of '60 What ever happened to "Jeep" Gehrity, Don Chadwick, Greg Dumas, Denny Mckittridge?
Douglas Madsen (Doug) <> from Orange, CA on Wednesday, April 19, 2000
Hello class of 72! I don't know if many of you remember me but if you do I would love to hear from you. I went to Chase St. , Sepulveda Jr. ,and somehow managed to graduate from Monroe. Believe it or not I really miss those days. I can only try to keep in touch with the people I've known. After General Motors closed in 94 I moved to Spring Hill TN. to finish my 30 years GM time with Saturn Corp.(div. of G.M.). Retire in 2 years? How time flys! Married (21yrs.)have daughter 19, son, 14. I'm enjoying TN (40 mi S. of Nashville) but I really miss California and the beaches. Please e.mail me , I' love to hear from you. See ya.
Gary Maker <> from Spring Hill, TN on Tuesday, April 18, 2000
Howdy. I'm actually considering attending my first ever Monroe class of 1970 reunion. I've got three children & live in northeast WI. Would love to hear old from band & orchestra friends, esp. Bruce Claspill, Bob Isley, Robin Chernay. Hope all is well.
Candice Bradley<> from Appleton, WI on Monday, April 17, 2000
Class of 74, Looking for old friends, been away from California for 26 years although I visit every few years. Best times were in high school, life was so care free. Hope to find some of you I hung out with.
Diane Holloway (Barrack) <> from Duck River, Tennessee on Sunday, April 16, 2000
Class of 76' hello to all. Hope you are all doing well. Live in Morro Bay married 13 yrs 2 boys 8-10. Missing alot of my old friends. Hello Sue McClure what a crush I had on you.
Steve Weiss <> on Saturday, April 15, 2000
God, I hated high school!! haha! But I am glad I found this site and hope that I can hook up with some old friends. Hope all of you wacky Monroe Folks are happy and are having wonderful lives. Peace.
Lisa Kelley-Cornelius <> from Bay Area, CA on Thursday, April 13, 2000
if anyone remembers joyce ross. a shy girl who was bused from L.A. contact me. thanks
Joyce Denise Brown (Joyce Ross) <> from mission hills on Monday, April 10, 2000
class of 1962....came from sweden to the class reunion 1992...any plans for a 40year reunion??
marsha dawn bozarth <> from stockholm, sweden on Saturday, April 08, 2000
Can't seem to find anyone who rembers me, This is a cool site. anyone out there? I know there are some of you that are on but I cant get to your e-mail address if you rember me i'ed Love to chat. Does anyone know how to find Kathy Jackson I've lost track of her if you know how to find her let me know.TTFN Class of 1982
Kathy L Frost (Bruce)<> from Caorsegold,Calif on Thursday, April 06, 2000
HELLO WINTER 70 CLASS; Anyone remember me? I was the quiet one; remember Sports Night? Remember Biffs on the corner of Chase and Van Nuys? I married Mike Magick class of 67, we have 4 grown boys and we are grandma and grandpa! Living in sunny AZ!
Denise Cowan Magick <> from Glendale, AZ on Monday, April 03, 2000
Class of 1979!! I left before we graduated and moved to Florida, I'm still here!! my best friends were Robin Rosegard, Sue Moran, Cricket Costello etc.. Great website! would like to here from other friends.
Elaine Siegel (Muir) <> from Palm harbor, Florida on Sunday, April 02, 2000
My husband and I live in covina with 3 children. My son is 12 and my daughters are 10 and 1.
kim salas (patterson) <> from covina on Wednesday, March 29, 2000
What a terrific website! I grew up in the "Valley" and attended Monroe in 1970/1971, but moved to Mich. before I had a chance to graduate in 1973. I've missed you guys! I would love to find as many of you as possible, esp. Doug Patterson, Tom Derby, Benita Salcedo, Debbie Barnett. Please, oh please, someone out there WRITE!!! Thanks!
Christine Johansson (Wiitanen) <> from Santa Fe, New Mexico on Wednesday, March 29, 2000
I would love to hear from any of my old high school pals. Does anyone know how to get in touch with Neil Goldman or Andy Kopito?
Danielle Crane <> from Davis, CA on Wednesday, March 29, 2000
Class of '64 Valparisians. I hung out with the blonde haired, tan all year surfer girls (Kona Kai girls who cruised Van Nuys Boulevard Wednesday nights to see what was happenin at Bob's Big Boy!!!! Would love to hear from classmates-specially if you know me!
carol L. nowlin (Wenzlik) <> from Encino, CA on Saturday, March 25, 2000
Mike Sesma...lost my return to you, write again. Donde' esta?....Alan Smith, Chip Moore and of course Carmen Way, who inspired in me the great appreciation of all things femme fatale.
Don Wyndham (Donnie) <> from Fair Oaks,CA on Thursday, March 23, 2000
Darlene Laura Crossman <> from Roseville, CA on Tuesday, March 21, 2000
S60 , are there any of us around? I don't think they have made it to Texas. I am still in school , you see I am a very slow learn.I am going to Dallas Baptist University to finish my Bachlor's in Bus. Mgmt..When at school had a good time in journalism class. It was a great time. Petty and I use to hang out together. Drop a line any time.
Roberta Ann Tedrow (Bobbie) <> from Roanoke Texas on Monday, March 20, 2000
Class of '92! Hi Wendy and Persephone! It's been along time! Hope everyone is well!
Jennifer Albrecht <> from Canyon Country on Saturday, March 18, 2000
Looking for the Class of '77 : Betsy Dunkel, Drina Dipinto (Larimer), anybody out there? Whazzzuuuupp!.....send me an email or call me at Intel Corporation in Folsom, CA. Great web sites!
Darlene Laura Crossman <> from Roseville, CA on Thursday, March 16, 2000
Hi everyone, I am from the class of 82. Through this web site I was able to locate Ruta Reivydas that I have known since the 7th grade. We met for dinner the other night seeing each other for the first time in almost 18 years. I can't tell you how much fun it was to see her after so many years and reminisce about old times and share our stories of what we have done since graduation. I want to especially thank Thomas Chung for all his hard work on this web site making it possible for all us to find old friends that we may have never found otherwise.
Steve Hinton <> from Lancaster, Ca on Wednesday, March 15, 2000
PONDA CHILDS (PONDA BEAR) <> on Wednesday, March 15, 2000
Class of 1976!!! Wow, time flies when you're getting old. Life is good :)! Would love to catch up with anyone that remembers me from Play Production or AP classes.
Mary Payne (Maiden name: Ulitt) <> from Upland, CA on Wednesday, March 15, 2000
John Poor <> on Friday, March 10, 2000
Hi, I'm from the class of 1973 and would love to hear from classmates. Can't remember the name of our graduating class but I do remember having the worst prom at Busch Gardens. Loved The Big A, Mr. Livingston, Mr. Murphy, Freema Rood.
Talitha Embry <> from Mission Hills on Friday, March 10, 2000
Hey looking for class of 72 friends Mark T. Gary O. Anthony P. any one out there?????? would love to here from you....I remember the days of long hair and mountain parties. Anyone who might remember me drop me A line because I forgot a lot!!!! I live north of Sacramento about 100 miles. Would like to know about any class reunion.
John E. Overstreet (Johnny O.) <> from Orland Ca. on Wednesday, March 08, 2000
I am a 1970 Monroe graduate. Class of the Auroians. Go mighty Vikings. I would love to hear from anyone who was in the class of '70. Please email me at or Thanks and have a great time at the reunion.
Chris Hodges (Laura Holzborn) <> from Mount Vernon, WA on Tuesday, March 07, 2000
What a blast from the past to see this website ! It threw me into a tailspin for a minute. I'm still in touch with my good freinds Tony Jacobellis, Jay Bustad and John Barbour. In fact we may all be going to Cabo San Lucas this April. If you would like to get in touch with me or any of them, drop me a line and I will forward your message....cjk
christopher j. kohut (chris) <> on Monday, March 06, 2000
Well - the class of 74 survived to 2000! Seems ages ago we all thought it was the universe at Monroe! Hail Altrusions class of 74 -To bad we didn't know about brain cell damage back then! Would be fun to hear from some of you!
Ellie O'Dell (Williams) <> from Houston, TX on Saturday, March 04, 2000
Hello to all my fellow Vikings. If anyone is out there from Class of 97 Le' Espirit Neveau, hit me up a Much Love, Allison Bain
Allison Niashar Bain <> from USAF Academy, Colorado on Thursday, March 02, 2000
I am looking for Tom Baker graduated in 1968. If anyone knows how to contact him, please e-mail me.
Lin Peterson (Lin Eldridge) <> from Camarillo, CA on Tuesday, February 29, 2000
Hi everyone ! It's been a lot of years hasn't it ! I've lived in Phoenix since 1970 after serving in the Navy during the war. Tried to get information on reunions a couple of times in the past through my sister ( class of 66') who resides in Thousand Oaks but was never able to coordinate in time. Would anyone be interested in a 35 year reunion ? Hope everyone is doing fine. Larry Tucker, Jim Alford, Laurie Leverett - where are you ?
Michael Johnson (Class of 1967) <> on Monday, February 28, 2000
Class of '92. It's been a long time. Hope everyone from class of '92 is doing good, we are getting old:> Is Leon out there, Greg, Lerna. Hope to see you all at the reunion. Hi Jennifer and Persephone. Keep in touch.
Wendy Lynn Mitchell <> from Milwaukee,WI. on Saturday, February 26, 2000
Hello everyone from Monroe!!! I'm class of '99. I sure wish that more people from our class would leave in messeges. Well I want to say hi to Mr. Tini. How are you? Is danny still bothering you? Hi Mr. Burke, do you remember me I was your T.A. Twice. Well it's great to be able to say Hi to everyone at Monroe. I also want to say congratulations to Ms. Perez on her recent wedding. Well that's it for now. Much love, Lizette(Lizard)
Lizette Lemus <> from Oakland, Ca "Patten College" I made it!!!!! on Friday, February 25, 2000
Hey class of '83. Where is everyone? Would love to hear from some of you. This is a great site so glad I was directed to it!!! Look forward to hearing from you!!!!!!
Wendy Kochheim-Wright <> from Panorama City, CA on Thursday, February 24, 2000
I just want to say the class of 1995 was the best. I hope that everyone that graduated that year is doing well for themselfs right now.I graduated that year,and if there's anyone who wants to catch up on old time just e-mail me and i'll get back asap. One Love.
Joseph Nunez <> from Palmdale,Ca on Thursday, February 24, 2000
Hi. From the class of 1961.
Jim Maxwell <> from Annandale Virginia on Tuesday, February 22, 2000
Hey Class of '83, how is everyone? Can't believe our 20th is creeping up on us. I sure would love to hear from fellow vikings, drop an email to me.
Denise Kalfayan (Basmajian) <> on Friday, February 18, 2000
This site has really touched home, thank you for being here.I'm a grad from " 73". For the last 29 years I have been in Las Vegas, doing well raising two boys 12 yrs. and 4yrs. Why the name change from Don Mainwal to Nick Kane, do to family business. Some friends of my from the old school are still around, Charlie and Carey LaMonda. Has anybody heard from Greg Gleich we ran Track and cross country together, last I heard he was still at Mission Foods. He married Cindy Ledderman. Is Karen Spegil still around?
Nicholas Mainwal Kane (Don) <> from Las Vegas , Nevada. on Thursday, February 17, 2000
Graduated in 72-Lost touch with the area but would be very interested in contacting anyone that knew me.
John Snyder <> from Houston, Texas on Sunday, February 13, 2000
Hi all, I hope the class of '62 is planning a 40-yr. reunion. Made it to the 25th but nothing since then. Would love to hear from anyone in the class. This is a great website!! Marilyn Britt
Marilyn J Moody (Britt) <> from Whidbey Island, Washington on Saturday, February 12, 2000
Class of 63, Where have you all gone? Have lots of good memories. Miss you all. Love to hear from any of my old friends.
Donna Jean Binnard (Mcmillan) <> from Canyon Country, Calif. on Friday, February 11, 2000
This is a great idea for reconnecting and keeping in touch! Alas, once a Valley Girl, always a Valley Girl! Now living with my husband way out in West Hills. If there are others out there from Class of 1985, e-mail me!
Kathy Tedesco (Rhodes) <> from West Hills, CA on Friday, February 11, 2000
Hello fellow Vikings! I graduated in 1982 and would love to hear from some fellow Vikings. Looking forward to our 20th. God we're old.
Hinton Steve <> on Thursday, February 10, 2000
It's always fun to remember high school. Thank you for having this web page. It's a great place to re-connect with people you will never forget.
Kenny R. Feinberg <> from Van Nuys, Ca. on Tuesday, February 08, 2000
Now Living in Florida. Any other Alumni living in Florida?
Christine Black (Chris Parker) <> from Tampa, Florida on Monday, February 07, 2000
Where did all the "mime"ers go? Mime class from 77-80 and Freema Rood, and all my friends from class of 80. great to see everyone's name on the Viking web page!!! your friend, Tod Walters...80
Tod Owen Walters <> from Chatsworth,Ca on Sunday, February 06, 2000
Hello from Glenn Weinberg of class of 1976, I am looking for my best friend , JJ Kirby. I live in Israel, so I can't visit so much - I have two brothers Steve and Bob who graduated fro m class 1967 and 1966 respectively.
Glenn Weinberg (Gavriel) <> from Beit Shemesh, Israel on Sunday, February 06, 2000
I moved to Orange in 73 but would have graduated in 74.....went to Lassen and then Sepulveda and did 10th at Monroe. Anyone remember me?
Lisa A Tapia (Nelson) <> from Corona, ca on Friday, February 04, 2000
Besides posting messages on this site, how about some pictures from graduating classes (yearbooks)?
Daniel John Halstead (Dan) <> from Newbury Park, CA on Friday, February 04, 2000
Hi everyone! I hope all is well out there. I accidentally wrote a novel on the alumni home page, but I would rather hear about you. Send me a note if you remember me or if you remember my sister Lisa Moses - Class of 82 (she hasn't lept into the information age yet, but she would also love to hear about you).
Kristina Moses <> from Colorado on Wednesday, February 02, 2000
Great site- was referred by Kathy Holzborn- I would have graduated in 1973- But, the young rebel I was got myself kicked and received my diploma from West Valley Occupational Center
Diane Marie Weatherwax (Wartwax (thanks To John Aiton)) <> from Portland OR on Tuesday, February 01, 2000
Where my boyz at johnny, preston? e-mail me keep in touch.
Antonio Reyes <> from l.a. cali on Monday, January 31, 2000
Hi you guys! Remember me?!?
Persephone Marie Powell <> on Sunday, January 30, 2000
Grad in the summer of 70
Joseph Michael Payne <> from Kent, Wa on Saturday, January 29, 2000
I am probably the only Majestic to end up in Vancouver of Western Canada. 2nd year student at University of British Columbia planning on studying in the field of business administration.
Jason Kang <> from Vancouver, British Columbia on Saturday, January 29, 2000
Class of 1970 - I was at the re-unions and I havent changed much. Still got that curly hair. Married and divorced 1X Still lookin for MS Right. I'll be single at the 30. I'm at the beach in Hermosa--any Bladers? Cmon down I dont surf anymore. Neither does my brother(Mike Blair-who just married last August).Remember The VAN!!!
Gordy Pallitz <> from Hermosa Beach CA on Friday, January 28, 2000
A 40 year reunion is being worked on by Marilyn Arndt and Paul McManus If anyone out there wants to be included, they should e-mail those people.
Bill Radakovitz <> from Rocklin, California on Thursday, January 27, 2000
So where are all the people from the Class of Summer '69? Carl Christensen, George Beck, Tom Fiske, Brent Norris, Tom Ferrero, Jim Graziono...? It would be great to hear from anyone that remembers the good times we had.
Mark W. Weller <> from Bend, Oregon on Thursday, January 27, 2000
Come on Class of '85........where are we!!!! Let's get in the game!!!
Yolonda Emerson <> on Wednesday, January 26, 2000
Just received reunion info...WOW, 30 years. If anyone knows where Pam Gates is please e-mail me, lost touch with her 28 years ago.
Louise Saugez Conway <> from Sanger, CA. on Wednesday, January 26, 2000
Hello Class of 1982!!! I'm doing well and loving life in Ventura, CA. Would love to hear from anyone from our class. I've succeeded in finding two High School friends at My best to all.
Leah Kittleson (Provenzano) <> from Ventura, CA on Wednesday, January 26, 2000
High School sure seems a world away, however I had a great time back then and would love to correspond with my old classmates.
David Ward <> from Tarzana, Ca on Tuesday, January 25, 2000
Even though I've travelled to the other side of the planet, I came back to good ol' North Hills. I live in the nice part, ON the hill. I'd like to hear from a few buddies, if you're out there: Bob Doyle, Steve Coe, Art and another friend from the Science club...(SORRY -- memory loss...old age, I guess!)
Scott Garig <> from North Hills, CA on Tuesday, January 25, 2000
I am from the class of 81 but I am trying to get in contact with Brad Sweet from the class of 82, anyone know where I can get in touch with him??? I'd love to hear from long lost friends from the classes of 79-82. I married a 79 graduate.
Cathy Patterson (Derby) <> from Santa Clarita on Sunday, January 23, 2000
Hey class of 1981 who would " lmagine" that life would go so fast after high school ! Peace to all who enter these pages ! and may Love guide your way in the new millenium ! HAPPY 2000 fellow Vikings !
Felecia Lynne Satin'andrade (Flee) <> from APPLEGATE, OREGON on Friday, January 21, 2000
This is great!
Norine Mead (Smith) <> from Panorama City, CA on Tuesday, January 18, 2000
Yeh, we're still married---anyone out there Class of '70?
Dana & Marcia Williams (Corn) <> on Monday, January 17, 2000
I am looking for a copy of our yearbook. Is there anyone out there to help? Whatever happened to "Shorty" Rodman?
Larry K King <> from Tallahassee Florida on Sunday, January 16, 2000
Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or my brothers Marvin and Jay.
Sharon Jarkoff (Fishman) <> from North Hills, California on Friday, January 14, 2000
I'm desperately searching for Mike Clifton. Does anyone know where to find him? Hello fellow Vikings! (Class of '78)
Denise Arancibia (Degraeve) <> from Westlake Village, CA on Friday, January 14, 2000
Hello Class of 1960. I hope to hear from you.
Bill King <> from Mount Vernon, Wa. on Wednesday, January 12, 2000
Hello Everyone
Cheryl Faye Colletta (Kanada) <> from Santa Clarita, California on Wednesday, January 12, 2000
To all the Vikings of 1981; a big Hi. I hope it's been a great almost 20 years for everybody..when is the party? contact me if you remember me.
Eliott Schultz <> from Palmdale ca on Tuesday, January 11, 2000
Class of 1981 - looking forward to the 20th reunion. Lost touch with everyone! Remember Big A, Mr. Thomas, trip to Washington D.C., Farrell's ice cream parlour after football games, etc.
Erika Becker (Benyei) <> from Canoga Park, CA on Monday, January 10, 2000
JEFF GRACE <> from PENSACOLA, FLORIDA on Sunday, January 09, 2000
Hi Everyone, I was with the class of 1985. Am hoping to find a few of my friends from Monroe during that year and also 84' and 83' as my brothers were with those years too. Thanks!
Tacy Patterson <> from CA on Sunday, January 09, 2000
Hello fellow members of the class of 1980. I am hoping to make it down to the 20 year reunion later this year. Will Janet Jackson make another visit to this reunion? Who known? Hope to see you all there.
Jules Kurtz <> from Sunnyvale, California on Saturday, January 08, 2000
Is the class of 1966 going to have another reunion?
Deanna Gardner (Culver) <> from Lancaster, Ca. on Saturday, January 08, 2000
Hope everyone is doing good! Drop me a message sometime.
Gary Bernat <> from San Mateo, CA on Friday, January 07, 200
Nice to see some old familiar names again!
Denise Rock <> from Santa Clarita, CA on Thursday, January 06, 2000
remember me, i walked around during class with my letterman jacket "pretty big in the chest" smoking a cigarette and avoiding mr. turner and his side kick mrs. ambro, remember everyone !!!! oh ya even karl mccraven with his undercover tactics to bust the stoner population of monroe high school to restore order from chaos in his efforts of monroe kind !!! one more thing mr. allen from the library doesnt scare me anymore with his sideway looks and his door prizes, if you know what i mean everyone !! anyway those were the best years of my life and that is for sure, feel free to send me an email all..
Scott Hittleman <> from northridge ca. on Tuesday, January 04, 2000
Would love to chat with classmates from 1977.
Elizabeth Perry Goldbeck<> from Agoura Hills, CA on Monday, January 03, 2000
This is so cool! Can't wait to hear back on anything about the class of 1973.
Dean Kenny <> from Friday Harbor, WA. 98250 on Monday, January 03, 2000
Hi everyone. I am so glad to have found this site. I'm from the class of 1972. If anyone remembers me, please write. Happy New Year!
Debbie (Rubin) Blackwell <> from Concord, CA on Sunday, January 02, 2000