Honoring A Very Special
and Proud Viking!

William T. Perkins Jr.



Hi, my name is Andrew Peluso, mid-term class of 1966. In 1965, William
T. Perkins Jr. graduated from Monroe and like many of us during the 60's
found ourselves in the military.

I don't know how may Congressional Medal of Honor winners Monroe
produced, but I do know of at least one, yea, William T. Perkins Jr.
class of 1965. I know Bill would be honored if there were some way to
provide a link to his page on the 1st Battalion 1st Marines Charlie
Company Home Page located at http://www.usmcfew.com/0311/
If you click on Charlie Company's Medal of Honor Recipient (Vietnam)
you will be at the page honoring him.

Bill was a photographer for the "Viking" and I know a lot of his friends
will remember.

Thank you, and I appreciate anything you may be able to do.

Andrew Peluso
Class of 1966